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Chevy Impala blend door actuator on driver's side of HVAC dual zone unit

persevere1persevere1 Posts: 10
edited June 2014 in Chevrolet

I read so many articles on blend door actuators and they always refer to blend door actuator on passenger side causing clacking noise. But on Dual Zone units there is also an actuator for the driver's side. And to my understanding the whole HVAC unit has to be removed to replace this actuator??? TRUE or False ?? Also if true, what is the part number for 2006 Impala ??


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 56,740

    There's an air temperature actuator right and left, and also a mode actuator and a recirculation actuator.

    You may need to do a scan to determine what's going on here.

    In any event, I didn't see any labor rates to indicate some massive disassembly, no.

    I don't personally know this system, so I can only give you some general information to help you diagnose the exact problem.

    Air Distribution
    The HVAC control module controls the mode actuator in order to distribute airflow to a desired outlet. The mode switch provides the vehicle operator with the ability to override the automatic setting. When the mode switch is moved to heater through Defrost positions, the A/C compressor clutch engages and the recirculation actuator will be moved to the Outside Air position. When VENT is pressed, the following will occur:
    The mode valve will be moved to the Panel position.
    The recirculation actuator will follow user request if the blower is ON and the power mode is in Run.
    The A/C compressor will follow user request if the blower is ON and the power mode is in Run.

    Recirculation Operation
    The HVAC control module controls the air intake through the recirculation actuator. Recirculation is not available when the mode is in heater through Defrost. The operator must activate the blower for Recirculation operation.

    Air Temperature Actuator
    The air temperature actuator is a 2-wire bi-directional electric motor. Two control circuits enable the actuator to operate. The control circuits use either a 0-volt or 12-volt value to coordinate the actuator movement. When the actuator is at rest, both control circuits have a value of 0 volts . In order to move the actuator, the HVAC control module grounds the appropriate control circuit for the commanded direction. The HVAC control module reverses the polarity of the control circuits to move the actuator in the opposite direction.

    The HVAC control module determines the door position by counting motor pulses on one of the control circuits. These pulses are small voltage fluctuations that occur when the brush is shorted across 2 commutator contacts as the motor rotates. As the actuator shaft rotates, the HVAC control module monitors the voltage drop across an internal resistance to detect the pulses. The HVAC control module converts the pulses to counts with a range of 0-255 counts. The HVAC control module uses a range of 0-255 counts to index the actuator position.

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  • persevere1persevere1 Posts: 10

    Thank You. You have confirmed what I thought regarding the fact that there are 4 actuators.
    3 of them are accessible by dropping the glove compartment. But I believe the blend door actuator (air temp) for the driver's side requires a great deal of disassembly in order to replace it if this is the culprit. Can you confirm ? 2006 Impala LT dual zone..

  • I thought their were 3 actuators in my 2006 impala. i took out 1 from the drivers side and 2 from the glove box. Since they were all making a heavy ticking noise. Where is this 4th actuator located? The one on the drivers side was hard to take out. Through a u-tube how to video, had to take out part underneath the steering wheel. Since i didnt feel comfortable taking out the radio to get to the drivers side actuator alittle easier. Had to contort my body upside down underneath the steering wheel to remove it. Never will i do that again!! But i can do the easier 2 actuators in the glove box. My question is if i only replace the two in the glove box will that give me defrost,heat,a/c? What does that driver side actuator control? I notice the defrost knob is on the passengers side. 
  • This is my 3rd Chevy product. I have had a 2001 Chevy Silverado, 2004 and 2011 Chevy Impala. I am thoroughly disappointed with the number problems with the 2011 Impala. This will be my last purchase from Chevrolet. I received the recall for the starting problems on both 2004 and 2011 models. I have had the traction problem and reduced power problem happen to me(this is very dangerous to have the engine suddenly reduced by 50% rear-end collision just waiting to happen). And now the knocking under the dashboard( a/c actuator) this is 1st time whatever this part does to make a noise. Gee Chevy can you get right?!!! Stop spending money on TV advertising trying to convince the general public how great your product is and spend it on improving the quality and safety performance.
  • I did mine on my 2006 impala about 6 months ago. it was the one for the outside in side blend door,
    it was not too hard to do but i am left handed so using my right hand in a small space was an issue, but it is something that i believe any one can do. just remove the glove box and you can see it.

    also look on you tube for videos they helped with mine
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