Buying 2014 Toyota Corolla LE ECO

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Test drive new 2014 Toyota Corolla LE ECO in DFW area in Texas with dealer options such as tinted windows, back up camera, wheels lock and body protection coatings today. Their OTD price with dealer fees = $18,813. I have not negotiated the price yet. Is this a good deal? I would like to see others opinion on the OTD price. Thank you.


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    OTD prices are hard for us to break down without looking up your taxes and fees (I know you must have some taxes out in Texas, lol).

    Start with TMV. That's the "average" price people are paying. Should be around $18,830. So already it sounds like you are "below average".

    The tint and back up camera are okay. I wouldn't pay any extra for the wheel locks or "body coatings" (that stuff is just wax imo and really just extra dealer profit).

    Can you do better? Maybe. You can expand your search to other dealers (ask for quotes) and you can get a Price Promise certificate and see how that price looks.

    I don't follow sedans very closely but it sounds like Accord buyers are getting $1,000 to $1,500 off invoice. You may already be in that ballpark when you back out the taxes that are rolled in to your OTD price.

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    Hi Stever, Thank you for your advice. Here is the breakdown I wrote down. The tax rate in Texas is 6.25%. The document fees is $125 and TTL is $290.50. The invoice price is $16,199. The dealers add on is $1,116.00. Thank you.

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