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How does limited slip work?



  • clark7clark7 Posts: 4
    I have an older Toyota Landcruiser (but I have a new Sierra 4WD Ex Cab coming soon). Recently in my Toyota, I got in a situation where one of the rear wheels had essentially no traction. Both front wheels and the other rear had good traction on dry ground. When I applied power, the rear wheel with no traction would spin, the transmission/transfer case would make a ratcheting noise, but no power was transferred to the front wheels. Based on previous posts, I can understand not getting drive from the rear axle, but shouldn't I have gotten drive from the front with both wheels having good traction? Could I have a problem with the 4WD system?

    I know that on more recent Landcruisers and some other 4WD vehicles, there is an option for a "locking center differential". Sounds like that might have forced power to the front wheels, even with the rear wheels off the ground. So, my other question is, does the autotrac system in the new Sierra/Silverado have what amounts to a locking center diff? If not, how do they handle this type of situation?
  • tnt2tnt2 Posts: 115
    jburgos ... A locking diff would give additional traction, but it also makes the truck "push" in turns. This goes more for "air lockers"(that are engaged) than "auto" lockers, unles you punch the gas in a turn. With auto lockers you will also hear a ticking noise coming from the diff, there are levers that click on teeth as you drive and engage when put under hard pressure, thus locking your diff and providing full power to both wheels.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    Your Landcruiser is broken. Get the transfer case and/or locking hubs looked at.
  • clark7clark7 Posts: 4
    Thanks. Guess I was afraid there might be something wrong. I'm still curious as to how the autotrack system works relative to a locking center differential.
  • nevvic1nevvic1 Posts: 3
    I plan to get a Ram v-10 with a 3.55 axle ratio. I have heard that there are some problems with the limited slip differential in Rams with this ratio. Any input on this would be appreciated.
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