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Acura MDX Accessories and Modifications



  • I am looking for Door Edge Guards and Body Side Molding for my 09 MDX in Dark Cherry Pearl. Need to find the best price for them. So far I have found
    Door Edge Guards $68.88 plus shipping
    Body Side Molding $175.00 plus shipping
    Please help me save some beans.Thanks In Advance
  • Lou, I'm in a similar situation, though with a base MDX model just purchased. Was wondering if anyone else has thought of getting dealer installed backup sensors v. getting a third party camera.
  • Just got the back-up sensors installed from the Acura dealer on my base 09 MDX. Love it and they actually did it very professionally. The two outside ones are actually body colored and the inner three are in the same color as the molding of the back bumper. It costs about $800 but I got it wrapped in the cost of the vehicle.

    Also got the body side moldings and chrome side step bars put on it and let me tell you it looks like a nice, sophisticated SUV now. It was plain-sided which was the only thing I didn't like about it. Situation fixed.

    To those that want to put a grill guard or something crazy like that - please do so and take the Acura symbol off the back for us because that is way out of character for an Acura. I'm just saying.
  • I'm having a tough time replacing the bulb from the foglight housing. My goal was to switch out the dull yellow foglights to a better golden light output. I followed the instructions to a T but I seem to get stuck on where to pull, yank, or push the inner fender apart. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks.
  • Where can I get discounted OEM accessories for my 09 MDX Tech. Most of the local dealers will only offer 15-20% discount. Online price are cheaper but when add shipping it comes to the same price as dealers. Any help is appreciated.
    Happy New Year to Everyone
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I'm in the process of purchasing a 2008 MDX. I would like to install headrest DVD players and step up rails soon after I get it.

    Does anyone have feedback on the competitor brand step rails versus oem rails? I see the oem rails cost around $500-$600. The competitor rails can be had for $200 or lower on places like ebay.

    Also, has anyone had success and could recommend a good headrest DVD system, I want solid build quality in the DVD players that match perfectly (have an oem look).

    I would like to get a decent deal on these, but I definitely don't want to make my MDX look "cheap" by putting shoddy accessories on it.

  • I have an 2009 MDX with the standard 18" wheels. The new 2010 has a dark 19" "chrome look" wheel that i'd like to purchase. The best price I've found is from bernardiparts for $337. Hopefully my local dealer can match it.

    I was told that the 19" wear out a bit quicker but what are the advantages if any to a larger wheel? The new dark finish looks awesome.
  • The 19" rim or tire wear out quicker? Bigger rim can mean better handling, especially on track day. Otherwise it's asthetics. Oh, and a harsher ride overall.
  • In order to keep the same circumference a larger wheel/tire must have a shorter sidewall which will mean a harsher ride, everything else being equal. It will also probably be a little wider which may improve handling, like upstatedoc says, but at the expense of less traction in winter if that's a factor. Also for the same tire make and model it will be more expensive to replace.

    I agree that the primary benefit is improved looks, especially on an SUV where most drivers are typically not looking to test the limits of their vehicle's handling dynamics.
  • Was your sports running board installed by Acura dealer too? The dealer in my area asks for $175 plus tax for the installation. They quoted it as 2 hour labor.
  • With AcruaWorld unfortunately no longer in business I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the following online acura parts sites. (or others)

    Acura Parts Super Store

    they say that they sell genuine acura parts and the prices certainly look pretty competitive.

    Bernardi Acura Parts

    again looks like genuine acura parts.

    and then
    Curry Acura (which I have seen mentioned in the forum occasionally.)

    They each seem to be better than the dealers for price.

    Any opinions on these or other places to get accessories?

    I am getting close to pulling the trigger on a 2010 MDX Tech/Ent and I am just trying to get the pricing/info on accessories before starting the buying/negotiating process. Seems like you can burn a fair amount of dollars if you do not shop around. Hate to grid through the base vehicle negotiates and then give it all back with over priced accessories from the dealer.

    Anyone have any experience in buying the parts and having a dealer (or others) install them? I am reasonably handy and can install some basic stuff , but do not have a garage so very weather/climate dependant and not so easy in the North East.
    I am looking at roof rails/bars, trailer hitch and wiring harness, running boards, body side molding, wood shift knob, and several interior options of mats, covers, trays, etc ... (the interior stuff I am sure I can "install")

    Seems like even at dealer install rates you can still save a fair amount buying on line. Warrantee issues may get a bit more difficult but they all claim to have original Acura parts. Seems like they would want the business even if only the install.

    Anyway any advice, pointers, or experiences would be most appreciated.

  • Quite a few Acura dealers are selling online on ebay. They come with original dealer receipt and any dealer should obey Acura warranty. I got chrome side steps, backup sensors, door edge guards, body side molding so far from Curry Acura, Acura of Memphis, Open Road Acura of Wayne through ebay. You can always go to Acura e-store and calculate installation cost.
  • I would like to get trailer hitch for my 2010 MDX. Dealer is asking about $900 with parts and labor. What do you think about after market version? Does it look same? Will it make any other noice like it did in my old 2004 Pilot?

    Please give me your feedback.
  • paulwardpaulward Posts: 2
    Go for the after market. I put an after market hitch on my 2008 myself and it was easy and cheep. About $250 and it looks better than the factory hitch. On the 2008 version the factory hitch has two electrical plugs on the outside which makes it look cluttered. My hitch is just the hitch - very neat. They provide a wire harness that just plugs into the cars wiring on the left side at the rear of the car. It just sits in the storage area and when I want to use it I hang it over the bumper and close the lit on it. My car did not have a fuse in the main fuse box for the hitch. The car manual show where it is so just get one and plug it in before you check wiring. I don't remember the supplier but they did have an excellent video on the web that showed you just how to do it. It would be easier with two people for the lifting but I did it by myself.
  • Do you know which brand is your hitch and model number if you have it. Also, Can you put a picture online?
  • Anyone tried to install Thule 480R rapid traverse feet on a 2010 MDX? The "model specific" fit kit measurements are too narrow for roof mounting. Even though the kit is for "2007 and newer" model years, I wonder if the 2010 is wider than previous years. If you have experienced this problem and/or a solution, I'd love to hear!
  • I piece of the black molding on the back passenger side of my sport running board fell off. Is it possible to get that piece and have it fixed, or am I going to have to get a whole new running board?
  • bradcabradca Posts: 12

    Is your running board still under warranty? When I bought my 2010 MDX I was told the running boards have 1 year warranty, 3 years if you installed it at time of car purchase.
  • snowzsnowz Posts: 4
    Has anyone installed a remote start system in their MDX? I am contemplating on installing a Viper 5902 on my 2010 MDX. My sales rep at an Acura dealer told me that it may not be in my best interest to install a remote start since it may not work all the time due to frequency interference. Also, can anyone recommend a professional shop that specializes in alarm installation in the NY/NJ area with a reasonable pricing? Or should I just go to the dealer and have it installed? A Long Island shop that works with a Mercedes dealer quoted me $650 for installation and part. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • I have the same problem. I just got the 480R with 1549 fit kit for our 2010 Acura MDX. Did you find out the correct measurements? I was going to call Thule, but they are not open till Tuesday.
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