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Battery connected in reverse? 1989 Mazda 323

roy323roy323 Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Mazda

1989 Mazda 323. What a great little car until I totally screwed up and installed a new battery where I stupidly reversed the cables! I know I have been beating my self up for over a week now. With the key on my headlights still come on but nothing else. None of the fuses are fouled at either box. Starter alternator has power at there connections. So I am looking at the ECC if I can locate it? I could use any and all advice and suggestions to get me through this total screw up! It's okay to tell me I should not be allowed under the hood of any car ever again. Just please give this old guy some good direction. Thanks.


  • kstrohmkstrohm Posts: 3

    This may not be much help, but I recently (2 days ago) was changing alternator in a Rav4 and had reason to momentarily reconnect the battery terminals in the middle of the job. Unfortunately the main lead to the alternator was touching a heat shield. Pop / flash and much of everything was dead. I found a large fuse (120 amp) was blown. It was labeled "ALT", so that made sense. A lot of the other fuses are fed from this one, so a lot of stuff no longer worked. I was not reconnecting in reverse like you were, but in researching it I did see that this is the fuse that gets blown if you connect in reverse. In the case of the Rav4, this is more like a link inside a plastic housing about 3/4" cubed, not one of the little flat push-in ones. On the good side, I replaced it and everything works fine. On the bad side - it's a bear to replace. I had to do some pretty major disassembly of the fuse box chassis to get at the bolt-down lugs that hold the fuse in underneath.

    So, I'd take a closer look for a large, blown fuse and hope that's it. About $4 for the part. For me, about 2 hours to figure out how and to replace.

  • roy323roy323 Posts: 2

    Thanks kstrohm but my little 323 has a fuse housing containing one 80 amp main fuse with a couple others up in the engine compartment. Your right in that they are a bit of cuss management to remove, but it was nice of Mazda to make them easy for a non tech guy like myself.

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