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Porsche Cayenne



  • I am searching for any solutions to a hesitation or stuttering that has developed on my 03 turbo under hard acceleration or with acceleration on steep grades. It seems as though the hesitation develops once the boost needle is between 0.4-0.8 bar. Once it occurs the boost gauge will drop to its mid position and stay there and the top end acceleration will markedly drop off. It is very noticeable when pulling a boat up steep grades.

    Since it first developed 3 months ago I have had it in the shop 3 times, each time they have been unable to fix the problem since no warning lights or messages have ever appeared. Last visit they changed all plugs wondering if one was misfiring. The problem persists and I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen and if is so, how was it corrected.

    Again mine is an 03 Cayenne turbo with 32,000 miles.
  • Update to my recent post: The Cayenne T is in for its 4th visit for this problem. This time the diagnostic eval showed an error in the ignition coils. They have replace 3 coils and feel that the problem has been corrected. I will pick it up next week and see it that is indeed true. Anyone else had problems with malfunctioning coils, and if so was it a solitary problem or a manifestation of something larger?
  • My first winter with Cay.
    All years I only used studded tires for winter.
    My porche dealer have no studded tire for sale. All they have is Perill scrpion for my 17"(extra wheels I got on Ebay!)and it will be $750. My local tire shop "Less Shcwab" have Winter cat tires Studded for $587. At this point, price differrence is not much. But I still can't decide which way I should go...?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I can't tell from your other posts if you live near Bend or just got the Cayenne from a dealer there. After the big mess at Snoqualmie Pass this weekend closing the interstate, I might go with the studs (assuming you are near that area). I've used Les here in Boise and they seem to do a good job.

    Steve, Host
  • Well... yes I' do live in Bend. We did have a little snow (it's all gone now) this morning. Thanks for the advice Steve! I'll go to bed early tonight... to wake up at 4:00AM.
    I called "Les" ,they told me people were in line this morning 5:25am for 6:00am opening and they stopped taking cars at 8:00am!!
  • just make sure you buy winter tires that are reccomended
    by porsche. i was all set to get 4 nokians until i was told
    they could vibrate around 75 or so. i opted for the parelli
    ice & snows. believe dunlap was another 1 that fit porsche
  • Really? Well... my local tire place "Les Schwab" kind sell their own was OK for my Mercedes ML before.
    Does Dunlap or Parelli makes studded tires????.
  • I just checked tirerack site, seems like I can't find anything for cayenne with studd if I follow their recommendation of tires. Come to think of.....I reread your post, I never go over 60phm even in the summer on the dry pavement..... So , may be I'll be OK...?
  • studded tires appear to be a lost art. nokian makes a
    studded tire but again i'd call your parts dept to double
    check if it was me or you can call porsche north america
    customer service. actually, your parts dept will be able to
    read you the winter specs. better safe than sorry. your
    not driving just any vehicle, your driving a porsche & they
    are tempermental!
  • encinoomnia, i'd make sure your tires are mounted @ a shop
    that has a hunter variation balancer & a corghi touchless
    rim machine. the small shops wouldn't have it since the equipment
    is really expensive. i also have a set of brand
    new 18" rims for the snows & the above equipment could be found
    in only 2 shops in the greater boston area were i live.
  • I was ready to get up early but may be I should hold my horses and look into it a bit more... Today when I called my porche place, and they said they have no studded tires available then I asked if "Les schwab" studded tire gonna be OK? he did say it should be... but may be I should double check....
  • Now, this might be impossible.... I have no idea what this machine is but sounds like a special expensive macine and my town is small town in Oregon.... Recently(May be this year?) My porche dealer here got tire macine so may be they have it? But if they don't even have tire storage for their customer(I just found out today and very dissappointed since my old Mercedes dealer had it!)it's hard to believe they even have such a machine....
    I'm lost.....don't know what to do...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sleep in and poll some more members. :-)

    What's everyone else using for shoes this winter on their Cayennes?

    Steve, Host
  • Oh, Steve!! I was worried if everyone is in bed already.Thank you so much for rescuing my tormented mind!! I just checked weather report, next few days are sunny, may be I should double check everything just to be safe side. I really appreciate this help from this forum!! :)
  • the hunter machine helps someone balance your tires
    with more acuracy. the touchless machine decreases
    the odds that someone could mar, scratch, or drop
    your nice new rims. i don't know a lot about engines
    etc but i'm very anal & want the best. these 2 machines
    increase the odds anyway in my opinion of getting the
    job done right. also, maybe there are a handful of winters
    that would be fine for your 17" rims but i just am not
    taking a chance with mine.
  • I was able to get an advice from Cay owner who lives in my town. He has "Nokian Hakkapeliitta SUV Studded" . I did some search on this tire and seem to be an excellent quality tires. He also recommended an tire place I can have it done. This tire place was also recommended by tirerack and tire factory website for my area,which made me feel good since I've never been there before. Sounds like I don't have to wake up at 4:00am waiting in the line for "les" to open. It may cost quite bit more(no website with price)... but I'll consider it as an extra insurance for my Cay. So, I'm going to call them or go there ASAP since snow flakes are on the way.I think I can sleep well tonight! :)
  • I went to the shop today, one confusing thing happened. On Nokian tires website, for my 17"wheel they suggest" 235/65R17XL" on Hakkapeliitta SUV studded tires. But this shop was out of stock in this size . ANd not just because it is out of stock(since they can order it), they think I should go with "275/60R17" or "255/55R17". Since I have no idea what these numbers means, I'm not quite sure what to do. And in between these two suggestion, they think "275/60R17" it the best since tires will be :cry: wider ,according to them. Can anyone make suggestion for me? :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    255/60-17 would be the equivalent size...

    But, I'd have them order the proper size... The last thing you want is wider winter tires...

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  • Thanks for the reply. I called them and had them order it in"235/65R/17". It's kind funny how they tried to suggest two other size for my Cay saying wider the safer &these hold more weight of your type of car etc....
    and in between "275/60R17" or "255/55R17". they try to recommend "275/60R17" over "255/55R17". Order takes over a week for the arrival, hope we continue to have OK weather.
  • My Buick Rainier SUV came with 255/60R-17 Michelin Cross Terrain. I researched studded snow tires and found that Cooper is one of the few that makes a studable tire in that size. I ended up installing Les Schwab Wintercat SST 245/65R-17 with studs. They are the same dia. as the standard Michelin tires. Drives Better than the Michelin's, except for the stud noise. Drove up Mount Baker Sunday to test it. Squirreled around in snow in the parking lot up there and seems to work really good. These tires are made by Cooper and are the same I believe as the Discovery MandS.

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Yes...I agree. ... The wider rims need exact balancing.. and not all tire and wheel shops have the necessary equipment to do it.

    My 20 inch rims weere balanced at a regular shop....and at speeds above 65 mph...they would vibrate. But once I took it to a shop that can do balancing for Porsche eliminated hte vibration.
  • mmp1mmp1 Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a 2006 Cayenne S. A couple of things are holding me back at this point. I am concerned with potential reliability issues with this vehicle. Have any of you had real problems with your Cay S? If I'm going to spend this much money on a car, I want to enjoy it, not have to constantly make trips to the dealer.

    Also, is the facelift still due in Spring of 2006? Possibly with a debut at one of the January auto shows?

    I'd appreciate any input you have to offer!
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    It's pushed out one more year to the 2008 model year so the current style goes on.

  • I live in the mountains of Utah and am running Nokain Hakka SUVs on my Cayenne Turbo. They are only speed rated to 118, but this should not be an issue in winter driving. So far with the few storms we have had, these tires have been fantastic. We have Nokians on our other vehicles and have been very satisfied with them. They wear well and are unbeatable in deep snow, slush, and even icy conditions.
  • I took delivery of a '05 Cayenne S in June. Not one problem, not one regret. My Porsche has never seen the inside of a service bay. When I took delivery of my Porsche I had the same emotions I had as a 16 year old getting my driver's license and first car. Five months later it hasn't gone away. The stimulation is unwavering. I have owned every desirable car in the past fifteen years, no sedan, suv or other compares to this vehicle. My kids love it too. A couple of suggestions though, don't even think about the 6 cylinder, in my opinion Porsche should have never built this car with that motor, and go with the 20" rims. Why wait, have fun now and don't look back.
  • A couple of questions. I've read that 20" rims cause car to shake at higher speeds or some form of shaking with car from the previous messages I've read on this forum.

    Also, what options or features did you get and is there anything that you wish you had included but didn't opt for with your CS??
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Any size rims should not shimmy when properly balanced. Having said that though, ride quality can suffer on 20's and the larger the rim the more likelyhood of damage due to potholes etc... I would take into account the roads in your area and decide accordingly. I ended up with the 19's and I am very happy with the choice, a good compromise of handling, looks and usability I think.

    I did get some options like the NAV system, bi-zenon lights, 4 heated seats and the dark wood package. I also opted for the air suspension because I can control the ride and handling better. I can set to my preferences and my wife can set it to hers. It has been a good choice.

    For what it's worth I also ordered the tow hitch as it's cheap from the factory and very costly aftermarket. I use it for a small 'platform' that can carry up to 500 lbs. and figured it may help with resale at some point.

  • The 20"'s are smooth on the road, I think they may be a little wider than the 19"'s, giving it a sporty feel. I do not claim to be an expert on tires. Options I ordered with my CS were Nav, Sat Radio, heated seats, moonroof, roll up screens, light package, memory seats, 20" sport rims, I went with Crystal Silver w/black leather, I did not get the upgrade "soft leather" for fear that it would take on the crease and look of say a "lincoln" interior. The standard seats are plenty comfortable. If I was to reorder today knowing what I know now I would only add the telescopic steering wheel(if it's even available,I don't remember if this was an option or not). It drives my wife crazy that she can't adjust the steering wheel to her precise setting, and I would add the phone package, I already forked over the bucks for the Nav, I should have added the phone as well. Also, I did negotiate 8% off on my custom order. Good Luck
  • I am interested in purchasing a base model Cayenne with a 6-speed manual. I have not come across too many messages that talk about the base model as everyone says to skip it and go for the S. Well, I can't afford anything above the base and would like to know if this would be a complete waste of money or whether it's still worth it? Also, I love manuals and that is also one of the reasons to buy the bse model. Any feedback on the 6-speed manual? Thanks!
  • IMHO, skip it or wait until you have saved more money.
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