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    Bought last June, it is a CPO '01 525/5speed, sport, DSP, xenons, with only 3,500 miles.

    Loving my commute in LA,


  • idletaskidletask Posts: 171
    My first 330d, purchased in late Dec 2000, had 46000 miles at the odo two months ago. I had the opportunity to change and decided to do so.

    So there, I now enjoy a new 330d, delivered a month ago, and it already has 5k miles on the odo... Always black, black and more black (except for the aluminium-like trim on the dashboard), this time with no sport suspension (the stock one is already efficient enough, and more so in detent than the previous one which had the sport package, plus it's more comfortable and compatible with the state of pavement hereabouts), but with the nav system (DVD based), in-dash CD player and no changer, automatic headlights and wipers (both are efficient), auto dimming rear view mirror, new alloy wheels with 225/45R17 instead of 205/50R17 previously and ESP. Brake assist is standard, which is good, but it's really sensitive. Plus, xenon headlights now also include high beams and the price of the option has dropped by $100!

    No change in the drivetrain, anyway it didn't need any, so there is still that marvel of an engine mated to a 5-speed manual. Some people wish for a 6th gear but I don't. Fuel economy has dropped a little (avg 32.5mpg instead of 38 previously) but the engine is still new, and I didn't get any better at the beginning with the old one either. Still no leather, power seats or sunroof, options which I personally think are useless, but that's just me :) Also I enjoy the fact that steering has a little more heft now.
  • Hi Members,

    Just picked up in September a Titanium Silver 530i w/black leather interior, premium and sport packages, navigation system, xenon, steptronic, and some other goodies. Excellent condition, near to flawless, with 15K. This is my 3rd BMW, I previously owned a 89 325i, and a 00 323i was the most recent one, but when I test drove the 530i, it was a done deal, I just knew I had to have it. Awesome car, has power, handling, size and great looks, all in one. Once you drive the ultimate machine there is no turning back. Look forward to chatting with you all, soon.
  • Bought mine on EBAY believe it or not. A steal, as the car salemen are prone to say, at $26,000. Mine has 45k miles but is flawless, not a mark on the car, inside or out. I picked it up in Orlando and drove it home to Ohio last week and I am mightily impressed! This car rocks, in every imaginable way! Thank you BMW!

    (Titanium Silver, Steptronic, Premium Package, new Continental tires)
  • Hi,

    I've had my 530Ia for a week now. What a wonderfull car. Can't say enough about it. Thanks BMW...
    Black/Black Leather
    Prem. Package
    Prem. Sound/DSP
    Cold Package
    Xeon lights

    Love with questions.
  • awd2003awd2003 Posts: 44
    Do you live in snow country? I ordered a car similar to yours and I was curious about how it drives in the snow. The car should arrive in February. I live in New England. Thanks.
  • Hi!

    Shopping for a great car and came across the following:

    CPO 2001 525iA

    Titanium silver w/ black interior

    steptronic auto transmission
    sport pkg (suspension, seats & 17" rims)
    AM/FM/CD audio system
    automatic climate control
    garage door opener
    headlight washers
    heated front seats
    leather seats
    power moonroof
    power passenger seat
    power rear window sunshade
    wood dash

    low mileage - 18,500.

    multiple warranties: 1.) full maintenance (expires 10/24/2004 or 36K miles) 2.) new vehicle: 10/24/2005 or 50K miles) 3.) cpo extended: 10/24/2007 or 100K

    price: $34,900

    What do you think? Great buy or should I keep looking? Dealer says the car was originally owned by a BMW exec. When I checked the CARFAX report it doesn't show when the car entered this country, which I thought seemed odd. Car was purchased at a BMW auction. Admittedly, I'm new to BMW's - had previously owned Volvo's and MB's. Please help.

  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    The dealer price is reasonable (according to Edmund's TMV calculator), but far from a "great buy" unless they're willing to negotiate a fair bit.

    I'm unsure about the CARFAX report, but I doubt the car was driven in Germany by a BMW exec, since that would mean it's a euro-spec car. There's little reason they would import into the US a euro-spec car to resell it here. It may have been driven by a US BMW exec (their HQ are in NJ, and they have regional and specialty offices scattered throughout the country).
  • Hello!

    How can I tell the difference between an American spec car and a German spec car that has been upgraded? Think that this 525i that I'm seriously considering is originally a German spec. car. Any thoughts?

  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    hi snagiel,

    is your 5 series the black sapphire metallic? your color looks great in that photo from july. i recently ordered the black sapphire with black leather. i changed my mine, when i initially ordered the car, i ordered blue water metallic but then changed my mine at last minute.thanks
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Actually, it's Toledo Blue, which looks like anything from blue to purple to black, depending on the lighting and angle.
  • We just picked up a 2003 530 in jet black with black interior. WOW
    It's got Sport, Steptronic, Xenon,Premium and Cold Pkg.
    Nice ride at a great price.
  • salrafsalraf Posts: 17
    hey awd2003. what was the price on the car and where you happy with the dealer? I live in Florida and am looking for a dealer (not just local) to get a good deal. I too am not sure if I should wait or not with the new design coming soon. Some things though...are too tempting to pass
  • awd2003awd2003 Posts: 44
    Just got back from FLL today. Great weather. It's in the teens in NE. Anyway, I leased the car for 500 a month 39 months 12k miles/year. I put down the max in security deposits so i gave the dealer $5300. The actual net cost was 46200. the dealer is in CT
  • ecclespecclesp Posts: 2
    The lease on my 528i BMW Sports Wagon is soon ending. I am looking at the 2003 models. I am thinking of getting the 540i. Some of the write ups have hinted that the navigation system is hard to work, and some issue with the climate control. Any thoughts or reactions to this anyone?? Also, do you miss the cassette player? Any idea what changes may be coming in the 2004 sports wagons??
  • Hello to all. I'm brand new here, having just bought a 2003 530i.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Hey all! Just picked up my new beauty Sat night and was wondering if anybody purchased an extended warranty at time of purchase? Unfortunately there is no "BMW" extended warranty company so my dealer offered CNA National Warranty. Anybody ever heard of or used them? Or what other warranty companies have you used?

  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I have a 2002 530 with Navigation. I admit it is not always as quick as I like it to be, but I found it to be quite useful and it is a lifesaver when we drive across the border to Swiss or France. My wife and I used to argue over the directions and map reading, but no longer.

    I have yet to have any problem with the climate control. Are you referring to usability, or reliability?
  • svrancasvranca Posts: 3
    Hi guys,
    I am on a wait list for the new re-designed Series 5. I think it is a BEAUTIFUL car. BMW clearly learned from the mistakes of the 7 Series and crated this innovative piece of art. I do have to say that as a former owner of a 2001 325i and a 2000 530i I am glad that BMW is re-designing its car. Do not get me wrong those are GORGEOUS looking car but their look is beginning to show the sign of age. It is important to evolve..BMW did it! I love what the 5 series is going to be. The NEW ultimate driving machine. Thanks Stefano
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    I thought the (E39) 530 didn't come until 2001.

    Regardless, I don't understand how/why so many people are putting deposits down on a car no one (other than BMW test drivers) has driven or evaluated, or even seen in the flesh. I suppose I understand lure of owning the newest toy, but that just seems like a big gamble to me. What if it looks ugly in person? (Heck, creative photographers could make the Aztek look good.) What if iDrive is still sub-par? What if it's riddled with first-year mechanical and electronic bugs?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • diver110diver110 Posts: 67
    Within the last week I purchased a 2000 BMW 540i wagon with about 26,000 miles. For a change I seemed to have gotten a good buy $30,500, though I immediately had to put $750 in it for service and to get a Maryland sticker. So far I really like the car.

    This is only my second German car, something of an oddity as I am half German and spent part of my teens in German school. I never liked most German cars in snow. Now I am keeping an old Volvo 850 for the snow and driving the BMW much of the rest of the time.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    diver110... You wrote, "For a change I seemed to have gotten a good buy $30,500, though I immediately had to put $750 in it for service." What service? When did your car originally go into service? Has it been more than 3 years ago?

    Your MY2000 comes with a full 4 year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. It also has (had?) a full free 3 year/36,000 mile maintenance period. This maintenance covers pretty much everything: brakes, wiper blades, oil changes, etc. as specified by the service scheduled or required by the on-board service diagnostic system. (If you are interested, you might be able to buy an extension to the maintenance period.)

    Did you buy CPO thru a BMW dealer? I think that is the only way to go for a recent used BMW.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    I recently bought a 2001 530i from a MB dealership so it did not have the BMW CPO label. Is it possible to buy the extended warranty from a BMW dealership for such a vehicle?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    wabends... Other than CPO, BMW doesn't sell extended warranties. Only way to get CPO is thru BMW dealer. Since you bought your used BMW from a MB dealer, if you want an extended warranty, you'll have to go thru a 3rd party. Some people like 'em. Can't say I trust 'em.
  • Yes, it's underpowered. Yes, it's stripped down. Yes, it's getting redesigned. I know, I know, and I don't care. I just got my first bimmer. It's an '03 525i, 5spd, PP, CWP, silver/black, and I love it. The 3 series was too small; 7 series too expensive. The 5er fits me just right. I had buyer's remorse over not getting the black/black, but I actually giggled when I saw my car sitting in my driveway for the first time. Hopefully I didn't jinx myself......

    I've learned a ton from this forum just from lurking over the last 3 months, and I'm looking forward to learning more. Thanks to everyone for providing such informative and timely advice.
  • inukeu2inukeu2 Posts: 23
    It sounds like you and I are of like mind. I just took delivery of an '03 525i, 5spd, SP, PP, CWP, sterling gray/ gray last week. My thoughts are the same concerning the 3 and 7. After seeing the new 5 I had to take the plunge now. It's a smooth driving car and the mpg can't be beat for highway travel. Plus my wife wouldn't object if she gets to drive it every once in a while. It's a win, win all around.
  • hoopsrefhoopsref Posts: 140
    What did you pay? Did you get the discounted belwo invoice with some of the dealer incentive ($4500) kicked back to you? What dealer & state?
  • inukeu2inukeu2 Posts: 23
    It's a fact of life that things aren't always fair. Indianapolis has one dealership and they aren't very willing to deal. I paid 1k below MSRP. That's right, they hold their cards close to their chest and I've dealt with them before. In the long run I new this was the car that I wanted and I drove the A6 and the E320. In the long run it came down to my lease price. BMW has an excellent residual and low money factor so it made my end lease price tolerable. It has been a dream of mine to "own" a BMW and I know the laws of economics. They have you over a barrel in a one dealer market.

    I enjoy the BMW for what it is... the ultimate driving machine. If they want to service it for free for 4 yrs and give me a loaner car in the process great. Free car washes and all of the things that BMW considers wear and tear like brakes and clutch and wiper blades are just gravy. When you cut down to it I bought my last 3 vehicle for invoice +/- $100 (Dodge Ram, VW Jetta, Chrysler Concorde) and each had a tradeoff. The ram has been in the shop, the Jetta only had a 2 year warranty and the Concorde was crap. So if I pay $20 more per month on a lease, at least enjoy what I get for it.

    Finally, I went to the dealer AFTER production had stopped and requested a manual transmission. (the dealer here NEVER has manuals on the lot) So I new that if I wanted the car that I was at their mercy. They'd either give me a "break" on price and make me pay the cost of shipping from another dealer or vice versa. I knew the E39 was what I wanted so if it cost me a little more who cares. The dealer did get me every option and color that I wanted. I'm happy with it and every day I'm glad that I bought it.
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