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Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon



  • axp696axp696 Posts: 90
    They've already started trickling into some Canadian dealerships as seen here. I suspect they'll be on the way within the next couple weeks.
  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    The "turbo" changes the "4-banger" equation a bit.... :-)

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yeah but it's still a 2.0 H4, no matter how you slice it. I definitely noticed the lack of pull on it. Just comparing it to the SVX which is slightly heavier and similar power peaks, the SVX gives you a more "suck" in your seat feel even going from say 70-110 than the AT WRX. Not that the WRX was *that* sluggish.

  • tkevinblanctkevinblanc Posts: 356
    Paisan's law:

    "There's no replacement for displacement." :0)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    True that Kevin! :)

    Unless that displacement is replaced with a big honking diesel :)

  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    ..going to do any engine mods??

    Removing the stranglehold (cat) on the uppipe should help down low. :-)

  • j0elboyj0elboy Posts: 32

    H*ll, I'm planning to visit the Cleveland Auto Show Sunday--first chance i got...

    Wanted to see those '04's. May be a good thing, after all I only have 800 miles so far on the new "03 wagon sitting in the parking lot...

  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    nope :)

    Will make some cosmetics;
    not neccessary in that order.

  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I'm interested in the WRX wagon. I nowhere near ready to buy yet and these 03 below invoice deals sound nice but....

    the new auto annual from CR shows the WRX with below average reliability though they do qualify it as a one year sample.

    What do you owners and fans think of CR's finding?
  • I used to read cr regiously, until I figured out that even the "unbiased" opinions are still just opinions. I think if you read more of this board and others like it, you aren't going to see below average anything in regards to the wrx.

    IIRC, CR always rates all wheel drive vehicles lower than fwd or rwd since there is potentially twice the driveline items to break. Also, they use a ballot type sample system that most likely was filled out by the two wrx owners who actually read the magazine and have had any problems with their cars.

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    I wouldn't line a birdcage with CR.

    But having said that, a WRX is no Honda Civic.

  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    The WRX was a new model, and every car seems to go through some initial growing pains when they are first released.

    I have the same magazine (subscribe to CR). They rated Impressas as average. It was the BMW 3-series that dropped to below average!

    In any case, I expected this. Reading this board, there seemed to be a great deal of people with minor issues and items with the first couple of batches of WRXs that hit the market. It seemed that after these couple of batches, the issues were resolved.

    Also, one of the other problems with the WRX was that many people modified them, then abused them, thus things like trannys failing. The 2003s took care of this by installing a valve on the clutch to prevent high-RPM clutch drops.

    I would bet anything that the 2004 edition of CR will show the reliability of Impressas back above average in quality.

    BTW, for 2002, the Civic was rated as average quality as well. 2003, they are back above average.
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    I don't know if coming down on CR is the right tack in this case. Alleging bias is probably not the best course. CR did recommend the WRX and over the RSX last year. They also predicted better than average reliability. Now that they have some data that indicates otherwise and they downgrade the WRX reliability rating does not mean that they have suddenly turned on the car.

    I am interested in CR because there are manufacturers for whom I don't have a "feel" for how reliable they are. I have a feel for Toyota, Nissan, GM, Honda, VW and Dodge. I know where I think they fit on the reliability scale. Subaru is one that I don't have any feel for. So I turn to see what CR says.
  • lakepoplakepop Posts: 221
    It would be interesting to find out how many of the WRX issues/complaints were on "modded" WRXs.
     CR could have made this a part of their input/stats , but maybe they gather their data in a much more simplistic manner?
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Saab, meet Subaru*

    GM also is considering closer cooperation between Saab and Subaru, a GM

    Subaru dealers in the United States were up in arms last month at the
    annual convention of the National Automobile Dealers Association over
    discussions between Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (Subaru) and GM about
    whether to give Saab a version of Subaru's Impreza WRX wagon. A Subaru
    spokesman in the United States said a feasibility study is under way.

    Said Wagoner: "I don't think we made any announcement on it yet, but
    clearly (a Saab-Subaru relationship) appeals to us as an opportunity
    that perhaps helps both partners. The product characteristics, while in
    some ways different, in some ways there are a lot of similarities to the
    philosophy of product. This is an area we want to explore."
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I guess what they could do is make SAAB the upscale version of subarus. Not a bad way to market a $40K+ Subaru, since we know that SOA has had a bear of a time marketing anything $30K+ several times.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I agree, get a WRX and add all the nice interior materials many shoppers crave and are willing to pay for. Higher price would mean they wouldn't even compete directly. It would more likely compete head to head with high-end A4s.

    Reliability was measured at just about average, far from their "Worse than Average" category. This for a version 1.0. That's not bad at all.

    No black dots or anything.

  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    Isn't it one more example of badge engineering ?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yes, but it allows Subaru to produce more volume and spread costs.

    I'm normally against badge engineering, but I think the Saab could be distinct enough. The Forester is based on the Impreza platform but those aren't clones, not even close. I say take the Saab in the other direction - lower and even sportier.

    Saab is a niche player, too, and they understand turbos. Use completely fresh sheetmetal and a new interior, but keep the drive train.

  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    My WRX has been a better car than my '98 Forester. I have 24,000 on the WRX and have had one minor brake problem (some front end shake--brake discs machined for free on warranty at 15k) whereas with my Forester I had already some pretty bad clutch problems at this mileage. One thing I really liked about the Forester was the interior. At 60,000 miles the upholstry was perfect, really bullet proof. Same with the WRX. Early reviews said that the fabric looked thin and should be a wear problem. No problem, seats look new at 24k, except for a little cat and dog hair of course.
  • cinosweivecinosweive Posts: 166
    I wasn't surprised to see the WRX showing very slightly below average reliability. W/in CR's margin of error, that could have been average or slightly above. The regular imprezzas do better and that should be the better indicator. I think the few people that push their rexs too hard are skewing the stats. Drive any car to its limits too often and you'll have problems. Ya gotta admit, this is a fun car to push to its limits.

    I wouldn't call them negatively biased either. CR has raved about the WRX. It has been one of their favorites since they first tested it. It was their cover car on last years annual auto issue and selected as "most fun to drive".
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    This is where I go into great detail as to why the Impressa would be ranked just average.

    It is almost the same reason the Civic was downgraded last year to average, and is back to above average this year.

    BTW: The WRX was selected again this year as "Most fun to drive" by CR.
  • keithllb1keithllb1 Posts: 30
    I have a WRX wagon, I run it hard alot and change the oil every 3-4000 miles, and have 18,000 miles on the car, went to two auto-crosses, abused the clutch like the novice I am, but I must say the car is being broken in like nice cowhide leather of a favorite baseball glove.

    I have to temper my enthusiasm when driving my car,but after a wicked east coast winter and a cool summer of auto cross, I must say that the car handles like a dream still. The Stock Tires are a little worn but thats all the better, now I have to step up and buy some nice_______"s from or does anyone have some nice suggestions????? I have the stock 16" rims.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    WRX still is CR's most fun to drive recommendation.

    Also keep in mind it's normal for version 1.0 of any car to dip a little - it happened to the Civic, the Altima, even the Camry. I bet next year it climbs back up above average.

    For one, they put that force-limiting valve on the clutch, and one thread on NASIOC about tranny failures were limited to just 2002 models, no 2003s at least in that thread.

  • gottawrxgottawrx Posts: 18
    keithllb1 how well did you fare in the auto-x? How does the wagon handle in those situations? I bet there weren't any other wagons. Larger wheels and tires would greatly improve the handling. I am in Nor. Calif. and would like to get into the auto-x scene rather than the drag strip for sure.Does anyone know of some contacts for CA. I will try SCCA for starters. I know there is also Solo II races i think.
  • keithllb1keithllb1 Posts: 30
    My wagon handled okay, I went in completely in a stock class, and was overwhelmed trying to navigate the course. My car understeered a bit, as I took a practice run in my experienced friends BMW 3 series sport coupe with very nice tires, I noticed his car gripped the road very well. I want to start out with no upgrades whatsover, just so I can get a routine down, with my car's characteristics. I like the pick up in my car, and noticed the car was a bit like a rabid animal when the turbo spooled all the way up. I liked it alot. I would prefer to try the rally cross. All in all I had alot of fun, and will start to look into the sport more closely this year.
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    Hello, I've auto-x'd my wagon many times, and it handles great. there's a good bit of understeer dialed in from the factory for safety. you can make the handling more neutral by adding a sedan sway bar in the back (20mm), and a strut tower brace. the car is a lot more neutral now, and while the tail may come out, it's still hard to lose control on most auto-x courses which are usually an flat surfaces anyway. once you introduce hills and undulating surfaces, the tail is a bit more prone to stepping out. i also changed to 17x7.5 rota subzeros with cheap kumhos and the improvement was very pronouced. the only problem with the kumhos is that they're aren't extremely predictable at the limit. i want to do rally x also, but this is my only car, and i don't want to damage it. i might do a rally x if they had one on like a dry lake bed or something.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hypov will be auto-xing his wagon this year, and I'll probably co-drive it for at least a few events. I'm sure it will do well :)Are those Kumhos the Kumho 711 or 712s? If so they are one of the worst tires out there IMHO.

  • gottawrxgottawrx Posts: 18
    Who is sponsering the races? and did you get your MPH yet and what line of work do u use it for? I am in the Env. Health field.
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