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Problems with Pontiac Grand Prix Steering

ldodeldode Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Pontiac
I have a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 2 door coupe with the 3.1L V6 and an automatic transmission. It has ground effects with the large 16 inch wheels. My car has 129,000 miles on it, but runs and looks new. For some time now, I have been having a problem with the steering that just seems to be getting worse. The steering has some play in it. When I go over bumps and such, the steering wheel vibrates back and forth. The steering is no longer tight like it once was. The vibrating in the wheel is especially bad when I drive on gravel roads. The steering overall is very noisy, especially when going over bumps. This makes for a very poor driving experience. If I cannot fix this problem, I will probably have to sell my car, because it drives me nuts! Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Either post a message here, or email me at LDOde@aol.com. Thanks again for your help.

Shaun Odegaard


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    poisondartfrogpoisondartfrog Member Posts: 102
    I'd guess bad tie rod ends... although maint.-free, they do wear out. A bad joint would cause play in the wheel/tire assembly, and result in the vibrating steering wheel. Replacement of the tie-rod end(s) will require a four-wheel align, as the adjustment of the tie rod effects the toe-in/toe-out of the front wheels.
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