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2015 Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner TRD Pro Series Pricing Announced | Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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image2015 Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner TRD Pro Series Pricing Announced |

The new 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Series starts at $36,410, while the new 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Series starts at $41,995.

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  • tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65

    Well Tacoma fans - From all accounts based on article above "appears" another year with no major changes? Sure maybe a new grill up front (TRD PRO only) some fancy new oil filled shocks, and an extra inch of suspension travel, otherwise just a price increase to 'nearly' $40K for the TRD PRO after you factor in 'sales tax' and once the dealer marks it up! So 2015 here we come Toyota Tacoma 'same ole' rear DRUM brakes, dated 5-speed automatic, continued unpleasant fuel economy (V6), old dated dash board (The 2015 Tundra or Highlander dash would be nice to have). Some of my serious Tacoma friends are done waiting. Come on Toyota what about a whole new exterior design (not a new grill) better engine management (Fuel MPG, Direct Injection, Turbo, etc) give us at least a 6 speed auto, rear disc brakes, new interior design, new dash/gages. Oh how about a power moon roof which offered on every other SUV model you sell! Let those with patience wait till 2016!

  • grabbit71grabbit71 Member Posts: 1
     You are completely right ! tacomamudpit. But I find the current model exterior really nice and very updated still. I have the 2012 TRD off road 4dr and is it right. The new TRD pro offers too little for the increase in price. For just 250 bucks I can lift my tacoma 3 inches and add those trd wheels for 800 bucks. The hood scope gotta look for a hood replacement and the moonroof still gotta do it aftermarket.

    I would like to see a real long distance driver seat with a decent lumbar support feature with inflatable adjusted bag and a diesel toyota engine or at least the TRD supercharger included on the package to ever consider changing to the new one.

  • tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65

    Grabbit71 - Agreed on the exterior styling - I could live with it - And true $250 bucks is spot on with the right vendor. All else lacks serious innovation and updates. How many 2015 Trucks still use rear drum brakes, Toyota must have a serious inventory of them! When a full size F150 4X4 gets better MPG then a Tacoma V6 4X4, ugg "huston we have a problem!"

  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Member Posts: 84
    Has anyone in Hawaii had this experience?
    I was never informed by Hawaii's largest Toyota dealership, prior to taking delivery of my 2014 Toyota, that my car would not include Toyota's "Entune" and "SafetyConnect" features, despite the fact that the sales brochure for my Toyota model, as well as the dealership’s own website, listed both of those features as standard equipment on my model.

    I am interested in learning whether other Toyota buyers in Hawaii were informed, either orally or in writing, prior to purchase of their vehicle, that one or both of these features were not available in Hawaii and that their vehicle would not be so equipped even though the vehicle sales brochure and dealership website said or implied otherwise.
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