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Acura MDX Accessories and Modifications



  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Since we're on a roll here, I'll just say that my '04 has also been bullet-proof. It will be 5 years old in october and has never let me down (knock on wood).

    That being said, I've never towed with it. :shades:
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Smart move. My 2007 has been nothing but trouble. What a shame. Drives great, just has problem after problem.
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    My 2007 has 15,000 miles and no trouble at all. You may have just gotten one of the bad ones (or maybe I got lucky and got one of the good ones?).
  • Has anyone installed these items by themselves? The running boards do not look too difficult to install, but the hitch package seems to be a bear. Any help would be appreciated.
  • trickydicktrickydick Posts: 37
    I just bought a 2008 MDX without a roofrack or a trailer hitch. I take my kids' bikes with us to the shore (2 hour drive) just 2-3 times a year so I am looking for a bike rack I can use to transport their bikes. I don't want to break the bank adding a roof rack or trailer hitch. I'd prefer a strap rack, but the major manufacturers (Thule and Yakima) don't seem to recommend a partcular strap rack for this car. Any suggestions about a make/model that I can use safely and with little risk of losing my bikes off the back?
  • youdriveyoudrive Posts: 5
    Hello, I would surely recommend getting a good 2" hitch even if its not from Acura directly. You have already invested a fair amount and using any other rack type will only damage your tail gate and or bumper. I have seen too many of those dents from the strap-racks and the hitch can come in handy for other purposes later on perhaps. Amazon has lots of decent 2,3,4, and even 5 bike racks that are hitch mounted.
  • trickydicktrickydick Posts: 37
    Other than Acura, who do I buy a hitch from? What do they cost? I leased my Acura (3 years) so it doesn't seem to make much sense spending upwards of $500 on a hitch and bike rack.
  • spark763spark763 Posts: 13
    Installed this weekend, took about 3 hours on my 2008 MDX. Saved $350 that the dealer wanted to have them installed, they would not lower the price. A few steps in the installation are tricky. They look great.
  • kaabobkaabob Posts: 6
    I'm also thinking of installing them myself. How did you complete step 8) Secure all the bolts and nuts you installed. Torque the flange bolts to 27 N·m (20 lb-ft.). How did you know how much torque (quantitatively) to secure the bolt?
  • Does anyone have some good pictures of the "Fender Well Garnish" Accessory installed on their MDX? Acura part # 08P21-STX-200. Are you happy with the look? Were they easy to install? What are they made of? Do you think it was worth the cost? Thanks in advance.
  • Or does anyone know a website where there is some good "before and after" pix of an MDX with the Fender Well Garnishes (# 08P21-STX-200) installed? IMHO, the stock photo on Acura's website doesn't show them very well.
  • have you looked at

    you might find some pits there
  • dyc3dyc3 Posts: 6
    Just purchased 09 MDX Sports. Interested in putting on running board or step bar for my wife and kids.

    Please advise
    1. board vs. bar
    2. OEM vs. Westin vs. Gladiator
    3. best place to buy

  • Has anyone hardwired a radar detector to a 2006 MDX and do you have suggestions on the best method to do this?
  • Hey Chuck,

    I have an '04 that I have an Escort hardwired high.
    For me, it saved me much frustration by paying Circuit City $29.99 to do it.
    If you still want to do it yourself, check out where I am also a member. The guys over there can help you out.
  • A lot of it is personal preference, went with the MDX Sport Running boards on ours, mostly because I liked the look. Most adults really don't need them, your kids will love them. As an adult, I find myself naturally stepping directly down to the ground, if the running board is wet or muddy, your pant leg touches it if you aren't careful.
    If you aren't in a big hurry, watch ebay, there are some dealers allowing their parts departments to sell anonymously to move inventory. Got mine from a dealer in the NE for $380 (delivered).
    A couple on-line sites are & If you want to give your local store a shot, see if they will match an offer you see on-line, their prices aren't written in stone. Good Luck.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    What is the best installed price ppl have paid (for an 09 MDX) on thse accessories:

    1. Sport Running Boards
    2. Cargo Tray (no installation neccessary so just need invoice price on this)
    3. Fender Garnish
    4. Front Lower Garnish
    5. Rear Lower Garnish
    6. Body Side Molding
    7. Roof Rails
    8. Hood Air Deflector
    9. Cargo Cover
    10.Moonroof Visor
    11.Door Edge Guards
    12.Cargo Net
    13. First Aid Kit

    On the 'Roof Rails' for an 09 MDX I've seen ppl say they paid $271 installed and I think some have gotten lower then that but I had a dealer try to charge me $346.50 for the same thing.

    for the 'Body Side Molding' I've seen ppl pay $238 installed but I had a dealer try to charge me $282 so there seems to be a wide range of prices for the accessories which tells me its an an area that consumers overlook, because they are concentrating on getting a good price on the vehicle.

    I think some dealers try to gouge the customer who gets a good deal on the vehicle even more with the accessories because ppl don't do their due dilligence on accessories and it seems to be harder to find out the invoice price even on these accessories let alone what ppl are paying. Plus there can be a difference in installation/labor cost from one area, state , or dealership to the next.

    Please let me know where I can find the invoice price on the 09 MDX accessories and better yet what ppl are paying plus how to figure out what is a fair installation cost on these accessories.

  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368 is cheaper then and
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    please list your installed price on any of the MDX accessories.

    personally I am looking to compare installed price on the following:

    1. Fender Garnish:
    2. Body Side Molding
    3. Cargo Cover
    4. Moonroof Visor
    5. Front Lower Garnish
    6. Rear Lower Garnish:
    7. Hood Air Deflector
    8. Door Edge Guards

    I have been using as a reference for price on the part but its hard to determine the installation/labor cost for each as it seems to vary depending on dealership.

    I may just order from there as long as the shipping is free or cheap and then take to a shop to have installed or try and do myself or at a friends shop.

    but please share your installed price on factory accessories here.
  • hodog16hodog16 Posts: 53
    I paid $97 for the sports running board installation. The front and rear lower garnish cost $190 total for both to be installed (the bumpers have to be removed before they are installed) by an Acura dealer.

    The cargo cover should cost $0 as you should be able to do it yourself, just make sure you buy the right type (with or without power tailgate).

    Haven't bought any of the other accessories so can't help you there.
  • Hi,

    I have a question, but, I didn't know where to post it. Sorry if I am posting it in the wrong forum.

    I was planning on moving a ping pong (table tennis) table using my friend's Acura MDX. Has anyone been able to move it successfully? Or should I find a pick up truck for moving the table?

    Thank you.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Try Acura MDX Towing.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have an '09 MDX Tech. The rear camera has a fantastic wide (and to the side) view...BUT distance to the rear appears much FARTHER than it actually is. This make it totally useless in parallel parking in tight spaces, etc.

    This was very disappointing to me. My previous (GM) SUV had audible rear sensors, plus a visual 3-light system visible in the rear view mirror. That was a 2002 Buick. Acura is supposed to be so advanced.

    There are optional "accessory" back-up sensors available from Acura, for about $500 installed. The money isn't the issue, my problem is that it involves removing the rear bumper, drilling holes in it, removing the tailgate weatherstripping and left rear seat, as well as cutting into a section of wiring to get this installed. Will they be able to do this carefully, neatly, and safely?

    Anybody have experience having these sensors installed???

    Lou in NY
  • I recently bought a 2009 MDX with technology. Want to get the after market DVD entertainment system put in. Which system do you recommend? How much is usual installation? Do dealers install (if you buy the system)? I am in Atlanta area.

    Also, do you recommend any kind of accesory to be installed which can music from USB flash drive...maybe convert my aux jack to usb or something?
  • I'm in the market to buy a new car and have decided on 2010 MDX once its available. From what I've read HD Radio isn't an option, but I'm sure there are people who have added it already to the '08-09 models. I'm curious if anyone has tried adding HD with an 09, especially in conjunction with RES and Nav. :confuse:

    I know there's a whole new telematics system for '10 model year, but am curious if someone has tried with the current year, how its worked out, what issues there were. I don't want a debate on the merits of HD vs iPod vs Sat Radio, I know already that I want HD (along with XM and iPhone/iPod integration). I'm also curious if anyone knows if you can split the audi feed front to back (so the kids can watch their DVD while we enjoy XM/FM or CD). Thanks in advance for the commentary! :)
  • If you like HD radio or any other sort of decent quality listening, you will not want to buy the MDX. Listen to the Bluetooth first and then ask why they have not done anything to make the sound at least as good as whats in the other Acura models. Its so blurry / dull that you can barely understand a conversation while driving at low speeds. They port the sound through the AM channel of the radio and as such the AM radio sounds piss poor as well. Just check it out. Thats all I'm saying. I own a 2005 MDX and made the mistake of buying a newer one thinking it should be at least as good as the 2005 and there are so many things that still are not as good as the older models.
  • Youdrive, thanks for the insight. I haven't found a bluetooth solution I liked yet. While not critical, its important to me. My wife had a loaner X3 and for fun I tried the phone link through bluetooth and thought it wasn't half bad. Last night she told me she was more interested in an X5 than an MDX, so we'll have to see. Off to reading more posts on X5s...
  • Any suggest for 2009 mdx grille guard/bull bar? just protect the car when park on the street from time to time. Or i have other options? :confuse:

    Thanks much.
  • It's a sophisticated crossover vehicle, please don't put a cow catcher on the front or I will have to laugh at you. :P
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