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Porsche Cayenne



  • rkfrkf Posts: 2
    Hi all,
    Contemplating ordering an 06 S. I am interested in the sport seat option but no one can show me a picture and I can't find one either. Has anyone ever seen one (in real life or a pic)?

  • racer_65racer_65 Posts: 43
    I frequently hear mentioning of very expensive oil changes for the Porsche Cayenne. I'm just wondering, is there any reason why one can't do it himself for, say $20? What can be so hard about draining the oil and refilling it?
  • bocabrianbocabrian Posts: 17
    Thanks for your link Steve..

    The report, written by a panel of 12 auto safety and engineering experts and sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said there is no scientific basis for the current regulation, which requires warning sounds to go on for no longer than eight seconds

    it appears that Porsche is violating a law.. or regulation...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sounds like it; from other skimming on the net, it also sounds like the chimes in Europe don't go off. They just keep getting louder. So be thankful for small favors I guess!

    Seat Belt Reminder Technology

    Steve, Host
  • billyg2billyg2 Posts: 30
    my 06 S order was placed yesterday. i ordered the all season tires but am thinking that maybe i'm better off with the performace tires with the intent on getting an extra set of rims along with winters since i live in ma where we get a lot of snow. how much would a nice set of inexpensive rims cost plus a set of 4 18" winters? is it worth it since each set would last longer before replacement. this is the only option i'm still debating along with questioning getting basalt black which might be tough to keep clean.
  • 20072007 Posts: 4
    I have an '05 Cayenne V-6 and have wanted to upgrade the options, i.e. panoramic roof, Bose surround, park assist & 6 CD changer in the same V-6 model. However, I have been told by a salesperson that the '07 Cayenne will be refreshed in April or May as a 2007 model. The early Panoramic roofs are S's and Turbos. The next batch will have V6's also. Also, the 07 is getting 280 HP in the 6 cyl (up from the current 247 HP).
    My question, does anyone know anything else about this "refresh"? Links to pics/styling (interior/exterior), performance, standard/optional equipment, pricing, etc.? I just don't want to upgrade my '05 and then be disappointed when the '07 comes out looking and performing a lot better?
    Thanks, 2007
    (I am a new member of this site and a 1st time Porsche owner)
  • billyg2billyg2 Posts: 30
    did some digging & found this outfit called wheel ehancement via the web. they claim to be 1 of the largest providers of porsche rims in the usa out of culver city, ca. i spoke to them & it was obvious that they know porsches. am i nuts to spend $1400 for a set of 18 in rims plus another 700 for a set of winter pirelli's since i live in new england? the rims are authentic porsche alloy rims with a 100 miles or less on them. they claim to buy & or swap tires from porsche dealers from all over.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi :

    I think you mean the monitors installed in the headrests, not the DVD player.

    there are 2 monitor covers (custom fiberglass) that I got from CEC in Los Angeles....and they obviate the need to cut into existiing rear headrests. But the price is steep just for the custom enclosures....but it was what I went for it. They were supposed to fit Alpine monitors...but I got some Soundstream monitors.

    My local electronics install guy gave me ,: 3 monitors, custom installation, including installing the jacks to connect the Xbox , inverter, and even a custom enclosure for the Xbox, for only $1400 . The third monitor is installed in the glove compartment.....

    I think cutting into the headrest is difficult, since they are rather small and narrow.

    But I had one quote of installation at $9000 , including cutting into the headrests, except they could not find headrests that were small enough to fit...

    Hope that you guys shop are bound to find a guy who loves working on cars and doesn't mind charging fairly for the work.

    good luck
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365

    I got the $200 oil change too....which included the oil filter,...

    but at the local oil changer store, they charged only $29.95 for oil changes and a complete hand car wash.... I just bring the synthetic oil from Costco or you can buy it from ..( you can get the oil filter there too). Then the price will be lower than $80 bucks...
  • Gentlemen,

    I purchased a 2004 Cayenne S, Titanium / Grey car two months ago and am wondering if any of you have the same problem that I do with my vehicle. First of all I noticed this same problem on the 2005 I test drove before I purchased the 2004 from the Porsche dealer but did not think it was anything at the time. I have noticed that from time to time while accelerating especially quickly after coming to a complete stop or turning a corner the car stalls for a brief second or two before accelerating. It is a helpless feeling as I do not know if the engine has stalled or the transmission cannot find the gear or a vapor lock. I usually have to work the throttle back for it to engage and accelerate again. If I do not do this the engine will engage after its delay at whatever foot throttle position I have so it can really get your attention when it does accelerate with a snapping engagement. I had it serviced for this but it is still there, not all the time but it definetly keeps me apprehensive about trying to cross a busy street where timing can be critical.

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    Rene' / speedshooter
  • ethan777ethan777 Posts: 27
    it's normal, nothing wrong with your car, i have a 04 Cay S also, it's the same, the reason why this happen is b/c the car is drive by wire, which means it
    is drive by the computer and the computer automatic detect how much you step on the gas pedal then it will decide it either downshift 1 gear or 2 gear(delay time can be 1 second or 2 second, depend on how much you step on the gas pedal), and if you dont want to wait for the cpu automatic downshift that's where the tiptronic comes in. Porsche is not very good at making an automatic Trany(because on racing car who drive an automatic, either stick or F1 trans)also the MPG is not so great is also because the automatic trany is not well designed for every day drive(you can feel the drag when your let go the gas pedal). it's made for the performance if you downshift yourself,
  • Dear 2cayornot2cay:
    Dear mandyR1050:

    Do tell. How is your new Cayenne? Is everything OK? Any major problems? just wondering...

  • thinking2thinking2 Posts: 25
    Does anyone have experience with these with their Cayenne. Was thinking of buying these given the amount of storage in the Cayenne. Are they of good quality? Useful? Easy to use?

    I'd appreciate any thoughts.
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    I purchased thru ebay a pair of Porsche OEM roof rack lockable transport system for my Cayenne, I like these because you can remove them if you wnat as well as adjust them on the Cay as well, they look great! I slide them to the back when not in use, looks like a spoiler. e bay usually has new or used on their Cayenne site for $300 or so which is $140 less than suggested retail. :)
  • heaterheater Posts: 3
    In 2004 the Cayenne came out with a new feature called a Pre-heater (or Parking Heater). This system allows the owner to preset a time when the vehicles independent heating system comes on and heats the interior and defrosts the windshield. This feature was taken off the market because of homologation issues and is now coming back and I would like to understand if people who have the feature have used it and what is your opinion. This feature is very environmental friendly since it heats the vehicle with the "engine-off" and uses 8 times less fuel than remote start, and produces 1% of the emissions of remote start. Your feedback will be appreciated.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    What is that? The dictionary says " To approve, especially to confirm officially"
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    From Infoplease:


    Pronunciation: (hu-mol'u-gāt", hō-),
    —v.t., -gat•ed, -gat•ing.
    1. to approve; confirm or ratify.
    2. to register (a specific make of automobile in general production) so as to make it eligible for international racing competition.

    tidester, host
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    rfk, I was also very much interested in sport seats (although not at all interested in some of the other options that Porsche loads you up with) but never could find a Cay with any to sit in. The sales guys just told me that they were snug but they never had seen any. I'd love to see a dealer with some Cajones bring in say a V6 with sport seats, stick shift and maybe a sunroof. The thing would sell in a weekend. But, although offerred, I've never seen stick shifts and sport seats.

    In contrast, one can find lots of X5s running around with the sports package and the optional sports seats.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Billy2G, for a guy who ground the dealer in Nashua down an additional 1/2% on a special order without feeling tacky about it, you are contradictory. Yes, you are "nuts" to spend $2100 plus certainly padded shipping, installation, balancing, etc. to buy used "authentic Porsche alloy rims" and some Pirellis from a guy in California.

    Just jump on Ebay and you will see many, many ads for Porsche 18" tire/wheel packages. Most even feature the 18" turbo wheel for $1200 or so. That is $1200 complete: tires, wheels, colored center caps, mounted, balanced, etc. The sellers all have photos, will ship by UPS (one tire at a time), and you can save big bucks. I bought my set from Dennis728. While I am no Ebay guru, I think that you have better protection with Ebay than a used wheel store on the left coast. For one thing, they don't have posted feedback.

    Or, do the real smart thing. Try to pick up on ebay a set of the 17" V6 wheels . They must be a dime a dozen as all the motorheads among us try to scoop up the larger wheels. Then save even more money because now you can buy 17" rather than 18" winter tires. Also as any New Englander knows, 17's handle better than 18's once the white stuff flies.

    PS If you are on the fence about Basalt black, take another look at Titanium.
  • billyg2billyg2 Posts: 30
    blckislandguy, yeh i'm contradictory @ times as i'm a genuine
    flip flopper, a spend thrift who sometimes get's cheap! yet the art
    of the deal/negotiating is an exiharating experience. i changed my
    order to performance tires & i'll get the snows. as for the rims well i'll
    check out ebay although i must confess i'm unfamiliar with the site.
    the wheel dealer in ca checks out as legit & is arguably the largest porsche
    rim dealer in north america outside of any dealer. they do a lot of business
    with beverly hills porsche as i spoke to the beverly hills parts manager about them. guess a lot of beautiful people out that way exchange the factory rims for
    exotics. say what's wrong with an extra 1/2% off anyway!? it pays for a tank of gas!
  • First off...thanks for asking! :D do I like it you ask????? Well....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my 05 CayS...her name is "Gretchen"....she is Titanium w/Black interior....and she is FABULOUS!!!!! Can't believe how she drives! Took the advice given here--dealership road forced the tires--and she is smooth as silk! The only options I could'nt get were the Air susp and the tire pressure monitor--but I'm doing quite well without them--and glad I opted for the instant gratification of the 05 vs. waiting for a special build on the 06. Now if I could just feel a bit more secure driving her--I'm still pretty nervous--expecially parking her! Just ordered the dark wood gear shifter to match the steering wheel...looking forward to picking that up in about 5 more weeks. :-) Thanks again for asking...hope everyone else in enjoying as much as I am!!! ;)
  • jimbo2005jimbo2005 Posts: 8
    This is perhaps the most annoying thing about the Cayenne (see my rant about the door locks for the 2nd thing). It should be an absolute embarrassment to Porsche to not have the ability to transition smoothly, seamlessly and automatically, their automatic transmission and engine RPM. I HATE this about the Cayenne. The V8 has plenty of power to move that car but there is no way to automatically get a "mild" acceleration out of this friggin car. Like a computer its all or none - completely binary. If you try to have a gradual acceleration from high gear it just hangs there and forces you to kick it to the floor or to use the silly tiptronic override switches. The thumb switches seem easiest to handle and I want to scream at the engineer that replicated them on the floor shifter since I am constantly hitting that when I go to shift in reverse or go into gear from park to drive - very poor ergonomics. At any rate, you will find you need to anticipate every acceleration scenario and be ready to either press hard on the accelerator to get the silly beast to down shift or manually do it with the triptronic manual overrides. Its one of my biggest complaints for a car that could be so so much more...
  • jimbo2005jimbo2005 Posts: 8
    Roof rails are excellent :D . I pull mine back all the way to the rear for an interesting "sport" look that I anticipate is helping as a mini-spolier when not using and every day driving. I use my porsche as a workhorse and have hauled 20 foot section of lumber on top of those rails when I had to rebuild my boat dock after a hurricane. So they are very usable and look pretty good too.
  • jimbo2005jimbo2005 Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 Porsche Cayenne S that has been having an extremely annoying intermittent door lock problem. Forgetting for the moment the apparent “paranoia” and irrational design of the German door locking philosophy I could sure use some help. More ranting on the philosophy later…

    First of all I have the system re-programmed to open ALL doors with the remote after I had the unfortunate incident of having passengers get caught in the rain while holding packages waiting for me to get inside and override the idiotic and un-chivalrous default “driver side only” door open logic (Duh! German culture apparently has a problem with opening doors from the ladies side?!!). My problem is that when using the remote on occasion, perhaps one time in 10, the passenger side door will not unlock. This only happens one time to embarrass and inconvenience you (usually when you are trying to impress your wife that you are a gentleman by trying to open her door first). The only way to get the door open is to enter the driver side and press the unlock rocker button on the door console. It can also be opened the normal way with the remote by relocking, then waiting 20 sec for the silly security reset logic to expire (and the silly remote key to go back to unlock mode with its single button) and then re-unlock with the remote. It always works the 2nd time. All doors but the front passenger side door open every time with the remote. It’s ONLY the front passenger side door that fails to unlock on occasion. Once it sits a few hours it will randomly fail to open again the first time.

    Service techs have replaced the computer controller and now the actuator. They now claim they can’t get it to fail! I left it in the shop for a week and they can’t reproduce it. I take it home and it fails every single day for a week on end, then starts working for a while then fails again on the first actuation of the day. Of course when I take it back it won’t fail again while under the magik of the dealer’s Karma or some service manager is stumped and lies like a rug…

    I am ready to SCREAM! Now I want to rant about the stupid lock design & philosophy. Rhetorical question (don’t answer since it will set me off)– anyone know what is the logic in having the silly car lock itself automatically when the key is off and in the ignition and the door is closed !!!? I know this can be programmed off but the first time it happens is enough to make a person want to strangle the idiot engineer who designed that when you step outside the car to hear it go “click” (with no other key handy). Same thing with the defaults being to only open the drivers side of the car – WHAT is all the paranoia with the (darn) car door locks in Germany?!! At least the paranoia is consistent – they make you press the (darn) door handle 2 times to mechanically unlock it. I can’t tell you how many people outside of my family who are not familiar with the car have about busted the door off the hinges or sprung the handle trying to get out of the (darn) car in a panic or in a hurry. I won’t even rant about the insanity of not being able to lock the door without electrical power since I am now convinced that some idiot savant engineer made his entire career centered on how to screw up the most basic of things – getting in and out of the (darn) car. I won’t even get into the absurdity of the rear door lock and the glass panel lock and what gyrations you have to go through to get those two working independent of each other…
    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It always works the 2nd time.

    Then may I suggest planning ahead and using the remote 20 seconds out on your way to the car - just in case! :)

    tidester, host
  • jimbo2005jimbo2005 Posts: 8
    Tidestar, I am a pragmatic person. Believe me I have tried this kind of thing. Unfortunately, the key fob system is so poorly engineered that is has a limited range and has known problems. So it is not reliable to press the key fob remote as one walks up to the car since it is unreliable and often will give intermittent results. This can leave one standing in the rain for up to 30 seconds waiting for everything to reset and get re-synced. It is just pathetic that the most basic function - getting into and out of the car can no longer be assumed to work flawlessly with modern technology getting in the way. I'd rather be exposed to the 1 in 10,000 risk of someone wanting to steal the thing and laughing knowing that they had the same problems if they did. ;-)
  • owens2owens2 Posts: 21
    for a cayenne turbo should i go with 17" or 18" rims for snow tires?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    If it's any consolation I'd be perturbed too - especially when you consider how much these things cost! Have you tried getting the dealer to replace the whole system including the logic board and electronics (transmitter/receiver)?

    tidester, host
  • jimbo2005jimbo2005 Posts: 8
    they have already replaced the integrated computer and the door lock actuator - at what I am sure is considerable cost (to them). The key fob has been a problem from the getgo and it just amazes me that they have not recalled it and replaced the entire design. I use to get random failures of the tailgate "opening" with all the annoying chimes etc. I think they replaced a part there that was specified in a service bulletin. It just amazes me how such an expensive car and a seasoned company can have such infantile design errors and over-engineered, over-complicated and unreliable design, technology and manufacturing. This was my first porsche and I always held the company in reverent "awe" for what is use to be able to produce. I think Porsche has seen its best days as an innovator and has lost sense of the original design philosophy that made them special. Economic forces and competition will likely force them to change or they will be gobbled up by another company some day and forced to comply to current quality standards. They still do 5 things well - 1) Engines, 2) Brakes, 3) Body style, 4) Steering and 5) Weight Distribution. Maybe some company can just buy them out and use those good engineering departments as a core design center. If the later happens it will be a sad day for driving enthusiasts since it will mean fewer choices for all and more blandness in an already sterile consumer automotive market.
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