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Have you experienced a foul smell in your Q50?

srq5363srq5363 Member Posts: 15
edited June 2014 in INFINITI

If you have, you are not alone. Some people describe it as a bad foot smell. Others have described it as onions or body odor. Mine seems like body odor to me and no amount of airing or cover-up air freshener seems to eliminate it. Opening a window or the sunroof actually seems to magnify the smell. I've found others who have had the problem for months so it doesn't look like it wears off eventually. Mine was built in 2/14 and it looks like the problem started with cars built after 12/13 but I really don't have enough info yet to know that. In any case, please let Infiniti Consumer Affairs know if you have the issue by contacting them at http://www.infinitiusa.com/iapps/contactus. If you have had the problem and your dealer was able to permanently fix the issue, please post the details here.


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    srq5363srq5363 Member Posts: 15

    Update... a few others have gotten further with their dealers than I have and the consensus is that there is a drain tube or something in the sunroof that is made of a particularly stinky material and the dealerships have ordered a replacement part for those cars. If that works out, I expect a service bulletin will come out or maybe a "silent recall". I hope that's the answer and I really hope the smell hasn't been absorbed by the cabin materials.

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