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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • i got the same damn problem...door handle latch is fine...its seems problem is from cable to actual door latch...did u have any advice...
  • Hi
    I am trying to decide whether to get a used Toyota Sequoia or a Volvo xc90. I had a 02 4Runner until I totaled it last week :( Anyway, I'm leaning towards the Volvo, because it is smaller and seems to have a better ride, but I am concerned about maintenance costs. Are maintenance costs for the Sequoia comparable to that of the 4Runner? Any input I'd appreciate. Thanks
  • John9393John9393 Posts: 3
    We have a 2001 Sequoia with 160,000 miles. We did the timing belt at 100,000, and since then, the largest repair we've had was to replace both oxygen sensors around 150,000. I did it myself; cost us less than $300 for everything. Don't know anything about a Volvo, but we love our Sequoia.

    My wife would like me to throw this in. If you have a dog, you and your dog have probably enjoyed the back window that rolls down on your 4Runner. Sequoia has it, Volvo doesn't. Your dog will miss that feature if you go with the Volvo! :)
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    I have 165,000 on my very reliable 2002 Sequoia Lmt. Two sets of brake pads on front. One set on back. Just replacing (myself) the second serpentine belt ($60). Second set of Michelin LTX tires went 103,000 miles. (original Bridgestones replaced at 50,000. Just put a Michelins on again at 153,000. ($900 bucks with lifetime BUT divide that by 100,000 miles). Second Transmission "flush" at 165,000. Cost $147.
    Two rear latch handles (cost about $50). Change Castrol Syntec oil / filter each 10,000 miles. That's about it. Get about 17 mpg around town. 20 /21 on highway mostly in the 70+ mph range. Lots of discounts available through the Toyota dealers for service. Usually 15 to 20 %.

    Basically I'd buy another Sequoia in a flash. Bulletproof. Expect this 2002 to go 300,000 unless you would like to buy it now. (-; sorry not for sale.

    Grandkids love it ..... family loves it ..... wife loves it ... likes driving and riding the Sequoia over the Audi A8L.. Although the Audi is the "high speed" cross country cruiser.... and the Saturday to dinner with guests ride!! <(-; No Volvo experience.
  • bigd09bigd09 Posts: 1
    "My wife would like me to throw this in. If you have a dog, you and your dog have probably enjoyed the back window that rolls down on your 4Runner. Sequoia has it, Volvo doesn't. Your dog will miss that feature if you go with the Volvo!"

    Our problem is the height my 13 year old Lab has to jump up just to get in. He tries and tries but just can't bring himself to jump up. I think he really misses our Chrysler T&C mini van.
  • I have a 2002 Sequoia 4x4 LTD with 167,000 miles. A few months ago it would start losing power and running real rough and the vsc/trac and trac off lights would come on and the check engine light would flash. After a few minutes it would go back to normal and would not come again until the engine was cold again. Sometimes it would never happen for a week or so. Now it happens all the time, then goes away, then comes back even when the engine is warmed up. A mechanic ran a code check on it and it said there were misfires on the #2, 4 and 7 cylinders. It was not happening while he was checking it. I have read all the VSC posts on this site and none have the intermittent loss of power on it but I did see someone ask another poster if it also had a loss of power, so he probably had it also (5 years ago). Nows that I am going through the file the previous owner gave me (I should have done this before I bought it), I see that it was diagnosed in March 2010 as having zero compression in the #3 cylinder. Hum, could be why my mileage is at best 15MPG, but could this be causeing my other issue? When the other issue is not active, the engine sounds fine. Should I cut my losses and trade it in or get a valve job and hope it fixes the rest of it too?
  • shooflyshoofly Posts: 1
    Newbie to forum, but love reading the posts so far. Went to have my 2001 Toyota Sequoia SR5
    inspected. Got call that it failed. It has a 1 3/4" hole in the frame near the front sway bar bracket/mount. I've got a little over 90K miles. After a quick google search I found that the 2001 tundra and Tacoma had a recall for this exact issue.
    I contacted North America Toyota and said no recalls for the Sequoia, you're out of luck.

    PLEASE - calling anyone else who has experienced this - I want to make it my business to organize other Sequoia owners with this problem to demand compensation/action from Toyota.

    Thanks in advance
  • wadetwadet Posts: 1
    Where on the wheels were the sensors located and what did you have to do to remove and clean them?
  • my instructions are on post #1720 but here it is again for convenience:

    Take off the rear wheels. On the back side of the wheel hub, you will see some electrical lines going in to the wheel hub.
    Take off the bolt holding in the sensor. If there are metal flakes on the magnetized tips, clean them off and then replace.
    You will need to reset your computer by disconnecting the battery wire for a few minutes and then reconnect.
  • guybanarguybanar Posts: 1
    Thanks for this old post and i would appreciate to know if yours was fix; In fact in have a Toyota Sequoia SR5 (2004) as well and just like you my airbag light has been coming on and goes at time then come back; I went to see a good mechanic and was told that it`s shows a code B0101(Open in D squib circuit). The car is driving fine and nothing seems wrong to me; please i would like to know if you had finally resolved your airbag light problem and what was the problem?
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 02 Sequoia with 165,000 miles has been bullettproof. Recently the key is not going into the cylinder slot smoothly. I suspect the tumblers are going bad. What is the proceedure to replace or repair.?
    Thx all ..... Chs
  • kattoy2003kattoy2003 Posts: 3
    My Sequoia loses power when turning to the left and now to the right. The skid control lights flash, sometimes it also beeps, and it loses acceleration. It is a 2003 with 147K on it. Is this the sensor problem you have been talking about?
  • I will blame Toyota for my husband and I divorcing due to these continued problems with the VSC/TRAC/BRAKE lights on, the kick tire braking, lack of acceleration following braking and basically the sounds and feeling as if the entire engine is falling out when you are trying to stop after being in stop and go traffic for awhile (HELLO los Angeles!) Anyway-today, after being very assertive with my husband to get him to be assertive...he was NOT assertive and listened to the dealerships bullcrap about how THIS VIN number was not in the 2003 recall. That is so bogus when my SUV has the EXACT same issues. This is unreal and now will take me FOR-ever to keep writing letters and calling everyone. Thanks to Toyota my husband And I are not speaking. That will be my lawsuit.
  • I am floored that I have had the exact same issues to occur. Door handle broken twice, Antenna broken, major leak in rear door, O2 Sensors, and the latest adventure is the Cat Converter. I really like the vechile, but I bought it based upon the so call reliability of "Toyota's". Appears a little age and the apparent weaknesses tell the truth.
  • areaganareagan Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia and also have the grinding noise which sounds like car falling apart and temporary loss of control. Major safety issue. First mechanic said hub bering and axle bering so fixed and now its happening again and vsc, abs and skid lights engage. No more money to fix. This is insane. 4k spent on car this last year. Radiator, belts, brakes, timing belt, water pump, 2 door handles. Bought one year old with 20k miles on it so pretty good car till hit 130k but give me a break thats why a paid more for toyota. This is way more dangerous than any break and floor mat recalls they ever had. Makes that look like a joke.
  • dgutdgut Posts: 12
    This happened to me too. Suddenly had no control of the vehicle at 70 mph on a very busy interstate used by truckers. Thought I was going to die! Toyota knows about this problem for sure. I reported it to Toyota and the National Highway Safety Department. Nothing was done. I agree this is way more dangerous than the previous recalls. This happened to me in 2006. We even contacted the media and no one seemed to care. Maybe, you could try that. I carefully drove the Sequoia to my Toyota dealer (it did happen again on my way). I drove into the service bay and got out of the car, made a scene in front of the other customers, and told them they were taking it back because I would never drive it again. Dealer worked with us to trade in and purchase a different vehicle.
  • theweissertheweisser Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Me to 2001 sequoia sr5 Swiss cheese frame called toyota and they told me no recall. I asked them what i should do with the truck and they told me to list it on craigslist LOL i am serious. They just don't care that it is not road worthy and i should just screw the next guy. I just emailed the Today show and asked if they could do anther story on the toyota recalls i think you should do the same Toyota really needs to be called out on this ****.
  • We've owned our 2002 Toyota Sequoia for almost 10 years and just learned from my mechanic that it may not pass the state safety inspection this December 2011 due to FRAME ROT and holes in the frame. I could not believe what I was seeing when my mechanic put it up on the lift and showed me the massive frame rot. The body of this vehicle is still in spotless condition and has been well maintained. I purchased this Toyota SUV to pull both boat and snowmobile trailers and my mechanic told me, "DO NOT toe anything with this vehicle until the frame is repaired and/or replaced". I have a family of 5 and am very concerned about their safety in this vehicle, and this is our only family vehicle.
    I just contacted my Toyota dealer to file a report. They informed me that someone from Toyota would be in touch with me.
    The Toyota Sequoia is built on the same frame as the Toyota Tundra that is currently being recalled. Therefore, Toyota needs to add the Sequoia to the same frame recall as the Toyota Tundra.
    I'm sure there are many Toyota Sequoia owners out there that are not even aware that their driving an SUV that has a rotting frame and is very unsafe. All Sequoia owners need to have an "independent mechanic" check the undercarriage of their Sequoia for "frame rot", as soon as possible. This is a major safety issue that Toyota needs to address immediately.
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    thanks for posting, me too had a 2001 toyota sequoia first own. this is the first model of sequoia and i purchased it in 2001 of june. since then and up to now i always had the toyota dealer service it for me.
  • I'm not sure from the vocabulary of the previous post where "wilner" is from, but I am curious as to the location of owners with frame rot. My 2001 with 235k on it has only minor surface rust on the frame. I have crawled under it and checked it thoroughly after reading these posts. I am in CT which has just recently started the use of just salt instead of the sand/salt mix. I still love my truck!! :)
  • I live in New Hampshire where they us a great deal of salt on the roads in the winter, but I am always running my Sequoia through the car wash in the winter to get the salt off the under carriage.
  • I am starting my process as well. Same thing AND the rear diff is rusted to the point where is is leaking right through the otherwise solid differential!
    How do we keep in touch?
  • We need to keep after Toyota to address this frame rot major problem. I've sent an email to ABC News, Brian Ross, to possibly address and run another Toyota recall segment. We also need to keep adding Sequoia owners that have the same frame rot problem. All may not have this problem, but many do, and Toyota needs to address it and resolve this major problem.

    We didn't pay $43K+ plus to have our SUVs declared junk within 10 years!
  • I have posted my 2 issues (Frame Rot and Rear Differential Rot) with (Suggest everyone does the same) and discovered that others have these problems. I also discovered that there have been more than a few transmission replacements-which I had done 6 months ago and was not told that there was any problem with my differential!!!! HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT!
    Toyota has told me they will not do anything with the frame but asked me to bring the vehicle back to Toyota to get and estimate to repair the Differential. Stay tuned!
  • Just found out this evening that my '01 Sequoia that I truly have loved and am now looking to sell also has the infamous frame rot that many of you are speaking of. Interesting how Toyota has not recalled these as they are the same as Tundra/Tacoma frame. Will also email nhtsa and see what can be done. What a drag to hear that my truck is now really unsellable.
  • I have the same exact problem with my 2001 Sequoia, (rear differential rusted and leaking and rusted frame)... I called the 800 Customer relations Toyota number and was told there is nothing they would do as it&#146;s an old truck out of warranty... even though it has been maintained by the dealer and undercoated at the dealer when purchased new. I am now working with the dealer for a solution and the factory field rep. I was wondering if you had any success getting them (dealer or factory) to pay for the repairs. Of course they say they have no record of similar problems!
    Thank you
  • I believe the Toyota dealers hands are tied. You should file a claim directly with Toyota and also file a formal complaint with the NHTSA to be added into their database. Hopefully the NHTSA will receive enough complaints about the "FRAME ROT" of Toyota Sequoia's and force Toyota to issue a "RECALL" of Sequoia frames that rot prematurely.
    I'm calling Channel 5 TV in Boston Monday morning. I understand they ran a segment a while back regarding "Frame Rot" of Toyotas. It may take the media to apply some pressure on Toyota.
  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    If CT has just recently started using just salt, your Sequoia frame will start showing rot within a couple years... And you will no longer love this vehicle!! From what I understand, the design of the Toyota frame is open on the top side, collecting water, salt, sand, dirt, etc. and no way for it to escape and also no way to really flush it out. Therefore, these frames are rotting from the inside out. I understand Toyota recently changed the frame design to prevent this from happening.
  • kineokineo Posts: 7
    ;) Sorry but your mistaken, the frame is not open on the top side. Also CT was using a sand/salt mix and now is using straight salt. If my '01 with 236k on it now starts to rot in a few years. (With my annual mileage in excess of 35k.) It will then have about 340k on it and I will not only LOVE IT!!! But it will be the best Truck I've ever owned.
  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    I guess you're one of the few lucky Sequoia owners. I beleive Northern NE gets a little more snowfall than CT, and winters are longer. We've also enjoyed our Sequoia for the past 9 years, but are very unhappy that the frame has rotted and is undrivable.
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