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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Infiniti is offering $6,000 off msrp and using overstock .com cars you can get another $3,900 or about $ 9,900 off msrp.

    Its time for some incentives from toyota on the Sequoia.
  • Well, current incentives run to Nov. 16; hopefully they will put something on the Sequoia with the new incentives.
  • did you think about doing a 48 mo lease on the sequoia - the monthly payments are much more reasonable. i'm in the same boat, i have it narrowed down to the gl450 (36 mo) and the sequoia (48 mo lease).
  • I am not sure that the 48 month Toyota lease would be that much cheaper - I didn't price it - but I have an offer on the table for a 2010 Mecedes GL450, P1 package, dvd ent, running boards for $6800 down, 39/mo lease 12/k miles at $749/mo lease (includes tax). My Sequoia offer came to $850/mo similar terms. Toyota has more room but lets face it. drives like a truck - mercedes is much nicer luxury and handling wise - think I am going with the MB
  • GL is a sweet truck. My brother has had one for years and loves it, plus Mercedes is giving dealers incentives on these hence the deals. I was tempted by it as well, but there is no size comparison. 2 kids + large dog + six 14 hour r/t drives per year and many weekend trips made me go Sequoia. Look at what you get in Sequioa vs. Mb as well, I'm pretty sure Leather isn't even a standard option.

    Checkout the Blutec if you do decide MB.
  • You are right about size - sequoia wins hands down - but my three kids (2 car seats) fit fine in the MB GL450 (the girl is in the third row, she drives the boys crazy!!), albeit with less room than the Toyota. But the Sequoia payment is actually $100 more than a Mercedes that is msrp of $15K MORE (same options) - figure that out! If the Sequioa was cheaper, I'd probably get it to save money, but I am actually saving money with the Mecedes - don't hear that too often!!

    Still mulling the options - So far MB is offering $749/month (incld tax) for GL450 with P1 pkg, running boards and DVD sys. Pretty good deal - MB drives way better than the Toyota too - more like a car - plus, I think it looks nicer. ;)

    btw, where are you driving 14 hours?? My kids would kill each other (or me!) - they can't do more than 2 hours (and that is with the DVD!!_ ;) ;)
  • Right now I have the $70225 GL450 at 770/mo+tax with 6200 drive off for a 3/36 lease.

    I have the $58905 Sequoia Platinum at 760/mo+tax with 6500 drive off for a 4/48 lease.

    I'm really having a hard time deciding between the two. Although I added several options to the GL, the Sequoia's standard options blow the GL away - it has everything. The GL though has more exterior appeal and a little more wow-factor.

    Though the Sequoia is bigger, not sure if that's a plus or not. It would be great to have the Sequoia on long trips, but I think the GL would be better for everyday driving.

    The Sequoia also is a slight plus because it has a higher tow rating and I have to pull a 6000 pnd boat.

    Both get crappy gas mileage.

    I just don't know.
  • Both great it for what you need and you will be happy. For business purposes (50% deduction in first year) I am purchasing so I did not get the lease sticker shock.

    Have you looked at the MB on a 48Mo lease? At least they give a 48Mo warranty to match it.
  • The MB dealer said only the 36 mo leases are being supported by MB so the 39, 42 and 48 mo leases aren't as attractive.
  • Have you heard about this?? This is NO JOKE! I was about to buy the GL when I read about this little problem they were having....spontaneously bursting into flames!!! OMG!! There is some info in these forums and on regarding this - I have seen pictures too - Does anyone know if they have fixed this issue for 2010 GL???

    Still in my old car b/c I don't know what to do - At least it won't catch fire ;)

    btw, Sequoia is a lot of money for what you get - It is not quite "lux" and the price you quoted (bjordan1) is the same lease for a car that costs $12k less! Not an attractive lease by toyota - I'm in same boat, but now with this fire thing......
  • It comes down to whether you want a masculine looking "truck" or a more luxury type vehicle. The monetary difference is merely the name as you know.....

    The Sequoia is GREAT for everyday driving (as long as you have the sonar/navigation system for backup camera/powerfolding mirrors-amazing turning radius is really helpful too). I use it for groceries, errands, et. most of the time and am pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to drive. I love mine... (2010 Plat)

    Either way, go with your initial instinct (it's almost always right) and you'll be happy.....
  • I am looking to purchase a new Sequoia. When will Toyota offer any incentives or special interest rates on the Sequoia??
  • Finally!!! 0% for 36 month incentive. Will not help those looking to lease...but a nice one for the buyers!
  • What region is the 0% any other offers?
  • goto and click special offers to see if it is available in your area. Nothing else on Sequoia.
  • Sorry Toyota, not good enough.....closed the deal on a loaded 09 Expedition Limited.....$9200 off sticker, 0% for 5 yrs, dealer threw in 2 yrs of scheduled maint....too good to pass up
  • jryajrya Posts: 3
    I agree....Toyota missed the mark with this incentive. Had it been 5yr. 0%, there would be one in my driveway...With regard to the expedition, that's probably a 20k savings over a toyota with the disc. and finance offer....This is why Ford didn't take any bailout
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    You are right Toyota needs to go with 5yr 0% along with some cash incentives say $4,000 off sticker or these vehciles will not sell. The last time I checked Infiniti was offering a $6,000 incentive to the buyer which means you can get 10,000 off sticker on a 4WD QX 56.
  • You can't find 0 for 60 and a cash incentive on any Japanese or German trucks...usually one or the other and the 0 for 60's are very few and far between. That is usually an American incentive. The 2010 QX is also 0 for 36 or 2.9 for 72 or crazy cash to dealer incentives also.

    That being said this is the final year for the Q and they are being priced as such. I have gone back and forth, as my negotiated price on a Plat 4x4 is about $4,500 more than a comparable Q can be had for. Less when you factor in 0 for 36. Still, very, very tempting. I just like the Sequioa..the looks, the engine, access to third row.

    I was just happy they threw me the bone of 0 for 36, which is actually worth $4,000-$5,000. ;)
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I totally agree as well. There should be other options as well such as more dealer cash (4-6k) or maybe 1.9% for 60 months would have gotten me real interested in this vehicle. Its gotta be a small % of people that can do the 0% for 36 months. Depending if you have a load of cash to put down or a high value trade in, payments still have to be near 1k/month. Come on Toyota!!!!!!!!
  • aujimaujim Posts: 4
    Southeast region has 0% for 36 and 1.9% for 48 and 60-month.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I am hoping Toyota will offer some cash incentive on the Sequoia . I have one on order and if it arrives at the time of the incentive I will be entitled to the incentive.

    I never was interested in the QX56 although it is a good choice.

    I just sold my 2001 Sequoia and it was a trouble free vehicle for 98,000 miles which is why I never considered any other SUV. The 2010 Sequoia in my opinion is the best full size SUV on the market today.

    I still think Toyota will have to offer competive incentives and or finiancing to compete with Nissian, ford and Gm in this current market.
  • As far as new incentives, it all depends on where you live. Central atlantic has 0% for 36 good until 1/4/10. Southeast has that + deals on 48 & 60month, but only good until 11/30/09. New ones will be out after that.

    I am surprised that people feel 0% for 36 months is not a good deal. Granted, you have steep payments, but it does save you about $5,000 if you financed $50,000 at 5% for 36 months.

    If you are looking for $2,000+ cash back you may have to wait until Summer 2010.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    (1) I do not regard this current incentive as a super valuable one. One measure is the opportunity cost of what you could otherwise do with the 50+K that must be spent on one of these SUVs. With today's declining dollar and terrible treasury yields where, as we all know, borrowing cash costs nothing (and investing in cash gets you nothing, 2% at most), it is not costing Toyota much to do this incentive. The benefit to me is small, but at the same time, not worthless. Instead of paying cash, I now can put my 50K in a 2% savings account (that's the highest you'll find) and maybe earn $3000 in interest. [Actually will be less in interest if you need to draw your monthly principal payments over the 36 months out of that savings account.] Of course you could also invest in other things with the money, but then it becomes no longer an apples to apples measure of the opportunity cost. So, while it is better than nothing and may be the nudge to get me closer to say the Q, I don't see it as very valuable. Would have preferred it to have simply been 3-4K of dealer cash. 0% financing is not costing Toyota much in this environment of "cheap money" coursing through our economy.

    (2) I am also not surprised that this was their only incentive. Not sure if folks looked at the October #s, but in contrast to the prior months numbers I posted, Sequoia sales were way up. [4Runner though is really in bad shape.] This may be just a sales blip up given the pent-up demand I queried about earlier. Who knows. But, when I saw those sales numbers, I was not surprised at all to learn that this was the only incentive. Based on those numbers, I am sure Toyota is waiting and seeing if demand continues or if it falls before they offer any more. I will post sales numbers in a follow-up post.

    (3) Remember, this is a month by month thing on these incentives. Just like the CEO there at Toyota, you need to watch these monthly numbers. If you thought we were at the verge of a V-shaped recovery, that jobs are coming back, and that gas was getting cheaper, then you should run out and buy one NOW before this incentive ends, as if November's numbers on this big SUV are say even higher, then this incentive could easily end! But, surely you know I write that tongue-in-cheek, as if anything the situation is the opposite and percentage demand for this vehicle could more likely subside on the yearly comparisons as we get into Winter and the economy worsens before it gets better. So, I will still be watching numbers and waiting. I am in no rush. In fact, the long wait has taken some of the excitement away, which has actually been a good thing, as now we are even thinking we can make our current vehicle go another year. Not sure yet. That would be great fiancically for us to avoid the immediate depreciation hit, but would be terrible for Toyota if lots of other consumers do the same and tighten the belt instead of shelling out for this vehicle. But if that happens, then the incentives I am looking for may just well materialize. :)

    (4) I have owned one Ford when I was young, and pretty much all Japanese since then. The high price to me of this vehicle has actually for the first time got me exploring not only the Q, but now the American brands, including Ford again. I can't believe it, but it really is true. Nothing wrong or bad with that of course, but never thought it would happen after being raised by my engineer Dad who would only buy Toyotas and Hondas and apparently brain-washed me. :) But, if I had to act now, then I guess we would buy nothing and just wait several more months. That's the plan for now. The 0% is not bad, but not what moves me to act this month.
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Here it is. Same format explanation as my earlier post for September, but basically, Sequoia was only down -22.1% in October 2009 versus October 2008. That's an improvement from September. In contrast, the 4Runner is still getting slammed . . . it is down -90.6% in October 2009 versus October 2008. Wow!

    October, 2009
    DSR % DSR %
    2009 2008 CHG 2009 2008 CHG
    YARIS 4,384 4,871 -13.2 55,169 93,366 -40.9
    COROLLA 25,717 27,386 -9.4 240,755 307,071 -21.6
    CAMRY 30,136 30,556 -4.9 294,493 386,118 -23.7
    VENZA 5,035 0 N/A 44,451 0 N/A
    AVALON 2,539 3,543 -30.9 22,417 37,852 -40.8
    PRIUS 13,496 11,804 10.3 118,290 142,365 -16.9
    SCION xA 0 0 N/A 3 39 -92.3
    SCION xB 1,782 2,594 -33.8 22,313 41,265 -45.9
    SCION tC 1,057 2,224 -54.2 16,085 37,904 -57.6
    SCION xD 1,023 1,925 -48.8 12,709 25,294 -49.8
    TOTAL TOYOTA DIV. PASS. CAR 85,169 84,904 -3.3 826,687 1,071,276 -22.8
    ES 4,413 4,141 2.8 37,844 54,783 -30.9
    HS 1,527 0 N/A 3,312 0 N/A
    LS 804 1,502 -48.4 8,192 17,532 -53.3
    SC 41 98 -59.7 636 1,787 -64.4
    GS 494 819 -41.8 5,771 13,838 -58.3
    IS 3,162 2,772 10.0 31,073 43,144 -28.0
    TOTAL LEXUS PASS. CAR 10,441 9,332 7.9 86,828 131,084 -33.8
    TOTAL TOYOTA PASS. CAR 95,610 94,236 -2.2 913,515 1,202,360 -24.0
    SIENNA 8,249 8,003 -0.6 68,021 102,890 -33.9
    RAV4 13,971 12,227 10.2 120,834 118,965 1.6
    FJ CRUISER 849 1,657 -50.6 9,230 23,353 -60.5
    4RUNNER 345 3,555 -90.6 13,472 40,861 -67.0
    HIGHLANDER 5,979 7,032 -18.0 67,463 88,983 -24.2
    LAND CRUISER 165 185 -14.0 1,912 3,388 -43.6
    SEQUOIA 1,478 1,829 -22.1 13,230 26,421 -49.9
    TOTAL SUV 22,787 26,485 -17.0 226,141 301,971 -25.1
    4X2 TACOMA 4,144 5,202 -23.2 46,883 70,975 -33.9
    4X4 TACOMA 4,777 4,799 -4.0 47,811 56,341 -15.1
    TOTAL TACOMA 8,921 10,001 -14.0 94,694 127,316 -25.6
    TUNDRA 7,537 6,425 13.1 64,136 121,451 -47.2
    TOTAL PICKUP 16,458 16,426 -3.4 158,830 248,767 -36.2
    TOTAL TOYOTA DIV. LT TRUCK 47,494 50,914 -10.0 452,992 653,628 -30.7
    LX 404 567 -31.3 2,917 6,983 -58.2
    GX 341 1,204 -72.7 5,524 14,036 -60.6
    RX 8,316 5,180 54.8 73,641 68,399 7.7
    TOTAL LEXUS LIGHT TRUCK 9,061 6,951 25.7 82,082 89,418 -8.2
    TOTAL TOYOTA LIGHT TRUCK 56,555 57,865 -5.8 535,074 743,046 -28.0
    TOTAL TOYOTA DIV. 132,663 135,818 -5.8 1,279,679 1,724,904 -25.8
    TOTAL LEXUS 19,502 16,283 15.5 168,910 220,502 -23.4
    TOTAL TOYOTA 152,165 152,101 -3.5 1,448,589 1,945,406 -25.5
    DOM. COROLLA 25,615 20,530 20.3 210,022 219,320 -4.2
    DOM. CAMRY 29,830 30,270 -5.0 285,069 379,270 -24.8
    DOM. RAV4 4,959 0 N/A 36,114 0 N/A
    DOM. HIGHLANDER 1,023 0 N/A 1,023 0 N/A
    DOM. PICKUP 16,458 16,426 -3.4 158,830 248,765 -36.2
    DOM. RX 5,286 4,356 17.0 48,898 50,389 -3.0
    SELLING DAYS 28 27 257 257
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Your Dad was and still is right. I have owned two fords bought new and they were problems and one what was a nightmare.

    The Japanese product is light years above anything made by ford.I own a infiniti I35 and just sold my Sequoia which had 98,000 miles on it. I have had zero problems with the two vehicles.

    The ford product may be less expensive at the time of purchase but the repairs it will require will eat you alive.
  • Good points; however, you are looking at 0% as a comparison to investing the money yourself.. I think most look at 0% and compare savings if they had to pay a going new car rate of 5%-6%.

    4Runner may be way down because they are in the middle of introducing the 2010.

    As far as the American trucks...I love the full size GM's. They just need to fire the engineer that designed the third row. I would have bought a Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade if it wasn't for that poor design.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I have owned a few GM products and they were better than the ford .The Toyota and Infiniti products have been far better than any GM product I have owned.

    I agree with the idea of the money saved from 0% but it also nice to have a vehicle that is trouble free which has never been the case for me with GM or ford. I buy new and then hang on to a vehicle for at least 8 years. I have yet to find an American made product that does not start falling apart after 4 to 5 years. I take care of the vehcles with the proper maintenance and the Japanese product just has been great as compared to ford or GM

    The Tahoe/ Yukon is not a bad choice but the Sequoia does have the better design and it is a Toyota
  • hello i have $19,000 left on my 4runner ( finance throuh toyota ). do you think toyota will sell me a new sequoia???
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I notice that alot of you all are comparing Sequoias against the QX56. Any reason its not against the Armada?? Isnt the QX56 and Armada the same other than cosmetics?
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