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Porsche Cayenne



  • Thanks for the info on the power mirrors. It would help if I read the manuals. Even my V6 has this nice feature.

    Tidester: Nice shot at the notion of exclusivity but it falls short. Exclusivity can be measured, touched and felt. As in when the dealer gives you a loaner during service work (try that at a VW store with a Toureg), at trade in time when a three year old Tahoe LT with the same MSPR as a Cayenne is worth much, much less, when the sales people know your name and help you with service issues, when they give you a free car wash on Saturdays (the NH Porche store), etc. All in all I think most of us would rather spend our money at low volume, high end stores featuring exclusive products and great customer service.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Exclusivity can be measured, touched and felt.

    You're confusing exclusivity with good old fashioned customer relations. "Exclusivity" sounds like it has more to do with snob appeal and I doubt that applies to anyone here. No one is excluded from owning a Cayenne, if they have the means, and thousands of companies provide exemplary customer service so the term is just not applicable! :-)

    Also, Porsche would certainly want more customers to be included which is why they go out of their way to foster great customer relations.

    tidester, host
  • Hi,

    Yes they were all at 38 PSI. I however like to run the back at 40 PSI. The manual on the S calls for 38/42. My dealer always seems to adjust all 4 to 38 PSI.

  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    your dealer is a fool, re adjust to 42/38 or you are throwing the alignment out. These pressures are important.
  • I dont know about that. I think alot of us enjoy the "exclusivity" of driving a Porsche or a Mercedes or a BMW or other high end vehicle. You certainly are in an exclusive club of owners. Not only are there few of us out there( other Cay owners give a wave when we pass on the streets here in North Carolina), but the quality materials used in the luxury vehicles at this price point can be physically felt and enjoyed.
    I agree that the service is nice but that varys from dealer to dealer and many main line car dealerships offer good service but the cars/SUVS speak for themselves. As far as snob appeal goes......I hate to admit it but I enjoy the admiring looks I get when I'm in my Cay S. And in this SUV the driving/handling experience is also something that can be measured and felt.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    As far as snob appeal goes...

    Yikes! You mean I was wrong? ;-)

    Personally, I distinguish quality from "exclusivity."

    tidester, host
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    host or participant ? we need to know
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    We're encouraged to participate. You go to a party and don't expect that the Host is going to hide in the basement do you?

    This thread reminds me that I have a luxo Mont Blanc fountain pen buried in a drawer somewhere. Funny, I keep reaching for my Flair when I need to write something down.

    Steve, Host
  • dennis721dennis721 Posts: 62
    No kidding, I have had him do it to me twice!

    When he first installed the tires he set all 4 at 38 psi. I adjusted them to 38/41. Next service visit they were back at 38/38.

    Manual calls for 38/43 with a partial load and 38/50 fully loaded.

  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    So long as we know, but you should know that your comments sound like a snob in reverse which is OK if thats who you are.

    We choose how we spend our money and I guess some do get a kick out of "exclusivity" but I think you will find that its more because its simply the best available and if I can afford it why not.

    I disagree with jimscays on this although its his right to feel the way he does.

    The troll above is another "its just a car" person, does not understand the logic perhaps because its out of reach, I work hard and my transport means a lot to me, to get me from A to B sure, and to C D & E, safe certainly.

    But when your drained from a highly stressed day, the shear enjoyment of the driving experience helps you wind down and smile again.

    Most will not connect with this I understand, but it is real I assure you.

    Someone once asked why would anyone would buy a 911 Porsche of any age, its because no matter how bad or stressed you feel, 1 hour driving one makes you feel different, better, it restores the smile to your face. The Cayenne does this.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Q. Just What Type of Car Guy Are You? And just how exclusive can you be driving a wagon? (Inside Line)

    A. Pretty exclusive!

    Steve, Host
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi tides....good of you to drop by....

    I think you scared the flamer away...or was it me .... ;-)

    kinda fun to drive what we like....that is all...

    I kinda miss my 1977 is don;t see many of those on the roads anymore....and mine had wider rims , and was looked good...better than stock...

    cayenne is doing well....we enjoy the vehicle..

    but snob cache is overrated and not a point that was important, at least in terms of money. I just enjoy the it handles, goes, and the relative safety ...ahem . ;-)

    so where's the replacement forum for the iconic but archived one ? ;-)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    welcome, subzero.... !

    sounds like you have some serious problems with your cayenne. I would bring it in ASAP and get a loaner while they get it all corrected.

    Maybe the sunroof has a bad seal O ring...

    I thought the Nav problems would have been fixed by now...I still have not had a single fault with mine.

    I understand about the brakes . I still have the same problem with my new acura just keeps pulling to the right when I step on the brake....caliper clamping down ? I gotta bring it in too.... for the 3 rd time .... ;-(

    let us know how it goes...
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    As far as snob appeal goes...

    Yikes! You mean I was wrong? ;-)

    LOL...OK.. there is some satisfaction and snob appeal for some highend owners...

    ...and sour grapes from others , so it does go both ways..... people do get emotional over cars.....

    funny... I think the people who label others as snobs, often are the very same people who later on drive a highend car with a smirk and snobbish air.... I remember one acquiantance who was sour at this guy driving a 911 back in 1983...but later on he ended up buying a 911 speedster... ;-)

    the ones who really don't care , probably would not know the difference between a Mercedes and a Taurus....they are both just cars to them....

    Personally, I distinguish quality from "exclusivity."

    I do too. You can have quality in a Previa...but not exclusivity. You can have exclusivity in a Alfa Romeo GTV6....but not quality....

    or you can have both !!! ;-)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi Jimcays:

    I agree with what you said....though some of it is arguable when others read about it....I do think most car enthusiasts would enjoy having their cars admired...
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi Steve:

    You mean you don't have special areas for the guys when you hold a party....special areas like the basement , where guys can be guys... ? :-)

    that's where we can have the KKs all to ourselves...

    This thread reminds me that I have a luxo Mont Blanc fountain pen buried in a drawer somewhere. Funny, I keep reaching for my Flair when I need to write something down

    good point. I know a lot of people who use their luxo pen or special exclusive thingamajigs only on special occasions too... one friend still has his Ferrari Mondial still covered and in the garage (though not on ramps).... has only 20,000 miles.... those are not really daily drivers...

    I think most Porsches, except for some very limited production models like the GT or the 959...are really daily drivers that one can take to the roads every day...just like any other mass produced car...IMO.

    So I reach for my cross pen sometimes...but use the paper mate a lot.... I think Mont Blancs are snobbish... ;-) (J/K)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hiya , Mudman... :

    Someone once asked why would anyone would buy a 911 Porsche of any age, its because no matter how bad or stressed you feel, 1 hour driving one makes you feel different, better, it restores the smile to your face. The Cayenne does this

    I tend to agree....though some unfortunate people here have had a hard time getting to that enjoyment part due to minor problems....

    I do enjoy the vehicle...more than I enjoyed the boxster....that's for sure... !!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    special areas for the guys when you hold a party....special areas like the basement

    One house I lived in had a ghost, Hastings, who kept coming and going at all hours. Turns out his special place was the detached garage, and he visited it often.

    No, there wasn't a Jag or Porsche out there (or KK's). Turns out that's where he hid his booze from the missis. Party on :-)

    Steve, Host
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    your comments sound like a snob in reverse

    I have no idea what that means but from the comments here people seem to be using the term "exclusivity" incorrectly and I've explained my reasoning for thinking so. There may or may not be an exclusivity factor but the descriptions given relate to good customer relations and quality. Porsche has both in abundance.

    Certainly, as I've explained, Porsche would not want to exclude anyone (more customers = more $$). Does Porsche want you to "feel" exclusive? Perhaps, but I think the aim of that would ultimately be to include more people in the "exclusive club" which, paradoxically, makes it nonexclusive! :-)

    In any case, my original comment was for the benefit of my buddy Highender who was a participant in one of our more exclusive but now defunct discussions! ;-)

    tidester, host
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Hi highender,
    I don't want to misrepresent myself......... I enjoy my cars and I pick the ones I want because thats the car/SUV I want. I would agree with mudman that after a stressful day driving home is a sheer pleasure and is its own reward. Lord knows I have plenty of those days. I was just confessing that the occasional stare is welcomed.
    For me personally, I need a roomy vehicle since I am a tall guy and I enjoy the mix of luxury, sportiness, and high tech gadgets. So when the Cayenne came along, it was a good fit. Past cars were 745i, S class, Jag, etc. Although back in the late 80's early 90's I enjoyed my...........I know this is Aerostar, just needed a V8 and more tech stuff. Not snobby at all and I enjoyed that vehicle.
    I do enjoy this board and there is good information on the Cay and nice to know others are enjoying this vehicle as much as I am.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365

    party on, Steve ! ...and watch us slow skiers when you head on down slope... :-)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Yes, I know what you mean.

    I happened to get the first one in my area...and the famous sushi restaurant owner had some good comments, as did the top real estate broker ....(.names withheld due to liability to be sued for insinuating bad taste ) ;-)

    I was just confessing that the occasional stare is welcomed.

    and I do get quite a few thumbs up too...though at Monterey Bay Aquarium, a lady thought it was ugly..but the husband loved it and said " is the Cayenne !" (not responsible for the husband being in the doghouse that night) .

    During one slog thru standstill traffic on I-24...a clueless lady admired it, rolled down her window, and asked if it was a Ferrari....I just smiled and nodded... ;-)

    I enjoyed my......I know this is Aerostar,

    ....I also enjoyed my Previa (i know, it is a minivan !) ...and my Honda I think it just means we all enjoy driving our vehicles...

    I enjoy the drive and the ride of the Cayenne. And I added some high tech gadgets to the car it is great for the whole family.

    good to hear from you... ! :-)
  • Let me get this straight....unless the dealer is playing games with me....I paid about 100K for my Turbo (with accessories, insurance etc.)
    Someone stuck a big nail in the tire, so I tried to put on the spare....but couldn't find it. I called Porsche, and they said SPARE TIRES ARE OPTIONS??? No spare tire at all on a Cayenne? I don't mean the fancy rear-mounted, I mean NONE in the spare wheel container!
    Is this true???
    I DO know that when I picked up my car, I happened to notice the dealer in Atlanta had switched the tires and I no longer had the upgraded tires, but was still being charged. After some discussion, their solution was to remove the extra charge for the tires...that they had taken.
    Don't Turbo's come with a small tire in the tire well, or is it indeed an "option?" I've never heard of A spare being on option on any car.
    When I was given the first day owner's speech, they even said to access the spare, unscrew the spare wheel container...I never would have thought to literally do it there in the dealership to make sure a spare was in the spare container. They want an ENORMOUS amount of money to add a spare now "because I didn't order it with the car." Any thoughts? By the way, check your OWN cars....if you don't have a spare, gosh help you if you get a flat in a deserted place.
    I was also VERY surprised that the turbo doesn't play cassette tapes! 100K, and I have to have a have my kid's tape player sitting on the tape to hear Books on Tape, or work cassettes!
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    Are you kidding ? you are, right ?

    You dropped 100K without knowing what your buying.

    The answer is no to your question, its an option. You do get a can of repair foam.
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    I just bought a 2005 model Cay S.... I think all the 2005 models come with a space saver spare as standard, although to be honest it is only marginally better than a can of repair foam when you're off the main road.
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    May sound strange I know but in researching the Cayenne before I bought it I noticed that the spare was an option so I made sure that the Cayenne I got had one.
    Dealer told me sports car design and desire to have woofer in sparewell was the reason that a standard spare tire won't fit. With the spare you get an auto pump to inflate. Have'nt had to use it but its best to have it. The collapsable spare was a $170 option on the window sticker.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi brockwest:

    the answer is yes...they do NOT come with a is an option. I have the subwoofer in its place...but for safety it may be more prudent to have a spare....

    I have the turbo too....but knew about the spare tire....I guess it is normal to assume one would get a spare....

    I had a minispare for the boxster...and a collapsible spare in the 928... does not play cassettes...but neither does my acura TL...
    I think with the new revolution in CD and DVD music storage... we are going to see less and less cassette players....they may be going the way of the 8 track tape..... :-( I conmisserate with you...sometimes I do feel they tinker with the system (even though arguably it is for the better High Fidelity sound ) too every 10 years or so we have to change all our music components and collection, due to shift in technology...

    I still have my records and 45 s ...... ! but most cassettes from 20 years ago are starting to warp and lose sound...........
  • owens2owens2 Posts: 21
    has anybody had problems activating xm radio in cayenne. unclear whether this is an xm issue or a porsche issue?
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    Are you adding one or are you referring to the new 05 option ?

    if its an addon, and you are putting the antenna on the dash I have heard that the metal in the tint blocks signal in some places, try front passenger side near the base of the windscreen
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