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Mazda MX-5 Miata Accessories & Modifications



  • Whats the best lowering kit (for handling, performance, and some what comfortable) for a 1997 miata? Dont want to look like i cut the springs.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Check out this vendor:

    The aftermarket for these cars is strong...more stuff that I could ever buy in a lifetime.
  • Thanks for that website it is the best one ive seen for miatas. What do you think of racing beat (the company in general)?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've heard of them, but never purchased anything, so I can't really tell you one way or the other.

    I think I got my top from Go Miata. I'm still on their mailing list. Once in a while they have free shipping specials. Register so you get those types of offers.
  • I'll look into that. Thanks for the help. :)
  • emcmx5emcmx5 Posts: 3
    Hi everyone- I'm from So. eastern centeral Calif in the Tehachapi mountain range which is 38 miles east of Bakersfield and 35 miles northwest of Palmdale and Lancaster Calif. My wife and I have a '06 MX-5 w/ auto trans. . .what a kick! I have installed a Kn Cold Air Filter-57A6023 which you can get from KN or order it from Auto Zone. This gives about 5-6 added hp. It is easy to install, TAKE YOUR TIME and read instructions carefully. I am running Royal Purple 5-20. No problems. I also run 36 psi in the Yoka's dvan A11A, the door sticker says 29 but in our type of driving we get an additional 3-4 miles/gal. My next set of tires are going to be General Altimax HP. Check out Tire Rack's site as well as Good-Win-Racing here in Calif-GREAT STUFF and Forum HAPPY MOTORING & ZOOOOOM ZOOOOM!
  • red1993red1993 Posts: 1
    Good Day, I just bought my first miata about 2 weeks ago and I am looking into some performance mods. I read about a few and then read about they were not worth the time and cash. need someones opinion. I want to do the following.: major tune up plug wires etc, But I read that the splitfire plugs recommended are bad news for the engine in that it misses ,bogs down and even the electrodes break. Headers -heard of only about 4 HP increase, Cold air intake but which one? I am in NC in a town near Charlotte My name is Earl. Any help appreciated! :)
  • emcmx5emcmx5 Posts: 3
    Hi Earl- -Here are some suggestions re 'tune-up'. I have found that if you stay with "NGK' brand plug wires and plugs you CAN'T go wrong. Look up 'NGK's' web site for plugs and wires. Cold air intake- KN 57A6023 for NC 2006 and up. Check out Good Win Racing for headers and exhaust(s). Also look at for a full list of racing and performance stuff. Let us all know . ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ZOOOOOOOOOOOM.
  • I have an old 1991 Mazda Miata an I really like it. But I would also like to fix it up with a new body kit. Is there any that are more recomended than others? keeping a low price range. (I'm also starting to like the hard tops). Any advice would be great the more i learn the better.
  • dugldugl Posts: 10
    The tone of the stock exhaust on my 2008 seems to have a deep growl....deeper than a typical 4 cyl rice burner a 16 yr old might drive, but how much effect would removing the resonator tips have on the sound ? I'd rather have it deep & quieter than louder & tinny.
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    How much is reasonable to pay for set of new brake pads (all 4)
    plus rotors (front set only)
    plus labor charge ????

    Have a '04 model
  • dugldugl Posts: 10
    Does anyone know a low cost source for the "MX-5" trunk/tailight badge on a 2006 or newer Miata ? The dealers are charging about $30 for the adhesive that the best deal available ? Any de-badgers out there with wares to sell ?
  • I am looking for a new rear finish panel... either red or unpainted. Where can I find one? Will be for a 1990 Miata convertible.
  • rpmrpm Posts: 9
    I'm debadged, and my MX5 badge is in perfect shape. Make me an offer!

    (reply to onerpm -at-
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