Maintenance Schedule For Very Low Miles Driven

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I have an '01 Honda Civic LX. I only drive about 200 miles per month to work and back and occasionally out to dinner. I realize since this is all local driving, I should probably go by the severe driving maintenance schedule. However, about once a month the car does get on the freeway and driven about 30 miles at higher speeds. If I have oil changes done every 3 months, that means at approximately every 600 miles. It will take me three years to get to the 7500 mile mark on the odometer. Under these conditions, what would be the recommended maintenance schedule for oil changes and other services? It sounds like an oil change every 600 miles is too often.


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    yeah, auntbea, I do think that is too often, but you are on the right track.

    Your situation requires a little bit different look on "wear and tear" since for your car the wear will be more environmental, that is, age related. Dis-use causes things to harden up...they don't "work" so they just sit there and gather moisture, or bake in the warm air, depending on the season.

    I'd say 2,500 mile oil changes would be more than adequate, with a good hard look at belts, hoses and tires every three years. I'd also make sure the car remains properly ventilated while it sits there in the garage for days on end, and I'd air out the trunk now and then too.

    Other than that, I can't think of anything radical you have to do. There's a chance you might have battery problems from lack of use, but I don't know for sure. If you do notice the battery goes dead now and then, you may have to install what is called a "maintenance charger" that you plug in every now and then if you're not using the car.
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    If those 200 miles a month are the milage from a short daily commute, then I would change the oil every 6 months. Short drives will leave lots of contaminents in the oil which will cause accelerated wear of the engine.
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    I do drive almost every day but the trips are just here in town. My job is only about 3 miles from where I live and the shopping center, grocery store, etc. are even closer. That is why the miles accumulate so slowly. As low-cost as oil changes are, every 6 months (1200 miles)is what I think I'll start with. I sure wish I could just take the golf cart to work and back. It sure would be a lot less expensive for the little driving I do. :)
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    Actually auntbea, one of those new "hybrid" gas/electric vehicles, either the Honda Insight or Toyota Prius would be ideal for someone like you.
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    Under those conditions, a full electric wouldn't be bad...
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