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Oldsmobile Intrigue: Problems & Solutions



  • I have a '99 3.5 GLS I bought "new" three years ago (it actually had about 400 miles on it). I found out that it had the crank sensor replaced before I got it. It's now at 77K miles, and although it's had plenty of other problems since, none have been related to that sensor. I'm curious that it went 40K miles before having a problem. I thought that usually went bad fairly quickly. I haven't heard of anyone having repeat problems with that sensor.
  • Thanks for your comments. I sure hope for the dealers sake I haven't purchased a lemon. So far they have been nice about the whole endeavor. I hope that really fixes the problem. They called me about an hour ago and they are going to deliver the car to my office. I think it's their excuse to test drive the car and check it out for any other problems.

    I'll keep you all posted as to the outcome of this problem.

  • tag44tag44 Posts: 4
    hesham - Post #120

    I have found this interesting. Can you please keep us informed on this. I am still fighting my problem with the steering problem (see my post #108). Where did you hear the rumor from?
  • Good Monday Morning All ! Well I took delivery from the shop on Friday about 11:00 am They took 4 days to replace the crank sensor and told me it was a $1250.00 job.... I say BS... 1250 for fixing a sensor sounds a bit out of line. I have checked with a few family member which have Intrigue's and 2 of them said they had to have the sensor replaced also and the cost wasn't over $300.00 Thank God for extended warranties. Any way my wife and I took at 450 mile trip this past weekend and the car drove beautifully. Im very pleased that we have decided to purchase this car. Gas mileage for the weekend averaged 31.5 MPG which is excellent. Well anyway we are happy with the car so far !
  • msw13msw13 Posts: 51
    tmooney78-I had this same problem on my '99 GL in April. I had the dealer run the codes, and it ended being the ABS motor. My rear discs did not work at all. I could tell only in extreme situations. Part was ~$350, labor was 3 hours @ $70/hr. Ouch!! But, that is all the problem I have had. It had about 56K on it then. Now it has 64K. Good Luck.
  • I had a catastrophic tranny failure at 31600 miles. Any one else with a similiar history? GM says not common just bad lack. Please reply with any info as to other similiar problems.
  • You may want to also post on the main board. There are a few recent posts about transmission problems, but on newer models I believe. I have a '99 3.5 GLS, and no tranny problems to date.
  • I have a 99 GL with 72K. There are knocking noises come from steering wheel when I make turns or just change direction slightly. Do you think flushing the steering fluid will slove the problem, or it's the steering shaft problem mentioned in above posts? Thanks!
  • I have a '99 Intrique and have had problems with the cassette (yes cassette) player. The original system (Bose) that came with the car was defective after about 3 months. The CD player was fine, but I had to pry out any casettes from the player. I took it back to the Olds dealer and got a new stereo. Well the new one is doing the same thing. While I don't play a lot of cassettes, I would still like to think that I should not have problems with system.

    Tires: It is time to replace the "H" rated Eagle tires (16 ") Any suggestions?
  • gmtoford,

    You could try the fluid first, but considering how pervasive the intermediate shaft problem is, I'd bet that is the problem. There are links to the relevant TSB on the Intrigue main board.
  • Good afternoon.

    I recently picked up a new 2002 Intrigue, as I know a number of people who have them and they have been trouble free for them.

    Has anyone had any issue with water in the trunk? I am taking it back to the dealer next week, but I thought it would be beter if I am armed and ready. The water is actually in the trunk lid. When I open the lid, water comes rushing out. The only place I can see this coming from is the spoiler.

    After reading this board, I am glad I got the 5y/60k GMPP warranty.
  • I had this problem . do not bother with gm guys they are morons.

    The problem came from the plastic screw inserts behind the licence plate.

    If you look up under the inside of the trunk lid in behind the plate location you will see water tracks coming down from the insert holes that hold the plate.

    My problem only happened in a heavy wind driven rain when it hit the back of the car at an angle.

    I solved this by removing the plate and removing the inserts ( kinda tricky but with patience you wont break them. They have a wing that may have to be pushed from the inside to release them ).

    I then applied black silicone around the perimeter of the clip and at the back of the clip where th screw comes through.
    Reinserted the clip, whipped the excess and put back the plate.

    I pulled everything out to get a good idea as to what was happening and If i was to do it again, Instead of removing the clips i think one could just pry them out a little and run a smallbead around the perimeter and then put some into the holes and then put the screw into the wet silicone to fill the space around the threads to keep the water from weeping in.

    Good luck with dealer. I know of people who had their wing removed and buggered up finish with no success. Check to see if you have a thin gasket like foam between the trunk lid and the wing. If you do then your problemsmay well be what i had. The water marks inside the trunk behind where the plate is your first look

    Good luck
  • Went to drain the anti-freeze on my 2000 Intrigue GL when I discovered that the drain valve requires a special tool to open and close the valve. Called two dealers service managers for info on the tool, which they say does not exist. GM customer service was no help either, they suggested calling the dealer. It looks like a triangle shaped male socket of some sort is needed. Any ideas welcome. Thanks.
  • Help!!! I just bought a 2000 Olds Intrigue and just have had it 1 week when I couldn't get the thing to start. It acts like its been flooded when it finally does start because a small cloud of smoke comes out of the exhaust. Took it in for repair and they ran a diagnostic on it, which came back and said that we should replace the Crank and CAM sensors. So we did that. Now 2 days later and $500 later the thing doesn't want to start again. Went dead at a stop sign and took a good 10 minutes before it would start again. Anyone got any ideas?
  • akitadogakitadog Posts: 117
    I had a similar problem where my car would not start for me if the engine was hot. They replaced the fuel pressure regulator. Perhaps you are losing pressure in the fuel line?
    FYI, Both my crank sensors were replaced before they found out the real problem.

    Good luck!
  • My 2000 Intrigue was doing the same thing and after 2 trips to the dealer they replaced the ignition switch($400)which finally fixed the problem. They previously had relaced the crank sensor.
  • We've also had our ignition replaced. A good test to see if it is a faulty ignition is to wiggle the key in the ignition while the car is running. Our engine would simply cut out while driving. Make sure the weight of your keys/keychain is kept to a minimum as it's very hard on the ignition switch.
  • Found out what the problem was or at least I think so. I took the vehicle back to the dealership and they replaced the computer in it. More specifically, the PCM. That seems to have fixed it. It's running great for now. Thanks for the information.
  • will lub help? Thanks!
  • I am yet another intrigue owner with the 3.5 liter engine that looses at least 2 quarts of oil between changes. My 1999 has about 45,000 miles. Has anyone tried to reach the company regarding this problem?
  • Hum? 2.0 quarts

    How long ( miles or klics) are your oil changes. Do you go by the dealer the car book or the oil life monitor? What is your ratio to town and highway? Do you make a lot of starts? Do you think you have a heavy foot? Do you use the gas pedal as a on/off switch?

    Either way seems like a lot.

    Reading the stick on the 3.5 is weird. If I put in in so that the engine oil lettering on the yellow pull handle is facing me it reads at the top of the 3/4 inch recess on the dip, however, if I face the lettering toward the fire wall it reads about 3/16 to 1/4 below the previous reading.

    I also find that the level of the car is important. My driveway has an very, very slight rise before the garage and if I check it there, it tends to read about 1/2 from the bottom of the recess. Yet if I drive it into the flat of my garage where I do the oily change, its where it should be.

    Like I said it the wierdest dipstick I ever saw and i do oily changes for about 10 people.

    I currently have about 25500kms with 5500 on the last oily change and now and am reading about 1/8 to 3/16 from the top of the notch ,which i have found is not much more than a few mouthfulls of oil. (Not that i measure it that way. Yuck.)

    I always go with 5000 klics/ 3000 miles but this time the oil life monitor will let me know. Previously it comes on after about 7000-7500 klics. .
  • Moonshawdow,

    I change my oil when the change oil light comes on. It usually happens at about 7,000 miles (about 11,000 klics) after a change. My intrigue has around 45,000 miles and this is the second time it happened. I am a fairly moderate driver regarding stops and starts but I go fast on long trips. My driving habits haven't changed since I got this car new. I've never had a similar problem with a car so young.

  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    That's one quart every 3,500 miles. That's not really a large amount. If you changed your oil every 3,000, you probably wouldn't have to add oil at all. I think the longer oil change intervals tend to make oil consumption seem worse than cars with short intervals when really it is about the same.
  • Virtually every other car that I've owned except for a Sable used no oil between changes before 90 or 100 thousand miles. The Sable had a bad main bearing. Changing the oil more often simply hides the problem and costs more since all 7 quarts rather are replaced rather than just adding a couple of quarts. I have a long enough of a commute to work every day so that my oil doesn't need to be changed any more frequently than the recommend interval. I've maintained all of my previous cars this way without any ill effects.
  • Include our car with those that complained about steering noises and such. After complaining, our dealership replaced the intermediate steering shaft in the steering column at 18,000 miles while under warranty. Now at 60,000 miles the wheel was stiff to turn each time the car sat for any time. A $1095 new steering rack seems to solve the problem at our expense. I wonder if the intermediate shaft problem led to the rack to fail? Is there a recall on Intrigue Steering parts?
  • dscer1,

    Sorry I haven't been checking this board over the holidays. My '99 had the same problem with stiff steering at about the same mileage. They replaced the rack (also at our expense), and that worked for about 2 weeks. The problem then returned, worse than before. After several weeks in the shop, they determined that the problem was the power steering pump and the pulley that drives it. It took a lot of time for them and effort (including replacing the rack again at THEIR expense) for them to figure that out. Hopefully you won't have to go through the same pain I did.
  • I have been experiencing a clicking which has been coming through the brake peddle, steering wheel and the floor board. After taking it to the local olds dealership (while still under warranty) and them telling me nothing was wrong I took it to a front end specialist. He found the problem to be in the sub-frame. Though the frame is tight and it appears to be safe for the time being it is not getting any better. Actually getting worse with time and miles. I would like to know if there have been any other problems in this area and if this would be covered under the warranty?
  • could you be more specific.

    When does the clicking noise happen and what exactly is wrong with the sub frame. Welds, Cracks and where in the sub frame is the problem that your specialist found.

    How does one try and duplicate this.
  • MY 99 GLS has a significant water leak in the front passenger side on days with heavy rain. Has anyone had this problem?
  • dbogeydbogey Posts: 2
    1998 GLS went back to GM after 26k miles, buyback!!

    1999 GLS 3.5, went 75k miles with ISS shaft replacement, crank sensor, alternator, a/c temp sensor, and new front struts..All repairs covered by warranty.had a SLP exhaust, and Michelin Pilot tires..A smooth runner, used 1qt/1200 miles and had changed every 3k..great car, driven hard, traded on 2002 GL in Nov 02..Brakes main area of trouble..

    2002 GL-a real steal, troubled from the getgo!!!Sat on dealer's lot for 7 mos. Goodyears were suspect, and Goodyear replaced two at 240 miles for 21.00 and had the other two changed at 2400 miles for 92.00..Front end was aligned at 1500 miles. Suspension is sloppy, struts are suspect and car has a new file at Olds starting day after purchase..Olds dealers are a hit-miss bunch..

    GM has a tendency to gut quality on cars up for phase-out..
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