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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,223
    You computed it correctly. You should be able to make that deal on any Sequoia left at the dealers. The new one will not be out till the first of the year. I think it will be a disappointment in many ways over the current model. It will be bigger if you need that. This is just about the right size. I paid $4000 under invoice today for a 4X4 limited. They are rare in So CA. I think we will love that car. Except maybe when we fill the tank. That is no big deal if you are wanting that much luxury.
  • I'm considering either a 2007 or 2008 Sequoia or a GMC Acadia. I currently have a 2004 Sequoia which is coming off lease in December '07.

    Since we are considering buying the Sequoia at the end of lease, we stopped by the Toyota dealer today to have the service department look at the plastic that is peeling off the rear bumper to see if it is covered under warranty. While we were waiting for the service manager, I walked onto the sales floor and ended up speaking to the general manager of the dealership about when the 2008 Sequoias are expected in. He said they wouldn't get them until Dec. or Jan. and they would either be an '08 or '09 model -- he wasn't sure but knew they would be a lot bigger.

    I asked if he could get any 2007 Sequoias in yet since I really don't want a larger vehicle -- he said probably. Then I mentioned that I had a leased 2004 Seq. that is up in December. His eyes lit up and he said "let me take a look at it."

    Then he said he'll look for a 2007 with the options that we want and that we might just be able to buy out the 2004 and then trade it to him for the 2007. Our buy-out price from the leasing company (not Toyota Financial) is $24,178. He said that way we would avoid the charges for the excess mileage, dings, and worn tires (the back tires are awful) and he said we also wouldn't pay sales tax on the '04. He seemed to be very excited about the Sequoia -- said they're hard to come by...not sure if this was a line.

    We've never done this type of deal before. If it works out for us to buy the 2004 Seq., trade it towards a 2007 and end up with no money taken out of our bank account, no money down and roughly the same monthly lease payment that I currently have ($501), I'm inclined to think it's a fair deal. What am I missing and what should I look for to make sure we don't get taken?? Thanks again!
  • Hi all. Bought my 07 Sequoia in Nov 06, and also shopped used. Thought anyone shopping near Boston would like my impression of local dealers.

    I emailed every dealer up to Nashua and down to RI, and as far west as Greenfield. I called about 10, and personally visited 5, ready to buy with checkbook in hand.

    I bought at Acton Toyota; they had the least BS and the best price, wound up damn near at invoice! There was still “confusion” at what packages I wanted, and what the base price was, and at the end the slipped in the $600 doc fee and would not budge. Still $2k below anyone else’s best price. Also less than anyone was paying here at the time.

    Was very aggressively courted by IRA, his chain had the most available, but they were very hesitant to deal over the phone or email. Just wanted you in the door. I gave them multiple opportunities, but they could not be bothered.

    Copeland Toyota outright lied to me, but at least had the decency to admit it. I had a good price over the phone. I was on my way there to buy, and called to confirm price. They admitted they could not do it at that price, saving them having to deal with me exploding in the showroom (on a busy saturday).

    Lexington Toyota insisted they would beat any offer, but in actuality refused to do so. Considering they had zero selection, you figured they would be more accommodating.

    Nashua Toyota seems like a well run operation, but the salespeople really had no power to talk money. I was actually there 3 times, and they could not get their act together. Not liars, but just incompetent.

    Norm Wagner: Free oil changes for life, but that’s about it. Not willing to deal.

    Woburn Toyota: Do NOT buy anything from these people. Pathological Liars.

    Westboro Toyota: Zero selection, and not willing to budge off of sticker.

    Rt 44 Toyota: Very helpful, and offered to meet (but not beat) anyone’s price, but could not beat Acton Toyota.

    Biggest scumbags: Bernardi Toyota, & Toyota of Wellesley. Bernardi sells “Certified Pre Owed” cars that are totally junk. The Toyota CPO program is supposedly for the cream of the crop, the cars are gone thru, and they warrantee them. Bernardi had a total POS used sequoia that was CPO, and they wanted me to pay for the problems the CPO program should have covered: A broken spoiler, bald tires, and bad brakes.

    Toyota of Wellesley treated us like dirt. We wanted to test drive the NEW Seq we wanted, but it was “hard to get to” so we had to test drive their demo. We test drove a used 02 that had obvious transmission problems. They shrugged it off, and honestly expected us to go for the outrageous asking price.

    Ernie Boch & Herb Chambers: it’s amazing how much these guys spend on advertising. You figured they would be begging to sell you a car. Calls & emails never returned. People tell me they offer the best deal only IF you finance from them, usually at 16% or more!
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,223
    Welcome to the Forum.

    Sounds similar to the batch of dealers in San Diego. Only one would give me a solid price by email. I bought from that dealer without any hassle or added charges. I got my 07 4X4 limited at about $4000 under invoice. What a difference a year makes. I did not want the 08 with all the Tundra problems. I bought from Poway Toyota. ElCajon Toyota offered me the same price over the phone. I wanted him to email and he did not. So I bought from Poway. Escondido Toyota was a well run huge dealership. Not very aggressive on pricing. Several dealers did not respond to my Edmund's request for a price. Dealers run from the Good to Bad to Ugly!
  • Cheepsox,

    First Post

    Just bought from Melody Toyota (San Francisco) Blue Steel Mica 07 Limited 4x4: JBL 6CD Changer w/10 Speakers, Real Spoiler, and Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill for $38,316. I've been researching for months trying to get these specific options and color. I searched So Cal extensively and was unable to find the Blue. I got many e-mails back in response to my requests, however, it appeared they never read the text portions which specifically stated to correspond via e-mail only (They always called!). Once I spoke with them on the phone, it seemed I knew more about the vehicle than they did. I found this extremely frustrating and irritating. (Soap Box) How is it that these people get away with selling expensive products and know nothing about them? Bottom line, Melody Toyota responded back with the above mentioned price and I jumped. In addition, I'm stationed in Japan and was able to complete the transaction from over here. Your spot on about the dealers run from the good to bad to ugly. Can't tell you how refreshing it was to cut to the chase and get the price I was looking for.

    Great Forum! I've enjoyed everyone's comments.
  • Then there are the dealers who don't even bother to call when they have an easy sale.

    My husband and I have been shopping for a replacement for our '04 Sequoia when it comes off lease in a month. We've been looking at the Acadia and also waiting for word on the '08 Sequoia.

    3 weeks ago, we went into Tansky Toyota in Dublin, Ohio to ask about when the '08s will be in. No one seemed to know and the General Manager happened to be wandering by so I ended up talking to him. He said he wasn't sure when they would see them but he heard it was going to be huge. He said that he just leased an '07 Sequoia because he didn't think the new version would fit in his garage. I asked if he could find me an '07 in White. I also mentioned that we had an '04 Sequoia that we leased from his dealership 3 years ago. He was all excited that we were having the Service department look at it to see if a bumper issue was covered underwarranty (said that Toyota had deep pockets for warranty work) and he wanted to take a look at the '04 -- he acted like he wanted me to buy it out and then do a trade. (Didn't sound like a good deal to me so I was was skeptical about that).

    Besides leasing the '04 Sequoia from Tansky Toyota, we also leased 2 Camrys from them prior to that. So this particular dealership had sold us 3 cars and had a loyal customer. We've owned Toyotas since 1994 and my parents have owned Toyotas since 1981.

    Anyway, he seemed like a good guy, took my name and number and said he would call me when he located a white '07. Three weeks later, I haven't heard from him.

    We're leasing an Acadia -- better gas mileage and better interior seating configuration.

    Sorry, Toyota, between lousy customer service at the dealership level and making the new '08 too big when people are moving away from the gas guzzler SUVs, you've lost us for awhile.

    Also, my husband is buying an Acura MDX. So for the first time in 13 years. we won't have a Toyota in the garage.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,223
    That is the same price I was quoted without NAV. I wish I had taken that unit. The NAV is not very good. It also used the aux input for the rear entertainment unit. That excludes me from getting an integrated XM reciever or 6 CD changer. Very poor design on their electronics in the Sequoia. Otherwise I like the vehicle a lot. Glad you found one in the color you want. They seem to be getting harder to find in certain colors and especially 4X4 Limited in San Diego.
  • I have an offer for a 2007 4X4 Limited Sequoia. The invoice on the car is $41,565. With the $4K rebate the southern Cal. dealer is offering me $38,100 for the car. Please let me know if this is a good deal. Do you think Toyota will offer a $6K rebate like they did last year?
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,223
    You are playing the waiting game. If it is the color and has what you want, you may lose it. I would say the closer it gets to the release of the 2008 the better the prices will get. I had a hard time finding a color I liked in 4X4 limited. I paid $41,684 with Luxury package captains 2nd row, entertainment and NAV. If I was doing it today, I would not go for any of those extras. A base Limited 4WD is all I would go for and probably save another $4k at least.

    The Internet manager at Poway Toyota is very good to deal with, if you are near San Diego.
  • Hi There,

    I am a new member. My dealer is offering me the new 2007 Sequoia 4x2 SR5 5-Speed Automatic for $28,000 (including the current Toyota rebate of $4000 ) . This is a basic SR5 model. No other options included. This price does not include tax and fees.

    It's almost at the end of the year and new model is coming out. Is this still a good price ? Please advice.

  • What part of the country has a 4K rebate? We are pricing an sr5 with leather and saw a 1500 rebate. I am wondering if I should wait and see it toyota ups the rebate.

  • San Diego, where gas price is pushing $4/gal. If I am you I would consider flying to San Diego to buy a Sequoia and drive to home. You will save $2500. Let me know and I can give you contacts of the internet sales people that I have been dealing with.
  • please send me the contact info. thanks.
  • Shoot me an email. -
  • A lot of Vietnamese salesman in the area. You can deal with them if you prefer to speak in your own language. I don't think the dealers can sell these trucks nowaday when gas price is around $4.
  • I live to far - but love the rebate.

    This is what I have been offered. 33,995 (price includes 1500 rebate) Please tell me what you think.

    alloy wheels
    park pilot
    leather (not factory)
    bench seat
    roof rack
  • It's hard to calculate the right price because of the options. I was offered the SR5 without (alloy wheels and leather seats) for $28,000 (after $4000 rebate) . So, your options must worth $6000 to justify that price.
  • I went to dealer yesterday...choosing between this and Escalade for the wife.....Does anyone know what the invoice price to dealer is on a $55,034 sticker for a Limiited? Crazy as this sounds they could not find the paperwork on the vehicle.

    On an SR5 a sticker of $48,386 came to a $42,843 sticker which they said i could buy the vehicle at that price.....

    Also obviouldy the dealer is making money on the vehicle even selling it to me at invoice - does anyone know how much profit is built in for them?

    Thanks for your help.
  • Wow - they will sell at invoice price. That sounds almost identical to the one I got today. My invoice price and MSRP were within $200 of that. There is around $1000 holdback. I could look it up, but that is approx what they are still making. Or more if there is a document fee.

    Also just learned my SR5 has bluetooth. Now that I see how it works, I love it.
  • I am looking at the 08 Sequoia Limited 4X2 w/ Navigation at $40,359 out the door price (that includes, taxes of 7.75%, fees, etc)..... Does this sound like a fair price? I am in Las Vegas Nevada.
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