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Ford Edge Suspension Rattle

afordguyafordguy Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Ford

Recently my Edge started making a rattling noise that seems to be coming from the right front suspension. Sometimes it is louder and will make a clunking noise, but it happens even on just slightly bumpy roads. Driving on a smooth surface it seems fine, but still feels like something isn't right. Something is loose.
I thought it may be the C/V joint Half Shaft and I replaced it, but the noise and loose feeling prevails.
Any Ideas ?


  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571

    What about a worn strut? or sway bar.

  • santo3santo3 Posts: 3
    have to say this is turning out to be a bigger deal for ford edge. I purchased a 2010 edge 7 months ago, just recently started hearing the same issues with a rattling noise. not a big deal until a few days ago it started getting louder and I also had the clunking noise going over speed bumps in the parking lot. your normal wear and tear I though. this is not normal, it actually is the top strut support that's part of the metal frame of the car. the welding points are separating from the frame. that is the rattling noise you get initially, and it grows. hard to tell when is minor and the car is just no moving. my situation you can actually see the problem now, since my welding points in the frame have separated. I just started complaining to ford and so far no one has taking responsibility.
  • santo3santo3 Posts: 3
    not sure how I can post pictures of how the metal strut support looks now, is partially apart from the welding points of the frame. I cannot drive the car for now, but if anyone wants to see pictures let me know.
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