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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pfessorpfessor Posts: 7
    I just talked to a dealer in Winston Salem, NC and he said the new 2010 Sequoias were not expected in until mid June. Anyone hearing anything different?
  • brickredbrickred Posts: 1
    I bought my Limited yesterday in San Diego, CA. The MSRP was 50,900 and they offered 11,000 off all Sequoias. I have shopped this same deal around, because, yes, there are a glut of Sequoias in So Cal. Other dealers, including Cerritos Toyota, are offering 10K off MSRP. If we weren't impatient to get the registration fee prior to April 1st (in California., all registration fees will double, per Arnold), I would have waited. Since when do car prices increase over time?

    one more thing, there seem to be several models with gray interior and far fewer w/ tan interior. I prefer the tan & it had all of the features I needed, so we went ahead w/ the purchase.

    Finally, they were poised to make their deal by making their biggest bucks on my trade in and on extended warranties. I passed both up. Also the financing deal was lousy 6.9%, so I put 60% cash down.
  • Has anyone heard anything regarding 2010 Sequoias...Are they making them? When?
  • pamulapamula Posts: 5
    Can I ask where in San Diego you got this? I am looking for one as well.
  • I talked to a dealer today who claimed they are in production now. He said they should be getting one in a week or two and another by the end of May.

    The dealer also said they are not going to be pumping them out like in the past so selection will be very limited. I think that may also make them tougher to deal on the price.
  • Found the information on this forum was helpful when I was shopping for my Sequoia so I figured I would provide the details on my recent purchase.

    I bought my Sequoia Limited in New England as this seem to be the nearest area to me to have it configured with the captain's chairs the way I wanted. The dealers on Long Island have the 8 passenger seating only. I called this dealership back in September and they had the same two Limiteds on the lot back then as when I called this time. By April of this year, they had both been sitting there for almost a year.

    The following factory options came with the car:

    Cold kit-----------------------200.00
    Rear spoiler------------------100.00
    Running lights----------------40.00
    Power Moonroof------------810.00
    Carpeted Floor Mats----290.00
    Back up camera---------695.00

    Total MSRP with destination was $51,270. I had them throw in all weather floor mats (including for the 3rd row), a cargo cover, and Simoniz paint sealant for free.

    I took the $4,000 rebate and paid $39,180 + TTL.. The dealer was also able to beat my credit union's financing rate - I got 4.4% for 60 months through their lender.

    Negotiated every over the phone and there were no surprises when I went to sign the paperwork. The car was prepped perfectly and looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

    I was a little hesitant about buying a car that had been sitting on the lot for almost a year with the old gas still in it and the possibility of flat spots on the tires. However, I have no problems with the car whatsoever. Very happy with the purchase.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    FYI, I just sent a feeler around the Washington DC area dealerships to see if we were down to this price level yet, and so far, one dealership has emailed me back on a Platinum model with a MSRP of $58,155. They said they would try to see if they could get a $43,616.25 price on it. Not sure if this is a Demo model. I will keep you posted.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 24
    Does anyone know the incentives being offered for May on the Sequoia?
  • In Northern CA. it looks like 3500.00 cash back or 1.9% APR.
  • I just got a quote for a SR5 with the following:

    Vehicle Base Model: $ 38500.00
    Deluxe AM/FM/Six-CD Changer with 8 Speakers: $ 200.00
    Roof Rack
    Cold Kit Includes:
    Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with Compass,Homelink and Lamp:
    Running Boards:
    Rear Spoiler
    Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with On/Off
    Tow Prep Package Plus Tow Hitch
    Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    Wheel Locks (Alloy)

    Total .......................................: $ 41666.00
    Invoice was $37500.00
    Gave an additional discount so final before Tax an Lic : $36600.00

    This was not taking the $3500.00 dollar discount instead taking the 1.9% 60 month.

    What do you guys think good deal or not? Really wanted the leather but hard to find without stepping up to the Limited.
  • 4wd or 2wd?
  • It is 4 WD after getting some more numbers I'm thinking I could maybe get it for 35000~35500.
  • I've been phone-quoted the same price as you ($36600), all features identical except mine was missing spoiler (here in NorCal) I offered less, he hardly budged. Let me know how it goes with you.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Deflation has not taken prices to this threshold. Based on my inquiry and responses from dealers, I believe we are still in the 15%-18% MAX range as far as prices paid off MSRP are concerned for 2008 Sequoias still on the lots. Whether prices move toward the 25% mark will depend on whether this S&P move up is really a sucker's rally or the real deal. If economy is truly having signs of life, then we may be at a line in the sand on this pricing and not be able to expect much more of a discount on 2008s. They will simply sit and collect dust, but not go much lower. However, I will not buy a 2008 until we reach at least a 22%-off MSRP threshold, and that would have to mean more deflation . . . thus, I will therefore probably end up going with a 2010 with a far lower percentage below MSRP. Of course, we all are aware of the Toyota planned lower production on these 2010 models and higher starting MSRPs. But even with lower supply to support initial pricing on these 2010s, the jury is out on the demand side of the equation. As I said, I am in no rush; (and I have a feeling, I am not alone.) Everyone is aware of Toyota's problems, not only in China, but even here in the US. Unless you HAVE to have the 2010 immediately when released, odds are it will pay to wait and let the summer doldrums convince dealers towards year end that even lowering supply can't fix prices. This is not OPEC. Prices on 2010s will probably drop from unrealistic and overly-optimistic high starting points as we enter the uncertain markets of the Fall and dealers face the music of what is happening in the market for large SUVs. I say now, that between Fall and year end is the best time to plan to act, before the tax break expires. Don't be in a rush this summer to drop 40-60k on a depreciating asset . . .
  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    Thanks for keeping us updated.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 24
    I certainly hope so.... but I believe there are other factors that can adversely affect this theory:
    1. The government could impose heavy taxation on these "gas" guzzlers ..highly unlikely in this economy but I don't put anything past them/
    2. There is a high probability that the level of SUVs sold will not reach the 2005 -2006 levels, and manufacturers are clamping down hard on production. They could move these vehicles into the niche market zone such as the landcruiser. They've been burnt badly twice: oil bubble followed by the stock market crash
    3. You can already see that GM and Ford have significantly raised prices on these vehicles. Toyota is following suit. Toyota is not in the business of losing money in the long run (such as GM)
    4. I still believe Dec-Mar was the best time to buy these vehicles ,,,, firesale prices (the lowest price I saw was 29k on MSRP of 46k)- with many to be had. Now the choices in the 2008 market is limited (at least in CA)

    Having said that there are 2008s that can be had for 22-25% off MSRP now.... but much fewer than before.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 24
    In Norcal try the following guys:

    For 2WD base SR5 models: Sunnyvale Toyota - you can get them for around 31K
    For 4WD: Hayward Toyota has three in stock
    Piercey Toyota in Milpitas have some low end limiteds

    If you don't mind driving or getting it shipped:
    Desert Toyota of Las Vegas gave me good pricing on a Nautical Blue 4WD SR 5- almost 10K off MSRP

  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    I was pretty thorough in my price inquiries, and even though I told them I was a cash buyer and would walk in and buy same day, I unfortunately could not get any dealers in Wash DC area into the 22-25% below MSRP threshold like you are apparently seeing in CA. I know CA has much worse unemployment, and that could be a factor for the discount you are seeing. But employment overall in DC area is still very good compared to nation at large, and best I am finding is still only 18-19% below MSRP.

    I'm in no rush, so willing to wait until these dealers throw in the towel on the '08s and get down to your 25% threshold that you have in CA. Not lots of Platinums on lots out here, but there is still a decent selection of Limiteds.

    Interesting to see how this all plays out . . .
  • If you tell them your coming down you can get it for 36,000 no problem, I think even 35,500 if you work at it.

    I kind of up the options from my last quote and this is what I'm finding.

    I've been able to narrow down some quotes for 2008 SR5 equipped as follows:

    JBL Premium AM/FM/CD with Six-Disc
    Cold Kit Includes: Windshield Wiper
    Leather-Trimmed Doors with Integrated
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof
    Running Boards
    Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
    Front and Rear Sonar
    Tow Prep Package Plus Tow Hitch
    Cargo Net
    Wheel Locks (Alloy)
    Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector

    MSRP 47,000

    Told dealers I'm very serious buyer with 1 week or less buy time some deals bottomed out at 39,300 and two stuck at 38,900 this is with a lot of back and fourth between deals what do you guys think looks like a good deal. I think if I tell them I'm coming I can get to 38,500.
  • tenekramtenekram Posts: 6
    Well I purchased my Nautical Blue Seq LMTD about 3 weeks ago, and I believe I got a good deal. MSRP was 53K, I got for 44K out the door.

    50 State Emissions $0
    6-Gallons of Gas $0
    7-Passenger Seating Includes 2nd Row $0
    Color Keyed Fender Flare $699
    Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with On/Off $40

    Power Back Hatch/Door $400
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with Sun Shade $810

    Rear Aerodynamic Spoiler $449
    Rear Sight Backup Camera System $649
    Southeast Toyota Distributor Plus $0
    Final Quality Inspection

    Certified Technician 46 Point

    Picture Asset Program

    Woodgrain Dash with Trim $399
    XM Tuner w/Antenna includes: $469
    6 Months Complimentary XM Service

    4/20" Alcoa Wheels w/305/50R20 w/Michelin Tires $2,995
    Replaces Factory Wheels and Tires Listed

    And all the other stuff. I am happy with it, since there were only a handful of these in the Southeast Region.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 24
    Dealer delivered the vehicle to our house yesterday. I negotiated everything over the phone:

    SR5 - 2WD
    Leather - Power Seats, with Power Fold down rear seats, Heated Driver & Passenger seats
    JBL/w Bluetooth and steering wheel controls
    Tow Prep Package
    Running Boards
    Moonroof/Roof Rack
    Front & Rear Sonar
    Homelink Mirror
    Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector

    MSRP: 43,615
    Final Price: $34,395 +TTL (21% off MSRP)

    The main reason I went for it: Almost a fully loaded SR5 (closest configuration to the LTD), but ~$5500-$6000 cheaper than any LTD quote I received.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Front page of Personal Journal in today's Wall Street Journal has an article titled "Final Frontier: Below Dealer Cost." Check it out today. In it, it refers to a company (which has an easily found website) that gives you the prices actually being paid based on real sales data around the country. For example, on a fully loaded Platinum with MSRP of $58,578, it puts factory invoice (what the dealer tries to tell you is their "cost," which we really know is not true) in my zip code at $53,545, and then states the average being paid in the US is $50,944. It gives a nice graph that says if you paid more than $50,944 for the vehicle, then it was "overpriced." A "great price" is listed at $49,995, given that it lists true dealer cost on this vehicle at $48,889 (factory invoice - holdbacks and dealer incentives). Like any resource, this is not of course perfect info, but it is a great starting point and you can enter any vehicle and configuration. I also note, that it DOES seem to accurately reflect the numbers I was seeing in the Wash DC area this month. Best I could come up with on a loaded Platinum was about $48-49K. Of course, I was looking for an insanely low $44K, but the dealers aren't that desperate (yet) to be willing to lose lots of money. If they fear further deflation though this year, and if demand continues to erode, at some point they will of course start moving down to those thresholds. That's what happens in an environment like this and these companies know it. Of course, I could be wrong about this being a sucker's rally and prices may lag down at this point, but not really drop lower if things improve.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you so much to those of you posting articles and prices paid information....It's sad that car buying has come this.....
  • agbasheragbasher Posts: 18
    To many here who know a lot mroe than me about buying Sequioa's --

    How do you tell how low is low?! Every dealer in MN is already well below invoice and any likely holdbacks, so what does it come down to?

    I'm not sure what negotiating levers I have other than the cars have been on their lots for awhile. What are the guiding principles here/

  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    What's really interesting is that I paid $51000 for my 2008 Platinum Sequoia in Dec. 2007 when they first came out. Looks like we're full circle back to the pricing I paid 18 months ago. Sounds like a good price on a Plat Sequoia is around $49K.
  • str1ckstr1ck Posts: 1
    Got a SR5 with Leather, JBL, Cold Weather Pkg, moon roof, running boards, and all the other stuff. From Newark Toyota World in DE. after some back and forth and walking out. I got the Truck for 36,800. Make sure you do your home work before going to this dealership.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 24
    What was the MSRP? Also, is 36800 include TTL?

  • Also was that with special financing and the rebate or can you only choose one like in Norther Cal and Nevada?
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Thanks hdfatboy. That's an interesting data-point. Maybe you have to adjust it for the slight inflation during this time? So, if you use CPI as your tracking reference, paying 51K back then is similar to paying 52.5K now. [There may be a better tool than CPI of course . . . but you get the idea.] So, if deflationary pressures now have these down to 49K, hdfatboy could have saved maybe 3.5K by waiting 18 months . . . and to me, that's not worth it and not much of a deflationary "discount" given what is going on in economy and where I think we could be headed given Toyota's troubles in the business section headlines. Thus, those last few 2008 Platinums (and loaded 2008 Limiteds, which are still easily found) can sit forever in my book until they move down to the 44-45K range. [Again, that may never happen . . . ] There will be some who can not wait and need to buy a 2008 now (baby coming, current vehicle died, etc.), but I can't imagine there are LOTS of people ready to pay ~50K for one of these 2008 Platinums or loaded Limiteds, especially given what hdfatboy paid. (I wonder how many other people got that price in 2007 too? Perhaps not many?). I think I will simply buy a 2010 and be comfortable paying in the mid to upper 50Ks for it once the dealers realize that despite production cuts, no one will be paying 60K+ MSRP on 2010s either. [I could be wrong of course, if economy is truly turning . . . but, I don't think it is unfortunately.] As for the 2008s, I am not biting until the dealers realize it is better to get rid of them at a small 24-25% below MSRP loss, versus giving them away later in the year if/when we realize this short market rally was a little premature and things really flatline for the rest of this year as jobs and purchasing power get further curtailed.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Not sure that I buy the CPI model of pricing on Sequoia's. We're in a deflationary period and more importantly the MSRP of these vehicles is unchanged. Therefore I think its reasonable to assume a "Dec 2007 Sequoia dollar" is equal to a "May 2009 Sequoia dollar".

    Just my $.02 (2009 pennies , of course:)
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