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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in Reading PA and I am willing to drive up to 100 miles (this would include NY, MD, NJ and VA). I am looking for the lowest price on Maxim S with carpets, splash guard and trunk mat. MSRP about 33,000. Has anyone bought such a car and for how much.

  • rosunnyrosunny Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    I am looking at some 2011 SV with premium and tech. I may sound aggressive but this is what i saw online. Truecar shows MSRP as 40,360.00. The dealer invoice is 36,977.00. After the holdback the dealer cost is 35,896.00. If I take 3000 rabate and 2500 dealer incentive plus 500 nissan finance offer, it takes 6500 off the 35896. So the prices point came to:

    35896 - 3000 - 3000 - 500 = 29396.

    Which is a great number. Am I being realistic or this is not correct.
    Please let me have your valuable inputs. As I am not sure if I should go negotiate around 30k number or wait till jan 2012. Also I am trading in 2011 Accord EXL with 140k miles which should give me about 3k break if not more.
    Thank u in advance.
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    trading in a 2011 with 140k miles????? wow.

    also, i think your numbers should be 35896 - 3000 - 2500 - 500 = 29896. I'm waiting for tomorrow to find out the 2011 incentives for this month. Hoping they will increase it to 4000 or better. My local nissan dealer has many many 2011s on their lot.
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    2011 Maxima: $2500 cashback remains the same until January 31, 2012
    0.0% APR financing for up to 60 months or 1.9% APR financing for up to 72 months PLUS $500 NMAC cash for well qualified buyers* OR $2,500 cash back**
  • tga01tga01 Posts: 40
    Does anyone know what the finance rate for 60 months would be if you take the 2,500 cash instead of the 0% apr financing.

  • tga01tga01 Posts: 40

    When you get a chance, can you please post the January 2012 Lease rates/residuals for both 2011 and 2012 Maxima for 24 months with 15k miles.

    thank you so much !!
  • Does anyone know what the current incentives for the 2011 Maxima are for a purchase not a lease? I am having a hard time finding them online. Approximately how much off of MSRP are the dealers letting them go for?

  • What would be a good price to pay for a new 2011 Maxima SV with an MSRP of $37,825?
  • mtpetemtpete Posts: 9
    Purchased new this week.

    Sticker - $34k.

    Paid - $29k.

    I was happy with that.
  • mtpetemtpete Posts: 9
    My local dealer cleared out their last two '11's for about $8k off of sticker.

    Offer them 30 flat and see what happens.
  • I live in the Hartford CT area and looking to get best out the door price on a 2011 Maxima SV with Tech, Premium, mats and splash guards - MSRP is typically just over 40,000

    Can anyone direct me to a dealer where they had a good experience and great deal - can drive 50-75 miles out. Further for a great deal

    Seems like there are still a fair number of 2011's still out there
    Thanks, Bob
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    I would offer $32,000 and see what happens.
  • simmersimmer Posts: 10

    yes start no higher than 32 and be very firm. The dealers may want the most they can get, but come the end of the month :) They may well take 32K I looked for about 4 months DAILY

    I opted to be a Max (2009) last fall, wanted a 2010 but was unable to find exactly what I wanted with options. I spent 24 even, but got my second choice color and all the options you could posibly get. Now Ive owned it for about 6 months I would say, get the SV, get the Tech and Nav packages.
    The hands free Nav (and phone) is worth the money.
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    Only $24,000 for a Maxima? Which dealer?
  • simmersimmer Posts: 10
    dont get too excited, it IS a 2009 model, but its fully loaded, 38K miles when I bought it. Good price, not great price.

    Manchester NH Team Nissan.
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    In that case, I think I did good by getting one for $24,600 brand new.
  • Hi, I am in CT and I recently test drove a few SV's and not finding exactly the color combination I was looking for in a 2011.

    What I am finding is for a 2012 SV Prem and Tech, Mats, splash guards, etc with an MSRP of 41500, with rebates, and financing through Nissan (there's a 500 rebate for that) best price I am seeing is 34,400 before tax, title, doc.

    For a 2011 SV with premium, tech, splash guards and mats with an MSRP of 40,735 the best price with rebates and financing thru Nissan is 32600.

    I did find a 2011 SV with Premium,mats, splash guards, and the dealer would put in the NAV (making it equiv to tech pkg with a best price of 31,000.

    I am ready, willing and able to buy today or tomorrow prior to rebates but dealers continue to play the usual games.

    The questions I have are:

    Thoughts on the deals above and if I can do better?

    -Shouldn't the 2011's be priced better? (although new, they are 2 years old and the real value seems a few thousand less than the best deal I can find - I would think they would be really dealing on these since the 2013's will soon be on the doorstep)

    -If I locate a 2011 in a color combination I can live with with premium package - any issues if the dealer adds Nav vs. finding one with factory installed tech package.)

    - I can wait another month and I would think the rebates will be the same or better next month, anyone have a sense of offers for next month.
  • genie2012genie2012 Posts: 2
    Yes that sounds good. Dealers in the NJ area are offering for around 6-7 under the MSRP. Can you please confirm the dealer and the model/optoins for your 24600 purchase?
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    I purchased it back in 2011 in Austin, TX at Round Rock Nissan. It was the lower end S model. The only additional options were window tint and mud guards.
  • I purchased a new 2011 SV with prem and tech, mats and splash guards for 29500 + doc fee
    msrp was about 39,725 crimson black

    some other SV's I looked at had MSRP's that were about 350 to 400 higher since they had the spoiler.

    I'll pick up the car this weekend

    Also for those looking for demo's, I saw but did not lock quickly enough, an SV demo with prem, tech MSRP of about 40110 had approx. 6K miles for 27,700.
    Most dealers do not price the demo's realistically in my opinion

    there are still some 2011's out there, but color choices are limited.
  • smiley10smiley10 Posts: 24
    Seems like a good price, I am going to look at one this weekend they are asking $31,900 however I will offer no more than $29K.
  • genie2012genie2012 Posts: 2
    Wow! This is an excellent price - over 10 grand below the sticker! What was your out the door? Congratulations!
  • tropotropo Posts: 15
    I live outside Philadelphia, PA and looking to get a 2012 Maxima With Premium and Tech package.
    What is a realistic price I should look for?
  • Most I looked at had an msrp of 41205 and I was at around 34 there were some with lower sticker - I think some did not have the spoiler that 336-338 was what I was finding without going into the dealer
    When I went to the dealer yesterday to pick up my car it was slow, so this weekend they might be ready to deal. good luck
  • I purchased out of state. There was a 249 doc fee and in Ct with all the reg fees and taxes there was another 2344. I had a total of 4k in rebates and in Ct and likely other States those are subject to tax :(

    All I can say is with just my 100 mile drive home this is one sweet ride!
  • dmac34dmac34 Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    Hello I live in GA,

    Today I leased a 2012 Maxima 3.5 SV with Premium Technology Package Total MSRP$41,110.

    Total Gross Capitalized Cost = $35,125

    39 month lease @ 415 per month "including" tax

    Money Factor - I can't remember but it was tier 1 I think 0.00186

    Residual Value $21,502

    $1000 down

    15k miles per

    Please let me know if I could have done better or if this was a good deal.
  • seanf68seanf68 Posts: 1
    Looking to purchase a 2012 SV equipped Monitor and Cold packages with a check from my Credit Union for 26 even and a trade with about 3-4K equity in it. Am I offering too little? It seems like Maxima's are not moving. Also if I am asked if I am interested in a 12 Altima again, I am going to scream. Thanks.
  • I went by the dealer one night last week on a fluke and saw one of two Maximas he had left, an SV and an S with dark wheels and dark trim on the headlights in a silver paint. I fell in love. You know you're in lover with a car when you stop after one look and spend an hour in a half lit dealer lot looking at every line of the car and the sticker at least four times. She had a must have, blue tooth hands off phone connection built in, she lacked nav which I, after having a nav car, actually wanted to leave off after almost having two accidents while messing with the distracting screen, and she had comfy cloth seats which I also lean toward after having leather for years and finally coming to the conclusion leather was not better since it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter (thus heated and cooled seats and the cost of them to cope with the leather which also costs more).

    The next day I drove her out for $27,000. Brand New. She is a beauty and at 27k three time the car you get elsewhere for just a few thousand less or a few thousand more.

    I'm happy. Very.
  • smiley10smiley10 Posts: 24
    Could you post name of dealership who had the SV left.
  • jspagna1jspagna1 Posts: 34
    Bought the wife a white SV with Premium/Tech. Package with the black Panoramic roof about three weeks ago now. Had them add a rear spoiler on it and remove the 3rd brake light for me. MSRP was $41,000 and after rebates and negotiations got the car for $34,000 before taxes. Traded in out 2010 Acura TL Sh-AWD which they gave us $28,500 for it and ended oweing them about $6,500. I'm satified with the deal.
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