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Porsche Cayenne



  • lleecpalleecpa Posts: 35
    Hi Bocabrian - Thank you for the clarificaiton. So how much off on MSRP did you get for your car? We have changed our mind and request the Jarma Beige color and the dealer for their best price.
  • alirobalirob Posts: 17
    I get between 17 and 18 mpg on the highway in my 2004 CS.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    This negotiating technique sounds great. But this is the real world. Were you really able to find five dealers in FL with exactly the same car for sale at the same time?? Without exactly the same specs, how did you compare prices? Forgive my skepticism, but I've never seen two identical Cayennes let alone five on separate lots for sale at the same time.
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    My exterior silver trim keeps discoloring on my 2004 Cay S.
    Porsche service buffs it out and it looks good for a month or two and then returns even worse than it was. I complained to my dealer and asked that it not only be replaced but be replaced with the black trim that you can now order as an option.
    I will let you know how that turns out. I have a black exterior, so I think the black trim will look much better anyway plus I will not have the discolored silver. I have seen pics of black Cayennes with the black trim and it looks great.
  • kris168kris168 Posts: 1
    This is the 3rd time my 2004 Cayenne's airbag light came on. I’ve already been to car dealer previous 2 incidents. Problem seems to keep coming back. Has anyone had the same problem? Vehicle only has less than 8300 miles. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated. :cry:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    you are right, blackout tires will hide the brake dust...
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    My dealer (champion) told me the blackout package is only available from the factory and can not be done by the dealer. I have quotes of 600-900 to paint the silver parts, the MSRP for the option is $300. which dealer told you they can do it?
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    But this is the real world. Were you really able to find five dealers in FL with exactly the same car for sale at the same time?? Without exactly the same specs, how did you compare prices? Forgive my skepticism, but I've never seen two identical Cayennes let alone five on separate lots for sale at the same time
    silly comment repeated.. which I hestitate to even respond to...

    You live in your world, I live in mine. Believe what ever you want to believe, I could care less.
  • nikocaysnikocays Posts: 2
    Hello, I was driving my '04 Cayenne S yesterday, and it was around 85 degrees, and I noticed that the engine temperature (not the oil temperature on the left) started to go up a little bit. The change was seen when the car was driving at around 3000 RPM, up to 4000 max. The arrow only went up slightly, probably to around 190 F, the normal is 180F, and then went to 180F when the car was not driven hard. I talked to the dealer and he told me to check the oil level. The level is normal and the car has not burned any oil since it was bought new. It now has 13200 miles on it, and I check the oil every few thousand miles. I called the dealer again today and he told me that since the oil level is normal, the small rise in temperature is a normal occurence. That seems kind of strange to me since i have never seen the temperature rise on my other cars, no matter how hard they are driven. Let me know if you think this is normal, or what could be the problem. Thanks
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    I have a 05 Cayenne S.
    I generally get 12.5 - 13 mpg in the city (some freeway, lots of stop and start on west side of L.A.).

    I've made a few long trips (ie. 2.5 - 3 hrs. drives) where I've gotten it to 21mpg.
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    05 Cayenne S

    I have an issue where once the vehicle is driven then parked, upon returning (up to 2 hrs. later) and driving again, I find the air vents blow warm/hot air (my temp. set at 68 degrees). It's as if heat soak has gotten through to the blower. I have tried switching between outside-air vs in-car recycle, but to no avail.

    Only thing that fixes it is to have the air-conditioning operate continuously which I don't want.

    If I drive the car for the first time and the engine warms up, it still is capable of blowing ambient air through the vents. The 'heat up' only happens when the car is driven, parked then driven again.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? Any ideas on the problem?

    Do you guys run air-con continuosly?

  • Believe it or not, our Cayenne V6 was one of (literally) tens of Cayenne's throughout the nation;

    Which made it REALLY convenient to haggle down our price, because every dealership in California would have 2-3 of the EXACT same car.

    I don't know why Porsche did that... I heard from our salesperson that they were the "first" Porsche V6's launched and were "intro" cars...
  • kuku62kuku62 Posts: 7
    Just took delivery of new Cay S two days ago and have an annoying problem with lack of air flow through the rear center passenger not have the four-zone climate control, HOWEVER, one would think that you would have some air-flow through those vents at max a/c...checked to make sure the vents were wide open...any one else experience this problem....VERY in Atlanta and the temperature has been high lately.....please help!! :( :mad:
  • gilagila Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 cay S and had the same problem. I took it into the dealer and they ended up replacing a connector on the wire harness and a few other things while it was in (headlights, rear wiper arm cover etc...) No charge! Seems they had this problem before, good luck! Any one have problems with the low shift points in automatic?
  • brockwestbrockwest Posts: 7
    I've sort of avoided the board after some hostile counter-remarks to simple questions...but for those of you interested, I have the final follow-up for my complaints that the tires wore out in front at 10,000 miles (and all at 18,000), there was no spare even though I was shown where it was held, they stole my upgraded tires off my car when it was given to me at delivery time, and the remote didn't work.
    I took the boards suggestion and talked both to the service manager and 1-800-Porsche. Both told me to talk to the other.
    Marietta, Georgia salesmanager told me that Porsche tires should wear out at 9,000 miles for 911, at 15,000 miles for Cayenne...and replacement for 4 tires is $2000.00, meaning more than 10 cents/mile for tires in driving. I told him about this forum and that I was told to be firm in dealing with the tire issue and he said no. I told him I had identified the problem at 9,000 miles and he said that's all that should be expected from a Cayenne.
    For the safety of my family I did have to buy the spare, which mean they took out the Bose subwoofer (looks just like a spare tire holder) and they charge me four times what it would have cost for the "additional 18'' tire" if I had bought it at the time of purchasing the care. Their reasoning for the 4x charge was it is no an aftermarket item.
    On the remote not working, they shrugged and said all Cayennes have the problem. On asking for the upgraded remotes as mentioned on the board, they said no.
    I'm now at 18,000 miles with bald tires, a/c dead (blows hot air), nav. system stuck (but there is a nav. recall, so hopefully that will fix it), and a car that occasionally hesitates at the very time I need it most....going from zero to merge turning into fast traffic.
    I've thought a lot about the concept that for $100K I should have checked the car with a fine tooth comb. Naaa. I've had a dozen luxury cars, and never had to check to see if there are windshield wipers, spare tires, that remotes work, etc. etc. For $100K, I should have gotten a $100K car.
    I mentioned they identified and fixed all these in the 2005 model, and they shrugged.
    Porsche, for a few bucks, has lost a $100K customer.
    The bill for this fix is $3300.00
    Ok, the very few grumpy posters...go ahead and yell at me.....I'm done.
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    I had my 2004 Black Cayenne S in service twice to have the silver exterior trim looked at. It looked dull and stained. I was told that they would replace the trim if I wanted. They buffed it out and it looked good but only lasted about 2 months. I took it in again and same thing happened. Meanwhile I saw that black out trim was available as an option on 2005 Cayenne's and so I found a picture of a 2005 Black Cayenne with the black out trim on the internet and it looked really good.
    I the spoke with my dealer in North Carolina and asked him since he offered to replace my silver trim under warranty, could he replace it with the black trim so that I wouldnt have the problem again. He then spoke with the area rep who said they would replace the silver trim with black trim for me. It was ordered, took about 10 days to get in. The black trim pieces replace all the silver trim pieces except for the door handles. It is at the porsche dealer being done today. The black trim parts are almost the same cost as the silver trim parts but they are being replaced at no charge to me under warranty. Note to Brockworst.....other than the aforementioned silver trim and a faulty window switch, I have had 20,000 miles of pure motoring bliss with my Cayenne S :shades:
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Sorry about the typo, :) I mean Brockwest
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    I've had my CayS for just over a year now and have 20K miles on it. I get 13-14 around town and 20 when I take a trip on the interstate. I've been pleased with the mileage considering the speed and sportiness of the Cayenne. :D
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    For next time:

    After posting, you may edit your post for 30 minutes.

    Steve, Host
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Thanks Steve,
    Jim :)
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    there are seven dealers in north carolina ... which one did you use. I really want to get the same thing and none of the dealers here in south/central florida (ft lauderdale, naples, orlando, miami, west palm beach, tampa) offer the package... the all black looks so much better.... I have offers of 400-600 to paint but I would prefer the package that porsche offers...
  • I promised my kids a DVD player in my 05 Cayenne S if the report cards were good. The report cards came out great but I am not having luck finding a DVD. I have been told they have DVD players with screens in the headrest for the 04 but not for the 05. Does anyone know if there is any difference in the 04 and 05 headrest?
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    The Cayenne air is designed to be run all the time, I was told not to turn it off except for maintainance.
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Just picked up my Cayenne from the dealer yesterday. The blackout trim looks great, especially on my black exterior. It did take some doing though, the dealer sent it out to the body shop down the street that they use for repair on Porsches.
    Apparantley its pretty straight forward except the far back windows behind the passenger doors. They have to take out those windows because the trim is part of the windows. The blackout trim replaced every silver exterior piece except the door handles. Like I said, it looks great. My dealer where I bought the Cayenne and have it serviced is Hendrick Porsche in Charlotte. The head of the service department had offered to replace the silver trim with silver trim (which would of gone thru the same process of switching out that the black trim did), but when I asked if the blackout trim could be done instead, he spoke with the district Porsche guy who said yes. When the head of service ordered the parts, he said that even though it is a $320 option on 2005"s, the blackout trim parts were the same price as the silver trim parts except for about $30. All work and parts were covered under warranty. BTW, I had the wood shifter added to replace the stock shifter and it goes great with my wood interior. So in conclusion, not an easy replacement but the final result does look much better and hopefully no discoloration. :shades:
  • :confuse: Looking for some additional input:

    I am scheduled to pick up a new 2005 Cayenne (V6) this Friday, but I am getting a case of pre-buyers remorse. Can someone provide input to the following:
    1) How long do the tires REALLY last? Should I expect to pay $2k for new tires in less than 20,000 miles?
    2) How has reliability been on the 05 models? Due to the relative newness of the 05's, It sounds like most of the input is on older models, and
    3) Do you guys recommend a Cay, X5 or MDX?

    Thanks in advance for your input...
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    For Cay or not to Cay,
    Go for it!! I do not think you will be anything but glad you did. I have a 2004 Cayenne S with 20,000 miles on it and the only problem I have had was a faulty drivers window switch and the aforementioned exterior discoloring of the silver trim, both replaced to my satisfaction by my porsche dealer under warranty.
    The only difference I see between the Cayenne and the Cayenne S basically is the engine. The looks and options are the same. I would think you should have a little better tire wear with the 6 cyl model. My tires lasted about 15,000 miles, granted thats not alot but if you look on you will see several tires for the Cayenne that start at $99.
    I replaced my stock Continetal tires with Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus ($175) and they ride smoother and are lasting longer than the Conti's.
    As far as the "newness" of an 05, the Cayenne came out in 2003. The 6 cylinder model did come out as an 05 model but other than the engine, black rings around the gauges, and a different stock radio there are no other differences. If anything an 05 model should hold up better than an 04 or 03 due to improvements that cars go thru as they progress thru their lifecycle.
    I guess if aliens invaded the earth and took all the Cayennes with them ( which I'm sure would be their vehicle of choice), I would be forced to drive an BMW X5, but I would always long for my Cayenne. I especially love the luxurious and comfortable interior, the sharp looking exterior, and the ride. Get the Cay and don't look back. :shades:
  • I too am scheduled to pick up a new 2005 Cayenne S on Friday (Maryland)! I haven't slept for 2 nights...and buyers remorse has also set in--big time! Unfortunately, I had to drop the Air Susp. option that I wanted--and I keep second guessing my decision. I'm sure the remorse will go away as soon as I finish my drive home from the dealer (an hour of driving the Cay should solve that issue!). The other thing I'm really worried about is the shimmy/vibration at high speeds...already e-mailed the dealer to make sure it's perfect or I'm walking (thanks to the posters on the roadfly site). Best wishes with your Cayenne! What color comb. did you get?
  • Thanks for the pep talk! I'm also picking my 05 CayS up on Friday and I've been a nervous wreck! Interesting about the discoloration of the silver--I almost bought one of the three cars my dealer had with the blackout pkg--but went with the silver instead (had more interior options). We'll see how the silver holds up!
  • Thanks for the posts. I wanted the responses to be positive, so my decision has already been completely biased. I will pick up the car tomorrow and I look forward to additional posts in the future.

    One more thing: Does anyone have the bluetooth option installed by the dealer?

    As for the color selection, I went with black on beige.
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