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Mazda6 Belt Fraying and two CEL codes...

marxr87marxr87 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Mazda

Hi all! I am trying to purchase a 2003 mazada 6 v6 with 158k miles from my friend and wanted to make sure it was in working order.

It was throwing codes p2227 (egr boost sensor circuit performance) and p0300. After trying to remove the egr valve and failing (removed battery), it is no longer throwing the p0300 (might still in the future).

I removed the egr valve today and it was not as dirty as expected, so I suspect the sensor is bad even though it is not throwing a code yet (just a couple hours ago hooked the battery back up). Cleaned it anyway.

Also, I don't know if it is the serpentine belt, but it is a belt on passenger side that runs lengthwise with the car, right behind the radiator. My friend just changed it a month ago, but the belt is already fraying. The tensioner sways quite a bit! I don't know what this means, or how much it would cost to fix?

Any help in regards to the belt, especially, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

My friend said he replaced the pulley and the tensioner, so maybe it is a bearing of some sort? Or pulley misalignment?

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