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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • cat21cat21 Posts: 5
    I took my car to the dealer, at first he thought it was just dirt in my sensors. When he cleaned my sensors and checked the code on the computer again, he got a vsc sensor problem. My brakes never failed, but the vsc which stands for (vehicle stability control) was making my car pull hard right and trying to take me off the road. I borrowed the dealers loaner car which was a brand new 2008 Toyota Camry with only 3000 miles. Sweeeeet! Very pretty car, but the stereo sucked! One of the front speakers had already burst. Now getting back to my suv, the total price out the door with an oil change an incredible $640.00. Problem solved, love my car again!
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    What did they repair ? To fix the pull and grinding ?
  • cat21cat21 Posts: 5
    My family and I will be going to Tennessee this summer. We'll be leaving June 27th and returning on the 4th. We will be staying in a nice three story cabin and enjoying Dollywood theme Park, mostly the water park. I guess we'll see Gatlinburg and let the kids see the water falls. Hopefully there will be a fireworks show at Dollywood before we leave. This is why the vsc had to work properly!
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    What did they do to repair the vsc ? Thx .
  • cat21cat21 Posts: 5
    When I took my suv to the dealer, they replaced the vehicle stability control sensor.This was done on 06/17/08. I thought the problem was solved until yesterday on another beautiful sunny day on my way home on dry pavement traveling around 35mph. The system decided that I was sliding, and decided to try to take me off the road once more. This system controls your steering, brakes,and the engine speed. This is a very dangerous system, I would not recommend anyone to buy a car that has the ability to take control of the car for you! I really thought this was a safe car when I purchased it used, October of 2006. I did not know that it was going to try to kill me.To get a better understanding of this system, it is called electronic stability control. This system works with your abs system also. It was designed to help you when your car is sliding or skidding. One side of your brakes grab while the other brakes get more power. When the system fails,this also happens and tries to pull your vehicle off the road! Our vacation is scheduled for this Friday I'm taking my car back to the dealer today.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Thanks for the update. We leave for Colorado next tuesday in our Sequoia. Please keep me informed of the outcome with the dealer and of course the VSC.
    THX /........
  • rtribblertribble Posts: 45
    Our Sequoia just turned 5,000 miles and the drivers side widow has started a loud squeaking noise when you raise or lower it.
    Are we supposed to lubricate the windows somehow? Never ever had this problem before and seems a little strange for such a new vehicle to be doing this.
    Any ideas?
  • kineokineo Posts: 7
    I found you all after the rear tailgate latch snapped on my '01 Sequoia. Why does the dealer Lynch Toyota Manchester, CT pretend they have never heard of this problem??? Bought my Sequoia 12/31/07 with 103K miles and now have almost 118K. LOVE everything about it except the e-brake but that's another ?.
    Anyway does anyone have any advice about "dealing" with the dealership and this "unknown problem". Also I have now read most of this forum and why doesn't Toyota recall this?
  • vmallarivmallari Posts: 4
    Toyota warranty coverage are usually 36000 miles or with in 3 years from date of purchase, which ever comes first. That should be covered since it only had 5000 miles.
  • vmallarivmallari Posts: 4
    This is one good example of normal wear and tear (118K) , but if your latch got out easily, it should be easily returned.
  • dgutdgut Posts: 12
    I know for a fact that Lynch Toyota has heard of the rear latch breaking because I bought a 2001 Sequoia from them (brand new) and they had to repair the back latch twice. We had many problems with this vehicle, including the dealer not tightening the lug nuts completely after a routine service resulting in one of the wheel studs breaking and us almost crashing, a huge problem with VSC system which also almost resulted in a crash on an interstate at 70 mph. When the VSC system malfunctions, it takes control of the vehicle's steering and bracking systems. When you are going 70 mph on an interstate and that happens, it is nothing less then terrifying. After the VSC incident, I drove it to Lynch Toyota (VSC system activated for no reason again)! I drove into the service bay and when I was asked weather I was waiting or picking up later, I said, "neither, I am leaving it here and I don't want it back! You are keeping it!" I would never feel safe or trust this car again. Neither Toyota or Lynch seemed to know anything about this issue with the Sequoias. As you might have read in this forum, it is a problem many sequoia owners have reported. Toyota refused to repair the vehicle or acknowledge this was a safety concern. The dealer did take the sequoia in trade and gave us a decent deal on another one. We now own a 2006 sequoia and have not had any problems with it. I hope you did not end up with my old one. Ours was a black 2001 SR5 with just over 100,000 miles on it.
  • lss9022lss9022 Posts: 1
    One month of ownership and in repair 3x's. My car has 48k and I have had the latch on the back door replaced (they wanted to charge me a deductible). The laminate is coming off the dash (they want to go in half for the repair), driver outside mirror loose and told it needs replaced ($450.00) -not covered under the warranty and my main concern is the brakes - grinding like metal to metal when stopping and when released, the petal makes a pop noise (I was told the pop was normal and they are keeping it for 2-3 days to try and figure out the grinding since they said it has new pads and rotors. I drove another 05 on the lot and could not replicate the pop noise from the petal - anyone with the same problem or had this resolved? There are other issues which they are to fix (e.g., sunroof rattles and signs of rust around the back wheel wells) but not sure how much they are going to want to charge for these as yet. Love my vehicle but just want the items fixed at no charge since I haven't even made the first payment. Does anyone know if I have any rights here as well?
  • liameenliameen Posts: 16
    Our 2001 Sequoia Limited has been cutting out dangerously. The Acc. pedal must be pressed much further to get a response. The check engine/VSC light is on and the car is not safe to drive. My local mechanic got a code P0505 on his diagnostic. He has replaced a few different parts including the throttle control sensor with no luck. My wife said that the check engine/VSC light came on after the back wheels spun on a turn.I got ripped off(big time) by the dealer before and I dont want to go back for another ripping off. Any ideas?
  • I have an '02 Sequoia and had also experienced the intermittent metallic grinding noise -- of concern not to mention embarassing. Would occur when I was slowing down, such as in parking lots, but then began to make noise even while driving around town. Dealer claimed that noise could not be replicated when they would check. I replaced the brakes, yet noise continued. Well, to shorten a long story, I took it to Firestone, they have a good mechanic over there, said I didn't want it back until it was figured out .... 5 hours and $61 later discovered that it was the parking brake. When the casing (?) was removed the brake itself literally fell into his hands in bits and powder. Don't know exact details but the parking brake was somehow engaging with the main brake while driving (no, the parking brake wasn't left "locked" on) Oh, and the $61 dollar bill was only for parts and perhaps an hour of labor, as the mechanic was sorry that he hadn't figured it out earlier.

    I have also had the VSC light come on intermittently. The manual does say to take it immediately to the dealer. I have received two other bits of advice. First being, to make certain to replace gas lid tightly (several "clicks") after refueling. Secondly, that the sensor may have an "error" reading when it gets dirty. The light has gone off for me when I've used either/both bits of advice but I remain cautious particularly after reading some of the posts on this website.
  • I have an 01 Sequoia with 109K miles. Still hums and purrs like it did when I bought it seven years ago. I am aware that the owner's manual recommends changing the timing belts (and other parts associated with it) at around 90K. I wonder if my fellow oldtimers have replaced their timing belts already and share their experiences. Is this something that the dealer HAS to perform or any able mechanic can do? Any helpful tips will be appreciated.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    There are few posts in Highlander Timing Belt/Chain Question and Timing Belt Change (Sienna) that you might want to look at while you're waiting for a reply here.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • It was not a timing or timing belt issue. It has been finally resolved (yesterday) by replacing the throttle body assembly. BTW, are you sure the 2001 Seq, has timing belts? I was under the impression that they were chains.
  • Do you have to go to the dealer to get a replacement key cut for a 2001 Limlted Sequoia? ( I have the codes from the original) Is there some kind of chip in the key itself that only the dealer has? If so how much? Any info?
    Also is it possible to get a replacement cover or housing for the keyless entry remote without buying the electronic unit inside? Mine are broken where the keyring goes through, but are working perfectly. I asked at the dealers and they told me you must buy the complete remote and have it programmed at the dealer, which is close on $200 per remote. Does anyine know of any after market company where I could get a new cover for the remote? Thanks.
  • I have a 2008 Sequoia Limited and found out yesterday that my front defroster doesn't really work on the passenger's side. When I looked at the vents on the top of the dash I realized that they stop about 4 inches from the end of the track and don't extend all the way to the passenger's side window. Is this normal? I can't imagine why that they wouldn't put vents all the way across the front window. Even my '04 Honda Pilot has them.
    Someone please let me know if my vehicle has a defect or if this is normal.
  • I am changing the antifreeze on my 2002 Sequoia. Should I use the Toyota brand of antifreeze or the Prestone Extended Life antifreeze? Thanks
  • In response to my own questions about (a) replacement keys and
    (b) replacement keyless entry remotes
    (a) It is possible to get a replacement key outside of the dealers. I found them on-line for $17. I was quoted $59 by the dealer for the key. The key must then be programmed. The dealer quoted me $98 to program the key, however my local mechanic says he can get it done by an auto locksmith for much less.
    (b) For the keyless remote- the dealer told me that you cannot get the case on its own, you must buy the complete remote and have it programmed. I was quoted $129 for the remote and $98 to have it programmed. However, I went to a local alarm shop and they quoted me a price of $180 to install a "remote start" system, which would provide two new remotes (though I know they are not Toyota remotes), along with a remote start for the cold morning starts.
  • -----grinding like metal to metal when stopping and when released, the petal makes a pop noise---- i had exactly the same problem with my 2005 Sequoia. Took it to dealer, but they could not replicate the problem .. the problems kept on coming and going for about 6 months and now it is for over a year, the symptom is no longer there. not sure what happened .. i did make a point to take my foot off the brake when taking sharp turn (you have to hit the brake to slow down prior to taking sharp turn, but release the brake while taking the sharp turn ..) may be that technique helped. did you do anything else to fix the problem?
  • barb24barb24 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 SR5. Whenever I go up hill I have a rotten egg smell. Sometimes it is very strong. I complained about it 6 months ago. The dealer told me to change where I get gas. I did and I get a higher grade of gas. The smell is just as bad or maybe worse. Today when I complained again the dealer told me that all cars have this smell. I really don't have STUPID written across my forehead. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • tee gotee go Posts: 6
    I don't have this problem with my 2008 Sequoia, but I did with my 1995 Mazda truck and it was caused by the catalytic converter having a crack in it. The whole thing was replaced and then the problem was solved. I would suggest looking for a mechanic that specializes in Toyota's and getting them to diagonse the problem. If it is something that is under warranty see if the mechanic will honor your warranty or else get a written estimate and then take it to the dealer. If they won't take care of the problem just tell them you are going to report them to Toyota and then go to a different dealer.
    You don't have STUPID written across your foehead, the dealer obviously does!
  • I just wanted to weigh in on the issue of "rear window" not working. We have a 2004 Sequoia that we bought new in January of 2004. About 5 months ago, at appromimately 55,000 miles, the rear window stopped working. Sure didn't seem possible to be from over use. Anyway, a couple of days ago when I turned the vehicle off, both front windows went down on their own and the moonroof slid back on its own. After the second time that happened, I called the Toyota dealership where we take it for all of its service and explained the situation. They said they would start with the battery, as it was still the original and was close to its life expectancy. I checked the battery myself and it was very corroded, especially around the positive terminal. I took the battery out and went to a local auto parts store where they tested it. The charge tested at 91% but the CCAs (cold cranking amps) were in the 500s and the battery is rated at 710 CCA. I went ahead and bought a new one and took it home to replace it. I also replaced the terminal on the positive with an aftermarket part from the auto parts store, as the original was corroded and pretty brittle in a couple of places. Once the battery was installed, I drove it around the block and parked it back in the garage. Then I went back out and turned it on to see if anything had changed with the rear window, and low and behold, IT WORKED AGAIN!!! I was stunned and very happpy as I was expecting to either not use the rear window again or have to pony up for a pretty expensive repair. With all this said, I don't think it was the new battery, but rather replacing the positive terminal (that may have been causing a short - the copper was compromised) that solved the electrical problem that apparently was causing the rear window not to work.
  • hi
    would you tell me how to open hatch?
  • My 2002 sequoia has been acting very strange. cruise control light comes on all the time now (even when cruise is off). Radio now stays on even when we shut the car off, unless we specifically turn off the radio. The temperature reading in the car changed from fahrenheit to celsius (with no way to change it back).

    This car has been rapidly falling apart over the past year (we've had the 4wd system fail, tailgate latch broke twice, tailgate window leak, cd player broke, cassette player broke, antenna motor fail twice, etc etc etc). We are the first and only owners and we have kept up with all regular maintenance, etc.

    We will never be buying Toyota again, but we're hoping someone here can help us figure out this latest electrical problem so we don't have to buy a new car right away.
  • Does anyone know how to adjust the headlights on a 2008 Sequoia? Mine are too high and everyone I pass flashes me. I've looked under the hood and can't find any obvious adjustments.
  • I'd like to know too - the Manual says "See your Toyota Dealer". Never had a vehicle that required me to go to my dealer to adjust the headlights.... then again, never have had a vehicle that didint allow the driver to turn on the inside dome light from the dash board...but thats a Toyota thing, not just a Seq. 'feature'.
    BTW - My 2001 Sequoia has 206,000 miles and still going strong. I havent replaced anything except a PRNDL light (Park, reverse, Neutral.... ) since 120,000 miles.... it just keeps saving me money.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    The Harnes shop manual (any parts house - NAPA / Checker etc) is pretty vague. a lousy picture with the statement, " insert a philips head screwdriver into the hole to make the vertical adjustment". When I looked under the hood at the adjustment point it still is not clear. That said, I'll bet it's the lower bumper driving lites that causes oncoming to flash their beams at you. They can be turned off at the stalk switch. You may want to try that and see if you are still getting flashed.
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