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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • traindrivertraindriver Posts: 328
    15000 miles per year / 26 mpg = 576.9 gal X $2.50 per gal = $1442 yr

    15000 / 21 mpg = 714.3 gal X $2.50 = $1786 yr

    1786 - 1442 = $344 year difference between 26 mpg and 21 mpg

    Will $344 per year make that much of a difference? Buy the car you want to drive.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    That's what I'm talking about, traindriver!!
  • I am with you and that makes sense. however I drive 25k per year plus and if gas is back to 3.00 or 3.50 within a year the difference would be $800 at 3.50 per gallon. I know still not a ton of money but it is what it is. The mileage calculation was just an annoyance I mean why have inaccurate information on a brand new car. anyway thanks for your help.
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 192
    I'm just now beginning to search for a new car. Currently driving an '03 Maxima (72K miles) and am considering the '09 Maxima, Lexus ES350 and Toyota Avalon. IMO the Max seems a bit high priced but haven't driven it yet.

    Has anyone out there gotten any good deals in the Denver/Fort Collins region.


  • tmikebtmikeb Posts: 18
    I can spend 27.2K on a company vehicle. It is basically a cash transaction since our leasing company sends the dealer a cashiers check. Do you think I have any chance in todays market to get a loaded up SV at that price? Per our leasing rules, the car can't be a demo.
  • tmikebtmikeb Posts: 18
    I was wrong in what I can spend. It is more like 26,870. I have to add 2% to the selling cost and be under 27.4K, Anyone have any ideas on what the highest sticker priced Maxima I can get? How can I get the best deal when there is no trade-in and basically is a cash deal? Is it silly to find a car I want, make an offer and set back and see what happens. I am not in a hurry to purchase. I can turn in my current vehicle anytime after late May that I want.

    The only rub is that it has to be a 2009 and can not be a demo. Our company leases through a third party and it is a mileaged based lease, not a month based. I asked about purchasing a demo unit with a few thousands miles and they said NO.
  • tmikebtmikeb Posts: 18
    Anyone heard any grumblings about May 2009 Rebates?
    I am guessing they are going up... a bunch.

    I reviewed the sales of the Maxima and Altima since August. The numbers look horrible regardless of what the dealers are telling us. Year over year sales:

    AUG 08 +15%
    SEPT -19.1%
    OCT +33%
    NOV -37.2%
    DEC -16%
    JAN 09 -30.3%
    FEB -38.4%
    MAR -26.4%

    AUG 08 -.5%
    SEPT -42.4
    OCT -18.5%
    NOV -45.3%
    DEC -31.2%
    JAN 09 -34.7%
    FEB -31.5%
    MAR -37.8%

    I am interested to see April's numbers that should be release next Monday.
  • tmikebtmikeb Posts: 18
    APRIL 2009 Sales Numbers Year over Year for the Month

    Maxima +62.7% - nice recovery, but still -17% for the year which has to be a huge disappointment in the first year of a model overhaul.

    Altima -46.9% and -37.7% for the year. I am thinking some big rebates are coming on Altima's.
  • spuds09maxspuds09max Posts: 2
    I just purchased am 09 SV w/ Premium, mats and splash guards. The MSRP was $37,355, best deal I could get was $31,300 + tax and tags. I had one dealer offer an addition $100 off but the 35 miles further was not worth the effort.
  • spuds09max,

    Did your price of 31,300 include the additional $1000 rebate that was available towards the end of April? I am looking at cars with the same MSRP now and the best anyone will quote me in the Boston area is 31,750 given that the extra $1000 rebate has expired.
  • realhawkerrealhawker Posts: 30
    Went to cars direct and lease calculator web site

    my numbers

    2009 maxima -3.5 SV premium/tech spoiler/mats

    MSRP 39,430
    Invoice $35,921
    Sell price: $34,821

    Lease details:
    12k a year
    56% residual
    .00108 rate
    39 mo.
    mo. payment = 413.46 including tax

    probably going to wrap up a deal like this today - anything at or under this I would be ok with.
  • tmikebtmikeb Posts: 18
    Maxima rebate is back through June 1.....$1250.00.
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 19
    realhawker, can you give your regional location? That sounds like a great deal as I am looking for the same but have only gotten a dealer down to $35,930 in the first round of negotiations.
  • realhawkerrealhawker Posts: 30
    in NYC tri-state area. If a dealer bites, ill let you know who.
  • spuds09maxspuds09max Posts: 2
    Yes, they said and my paper work reflected the additional $1000 rebate. However, as I was working with other dealers and went back to them after the additional rebate came out they said they would not come down any further. There explaination did not make any sence to me. At the end (last 2 days of the month) while working with 3 dealerships I felt that I was at the bottom of what I could get. One dealer offered to take $20 more off but said this was as far as he could go.
  • Thanks for the response. I wonder if they knew the additional rebate was coming ahead of time and had already factored that into their quote assuming you wouldn't close the sale until after it was available. I seem to be hitting the same kind of wall at around 31,600 on a 37,355 MSRP with just the $1250 rebate so I am going to assume that is a decent price since I've already had a few smaller dealers tell me they flat out they couldn't match it.
  • ohohohohohohohoh Posts: 5
    Today, I got a email which said $7,900 off for Maxima. But no detail.
  • saxony902saxony902 Posts: 5
    I just purchased a SV with Tech package for $30650. This was a little less than $7k off MSRP I couldn't believe it!

    My negotiation strategy:
    1. Found a dealer on ebay with published discounted new car pricing.
    2. I used this as my basis for negotiation. I included the URL link of the dealership in Maryland so they could see that I was serious.
    3. I emailed 6 local dealers and found one that would beat the price.

    The email negotiations were great the closing experience stunk! Although the price was worth the aggravation.
  • mrlddstmrlddst Posts: 10
    I'm currently looking at a Used '09 Nissan Maxima SV Sport with Tech. It has about 8300 miles on it already. I live in VA and the dealer is asking for about $32,900 what do you think I should ask for it?
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 19
    I would go for lower. The $32,900 is less than $2k off invoice and it already has 8,300 miles on in!! Try for $30,000 or less. With that many miles already on it, you don't know how it's been driven and by who.
  • I just purchased am 09 SV w/ Premium, mats and splash guards. The MSRP was $37,380. I got it for $31,750 + TTL. That includes the $1250 cash back. Invoice was $34,077. We have 2 locals dealers here and they were competing for the sale. I can't believe how great a deal that is, I'm too happy!">
  • lolodlolod Posts: 1
    I just agreed to the price of a 2009 maxima sport with tech, mats. MSRP was 38500, got the car for 27500 + TTL with a trade in of a 2003 VW Passat with 60K miles on it. KBB gives 8K in excellent condition, but I had a few dings and dents on the side. Figured got the Maxima for about 32500. What do you guys think, should I go through with it, good deal?
  • After seeing some of the deals people got here on the new maximas, I went looking to see if I can get one for $32k - $33k. Sticker was $39k for the car I wanted. I wanted to take advantage of 4.99% rate they had advertised for 60 months. With $3k down, i figure payment to be about $600 inc tax. If I traded in my vehicle, which has $4k negative equity, i figure payment to be about $700 for 60 months.

    They came back wanting $5k down and $570/mo for 84 months. I understand they want to negotiate, but I was speechless and felt insulted. Was I justified in feeling this way or did they give a legit counter offer? Paying total of $52k for a $32k + $4k for my trade in didn't seem like a good deal.

    Another note - I used Nissan's calculator to estimate payment for $29k financed at 4.99% for 60 months. This was about $550/mo. The dealer told me that there was no way that was correct. Was the Nissan calculator that offbase or were they pulling my chain? Didn't leave me with a good feeling about this place.

    I'm new to all this, so I do appreciate your opinions and comments.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,972
    60 month payment for $29K at 4.99% is $547.13..

    It's just math.. :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • kbh1kbh1 Posts: 3
    Just rec'd following lease offer good through today: Maxima 3.5SV, tech pkg, xenon lights, bluetooth, floor mats, splash guard, cold pkg:

    MSRP: 37,405
    Sales Price: 32,595
    Residual: 20,572.75 (55% of MSRP)
    $738 down (I think includes first pmt, but need to clarify)
    39 mos, 12k per year
    Mo pmt: $408 (incl tax)

  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 19
    What's the money factor (lease rate/interest rate)?
  • kbh1kbh1 Posts: 3
    Actually ended up getting the SV, premium package for almost identical figures as above. Mo pmt with only about $800 down (incl first pmt) would have been $407. They gave me about $1,400 for trade which brought the 39-mo. pmt down to $364. Felt good so I got it...

    Lease rate is .00108

    p.s. I heard the May programs have been extended a bit...not sure for how long.
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 19
    Nice. That's the same lease rate as May. It may drop for June, but I wouldn't think by much.

    I've had mine (SV w/ prem+tech) for just over two weeks now and it's been great. Still working on figuring out all the bells and whistles. Taking it on a long drive in a few weeks and looking forward ot the experience.
  • kbh1kbh1 Posts: 3
    the May lease rate and overall programs ran through 6/ of the dealers I had worked with called me today and said "good news...they extended the program..." surprise, surprise! Anyway, last night I test drove both the SV with premium pkg and SV with sport pkg...I must say that I do miss the handling on turns of the sports pkg, but I liked the monitor, display and rear-view camera too much on the premium pkg and that's what broke the tie. Good luck with yours!!

    btw, this forum was an excellent resource for me as I headed into the price negotiations...I must have spent two hours plus looking over all the posts and it really helped. Thanks for all the posts!
  • I loved my 2002 Maxima. great power 255 hp. 28+ mpg. I traded in at 120K miles. I regretted it as it was a great car.

    I like the way new Maximas looks. Altimas coupe looks good but Maximas look great.

    My question is the price though. Those who can get $6K off the MSRP, more powers to you. But still that put the price in the low $30K.

    Isn't that the same price as the G37? What makes Maximas a better deal?
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