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Porsche Cayenne



  • Black with Beige was my first pick...but unfortunately it couldn't be found! You made a beautiful choice! I ended up with Titanium with Black second choice...can't complain! May you have many, many hours of enjoyment! :D
  • Dear 2cayornot2cay:

    No. You should not expect to pay $2,000 for new tires. $1,800 will cover the bill…
    Purchased in August 2003, my Cayenne S now has about 15K miles. My original Pirelli PZeros will last probably another couple thousand miles. Hence, your estimate of a 20K mile tire lifespan seems reasonable.

    Regarding reliability, my Cayenne does not have any serious problems. Admittedly, the weak A/C in the second row, the heavy you-must-slam-it trunk, the squeaky brakes, the rattle noise from the dashboard area, and the expensive maintenance ($200 oil changes) can be discouraging. Warranty repairs included an airbag sensor light and a jolt/jerk in the transmission upon 12 mph. Manufacturer’s recalls included rear seatbelt, rear window switch, condensation buildup inside headlights, parking brake wiring harness, and transfer case housing (oil pump). The dealer performed all warranty and recall work at no cost to me.

    Yet, the Cayenne has never failed me nor left me stranded anywhere. The V8 engine is generous with both horsepower and torque, the small turning radius is always nimble, the luxurious interior is superbly elegant (quiet too), the Navi unit is clearly worthwhile, the dashboard and console layout is very organized, the Tiptronic offers the best of both manual and automatic, the Xenon is extremely illuminating (including an extra cornering light), and the Entry-and-Drive function is super convenient. I have yet to hear anyone criticize the Cayenne’s drive, brakes, or performance.

    The X5 may have similar driving characteristics, but its interior is not nearly as nice nor photogenic. More importantly, the X5 has older technology. Only the new BMW 7, 5 and 3 series have real navigation, surround sound stereo, adaptive Xenon, push button start… The MDX is a different species altogether. If the Acura interior has fake wood trim, what else in it could be fake? Nobody would classify the Acura as a sports car.

    My sister was driving the Cayenne recently (she normally drives her BMW 528i to work). At her office, the CEO jumped in front of her cubicle and dangled the keys of his Mercedes S class. He wanted to swap his S class for the Cayenne to conduct an overnight test drive. Do you think the CEO would have wanted to swap for an MDX?

    Good luck, and please share your post-sale experiences.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "The premium sport SUV market is getting more and more exciting for consumers."

    EXCLUSIVE: First Glimpse of Audi Q7 Revealed (Inside Line)

    More talk about it in the Audi Q7 SUV for 2006 discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • carol44carol44 Posts: 2
  • I just picked up my 2005 Cay S yesterday and I already have the same warning symbol on the dash. Did you ever figure out the problem?
    Thanks. :(
  • Okay..figured it out--seems to be a back hatch issue--After about 10 tries--it finally registered and cleared the warning symbol!
  • dknyc1dknyc1 Posts: 6
    I leased my wife the Cayenne V6 about 2 months ago & we love it.

    Has anyone found an adapter to hardwire hookup an ipod to the factory radio?

    Also, anyone else feel the remote door lock / unlock key fob is a pain in the A?
    It is very tempermental - or are we just not used to it yet?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    There's an iPod - In your car! discussion that we keep trying to heat up; maybe a fan in there can help.

    Steve, Host
  • newpeppernewpepper Posts: 5
    The slogan says it all. I have owned, at one time or another every possible "hot" SUV there is to own. Nothing even comes close to the my Cayenne S (except maybe the TURBO). YOU WILL HAVE NO REMORSE. Trust me there is absolutely nothing on the market that can come close to the Cayenne S. Unless you are a girl, forget the 6 cylinder. This car was built to be an 8 cylinder. If you have the means I highly recommend one.

    New Pepper
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    AMEN, Preach it brother! :shades:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You guys better get in the 21st Century or some women folk are going to be preaching to y'all. I may have to have Danica Patrick come over and give y'all some real driving lessons.

    Steve, Host
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi all...

    They even have a cayenne in the middle of Sichaun, just below the tibetan frontier........ !

    Have 23,000 miles on the vehicle...and have no big problems....

    had the two bald tires replaced under warranty....

    I am surprised brockwest got no where with Porsche....

    the car is tons of fun....

    This is the best no compromises vehicle that I can think of.....

    I do see many female drivers of cayenne....and my wife loves the performance and utility of the car.....

    have fun, ya all...

    had no big
  • Does anyone know if there are DVD players with the screens in the headrest of 05 Cay S? I live on south Florida and am told they have for the 04 but not the 05. Is there a difference in the headrest of the 04 or 05?
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    last weekend, my 05 CayenneS decided to start playing up. The engine light came on although it ran fine. The next day I was filling up with gas and subsequently, it started up but ran rough for 3-5 seconds then died. This happened 3 times before it came good and then no problems thereafter. I booked it in with the dealer in L.A. Since I work 20 miles away, I asked for a loaner and am promised one (Audi).

    I arrive there bright and early last Wednesday. After going through with the service advisor I find out no loaners are available to me. I waited 1hour and 10 minutes from when I first arrived before a rental company girl rolls up and takes me a few blocks away and has me sign and pay for insurance on a small Mazda. Thinking it would be for the day only, I did not worry about the fuel/insurance cost that I had to cover, I was just happy to have a car after the long wait.

    I was called late that afternoon to say they found the problem but needed to fly the part in and it would not be in until the next morning. OK, fair enough....

    Yesterday, I call up again in the afternooon to be told the part is still not in. I call again today and am given the same story.... which means I now have no car for the long weekend and I was planning on going away for a weekend trip. Meanwhile I am paying insurance on a small rental car and am not getting any answers.

    Do you guys feel that given the above, it is unreasonable to be asking for another high quality vehicle (Porsche or similar) for the long weekend given that they have an issue getting parts to me on a current model (I've owned it for 4 months)?
    What other avenues should I be taking? This is not what I expect after spending $60K.

  • billyg2billyg2 Posts: 30
    steve, there is no point & asking why did you buy from this dealer to
    begin with so my advise is to speak to someone @ the top. without
    ? you should of been given a dealer loaner that was audi 4 equivelant
    or above. also, they should of been more upfront with the part being delayed.
    my x5 for example needed new leather seat covers to which the dealer said had
    to be fedexed over night from nj. we were given a milano suv loaner(only because
    i wanted an suv & this was the only 1 available) otherwise it would of been a bmw.
    anyway the part was received by the dealer as promised & the service was performed on time for the 65,000 check. hey, and why were you paying insurance
    on a loaner since your insurance would cover it?! we are selling the x5 & will be
    ordierng the cayenne 06. our local dealer has given us a new cayenne to drive for 2 days next week. can't wait! good luck.
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    OK, so I got a bit more vocal late on Friday afternoon and I ended up with an Audi A6 loaner (not current model) but much better than a Mazda rental and it solves my weekend travelling issues. They said the part was coming from the East Coast and that the parts computer system indicated it had been sent but had not arrived as yet. If it does not arrive by Tuesday midday, I will make sure they are accountable for this and will 'make waves'. It's crazy that in 2005 you can't get a small part in 48 hours for a 5 month old vehicle.

    Billy, I bought from the dealer as they did the best price when I shopped around and being new to L.A., I had no idea of reputations. To be fair, they have been pretty good prior to this incident.

    Regards and thanks for the feedback Billy.
  • I live in south Florida and have not found a hookup for the i pod without first having a cassette player. I am going to an Apple person to get better info.

    I use the keyless entry system which works very well so I have no experience with the remote door lock / unlock key fob.
  • Picked up an 05 black on black Cayenne yesterday. Somewhat smooth transaction at the dealer after a couple false starts...

    For the IPod, I use the iTrip FM transmitter and I love it. It does not have any wires, barely drains the battery and the reception gets an "A". I set it to the lowest station (87.9 or 89.7). I definitely recommend this device.
  • hmunhmun Posts: 1
    Picking up my Cayenne S 2005 from the dealer on Tuesday.
    I read all your opinions, and am bit worried about all those glitches mentioned.
    Luckily they are all minor issues, and not an engine related problems.

    Keep my fingers crossed....
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    I just picked up my cayenne S with the blackout package. I paid the dealer $400 to do it. Kinda expensive, but I really wanted it. I think it looks a lot better. I am considering having the wheels painted black also. Any thoughts - gloss or flat? or should I just invest in 22" black wheels?

    The dealer also replaced floor mats and installed two new tires that I had ordered from tire rack. The part that cliched the deal for me, the dealer provided a 2004 black Boxter S that I was considering adding to my stable, but after a week and nearly 500 miles I have determined its not for me (saved $50K). Although the power was nice and the top worked great, I think the interior has too much plastic and although the car looks nice, I would not recommend.

    The 05 looks better, but I think I am going to consider the 911 for my next purchase... does anyone here have experience with both the 04 (or earlier) and the 05?

    For anyone who is interested, I love the cayenne, it is wonderful. It is everything I had hoped for and more! I have had zero problems and the car puts a smile on my face every day. Its a blast to drive and I have never felt safer in a car.
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Congrats! Heres to many hours of fun and enjoyment with your Cay!
    PS I think you've got the best color combo, enjoying my black/black as well. ;)
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Congrats!! I believe that most of us have experienced a minor problem or two but that is true of all vehicles. Relax and enjoy! ;)
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    I guess we are one of the lucky few with blackout trim! It does look awesome on black! Maybe we should start an accessories thread! On ebay you can get some excellent looking floor mats with Cayenne or Porsche embroidered across the middle. These are Lloyds' mats and far superior to the stock ones. I believe the company on ebay that has them is US Speed.
    I saw a painted 18" turbo wheel at the dealer, it looked good, it was not flat but shiny black. I asked the dealer if this was from Porsche and he said I can order it from Porsche but he just painted a stock turbo wheel for display and it looked really good. I think the flat would look dull or faded. I would go with the shiny if you are going to do it. I like the silver turbo wheels, I think now with the blackout trim, adding black wheels would make the car look too dark, but to each, his own.
    I had a 2004 911 Carrera for my loaner which turned out to be for 5 days! Although it was fast and great looking on the outside, I was disapointed with the interior. It had alot of plastic and looked like entry level after being in a Cayenne. Also was not as comfortable. Anyway Good luck and enjoy the trim! :)
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    I almost always wear my seat belt, but on occasion drive a few blocks without buckling. The seat belt ding is irritating. The dealer told me they have had a lot of complaints but don’t have a solution.

    Has anyone solved this “problem?” I guess my solution is to add another female part and stick a permanent metal clip and use the new part for my seat belt.

    Any other solutions??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    As a little off-topic aside, it sounds like they've fixed the 911 Carrera 's interior, although I hope you don't have need of another loaner any time soon. (Inside Line)

    Bocabrian, you know we're all going to tell you to buckle up. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17

    Thanks for the info on the 911, your sentiments match mine on the boxster. Maybe the 05 (997) have improved the interior and overall driving experience.

    Thanks for the input on the wheels, I know a guy that will do it shinny/gloss for $25 a wheel..I may try and if I dont like it, I can paint it again.
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reminder Steve (about buckle up) without your reminders I would surely forget....

    Seriously, I just dont care for the big brother attitude. I happen to wear my seat belt nearly 100% of the time, but sometimes for short rides to the end of block, etc.... you get the idea. This type of ding ding ding went out in the 70's ..I thought... .I have no idea why porsche/VW did it here. In fact I really dont care why they did it, I just wanna correct it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Well, because of liability issues and federal regulations, I doubt that you are going to find a dealer who will help you disable it. Who knows, maybe some one totaled their car pulling out of their driveway and won a suit against Porsche for not bugging them hard enough with an irritating dinger to buckle up.

    I don't think you are going to convince many people that disabling a safety feature is justifiable, especially when simply buckling in will turn the chimes off (but see the link below). Not to mention the stance your insurance company may take if you make a claim and their investigator discovers you've disabled the dinger.

    Here you go:

    Government should rethink seat belt regulations, report says (Naples Daily News)

    Steve, Host
  • rkfrkf Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    Contemplating ordering an '06 S. Like the description of the "sport seat" option. However I cannot find a picture on the web or the dealer literature. Has anyone ever seen one or know what it looks like?

    Thanks for the help!
  • stevev968stevev968 Posts: 21
    Hi again,
    It turns out the problem was a fuel tank vent valve, which probably explains why I had problems starting it immediately after filling up with gas. They also did the rear seat belt recall as well.

    Anyhow, all sorted out now, only issue is that after I arrived home, I discovered a 1 inch fine scratch on the top of the rear left door... it certainly wasn't there previously, but what can I do?.. I should have seen it whilst I was at the dealers.

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