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  • Thanks for the information. This may work out well for me. Toyota rejected my special order twice. At least, that's what the dealer is telling me. I advised the dealer that I'll take the vehicle with Graphite but with a price reduction. They dropped the price by another $500 which puts me at a few hundred below invoice. My vehicle won't be in until mid to late March. Hopefully, the incentives will be in place by then which would allow me to take advantage of them. Again, thanks for the information.
  • I just negotiated a price of $51,200 ON THE ROAD for a 2010 Limited Sequoia. Basically, that's about $500 below factory invoice when you break down the overall pricing. My vehicle won't be here until mid to late march because I've requested the following with regard to my Sequoia:
    It must come from the factory with the NEW version of the accelerator.
    It must NOT have the Navigation system included (All new Limited Sequoias are being built with Navigation and I don't particularly care for those navigation systems. My portable unit works just fine and I get lifetime traffic information for free just like the toyota unit. Also, the only thing you lose when removing the the Toyota navigation system is Navigation and Backup camera. However, the limited still comes with a Backup Camera as part of your Rearview mirror; it just smaller than the 7" Navigation screen. For a savings of $1250+ and portability of my current nav system, I can deal with a smaller screen.
  • th3rdsonth3rdson Posts: 3
    edited February 2010
    Add a child ... add a SUV. We already have an Acadia and like it very much. We now have 3 little ones so I must part with my G35 and pick up another family hauler. My wife will argue it with me but it is between the Sequoia and Armada. With an email I got the following price: 2010 Sequoia limited with an MSRP $53,710.00 for $50,504.00 plus TTL. Since I didn't ask for the invoice $, I am curious as to yours for a comparison.

    On the flip side I can get a new 2010 Armada Platinum for ~$42,500. This includes Nissan cash and a supplier discount. I like the Sequoia better for a lot of reasons ... but not 8,000 reasons. I do hope Toyota gets in the game with cash incentives.

    I'll keep you posted as to what we decide.
  • damos516,

    I believe invoice on my LTD was just over $46K. Again, no Nav on this truck, but had a couple extras like the automatic tailgate (can open/close from remote), factory-installed remote start (not after-mkt or dealer-installed), and upgraded all-weather floor mats (the heavy duty rubber ones you can hose down).

    BTW, I'm in NY metro area if that helps. Not sure how deals vary by region.

    Lastly, when I bought, I got a $3K factory cash-back incentive (in addition to the discount to invoice). Pretty sweet. I think my total cost out the door, net of rebate and including tax was just over $46k.
  • According to Reuters News on Sunday 2-14-10:

    ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) is considering increased incentives and an extended warranty program to combat consumer concerns about a deepening product safety crisis, a source briefed on still-developing plans said on Sunday.

    Toyota, reeling from its largest recall in history, is discussing a range of options with its U.S. dealers to support sales, including $1,000 in addition to the current $1,000 in cash incentives to returning Toyota customers, the source told Reuters.

    Toyota's current $1,000 in "loyalty" bonus matches incentives offered by General Motors Co (GM.UL), Ford Motor Co (F.N), Chrysler and Hyundai Motor Co (005380.KS) to lure Toyota customers.

    Other options Toyota is considering include a free maintenance program -- such as oil changes and regular mile services -- and a new warranty program that at least matches Hyundai's market-leading 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, the source said.

    Complete article is here:
  • jryajrya Posts: 3
    I want a new SR5 Sequoia. I can't imagine Toyota is not offering 5yr-0%, or at least a 3k rebate at this point. Every day they die a bit more. I am one of the folks
    who has a 2006 Avalon Limited. No problems at all, hell I haven't even scheduled the recall yet. Today I hear the rental car market is pulling the plug on toyota and the resale market is being irrepairably damaged.....They have a loyal customer here, but a GMC denali with all the deals is getting hard to turn down..What are they thinking....I've been waiting for 4 months for something....the last plan, 3-36 at 0% didn't cut it for me............
  • damos516damos516 Posts: 13
    edited February 2010
    I completely hear you on all points. As you've probably seen from my previous posts, I've special ordered a Limited Silver Sky Metallic Sequoia knowing it would be sometime in March when it comes in. I figured by March there would be some type of incentives to make my deal even better. If Toyota is too stubborn and conceited to give some type of cash incentive on the Sequoia, I'll consider getting my $500 deposit back and holding off on taking delivery on my special order. I'm with you, Toyota doesn't really have any recourse but to put some type of incentive out there. Toward the end of 2008 they were giving 3000 or 3500 cash back on the 2008 models. Given all the problems, they should be doing something like that or better.
  • jryajrya Posts: 3
    If the news today is true, and they hid the recall and bragged about saving 100 mill on recalls....its lights out for toyota. The family members of the people hurt or even killed due to the accelerator problems...will own toyota... Bad business, immoral business, unethical business, deadly business.....
  • Irya,

    I see where you're coming from but I don't think Toyota was actually bragging in the memo. Call me gullable... They may have discussed this by way of the "memo" to include commenting on the savings. To a large extent, I believe they put quantity over quality but I have to question how many of these reported incidents are Toyota's fault and how many are hoaxes. Believe me, I'm concerned but I'm trying to way all sides of the equation before dismissing Toyota altogether. I've been looking at the Sequoia for about 5 years and finally pulled the trigger on making a deal a few weeks ago. I've since then questioned whether I should move forward with my purchase because my KIDS are my prize possesions and I don't want to put them at risk.

    We've heard of Braking, Steering and Acceleration Issues with regard to the recent toyota recalls. These are the highest priority aspects of DRIVING. The question is, how valid are these concerns. At the same time, is the American government biased against Toyota because the government has stock in the American Auto Manufacturers. Think about it, the more our Government can get Toyota owners to turn against Toyota, the more likely a person is to buy AMERICAN. Think about the extra discounts Toyota Owners are getting when if they BUY AMERICAN. Ultimately, Toyota does appear to have delayed dealing with "reported issues". I believe this was done in the name of GREED from the perspective of "BEING #1" but not from the perspective of "NOT CARING". Toyota will undoubtedly suffer from this. My intent is to capitalize of the situation. More Specifically, I intend to monitor its stock pricing. Once it appears to stabilize at a lower number, I will purchase a bit of it and let it sit for a few years because TOYOTA will undoubtably be back and its stock will get back to above 100 per share. I'm hoping it continues to drop so I can move into a position to buy.
    Back to the topic at hand. I'm still considering a Sequoia because the other vehicles out there in the same price range don't really impress me. Case an point, I believe you mentioned the Denali in a previous posting. That triggered me to go take a look at the Denali. It's price point is a bit higher than the Sequoia but it was still worth a look. I went to the dealership and it took me to flag a salesman down after 15 minutes of being there before they even noticed me. Then the salesman who did come over seemed not to interested in showing me the vehicle and didn't seem to care whether I wanted the short or long version. He grabbed the keys for the Denali XL. It definitely looks nice. However, when I pressed the but to "Power fold" the 2nd row passenger seat, it didn't work. The back of the seat folded down but the bottom didn't flip up as designed. While not a breaking, steering or acceleration issue, its a brand new vehicle on the lot with a noticeable issue. THis was NOT a showroom vehicle that may have gotten abused either. This was completely NEW. Anyway, I left with a not so good taste in my mouth. I didn't even get a chance to test drive it. Again, it didn't seem like the salesman was too enthusiastic about showing it to me. I may go back just to give it a test drive but again, the power seat bothers me because it begs the question "How much will fixing it cost if it breaks after expiration of the warranty?
  • chris217chris217 Posts: 3
    Wanted some feedback on the price of a demo. Traditionally I've avoided demo's since you don't know how they've been treated. But given the pricing I'm thinking about it.

    I've been looking at fully loaded used 2008 Platinum CPO's and range seems to be between $47K - $52K. A dealer has a 2010 Demo Platinum with a CPO for $49.9K. But it does have 24K miles on it. Claims the GM's wife drove it back and forth between cities as a commuter car.

    I won't pay $49.9K, but if the price got into the $46-$48 range I'm might think about it. What's the difference between a used 2008 with 24K miles vs. a demo 2010 with 24K miles? Seems like if the price is close the 2010 is maybe a better deal because you have 2 more years on the 7yr/100,000miles CPO warranty.

  • damos516damos516 Posts: 13
    I'd go with the 2010 demo even if it is a few hundred to a thousand more. As you stated, you have more warranty time left. With regard to the price, are you talking about an ON THE ROAD PRICE or is that the price you are looking for before taxes, tags, etc.? Given the fact that Toyota's reputation is suffering and the "resale values" are going down, you should be able to confidently go into the dealership and tell them what you are GOING TO PAY for the car (On the road price). They have the choice to either take it or leave it. You just have to be willing to walk away if you don't get the price you're looking for. You should give them your absolute price so you don't have to worry about negotiating. If they try to up the price you should get them to throw in something of value to you if possible... perhaps 10 oil changes or something... with synthetic oil.
  • chris217chris217 Posts: 3
    I should amend my initial post. Technically because of the milage on the car (24k) it is now considered "used" but it was a demo and was never titled so the full warranty would be in effect.

    The internet price is $49.9K before taxes/tag, etc. No idea how low they would be willing to go given there are used 2008 models with the same mileage going for $48K+.

    Might give it a day or two and then go back with a firm offer. Agree that I want to give them my absolute price and not get into a haggling situation. I have no problem walking away. There is always another car around the next corner.
  • th3rdsonth3rdson Posts: 3
    Dear Mr. Toyoda,

    You win. My patience has expired and necessity dictates that I purchase a new car now. I had high hopes that a tarnished brand and declining sales would result in cash incentives but they have not ... Instead I see you have opted to spend your money on slick advertising campaigns designed to tug at the heart strings of America. And while I understand that some American jobs depend on Toyota sales, I also understand that American safety depends upon a quality product. So while past consumer loyalty may have made you the #1 car brand in America, your arrogance will take it away.

    Best of Luck,
    Joe Public

    PS: Mr. Nissan wanted me to personally thank you. I'll be driving home in his Armada on Friday and I couldn't be happier.
  • aasbaasb Posts: 1
    I am trying to find out if I am being quoted a good price for a 2010 Sequoia Limited Demo. I am being quoted $47,900. The demo is in excellent condition, has 6k miles on it, and includes the rear entertainment system, navigation, wheel locks, and remote start. This is before tax/tags etc. I am located in NJ. ( I was previously quoted $47,999 on a 2010 Sequoia Platinum Demo with 12k from the same dealership. The Platinum sold to another customer and is no longer in play.) Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I love the Sequoia and want to make sure we are getting a fair deal. Thanks!
  • Well, fyi, I was looking at a Limited over the weekend...loaded out MSRP was 56000. I went in, offered 48500 expecting they would counter offer..or just laugh me out of the dealership....but before I could take a breath they said, "ok, we can do that". Food for thought...on another note, directed to Mr. Toyoda....I am very pleased with my 2010 Denali...yes, you suckered me into your elaborate dealership with 0.0% for 60 plastered all over the windshield of a 2010 Sequoia...pen and check in hand...I was going to sign the papers and drive off into the sunset....apparently, this was a mistake on the 16 year old working at the dealership....fooled me. Come to find out, you place a picture of the sequoia right by all your 0% financing adds. That's ok 2010 Denali will suit me just right. US Govt 1.....Japanese 0
  • jose263jose263 Posts: 10
    aasb- I bought a ltd in December- needed to buy last year for tax reasons - looks like dealers should be much more flexible now - I'm guessing they will come off the 47.9 - isn't it a used auto now? there is lots of advice on comparing prices on previous posts - my 2cents - if you really still want a ltd find a fleet or internet manager and skip the floor salesperson.

    mynew - We moved from a Yukon to Seq last Dec - we would probably be in a new Yukon if they had automatic rear seats - getting too old to lug those things in and out and I wasn't impressed with the Ford alternative.
  • ironbearironbear Posts: 2
    Another month is coming to a close and no Sequoia incentives... Has anyone heard rumblings about whether the Sequoia will be getting any incentives when the current Toyota deals end on April 5th?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I would like to know the same as well. Toyota's gotta do something better than what they are doing now!!!
  • kerbearkerbear Posts: 4
    2010 Sequoia platinum 4X4 for $54583 plus tax tag title and 100 processing fee Is this a good deal???
  • treedrivertreedriver Posts: 5
    I'm not sure if that's a good deal or not. I just bought a 2010 Sequoia platinum on April 30th. It stickered for $61360 and I got it for $55600. I was willing to drive up to 500 miles to find a good deal but this was the best I could find. The other dealers were only willing to come off the sticker about $3000.

    On a side note I love this SUV. With the air ride system this thing rides great and turns on a dime, although it is a little thirsty. I'm using this Sequoia to replace my beloved 2003 Chevy Avalanche which was the best truck I've ever owned. It had 172000 miles on it and I plan on putting over 200 K on this new Sequoia as my mobile office.
  • jlewistxjlewistx Posts: 7
    Just purchased Silver Sky Metallic 5.7L. Interesting experience here in TX. I am not sure why, but basic SR-5's are very rare in the SE region, and the 5.7's are almost non existent. Paid $39000 even through USAA car buying service. Had to fly from Houston to San Antonio to get a deal, but that worked out fine.
    I was dealing with Fred Haas and ended up really disappointed. It was the classic "I brought my car in for service but let me go talk to the sales guy while I am waiting" mistake. Ended up with a "deal" on a 4.6L SR5 for ,$39,600 that they were going to have to trade from another dealership. And they offered me $15.5K on my Tundra that I had an offer for $17K on from car max. While we were sitting there as the sales guy did the standard 45 minute intervals at the manager stand, I started my internet search. I even had their own internet sales dept quote the same vehicle and for almost $1000 less. They still would not budge. On the other hand, my deal in San Antonio consisted of 3 emails back and forth , 2 phone calls and about 45 minutes in the fleet managers office. The fleet manager even offered to pick me up at the airport when I arrived in San Antonio. So my lessons learned are, start with USAA and look further away from home.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I had to buy outside the five state area controled buy Southeast Toyota to get the 5.7 liter (non flex fuel engine) in a 4WD SR5 model. The vehicle had to be special ordered as the color pyrite mica is hard to find in the SR 5.

    I gave the dealer a $500 .00 deposit with a signed contract on the agreed to price to special order the vehicle. The price paid was $730 .00 over invoice which was obtained using cars. I had two New Jersey dealers competing for the sale offering the same deal

    The price from the New Jersey dealer was 556.00 dollars less and I sold my 2001 Sequoia privately for $1300.00 more than what was offered by the Fla dealer.

    I flew up to New Jersey for $130.00 and was picked up by my brother in law. We drove to the dealership picked up the vehicle. Everything went smooth and I was able to visit with relatives over the weekend driving home a couple days later.

    I really like the vehicle and enjoyed the drive back to Fla
  • inquiry12inquiry12 Posts: 3
    hi, i have been waiting for better pricing also on a sequoia...sr5; steves home town toyota is advertising new 2010 sequoia sr5 list at 43,229 at includes the following: sr5 package, 5.7 l v8, 3rd row seating; nicely equipped stk # 5697.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    Price out the Sequoia you want on True car .com and overstocked .com cars . The price has come down a little since I ordered mine back in Oct 2009. The vehicle was not built until Jan 2010 but I got the vehicle exactly as ordered.

    No regrets I would do it all over again the vehicle has been perfect a real joy to drive. This is my second Sequoia so I knew what to expect as the first one was fantastic and problem free. This one rides better and handles better than my first Sequoia. Great vehicle
  • c550c550 Posts: 3
    I had a very similar experience at Fred Haas. I ended up going elsewhere. I was wondering if you could tell me what dealer in SA as I might liker to send them an email?

  • jlewistxjlewistx Posts: 7
    I bought at Cavender Toyota in San Antonio. Because I went through USAA worked exclusively with the fleet sales team.
  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    While there are many detailed purchasing price in Highland, I did not see many here in Sequoia section. I plan to buy a 2010 Sequoia SR5 base model with MSRP as $40,500 to $41,500 in Houston this month. Hate to spend several hours to negotiate, hope to have a quick experience. I would greatly appreciate if any friend here is willing to post his/her purchasing information of MSRP and Out of door price. I do not want to annoy the sale person by asking unreasonable discount, on the other I hope to get a good deal since it is almost end of month and Toyota National Clearance Event is on now.

    My question is:

    Is it reasonable to ask $4000 discount out of $41,000 MSRP? that is about 10% discount. No financing from the dealer.

    My wife purchased a Benz E350 at the end of June and the negotiation took less than 30 min because I printed out the purchasing price information from Benz message board and it really helped. When I gave the print-out to the sale person, we quickly set the discount as $5000 out of MSRP $55,900, which was in the middle ground of $4000 - $6000 discount posted. I hope to have a same experience to buy Sequoia
  • jlewistxjlewistx Posts: 7
    I paid 39k for my 5.7 sr5 with sport package. I priced 4.6 sr5 at about 38k. Not a lot of deep discounts right now. Use one of the zagg tools from consumer reports , usaa, overstock once you find a specific one you want and that will put you in range. Whatever you do, deal with their Internet people. Dealing with Toyota sales people as a walk in is an exercise in futility. I really liked my experience with Cavender in San Antonio. Sequoias are a little scarce right now, so if you have particular features you want broaden your search outside houston. A one way ticket to Dallas ,Austin, or San Antonio is cheap, and you could save quite a bit. If you want the rep at Cavender I dealt with let me know.
  • c550c550 Posts: 3
    I just picked up an SR5. it stickered at 41,700 and I got it at 37,500. I don't know if they would have gone much lower, but based on true car and other internet pricing I think I did well. I would second the coment on using the internet sales guy as you would never get a floor salesman to give you this deal. Most of the internet pricing seems to indicate about 3000 to 3500 off of sticker as a reference.
  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    Thanks, jlewistx and c550 for the reply and information.

    c550: you got almost $4000 discount off the stick price, so ask 10% discount is not unreasonable.

    It is surprising that people travel to other cities to get the deal. With children around, it is even hard for me to go to a local dealer. I have not visited any dealer yet. Friend has one and it drives and rides good. Will see a dealer soon.

    Again thank you both for your responses.
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