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2000 Lincoln LS V8 rough idle

winewitch45winewitch45 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Lincoln

My Lincoln LS, when stopped, idles really rough. When moving, it drives smoothly though can get a little shaky around 50 mph, then stops as I speed up. There is no light or message on the message center. I have had new spark plugs, new alternator and thermostat housing and thermostat put in over the past couple of months. But it still shakes. Help.

Best Answers


  • winewitch45winewitch45 Member Posts: 2

    does it have anything to do with the coils?

  • hitman75thhitman75th Member Posts: 8
    I  had the same problem its the idle air control its dirty take it off clear it with some carbon cleaner and toothbrush hold it straight up so the carbon cleaner dont get into the solenoid. so will you clean It the solenoid should be straight up in the air
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