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Mazda MX-5 Miata Accessories & Modifications



  • I just bought a used hardtop for my 1995 Miata that has a defroster. I plugged it into the wire harness located near the package shelf but I'm wondering, how do I turn on the defroster? Do I need to have a button retro-fitted or does it come on when I turn on the front defroster?
  • The wiring is there under the dash behind one of those plain blanking plugs. You will need to buy the switch & relay. It's pretty much plug & play.
    I'd recommend Trussville Mazda for the parts 800-240-2121. Ask the parts guy which blanking plug the wirings behind & where the relay plugs in.

    Edit> Gotta laugh this was posted in Nov. & here I am replying in Feb. ;-)

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  • Mariner Blue Hardtop wanted for 1990 Miata, hopefully near Atlanta. Good condition is important.
  • mike91mike91 Posts: 2
    I have recently purchased a 1991 Miata, the rear wheels are leaning in. What is the cause of this? How much will it cost to repair? Can someone with average mechanical skills make this repair and will it require any special tools?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like it just needs an alignment.

  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    I would have the alignment checked, if you are worried about this. However, this may just be an aggressive alignment setting if the previous owner autocrossed or just wanted to suspension fine-tuned to his driving habits.
  • mike91mike91 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice, I will have the alignment checked
  • 2006 MX-5 GT with Advanced Keyless Entry has a function that will Autolock the car when the driver moves out of operational range (smart card in his pocket). This function is Deactivated initially and the owners manual states that it can only be changed to Activate by an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Can anyone explain the procedure to Activate this feature without me driving 100 miles to a dealer.
  • April05=04MiataTurbo $21k=out The Door. Added $1500/100k mile warranty after driving on my own for about 1000 miles! I'm a real estate investor that does 5000 miles a month :shades: This car has been to California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida in 7 months of driving :P . Been to 18 countries while the Miata sat in storage 3 months & 1 month Hawaii fishing & Surfing. Had 3 flat tires while driving the Hurricane Damaged States and at 32k got a set of Falkin Japanese tires! Add 1 more Flat=4 in 36k miles in 7 months ;) I’m 99% happy with this car! Sold my S-Class Mercedes, 3 motorcycles and Dodge Ram truck! Only 1 issue, loose drivers window! Every 3000 miles, I have changed my Mobil1(10-30) Oil & filter @ Walmart! $38! Average 29 to 35 miles per gallon! Wow! Entered any issues on the MazdaOwners Web page register too! Added items: KnAirfilter, trailer hitch for bike & single jet ski, 30k changed Trans/Diff Oils 2 Synthetic, Alarm, Led Dash Flasher, steering wheel Club, Laser Radar Detector, Magellan Color Gps+12V power + notebook communication Cable, 3 pound Sony Viao notebook for mapping, 12V-AA Battery Charger, Usb-cam & Canon digital cameras, 12V-Sony power supply, 12v-Nokia Charger, 3plug12v powerBar, 12v-Solar trickle charger (while I travel to other countries I leave this charging the battery through the back glass window), Hp4215 4in1 color printer+copier+scanner & fax(4lbs) for legal documents/real estate paralegal, 2 deer whistles… I flipped the tire over & removed the carpet & board! Adds 25% trunk space! Since the car is so small! I added a "neon Green Glow Bar" to my wind breaker that faces back! That stops 3 lanes of traffic behind me at night! The only item I would like is a set of HID 10,000K lights for the low beams! Ebay has them for $240 with a 1 year warranty! After shopping the Hurricane States of Tx La Ms Al Fl, I think Texas and Mississippi offer the best investments! I’ll try to buy about 20-30 properties in 2006 & break 75,000 miles too! I have photos here too :)
  • 5000ft+ elevation was the benefit! :shades:
  • I have just purchased a 2005 Mazda Miata MX-5 GS 6 speed manual. I would like to add an after market cruise control for those long freeway trips. Are there reliable units out there? Will they be warranty acceptable? Do you folks out there use the premium gasoline as manufacturer recommends? Premium gas here in Canada is currently about $4.60 a U.S. gallon!!! Is 87 or 89 octane reasonable enough? I of course don't want to harm the car. Any other tips for a "newbie" Miata owner would be appreciated. Thanks. :)
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Anyone have it installed on an '06? Any issues?
  • sturobertsturobert Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Miata and the driver's side floor mat is worn. I bought new ones from the dealer which were factory supplies but they are nowhere as good as my originals. The fabric is thinner, there is no heel guard on the driver's mat and the color, although marked as "black",is gray. The dealer indicated that Mazda is using a new supplier. I have heard the same story from many dealers. There is one pair on Ebay now but I am leery to buy them without actually seeing them. Thoughts???
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Maybe ask the seller to take more photos? Or weigh them, to see if they weigh the same as yours. Thicker carpet would weigh significantly more.

    Or go aftermarket, try a place like GoMiata.

  • Howdy. I was wondering where I could get a new top. I've heard of this place. Anyone know if they're any good?
  • Hey man, I couldn't tell ya where you could find a new top other than at the dealer (if you're looking for either a soft of hard top for the Miata) but one thing I can tell you is that a lot of people need to make sure they keep up on theirs, and maintain them properly with the right conditioners and cleaners! Many people don't do a thing to their tops assuming that they shouldn't need to do anything more than with a hardtop automobile, but the fact of the matter is the top does take some care and they're flat out wrong! Anyways, good luck with whatever you do and I will take a look for some tops for ya and see what I can find! Good luck and God bless!
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Any recommendations? - I have a black cloth top.
  • miata97miata97 Posts: 1
    My 97 Miata has stock 14" wheels and tires. I'm considering increasing to 17" wheels with 205 40 17 tires. Has anyone done this to their first generation Miata? How do they fit? Are you satisfied with the look, ride, and handling? How much harder is the ride with these low profile tires? I also want to go with all season tires. Any suggestions on tire and wheel brands.
  • philmx5philmx5 Posts: 8
    Has anyone had a clear bra put on their MX-5? I had one done by the dealer on my new MX-5 but was wondering a few things. First, they only put it on the front of the hood and not the front bumper at all. The dealer said the bumpers are designed to withstand small chips etc. Is that right? Second, I was wondering how these hold up over the years. They say for maintenance I should wash and wax it like the rest of the car. Any experience in this area you wish to share? Lastly, has anyone put this on their car themselves? How hard was that to do? Thanks.
  • Here is a link to a calculator because it is important that if you increase your wheel size or change the profile, that you have your speedometer re calculated or that you know you will not be going to same speed as your speedo claims because it will be changing the ratio... Here is the link

    link title

    go there and check it out!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That increases the unsprung weight substantially. I doubt the stock springs can even handle that much weight.

    Here's what I mean - the stock 14"x6" rims weigh just 12 lbs or so. The BBS rims on some SE models weighed just *nine* pounds.

    Even forged 17"s will probably weight close to double, maybe even more. You'll have to swap out the whole suspension else the wheel will be hopping up and down overwhelming the shocks that just can't handle that kind of unsprung weight.

    I just think 17" is too radical. That's my opinion, anyway.

  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    They should do the whole front. How much did they charge you?
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Any recommendations for a 2006 MX-5?
  • philmx5philmx5 Posts: 8
    They did the front of the hood, the front of the side fenders, the back of the mirrors, and under the door handles. $500. I think I got ripped-off. I assumed they would do the whole bumper but you know what happens when you assume. I was trying to get a feel for what is normal so I know whether to complain or not.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    COMPLAIN! I looked at my bumper cover at 3,000 miles and there are chips. For $500 they HAVE to do the entire front.

    I had quotes ranging from $500 to $599 for mine. I will get it done after I take it out of Winter storage. I did it to my 530i - the entire front - 3 years ago and it has eliminated any front end scaring.
  • done37done37 Posts: 64
    Robbins from what I can tell is the major manufacturer of aftermarket soft tops. You can get cloth, vinyl and many different configurations. One of the configurations I am interested in is a zipperless glass window top. You can find them at MossMotors as well as other online websites. is a great resource to access these different sites. They don't however have a forum thats as comprehensive as this one. Good luck! ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's what I got, Robbins zipperless. Vinyl material, glass window.

    You do give up the option to drive with the "bikini top", i.e. all windows open but the top up.

    I was OK with that.

  • done37done37 Posts: 64
    Hows that Zipperless top workin for ya. I am really close to buying one and other than only being able to go 2/3 bikini how do you feel about the construction, the up and down operation, and was it difficult to install? Your opinion would be most appreciated!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    To be honest, it's a little bit finicky. I installed it myself, so maybe that's why.

    I had to add those two straps that pull one of the beams down while you are lowering the top. Some times it sort of snags on the vinyl, I have to manuall push the window glass down slightly to get it to go all the way down. That doesn't happen in warm weather because the vinyl is more flexible, but when it's cold and the vinyl is hard, it's tougher to get the top down.

    That may be the non-professional install job, though, so it's hard to say.

    There are a couple of minor wrinkles near the rear window, but no wind or water leaks, anything like that..

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