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Have given up on Lincoln Navigator air ride, any pro's and con's?

mainlyymainlyy Member Posts: 17
edited July 2014 in Lincoln

I've done a bit of research on the air ride system in my 03 Lincoln Navigator. The vehicle has 122,000 miles on it and I just started having electrical problems, battery draining over night, different warning lights etc. Finally took it to the dealer today and they traced it back to the "Active air suspension Relay" Replacement cost not including labor, about $150.00. I have read that air ride systems do have a finite life expectancy. Beyond that point, it's one little thing after another.
I have decided that before the system can bleed me to death, I am replacing with a coil spring and strut system. I'm told it isn't to bad of a ride and it's a whole lot cheaper. I could care less for air ride, I was a trucker for 27 years and had my share of air ride and associated parts failures. Air ride and the power running boards are two features I think never should have been added to the Navigator in the first place. I've already replaced the running boards with Nerf bar steps. I'm ordering the conversion kit tomorrow. Just curious to hear of any horror stories, or even a good word for converting. Thanks................

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  • sttrsttr Member Posts: 13
    I had air shocks in the back I could pump up on my 98 Nav. The battery always drained due to the auto level on the thing tho because you could not disconnect that unless you wanted to lose window rolling and door locks on the same fuse. As a result of it always drawing juice from the battery I never got the full life of a battery I should have because each one died off early due to that darn auto level thing always wanting to level the vehicle even with the pump switch off!
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