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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fbdfbd Posts: 6
    Got a quote on a 08 LMT 4WD w/NAV 0 miles for $45500 - 14% off MSRP. Bringing in from another dealer so I am sure I'll have to pay for transfer. Anyway, got a quote for 9% off MSRP for 2010 LMTD 4WD and we had not even started to deal. When I put the same amt down, 3.99 finance on 08 and 5.5 on 10, I am only saving $2K.

    If I could get the 08 down to 18-20% off, I would make a move. What do you think?

    Also thinking about the 07 - got a good deal on one w/15K miles for $35K. How different are the 07 to 08? Body design yes but what about the ride?

    Thanks all
  • tkamenstkamens Posts: 2
    Any comments on this deal is appreciated:

    2008 Sequoia Limited, Super White
    Navigation, Back-up Camera, Winter Mats

    MSRP $53,902.00 Started negotiating car at $41,188.00

    Trading in a 2004 Sienna with 97,000m and quite dinged up. Fair KBB Pricing for Siena is $8675.00 at best.

    Final deal in Boston Market:

    $34,000 with trade-in If they gave me 100% of the fair KBB Value, then the car cost me $42,675.00 or about $11,000 off MSRP.

    Good deal?
  • There is a BIG difference in the ride and the safety between the 07 and 08. I traded my 06 in on a 08 and trust me, the rides are night and day. Also, the safety is a huge difference. The wider axle brings a lower center of gravity so there is a big reduction in risk of rollover. Second, the 08 and 10 have all the anti-rollover technology as standard vs. as options on 07 and earlier. I believe that most of the older models did not have the safety features.

    As for the price on the 08, the 18-22% range would be where i shoot. It depends on the features on what the % turns out to be. The more features, the bigger % off. It gives them more dollars to deal with. Good luck on the decision.
  • 23.6% off retail is an awesome price reduction. I would take it and run. I cannot comment on the trade in. I usually sell my vehicles. Although this time, I traded since they gave me what i wanted and I got the tax advantage of trading.
  • warwickmonwarwickmon Posts: 27
    I think you could do better on the 08 deal. Like you said, get that down near 20% off MSRP before you buy. The 2010 deal is OK as well. But don't even think about buying a used 07 for $35K. That is a terrible buy. The 08s had a ton of improvements over the 07s.
  • warwickmonwarwickmon Posts: 27
    That sounds like a good deal. Go for it. Can you say which dealer. I am in the same Boston market. Just curious. I bought an 08 Plat (MSRP $59K) in January for $42K including roughly $5K for a trade in (2003 4runner Limited w/ 160K miles). That was from Mcgee Toyota.
  • Hi Everyone,

    Just joined to ask for advice / tips on purchasing a 2008 Limited Sequoia. I've been wanting this vehicle since they came out but only now do I think having one may be a possiblity because of the drop in pricing with the dealerships wanting to move these vehicles.

    I would like a Limited with the factory installed navigation system.

    I would also like the DVD entertainment system but I also found out that you can have an after-market DVD system installed in the seats. Does anyone have that? What's your opinion?

    My sister has the factory installed DVD entertainment system and loves it but says that the screen does impede her view out the rearview mirror.

    I live in Ft Worth TX and am having a hard time finding one. I'm from Californa so I've begun my search there too. There doesn't seem to be a lot of Limited's with factory installed DVD systems out there. I'm told one can be installed for $2K but I doubt it's integrated like the factory installed unit.

    Does anyone know of some dealerships that I can contact that have some Limited's with the options I desire? I'm willing to have it transported if the deal is good.

    Also what is the going rate for auto loans? We have great credit over 800.

    Thanks for any and all help.

  • warwickmonwarwickmon Posts: 27
    I have the navigation system and rear DVD entertainment system.

    I find the nav system to be pretty mediocre. Since it is the only one ever had, I can't compare it to others but for the price I am sure you could get better. The large touch screen is nice. I live in the Boston suburbs. I find a lot of the directions to be not the fastest way to get to places. It is very tedious and nonintuitive to save routes and locations. I tried learning to use the voice commands but they are really so complicated it is not useful.

    Built in bluetooth for cell phones is good to have.

    The rear DVD system does obstruct the view through the rear view mirror. Not fully but noticeable. Other than it is excellent. Very well integrated to the stereo. Two wireless headphones for the kids allows them to watch and hear the DVD while you play CDs or whatever through the car audio. Very nice. However, you can get headrest systems with wireless and individual DVD players for each side for less than the Toyota system. A good installer can probably integrate to the car stereo as well.

    Crutchfield has some good headrest systems and good explanations.

    Hope that helps.
  • chansmithchansmith Posts: 2

    I am attempting to buy a 2008 Sequoia Limited this weekend either in Missouri or Oklahoma. The dealerships in Oklahoma only have RWD. I was wondering if the RWD drive is alright in the snow?

    Most importantly I need guidance on what everyone thinks is a really good deal for the 2008 Limited 4WD & the RWD?

    Also, there is a $3,000 rebate for the 2008 Sequoia and the dealerships seem motivated to move these vehicles. I have looked on and other sights but I am still confused, do you make an offer assuming the rebate (customer cash) is in your office price or the rebate is an additional bonus not in the offer price. I plan to throw out an offer price and say call me if you can meet this price. I don't want to haggle and I don't have to have the SUV.

    Please let me know what everyone thinks would be a good offer price for the 2008 Sequoia 4WD & RWD...

    Thanks in advance
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    You should consider a Platinum. In Texas I see a $3000 rebate on 2008 models, but here in northern California there are no rebate or apr deals nor any Limited's, plus the dealers in my area are tight and won't deal (so I bought a Dodge Ram). The Platinum models will have standard nav and dvd. With the 2010's already on the lot, I'd be leaning toward a 2010 model solely for depreciation purposes. Try your local bank or credit union for their loan offerings. Capital One online also has decent new vehicle apr's.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Offer the no haggle price price of $7,000 below msrp plus the $3000 rebate for $10,000 total. They should take it. Allow yourself a $1000 of wiggle room if they won't. If not, move on, as some dealers will never deal. You might do better, but most folks do worse. As for the snow, 4wd is recommended (by me), but 2wd with snow tires can be better than 4wd with no snow tires. When in doubt, slow down.
  • chansmithchansmith Posts: 2
    Thank you for the advice. One aspect of this process that is confusing is that MSRP on the SUV is $46,500 but then there are options that Toyota has put on the SUV which cannot be taken off. As a result the car sells at say $50,000.

    In previous discussions in this forum I have seen posts talking about taking 20% of the price of the this 20% off the price with the included options or suggested retail or 20% off the SUV without the options.
  • mark198mark198 Posts: 1
    wanting to buy a 2010 platinum sticker 59,700. Dealer offered me 4000.00 off without negotiation yet. what would be a reasonable price. Thanks for your help.
  • warwickmonwarwickmon Posts: 27
    A vehicles sticker price includes all options. That is the MSRP including options. A Platinum Sequoia has a whole list of options that are standard on a Platinum. If you took a base Sequoia and added up all those same options, the sticker price should be similar. It's just that you find a base Sequoia with all those same options if you want them.

    The 20% is probably a best case scenario for a 2008 model. Those are getting scarcer but now that 2010s are out, you can probably still get about 20% off MSRP (or close to that) on a 2008. Dealers need to move those in order to get 2010s from the factory. I doubt anybody will get close to 20% off of a 2010 model.
  • Thanks for the post and advice, I appreciate it.

    Not many vehicle out there with those options will probably have to go after market.
  • Where are you getting 3.99% financing? That's great!

  • rjp10rjp10 Posts: 1
    I am buying a used 06 Sequoia. It has the 7 yr 100,000m warranty. I was wondering if anyone has bought the extended bumper to bumper warranty. of course they are claiming it covers everything that the 7yr one doesn't. Also claiming it covers anything we might just accidentally break. i really don't believe any of it, but am scared not to buy what i need since this is a used vehicle. does anyone have problems with toyota paying for normal "wear and tear" or paying for anything that goes wrong with car. just don't want to pay an extra $1500 if it's not actually going to cover anything. Thanks for feedback.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 23
    $1500 is a rip off. Depending on the mileage you should be able to get it for around $900,
  • vtapongvtapong Posts: 2
    try to sell your van instead of trading. I highly doubt the dealer will give you the KBB value. even if you sell 1K bellow KBB value you will come out on the top when you purchase your new sequoia. You have better negotiating power if you dont have trade. I bought my SR5 4X4 for $34 flat before TTL. in san diego. power seat, auto dimmer rear view mirror,spoiler. what I did did is spent another $2000 with after market gadget.(nav with bluetooth/ipod adaptor/dvd player that play both the front and rear screen/back up camera and remote start) technically i have better gadget than platinum.
  • vtapongvtapong Posts: 2
    i suggest getting LIMITED, but without NAV or DVD. you are better off getting everything after market. a lot of people are having issue with the factory installed nav. but shop around before you decide to installed. i had my AVIC pioneer NAV installed for $2k to included:back up camera, dvd, that can play both front and rear screen/ipod adapter and remote start. go to toyota website and type zip code and it will show all the dealer in your area. you can go to the dealer website individually and it will show if they have the vehicle you are looking for in their inventory. i lived in el paso, but i bought mine in san diego this past Jan and by then only few left in their inventory.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 23
    I just finished my factory nav install on my Sequoia. About $500 ( purchased a used one from ebay and wiring harness). The nav is the same as a Lexus nav - but with a poor resolution screen ( why Toyota????) . I agree that the factory nav isn't as good as a kenwood or a pioneer, but I didn't want to lose any of the stock functions (steering wheel/microphone). You can't mess with the nav unit while you are in motion, but it does have voice commands that work quite well. The bluetooth and phone pairing capability is very good. I also installed a pair of invision DVD headrests ( again ebay - $600) with factory leather - these look really good. My SR5 is very close to a limited - the only thing I couldn't install was the power lift door.
  • maf1maf1 Posts: 17
    Hi tkamens, what dealership did you go to for this deal? I would like to purchase the same truck. Thanks
  • I am trying to decide between a new 2008 LTD that lists for $52000+ and they are offering it to me for $42,000. When I go to and book a used 2008 out with all the same options it gives me a retail value of around $38,000, so should I offer less than the $42,000 and what are my chances they would consider it?
    Or I can go with a 2010 SR5 and have the DVD entertainment system installed and the prices are approx. $43,000 with a sale price of approx. $38,000.

    Any thoughts/comments?

    Thank you!
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 23
    You have to answer the following questions:
    What is price of a used 2010 Sequoia SR5?
    Does the SR5 have leather? Bluetooth?

    For your reference, I purchased a 2008 SR5 fully loaded (except nav and DVD) for $34,300 brand new ( MSRR: 43,700). It all depends on value for the money - if the SR5 has everything the limited does, and you can get it for 4k less - great. Or you can wait till they give you 10k off the 2010.
  • guchguch Posts: 12
    Hi, could you please tell me how much off the MSRP did they take off. Did this include the cash back?
    What state are you in?
    Thank you.
  • a8silvera8silver Posts: 23
    $3500 Rebate
    $5700 Additional discount

    State: California
  • lwaljilwalji Posts: 1
    I bought from Ebay a JBL GPS for my 2008 sequoia but i do not know where to install it? Any suggestion? Same for the headrest.
    Thanks a lot
  • Host (or anyone with advice)

    Looking to get rid of my 2003 H2 Hummer with 60,000 for a Toyota Sequoia. What should be looking to pay around for a new Sequoia? Looking for either a limited or platinum truck. How much should I be getting off the truck, etc? Looking to make a purchase by the end of the week.
  • Not sure what best price is these days on Platinum/Limiteds. On end-of-summer 2008 Platinum/Limited leftovers on lots with a 58K+ MSRP, dealers in mid-atlantic were going down to about 49-50K for them, but I held off for many reasons. Now that 2010s are here (each mid-atlantic dealer recently received 1-2 Sequoias), you would expect to pay more of course, but not the high amounts that I find they are asking, especially now that sales are slow and clunker program is over. Maybe things will improve price-wise in November once dealers get hungry and realize that even with their limited supply of Sequoias, the demand to pay 60K for a SUV in this jobless economy is still very limited. Mark198's 4K below MSRP seems probably about right in this climate going into October, but you will have to fight/negotiate out here to get close to that. Even their Internet sales departments are starting their negotiations way too high. For example, best I recently saw was a dealer starting/asking price of $57,969 ($56,850 + $369 fees + $750 freight) on a Platinum with MSRP of $59,705. So, I laughed that offer off very quickly, as we are not going to get stuck paying basically 2K below MSRP. If prices don't improve in November (we are looking for at least 5K+ below MSRP), then our Plan B is to consider the Infiniti QX54 which has almost the same MSRP as a Platinum, but is going for about 8 or 9K below MSRP. [We own a Nissan SUV now and it's been as reliable as our past Toyotas; plus, all the transmission issues on the earlier generation Sequoia make us nervous . . . if I am being asked to pay close to $60K, I want a vehicle with ZERO warning signs like that. The QX54 has had some issues too, but I would be willing to risk those if I am paying closer to $50K . . . the money saved over the Sequoia could be invested and then used if EVER there were a problem, which is still unlikley on an Infiniti.] Plan C is to hold off until next year (I'm in no rush to drop 50-60K) and check out prices in the winter on the Sequoia again when demand subsides further and potentially dealer supply has slightly increased (or the Sequoias have sat unsold on the lots longer). We will see, but one things for certain, the 2009 sales tax deduction for new vehicle purchases is NO reason to rush to buy one of these this year . . . . do the math, for us it will save us only about $625 in our tax bracket. Thus, don't get fooled by the Toyota dealers trying to bring that up during your "buying experience." :)

    Good Luck to all.
  • I have a dealer to $56,432 for Platinum w/ remote start. I am considering it, but I agree. Nissan is giving $6,000 cash on the Q. I am waiting to see what Toyota does in October for the Seq. If nothing, then I will probably wait as well or go another route.
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