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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • I just realized the back window will not operate. It must be the motor? When I push the button on the dash I can hear it click in the back, so it's probably not a fuse?? I guess it's maybe the motor and that may control everything else, anyone have any thoughts??
  • we had the same problem and we took it to the dealer and they told us that the rods insidse were bent and they were not moving properly to release the door. the supposedly fixed it. it broke a short time later then we had to pay to replace it now it is broken again. contacted toyota and this was thier reply
    We apologize for the concerns you are experiencing with your 2001 Sequoia's rear door.

    We have not identified a manufacturer's defect with the doors of the 2001 Sequoia

    very frustrated because if we get a flat we have no way of getting to the spare

    if you have any suggestions we are open.

    if we can find enough people willing to we may consider contacting an attorney for a class action suit. these are supposedly certified toyota parts that are used at the dealers that is why there charge $18.00 for a wiper blade they should be covered under a certain warranty all to themselves.
  • I'm having the same problem - a 2005 Sequoia, the rear window won't go down, the wiper, washer & defogger doesn't work. I just get a clicking sound when I try to do anything. I'm searching the web to see if it's a common problem, and found your post. It seems like I'm stuck going to the dealer and paying hundreds of dollars... ?
  • My 04 Sequoia (with 32,000 miles) also had a click sound when I tried to roll down the rear window. It had been working fine and one day just quit working. I took it by the dealership today and they fixed it. Try this: open the rear door. With the car on, have them slam the back door while somebody else presses the down button on the dashboard. He counted to 3 (3 being impact) and told me to press the button when he was on two. Mine is working fine now. He said that sometimes the plastic gets hot and when cools sticks to the glass. He fixed mine in less than 3 minutes and did not charge a thing to do it. (I know, can you believe a dealer would not charge anything!) Hope this helps!
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I actually opened up the inside of the back door and tapped on the rear window motor. It went back to work. Never thought about slamming the door to shake the brushes loose on the electric motor.

    Good advise. I would be careful not to slam toooo hard.
  • I recently had the ball joints replaced on my 04 Sequioa 2x4. According to the dealer an alignment (dealer cost, no charge) is needed after the replacement which they did. I can honestly believe this because the strut/strut tower had to be disconnected from the bottom. Make sure to check and see if they did the alignment. This also fixed my vibration problems above 45 mph which Discount Tires attempted to rebalance at least 4 times. :D
  • My vehicle showed very similar behavior, vibration increase as speed goes up, several sepcific rebalance attempt on the tire/wheel package did not work including lugnut centric balance tool that centers the tire using the lug nut compared to a hub- centric balance using the center hole of the wheels. As soon as the ball joints were replaced and an alignment performed on my 04 Sequoia, most but not all of the vibration has gone away. :D
  • Sorry to hear the tremendous amount of problems you have gone through with your Sequoia. I've been very pleased with my SUV, first time to change the front brake pads @ 51K. I've religiously changed the oil every 3-4K miles and since then move to 5K mile oil-change since I started to used Mobil1 5w-30. Only work done to the truck was the ball-joint replacement recall. My only current issue is a fluctuating gas gauge which will show half or empty when still @ 3/4-full. Yes, my DTE indicator show true DTE mileage. I wonder if there will be a recall or if this is just another sending unit gone bad.
  • I've recently started experiencing gas gauge problems on my 04 Sequoia 2x4. Even with the tank full there will be sudden instances the gauge will show half or less than half to empty. My wife has noticed this issue more times since she drives the truck more than I and have only noticed the issue happen 2x. When the malfunction, DTE will still show true DTE and I have reliably used the indicator and compare to the miles I have driven since I have the habit of zeroing out the odometer each time I fill up the tank. Any hints on how to test this and rule out sending unit/float will be nice. I don't have much time as I use to work on the truck since I have several children and a wife to constantly attend. Many thanks...! :D
  • My maintenance required light is on. I called the Toyota dealer and the person on the phone said the oil just needed changed (it was not over 3000 miles yet). So I had it changed, then he said I needed to reset it. He told me to leave the key in the off position, push on the odometer reset button and hold it down until it resets the maintenance light. I did this and the light is still on. Am I doing something wrong? Did I misinterpret his instructions? Someone please advise!
  • mroehemroehe Posts: 2
    My 2001 is now doing this at 79,000 so did yours ever get fixed ????
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    This technique does work on Toyota's and Honda's as well. The devil is in the detail's of course. Believe a full moon with all the planets of the Cosmos moving at 100M times the speed of light in reverse was critical.
    Hope this helps ......... <(-;
  • yes... fill up the brake fluid and disconnect the battery cable...

    the toyota dealer wanted a lot of money to fix. when i called the customer service number and complained that the computer only needed to be reset, the delearship called me back and sait it was a temporary fix and that the light would come back on w/in 25 starts. to date, hundreds of starts later, no light....

    i think it's programmed to come on so you can get cheated by toyota's repair shop.
  • abbylouabbylou Posts: 33
    I am sorry but do not have an answer, but I had the shop foreman at my dealer show me once, but it was like 6 mos ago and he did say that it was quirky how you performed this? Just call the dealer and tell them that you need more concise instructions? I am trying to remember, but here goes:

    Turn ignition to "ON" position. Make sure odometer is on trip setting not on total vehicle mileage setting.

    Turn ignition OFF

    Push and hold odometer button while turning ignition to "ON" position. HOld for about 4-5 seconds until maintenance light goes off. Turn ignition OFF. Start up vehicle. There should be no more maintanence light.

    Apparently the maintenance light only comes on for USA Sequoia's. It is to remind you to change your oil. But it has nothing to do with mileage because I only put on 1000 miles since last oil change and light still came on. I suspect it's to do with # of days...
  • Well I just kept trying different things and this is what worked. With the odometer in the total mileage position, and the key in the off position. Push the odo. reset button in and hold for 10 sec, then while still holding the button in I started my Sequoia and it started and the light went off. Happy Days! :)
  • It is the sending unit/float. I had the same problem. The fix is about $100, but luckily, I had an extended warranty that covered it. One it was replaced, it works like a charm.
  • My tsc light come on and stays on and I dont know why, I have hooked the obd2 and checked for any codes but the only code that it pulls is for an o2 sensor. If anyone can give me any advise I would appreciate it.
  • suq03suq03 Posts: 3
    My 03 back latch handle just broke for the 2nd time. Did you ever receive any feedback on a DIY job? My rear window want work because the window motor froze up so there is no way to access the rear without climbing over the middle and rear seats. Any suggestions?
  • well I cant give you any feedback on the door handle but I did have the same problem with my back window and it wasnt that the motor froze up it was that the connectors after a while came loose a little and they just had to be reconnected when I took my back door apart it didnt even look like the connector was out but I just disconnected all the connectors and then put them all back on and it has been working fine ever since. You might want to try that to try and fix your back window. sorry I could give any advice on the door handle.
  • arslanarslan Posts: 36
    My 03 SR5 is approaching the 90K mile mark. At that juncture, I'll have both the timing and serpentine belts replaced, even though the latter belt was replaced at 60K miles.

    The dealership recommended that I replace the water pump as well, I assume based on their prior repair experience with the Sequoia. I'm ok with this. But the dealership also recommended that the engine seals be replaced.

    At 85K, my Sequoia has not experienced any oil leaks. So I'm somewhat surprised that the dealer would recommend this. As a general rule, the seals don't get replaced unless it experiences failure.

    Has anyone come across this maintenance proposal or seal failure?
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    i have a 2001 sequoia limited 4x2 and the mileage is almost 92,000 miles. right now i have no problem with my sequoia i only replaced the brake pads both front and rear, gear oil, and the battery recently. do i need to replace the timing belt already? thank you very much.
  • arslanarslan Posts: 36
    Toyota strongly recommends that the timing belt be changed at 90K miles. The process of replacing the timing belt requires the removal of the serpentine belt. So that belt is usually replaced as well, but at no additional labor cost to you -- a good deal.
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
  • I have about 8500 miles on my new Sequoia, but something does not feel quite right with both the front seats as far as heat in them?? When I have set them in high, they don't even feel like they are on low and when I set them on low they feel lukewarm? Has anyone out there noticed if there seats seem cool for being heated? I traded in my 2002 4-Runner with factory seat heaters and they get alot warmer. The dealer wants to take the seats out and check the wiring? I am not so comfortable with that.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 02 Sequoia will toast you on high. Low is comfy. Assuming it's warranty I would let the dealer have at it. It should not be rocket science.
  • I took it to the dealer and they had it all day and they took the seat out and checked all the wiring and they thought maybe some connections were not solid? It seems warmer, but not burning me out. I thought my 02 4runner was much warmer...I guess that i could ask to replace heater? They said it ready 90-100 degrees were testing?
  • My 04 Limited (70K miles) started have strange electrical issues last week.

    1st. My cruise control light came on and started blinking (banged on the dash to make it go out).

    2nd. All my passenger windows and the rear window stopped working. Doesn't matter if drivers lock is on or not. Didn't do anything and it started working again on it's own.

    It's been a week and now the windows stopped working again.....what I did find out is that it's tied to the drivers door somehow because I was trying to open the other windows and they wouldn't work so I got out and looked at the fuses (all-fine) while I had the drivers door open I hit the switches and all the windows worked.......the minute I closed the door..they stopped again. I got in the truck and held the rear window switch and opened the drivers went down and while it was going down I closed the stopped in it's tracks.

    I'M BUMFUZZLED!!! :confuse:

    Any advice...aside from getting rid of it.
  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 303
    When I shift into "D", the shift indicator light does not light anymore. Is there a fix or is it something that I live with?

    2007 Miata PRHT, 2014 BMW 535d x-drive, 2014 Chevy Silverado LT Ext. cab

  • c650c650 Posts: 8
    We have a 2003 Sequoia Limited. The Homelink has started opening and closing our garage doors without pressing the buttons. When you open or close the doors, of the CAR, the garage doors go up or down. If you hit the manhole cover 1/2 block up the street, the garage doors activate. Zeroed out the Homelink, same result--no way that should happen. Called Homelink, no cure. Had the dealer disconnect the plug, takes out moonroof/compass/temp gauge as well. Any toughts????
  • reaureau Posts: 18
    The rear door handle on my Sequoia also broke at the base, the plastic broke. My dealer told me that the they find that the cables have been "stretching" and that if I did not replace the whole mechanism for $400+ it would keep happening. So, to fiix a broken plastic handle it wound up costing me $400. I had it done recently and it has been working fine so far.
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