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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • buzzy8buzzy8 Posts: 31
    We were settled on making an offer on the Sequoia (the Infiniti QX56 was the runner up) and every time we go back and look at the Sequoia we dislike the inside, don't like the dash, the materials used, the look and really dislike the outside. We have a Tundra and it looks so much like it.....we don't mind it for a truck but not the family vehicle. Also the Sequoia we have to add so much that comes Standard with the QX....keyless start, better Navigation, heated 2nd row, Satellite, the warranty. Now we are just stuck and don't know what to do...maybe our minivan is fine for now......
  • Without breaking out the actual paperwork, MSRP was at about 60K with Invoice (according to Edmunds and several other sites) at just over 52K. I offered 51K with the 0% financing but was offered another 3K cash back by finance if I didn't want the 0% (would have been at about 48K or 12K total below MSRP). The deal worked out better though with the low percentage so I opted for the 51K.
  • mil001mil001 Posts: 6
    I sent out a RFQ to a bunch of dealers (also on Denali XL and partial QX). Doesn't seem to be a lot of the Plats and LTD's out there with what I want (basically fully loaded). Best I see so far is about $51,500 for plat with 0% (subtract $3k if you pay cash). Not the color I wanted, but I don't mind. MSRP is for a tad over $61k. Getting this price was like pulling teeth - was not easy and have not pulled the trigger yet. Wonder if the rebates/incents will be better after the 6th?

    Got about $41k on a fully loaded 2008 Denali XL with just about everything (MSRP was in the $57k range).
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    51.5 looks about right - not sure what the coming months will bring since we dont even know when or if an 09 will come out. I'd guess they are getting pretty LOW in inventory.
  • Just recently bought a Sequoia SR5 2wd with the following major upgrades,

    JBL sound system with bluetooth
    Fender Flare with Running board

    The msrp on the vehicle was $40800 and I got it for about 30700 + ttt

    We love it so far especially the new car smell. Hope this helps.
  • des6des6 Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a used 2008 LTD 5.7L 4x4(leather no dvd or nav) and was wondering what a realistic price would be?

    I note in the forum 20% off msrp is common for new, how much further a discount for used?

  • Check kelly blue book for used prices. See if it's worth it vs. buying a new (2008) Sequoia.

    Last week, I bought a new Ltd 4x4 (no DVD or Nav, but has moonroof, pwer hatch, cold pkg, mats, wheel locks, drl) that had MSRP of 51,545 - paid 42,151 which included the 3k cashback, plus tax and title. I negotiated hard with over 10 dealerships and even had a copy of the vehicle inquiry report (shows holdback amt and other typically 'hidden' items) for leverage. That was the best deal in tri-state area - 3 other dealers came within that ballpark but didn't have color I wanted or were lacking an option or two as compared to my truck. Love it! :)
  • kwongdkwongd Posts: 6
    Hi mconra129,

    Do you mind if I ask you which dealer you brought your car from?

  • clack1clack1 Posts: 2
    Update on the SR5 purchased - I did pull the trigger and buy a Black SR5. The MSRP was 44K. I had the dealer add in dash navigation, backup camera, and bluetooth to the car. That cost an estimated $1500 with installation or so. I wrote a check for 36,600 which included the taxes (5%) and other fees.

    The only thing it doesnt have is leather, but frankly I prefer the cloth in the north east. Manufacture installed leather looks too worn too quickly for my taste.
  • Hi kwongd,

    It was Star Toyota in Bayside. I worked directly with one of their senior sales managers.

    Did you make a purchase yet? (And if you didn't buy yet, I'd be happy to share the info I received from other competing dealers).

    I saw in previous posts you were looking at the same truck as me in the NYC area. Just curious what you paid and from which dealer.

    Would you mind sharing? Thanks!
  • kwongdkwongd Posts: 6
    Hi mconra129,

    Thanks for your reply. I did contact two dealers in Queens and they both quoted $46K to $47K (OTD with rebate) which I felt unreasonable. I can see that your purchase price was great. I would appreciate if you can email me more info. You can find my email from my profile.

    Thanks again.
  • Hi all! Been reading a lot on here about pricing for buying a 2008 Limited or Platinum, which has been informative. But, for business purposes, I am considering leasing this car (as well as the Infiniti QX56, although their lease prices have skyrocketed).

    Can anyone share any leasing information on a 2008 Limited and Platinum? I'm in PA. Looking for no more than 36 months, but need 15k/year miles.

    Thanks for the help!
  • kwongd,

    your email address was private in your profile. Post in and I'll connect with you.
  • kwongdkwongd Posts: 6

    I did mark it as public before my last post. Sorry, somehow it did not work. My email is "darrel _ kwong @ hotmail .com". Please remove all the space(s) in between.

  • kwongdkwongd Posts: 6
    Hi mconra129,

    Got your mail. I am sure you will save me a $1000+.
    I will keep you posted. I think today is a good day to call the dealers as nobody would vist their show room.

  • Looking to buy a used 2008 SR5. I want 4X4 and 5.7 engine but not to worried about the other gadgets (Nav, DVD). What is a realistic price. I realize it depends on miles etc. 25000 realistic???
  • Hey,

    I bought a Platinum Sequoia today. :)

    Here are the details.
    Platinum Sequoia - Silver Sky Metallic, MSRP $58755.
    McGee Toyota of Hanover
    DVD system
    laser cruise control
    Daytime Running lights
    Cold Package
    Rear Seat audio

    I traded in a 1999 4Runner Limited with 152K miles. Kelly Blue Book for trade in was roughly $5K. I paid $42K for the Platinum so if you assume they gave me $5K for the trade in, I paid $47K for the Sequoia.

    After the usual back and forth with sales, I offered $40K and they countered with $42K. They let me walk at that point so I think I was pretty close to their real bottom end. These guys had two Platinums left. There aren't too many left in the east of Boston area. Plus these guys were straight shooters (for car people).

    I tried Boch Toyota who had about 7 Platinums posted on their website. I found they had the same vehicle +- $200. I told them I had a firm quote of $42K in the bag. Gave them a chance to beat it. They said they needed to see my trade but all but guaranteed they could beat that "significantly". Anything to get me to come in. So I bit and drove the hour to check it out. Not only did they not have the vehicle I had discussed extensively, they lied about beating my other price. The only silver they had also had a remote starter and Guide Point Theft Recovery system. These were $2000 worth of added stuff I did not want or need. Not only that, the car had 500 miles on it. Somebody had bought it and returned it. In my book, that is called a USED CAR!! I should have known. Boch is the biggest dealer in the east. They wrote the book on selling cars. No thanks. Never from me. I went back to my lowly McGee dealership with not even a showroom. I got a good deal with nice people that were honest. When I closed the deal, I had forgotten the title to my 4runner. They said don't worry about it and gave me the Platinum and said drop the title the next day. You think Boch would have done that. No effin way.

    Sorry to rant. If you read this far, I hope it does somebody some good. A+ for McGee and big F U to Boch!

    BTW, this truck rocks!
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Congrats - 58K - is that a 4X2?
  • 4x4. I believe all the platinums have the 4x4 and 5.7 L V8.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    The Platinum Sequoia comes in both 4wd and 2wd models. Its important to know the difference when shopping as the retail price difference between the 2wd and 4wd models is $3300.
  • Thanks for clarifying that. I guess I had assumed that since I have only seen 4x4 Platinums. But you are right, they can come as a 4x2.

  • I researched about large SUVs for more than 3 month and decided to buy sequoia LTD 4wd (almost fully loaded). I received some internet quotes. But the prices are much higher than my expectation. it's just around 5k below from MSRP w/o cash rebate (ex: 54.8 K -> 49.3 K). What's the best deal for LTD 4WD ? Is it possible to make around 8-9K below from MSRP w/o rebate ? Dose anyone know a honest and nice dealer shop around Portland or Beaverton OR ?


    :) :confuse:
  • While your local environment may be different here is just 1 exact offer i was given on a LTD from a local dealer.

    MSRP (list price) for this vehicle is $55,328.00.
    Internet Price is $41,006.00.
    (This price includes all available incentives, rebates and discounts)
    Please add $150.00 for a documentation fee, sales tax (based on where you live), registration fee (new $143 or transfer $80), Plus a $25.00 Electronic Filing fee, and a County Fee of $15.00

    Factory Installed Accessories: FE EY CK NV PB RF RL SR
    Port Installed Accessories ..: XX Z1 S0 P7 WL

    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 48450.00
    Total Accessories ......................: $ 6193.00

    5.7-liter,i-Force DOHC V8 EFI Dual VVT-i
    381 HP/401 lb.ft./6-Speed ECT Auto Trans
    Coil-Spring Indep Dble-Wishbone Fr Susp
    Coil-Spring Indep Dble-Wishbone Rr Susp
    P275/65R18 Tires on Alloy Wheels
    Auto Tri-Zone CFC-Free A/C/ 4Wheel
    Drive with Locking Center Differential
    Traction Control Plus Vehicle
    Skid Control (VSC), Auto Limited Slip
    Differential, Four-Wheel Anti-Lock
    Brake System w/Brake Assist &
    Electronic Brake-Force Distribution
    Dr/Fr Passenger Advanced Airbags with
    Occupant Class Sensor,Dr & Fr Passenger
    Seat-Mounted Side Airbags,& Fr, 2nd &
    3rd Row Roll-Sensing Side Curtain
    Airbags w/Roll-Sensing Cutoff Switch
    Child-Protector and Door Locks
    CRS Top Tether Anchors & ISOFIX Lwr Seat
    Anchors in 2nd/3rd Row Seating Positions
    Chrome Grille Back Door Garnish, &
    Door Handles/ Dual Chrome Pwr Remote
    Heated Outside Mirrors w/Retractable,
    EC,Turn Signals,Multi-Reflector Halogen
    Headlamps with Auto-Off Feature
    Privacy glass on Rear Qrtr & Tailgate
    Windows,& Rr Side Fr & Rr Parking Sonar
    Fog Lamps/Running Board/Roof Rack
    Power Windows,(w/One-Touch Up/Down
    w/Jam Control on Front) and Door Locks
    Power Rr Window w/ Electric Defogger
    and Intermittent Wiper/Cruise Control
    Lthr-Trmmed Hted Pwr-Adjus/10-Way Dr
    Seats w/ 4-Way Adjus Pass Seat & Adjus
    Headrests/Lthr-Trmmed Split Fold-Flat/
    Sliding 2nd Row Bench Seat & Adjust
    Headrests/ JBL Premium 2-in-1
    AM/FM/Six-CD with 14 Speakers
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 48450.00 $ 48450.00
    50 State Emissions .........................
    Rear Seat Entertainment System Includes: ... 1670.00
    DVD Player with Rear Audio Controls ........
    and 115V Outlet .............................
    Cold Kit Includes: Windshield Wiper ......... 200.00
    Deicer, Headlamp Cleaner and Heavy Duty ....
    Battery ....................................
    Touch Screen Navigation System with JBL .... 1650.00
    Premium 2-in-1 AM/FM/Four-CD with 14 .......
    Speakers with Back Up Camera ...............
    Power Back Hatch/Door ....................... 400.00
    Rear Spoiler ................................ 100.00
    Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with On/Off ... 40.00
    Feature ....................................
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with Sun Shade ... 810.00
    (Limited) ..................................
    Drop Ship Indicator ........................
    Preferred Accessory Package ................. 368.00
    Skid Plate .................................. 425.00
    XM Satellite Radio ......................... 449.00
    Wheel Locks (Alloy) ........................ 81.00
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 6193.00 $ 6193.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 685.00
    Company Car Discount ........................:
    Total ........................................: $ 55328.00

    In summary, keep negotiating. I sent this to a 2nd dealer and he indicated that he would beat this deal. I built a spreadsheet with all options to back into the #s and what I found is that the dealers were 2,500 under Invoice + the additional cash back. This translated to $7,000 under the dealer cost you can get off Edmunds.
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    What's the name of that dealer? What was the exterior color and the interior color? Do you know the vehicle's VIN number?
  • Color was Silver Sky Metallic. I think the interior is considered Red Rock or something like that. It is basically shades of Gray, Silver , and Black. All leather. I don't have the VIN number handy. Why do you want that?

    The dealer is McGee Toyota in Hanover, MA.

  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    "Color was Silver Sky Metallic. I think the interior is considered Red Rock or something like that".

    The Ltd sequoia is only available in either a light gray interior or a light tan interior (based on the exterior color chosen). The Red Rock interior with black carpeting is only available in the Platinum Sequoia.
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    With the options you state I would like to take it to my dealer and see if he can give me the same options at that price or lower. If not I may want to buy that particular vehicle you were describing. So if I called them I could give them that vehicle's VIN number and they would know exactly which vehicle I am talking about. Sounds like a great deal to me. :)
  • Hi zone4,

    I appreciate your desire for a good deal and I want to help you out. But I just don't feel comfortable sending out the VIN to a car I just bought. I hope you don't take offense to that. And even if I did, it all comes down to whether or not your dealer wants to make a deal or not. They will probably debate you on the value of my trade in anyway. They will claim that I got this deal because I got more for the trade in.

    Dealers will often want to negotiate the price of the car you are buying and the value of your trade in as two separate deals. If they feel you are willing to pay more than what they consider their bottom line, they are then willing to give more for the trade in. All that matters from the buyers point of view in the end is the bottom line. Which is what you pay for the new car after trade in. In my case that was 42K. If the dealer wants to think they gave me 10K for the trade in and sold the car for 52K or gave me 2K for the trade in and sold the car for 44K makes absolutely no difference to me. But I can tell you Kelly Blue Book value for my trade in was $5K. So I believe I payed $47K for the car and got $5K for the trade in.

    You can look up MSRP for the base Platinum and add the options I got and see what MSRP was for my car. You can do that on many web sites. The only real benefit you can get from my experience is the knowledge that some dealerships are accepting what I offered for my car. Inventories and other factors differ across the country. And from dealer to dealer. It also depends on your level of patience and perseverance. Maybe you can do a little better or a little worse. But from what I see and others, you should be able to get close.

    Good luck,

  • Hi zone4,

    One more thing. I was mistaken when I said I have Red Rock interior. I saw some picture of Red Rock on the web and I don't think I got that. I am pretty sure I got Gray interior. It is still all leather and power heated captains chairs on back seat, but I think it is just Gray.

  • Hey Folks - Just figured I would post my recent Sequoia purchase experience here for all those who are in the market...

    I am in the Albany NY area...while considering an offer from a couple of dealers, I came across an advertised special at a small local toyota dealership...2008 Sequoia, SR5, 5.7 V8...MSRP $46,538, advertised price online $31,995...which I thought was a great deal, so imagine my shock when they applied the $3000 rebate to that price! Total price was $28,995 + tax + reg. I am very happy with the price!

    The dealer was great, I can't say enough good things about them. No obnoxious "paperwork" fees, no obnoxious salesman, really great dealership to work with. I didn't haggle at all...the price was just too far below what I was negotiating with everyone else...I was getting offers of $34,500 (rebate included) for stickers of around $43000 at other dealers...I think I could have pushed the other dealers a bit harder and gotten a little bit more off, but not much, and my sense was nowhere even close to the deal I got.

    Anyhow, the deals are out there for the 08's folks...good luck!
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