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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • so you whent for a 2008 Max not a 2009 nice like the 2008 also boath grate cars. So the only 2009 they had on the lot had a crak in the windsheald must have bin caused doring shipping on the truck or maby might sound nuts sum one did it at the dealer ship late at night when it was closed. That would be a big factor in taking quite a bit of muney off the 2009's price. anyway alot of 2008's still to be had and get real grate deals on them. SO anyway what color is your 2008 you just got it the other day you said love it in red. and yes takes a bit of time to pair up the cellphone and the blue tooth. thankyou for reading My posting.
  • hjrockethjrocket Posts: 7
    Precision Gray ( like dark silver) black leather interior. It is wife's ride--I drive a GMC Envoy 4X4 when we go up the mountain to ski. At the price I paid for the 2008, I might just swap for a 2009 or 2010 after a year or so!! We gave wife's Max GLE 2003 to our eldest grandson, so he could dump his OLD OLD F-150 for his last two years in college!!
  • I would wate untill 2000 10 so the first moddle year bugs are all out you no how the first moddle re doo bugs have to be worked out. yea think about that in 1 year or so. but that color is nice not a bad color. You gave the 2003 to your grand sun. HOw menny miles does that one have on it. good luck with it. maxima is a grate car has bin for ever. SO that gmc might have to trade that in if gass prices keep gooing up you no haha lol.
  • catdaddy25catdaddy25 Posts: 26
    I am thinking about pulling the trigger this weekend on a 2009 Maxima. MSRP is 37530 and they will let me have it for 34744 + TTL. It is with a dealer locally. Everywhere else I checked in the Dallas area in not willing to come off their sticker price any. I also found a dealer in the Hosuton area that is willing to come off $2500 MSRP. Anyone else have any experience? Thinking about sealing the deal this Saturday
  • smiley10smiley10 Posts: 24
    what was the invoice price?
  • catdaddy25catdaddy25 Posts: 26
    I don't know what the invoice is. I only know what the MSRP is. I would think roughly somewhere around $3500 off is ballpark around invoice though.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    See the link/button near the top of the page labeled "NEW CARS"? Follow that and you can get invoice price for almost any car.
    2005 G35 Sedan
    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
    2010 G37 Coupe
    2012 G37 Sedan
    2014 Q50 RWD

    2017 Q60 3.0t RWD
    2018 QX60 RWD
  • catdaddy, I am in houston and am also interested in the 09 maxima. were you looking at a fully loaded maima? If so which dealership has aagred to $34744.
    There is strenght in numbedrs and if we go in together we may be able to sweeten the deal
  • catdaddy25catdaddy25 Posts: 26
    Baker Jackson in Houston. You can look on their internet site and get pricing through their internet department. They did not have the color we were looking for. Their internet guy told me you would not get the same price if you came in off the street and talked to a salesman. Be sure to fill it out on internet. Good luck.
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 52
    Go for it. Good price at this time with so few cars in the dealerships. In NYC the lowest price I got was Msrp plus $1K and it took almost an hour to bring it down from 1.5K over MSRP.
  • jbattjbatt Posts: 13
    The you wouldn't get the same price if you walked into the salesroom is a tactic. I was told the exact same thing today. I've got them down $1500 under MSRP for sport and technology packages. I went to look at car after dealership closed today and the car had a $5000 markup over MSRP due to limited availability was reason for $5k.

    Going to push for another $500 or $1k, More 09's hit the lots this week.
  • catdaddy25catdaddy25 Posts: 26
    I had many dealers that contacted me from Dallas and when I told them they would have to do better than the $2700 off of sticker. The most they would do was $400 off of MSRP. I don't see that many 09's leaving the lot around here as they want you to believe. I suspect that next month all will start coming off of the MSRP due to lack of demand and the supply they have. I have one coming in that is loaded out with technology and premumun package and they came off of it $2800. It should be in within the next week or two. Believe me they are not unloading them off of the trucks and they are selling immediately. The dealers I spoke with said they are moving them everyday. I keep a watchful eye on the lots and I don't see that. Typical selling technique. I have never paid MSRP for a vehicle and won't start now.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Over the weekend, I just visited the largest Nissan dealer in the Southeast located in Charlotte. They had over 15 Maximas on the lot and the sales manager says he's getting another 50 Maximas in over the next 30 days. He even had the rare to find Blue Maxima as well as a base cloth Maxima.

    In Raleigh, dealer closest to me has only sold 2 of his original 6 Maximas.

    Bottom line, the supply/demand curve will quickly be favoring us buyers over the next 30 days.
  • yes you are rite dont worry hold out for a grate deal marco
  • matpalmatpal Posts: 1
    What do you guys think about the possibility of new rebates/incentives coming out for August? I find it odd that the entire Nissan fleet except the new Maxima has special financing or rebates being offered.

    Also, I have gotten a dealer to take about $3k off of sticker, but ibviously would hold off on this if I can get an even better deal in 2-3 weeks. I too, have been tracking inventory all at local dealers and these cars are simply not moving. All still have about 4-5 from the first shipment of 8-10 that they got in late June.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    Lousy economy, high gas prices, dealers wanting sticker price, no special financing on a Nissan that is priced like a Infiniti or Lexus? Yea they are going to be slow for a while
    2005 G35 Sedan
    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
    2010 G37 Coupe
    2012 G37 Sedan
    2014 Q50 RWD

    2017 Q60 3.0t RWD
    2018 QX60 RWD
  • catdaddy25catdaddy25 Posts: 26
    I checked on the lots of several dealerships in Dallas and a lot of them now have 20 - 25 on the lot. A week ago they only had about 7 - 10. Obviously they probably will be a little more willing to probably come off the the sticker. I do think they will have some rebates come out when these start slowing down. I wouldn't be surprised if that will be in September. They are still a lot of 2008's remaining too.
  • smlull163smlull163 Posts: 15
    Just thought I'd let you know how Southeast Virginia is doing.

    4 local Nissan dealers (3, IMHO, I wouldn't trust making jello) The 4th, Green Gifford, is pretty good. Smallest of the four, but personalable. Sadly, all 4 seem to think the recession is not going on and they ALL want MSRP for the new Max. The odd 3 want MSRP PLUS! Good guys, have 4 09 Max's at MSRP. 1 full tilt loaded wht/caffe, 1 each, sport ed blk/blck and silver/carcoal and the newest one blue/frost interior (this has nav and sport) The blue one MSRP is 37,730. I may try the internet on the blue one and see how they move. Last month salesman said, "nope, Just MSRP, maybe $2-300 off" We'll see. I'm a patient man (sort of)

    Car 31,990
    sport pack 2300
    tech 2250
    splash guards 170
    turnk organizer 150
    carpeted trunk/mats 180

    37,700 MSRP
    Invoice (edmunds)
    car 29,301
    sport pack 1995
    tech 1952
    splash guards 133
    trunk organizer 115
    carpeted trunk/mats 134

    34,325 invoice
    Blue is hard to find?

    EPA says 19/26, I'll check the other forum, but any real life stories?

  • rkurlanderrkurlander Posts: 58
    I'm getting 21 mpg city and 28mpg highway.
  • I live in NY, averaging 19.5mpg city and hwy combined
  • soplushsoplush Posts: 29
    One feature I am not clear on is the dual moonroof. Does the glass slide open or not? I can't tell from the website if it opens, or just glass like the 'skylight' glass roof the 2004s had.
  • dont worry next munth or in sept they will have sum rebates. I would thin they would have sum rebates on the 2008 cars to move them. Yea think the blue one is hard to find. I think your best bet would be to try the internet keep us updatedd on what happens and if you get one. Ps edmans has mor realistic pricing. then those dealer ships. thanks for reading. my posting.
  • I think it is differant from the 2004's think the Hole thing oppens keep us updated thankyou for reading my posting.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Front sunroof opens opens up above the roof line rather than between the interior and exterior roof panels. Rear sunroof is a fixed piece of glass. Also, the car has power sunshades - which both open up or close together. I don't think you can open the sunshades individually - but perhaps someone with a Premium packaged car can help clarify this for us.
  • I finally made my final purchase on a 2009 Maxima. I was on vacation in Memphis, Tn. and found a dealership that was coming off $4000 off MSRP. They had about 15 Maximas on their lot. I also got about $2500 more for my trade in. Everyone may not be willing to drive that far but it was worth it to me especially since I was there. You can view Dobbs Nissan online and view the MSRP and their actual sell price. No one around here was willing to come off that much
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 52
    Have you taken delivery as yet? Which version and what package? and the driving experience ? U got yourself a great deal!
  • I purchased the SV pckage with the Sport Technology package. Drove it home and drives great. Lots of gadgets to play with.. They have many on the lot and more arriving everyday. I went to Herras dealership across town and I couldn't even get a salesman to talk to me inside. Went over the Dobbs and made deal. Also got $2500 more on trade in there. Great people to deal with
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 52
    What Kinda ride does the Sport package give with the stiffer suspension?
  • Looks like a good deal on your Maxima. How much was Dobbs' dealer fee?
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    With all of the incentives on the 2008 Maxima, the inventory at local dealerships is going down fast. So, I'd be surprised to see any more additional discounts be applied to the 08 Maxima.
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