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Audi TT



  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    look on the sidewall and tell us the "treadwear rating" number. Chances are, the dealership may be correct.
  • johnxyzjohnxyz Posts: 94
    Love the TT styling (who doesn't) but is the large price difference justified for essentially the same vehicle? Also, struggling with the reliability issues you often hear associated with TT's. Comments? Thanks, John
  • I've been looking at TTs and will probably buy one in the next week. I've been debating new vs. used. I noticed that almost every TT (especially the quattros) seem to be 225s. And of the 2002s that are starting to show up on the market, almost all of them are the ALMS edition. So, I'm wondering if 180s haven't sold or if there's some other reason that people are trading in 225s.

    I have a theory, but what do you folks think?

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,325
    It could be that the 225s have been turned in off leases. The 180hp is a much more affordable car (for financers and buyers on somewhat of a low $30K budget), while a 225 sells in the high $30's (low $40's) and is a more attractive car to lease. Just my opinion.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • I have not read or posted in a while. Here are some comments on previous posts. I have driven a 180 TT Quattro in Wisconsin for going on three winters in all kinds of weather with absolutely no problems with a set of Blizzaks on 16 inch wheels. It is great in the snow. I would not try it with standard high performance tires.

    I will need to replace my standard tires (17 inch
    Bridgestones after about 20 -25k miles next spring when I take the snow tires off. I complained to the dealer several times about road noise this summer but he could find nothing wrong. When I changed tires to snows this week I found the left side tires, especially the front, to be severely worn and cupped on the inside edge. This is definitely the cause of the noise because the snow tires sound fine even though I noticed the start of the same type of wear on the inside edge. The car is going in for an alignment check next week.

    Any suggestions on tires to replace my summer tires? Does anyone have experience with other brands on the TT?

    I had the noise problem (rattles) with the rear cover and it was replaced by the dealer and is now fine. The new cover has some rubber washers that help to keep it from vibrating. I also had a vibration from the rear trim along the back window that fixed by the dealer. I think he just wedged something underneath the trim to stop it from vibrating.

    The only other problem I have had is two replacements of the turbo wastegate under warranty.

    The car now has 45,000 miles on it and runs and looks great. Still gets a lot of looks and great comments. I recommend one to anyone.

    I also just bought an Audi allroad for my wife with the twin turbo V-6. Anyone have any experience with this vehicle?
  • mp_flmp_fl Posts: 2
    I am not sure how many of you have had these annoying, unsafe, non-value defects that the Audi reps give a run around.

    My car is: 2001 TT 225 quatro 18k miles, GPS, Bose Premium sound, Premium Pkg....Lake silver/Denim blue

    I have ECO light coming with power going down to 50%, turbo stopping (as a ECO effect), fuel display erratic, speedometer erratic, GPS requiring fuse reseating etc. They replaced parts in it (GPS computer, instrument cluster, cable harness, connectors etc), and after 5 times, it still reappears sporadically. I am in arbitration with BBB and Audi but I am afraid BBB will side with Audi. These problems cannot be reproduced on demand, and does not seem to leave a trail (fault code), But BBB insited that a inspector "test drive" to reproduce them ... Hah!!

    I have found that a lot of the TTs have this problem, as well as some other Audis and VWs.. I just want them to buy my car back.. I did not expect this much troble for $42k!! When I had the BMW, I never had any problems!!

    Please let me know who else have these defects...

    The car is cheaply made in Hungary, and it only "looks" nice... fit and finish are not worthy of a $42k car!! and Audi's customer services needs to learn a thing or two about customer satisfaction...

    Mohan P.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Has anyone out there bought a body kit for the 225 Roadster? I'm looking to update the look of my 2001 with bigger wheels and a body kit. I don't want anything too outrageous, just a sportier look.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a good source? Thanks!
  • i just got a TT last week, im only 18 years old, i hope all you old ppl envy me because im so great. LOL Ive been flicked off 4 times already by ppl in mustangs and other piece of craps.
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    Cool dude. And it's other pieces of crap, not piece of craps. If you're going to talk like any idiot on this forum you should at least get the verbage correct.

    From an old prsn
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    I haven't bought anything from them but I've visited the web site. Check out
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Thanks for the info. I'll definitely look at what they've got.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    For 2003 Audi will introduce an upgraded TT, it will have 3.2 liter engine and 250hp especially a good increase in torque.

    Also a special racing transmission never before in the streets, it consist of a double clutch, that allows to engage two gears at the same time, when is time to engage the next gear can be engaged in fractions of a second.

    For more details,

  • 18 years old and just got an Audi TT? Get real! Did your daddy buy that for you? Geezz, no wonder people are flipping you off. I don't envy you one bit LOL!
  • LOL...I owned a Porsche 914 when I was 17, and even though the car only cost me $3,500, I was chased, flipped off and almost run off the road. It was crazy. In hindsight, I had no business owning that car, but then again my Dad had insisted. I had just wanted a brand-new Rabbit. This kid is probably suffering from having an irresponsible Dad who happens to live vicariously through his kids. Not that an 18-year-old would mind, but hopefully when he grows up he'll realize how unwise it is to hand a car like that to someone on a silver platter.
  • The new Golf GTI with the turbocharged 4 is great car and also is very practical. The TT gives little real-world performance edge, although Golf GTI suspensions are a bit too soft imo. From a design point of view, the TT is a modern, industrial work of art. That's worth a lot, but the question is how much it's worth to you. Since your question was centered on whether it's worth the difference, I'm pointing this out because the design is the only real difference (unless you want to pay up for all-wheel-drive or built-in navigation), other than prestige. Oh, and you can get a sunroof in a Golf, but not in a TT. As for reliability, figure about the same...but not so hot, from everything I read and hear. If it bothers you to spend $40k on a car that will have annoying problems, there's another reason to buy the Golf.
  • I am Looking to buy an Audi TT but I am somewhat young and concerned about insurance cost. I will probably purchase a base 180hp tt coupe fwd. How high is insurance on a TT?
  • I'm not your demographic (i'm a 34 y.o. female), but the TT (i have the 225 hp roadster) is cheaper to insure than my mustang (base model) was. that was a shocker to me.
  • I have an offer on the table for a used 2000 TT with 40k miles at about 20k and includes a 2 year bumper to bumper warenty. Does this sound about right or to good to be true.

    I have also done research on JD powers and Consumer Reports and both seem to imply that the TT is very unreliable. Is this true? Will this car spend most of its time in the shop or on the road. I will have to drive it to work every day which is only 3 miles one way. My wife and I thought it would be alot of fun to drive on the weekends but if I am going to have to drop tons of money into it just to maintain it than that makes me nervous. Please HELP!!
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    I'm about to sell my '01 225Coupe for about 5k more than that. It has almost 50k on it now and now that it's about to run out of waranty it's been very reliable. The fact that you can get an addiontional 2 yrs is a bonus. Buy the car and don't worry about it.

  • Thanks for your response although I have to wonder why are you selling your TT after only 2 years? Also, do you know why Consumer Reports and JD powers both give the Audi TT a very low reliability rating? Is it because these cars require alot of work due to all the cool stuff it has.

    I guess I am nervous since the only sports car I ever purchased was a Dodge Daytona about 14 years ago and it had all the cool stuff (i.e. turbo, electrical systems, etc) and it was also broke down about the entire time I owned it. But that was not nearly as expensive as a TT.
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    I'm selling 'cause I tend to hold on to things too long and just feel its time for a change. I love the car. As far as reliability goes let me relate my little story which I'm sure is something that is factored into reliability reports. Between the two or three times I've taken my car in for something that was wrong and the four times for oil changes(I did take it elsewhere for in between oil changes)the dealer managed to screw something else up while they had the car four of those times. Wasn't the cars fault but it must reflect in reliability reports. If the car you're looking at is anything like mine most if not all the problems have been encountered and have been taken care of. Will the seller let you look at all of the repair invoices? Also have you checked to see if the recalls have been complied with?(There have only been two on my model) Also there are a couple of websites you can go to and research typical problems that may be particular to your car and you can check that against the repair invoices. Hope I haven't scared you but Knowledge is power.

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I concur with ugly1's comments about the TT. My 2001 Roadster has only been to the shop for unscheduled maintenance six times. However, on three of those six occasions, the dealer screwed up something else. When the struts for the convertible top were replaced, the technician forgot to reconnect the power to the glass windblocker. When the convertible top's header lock needed adjustment, they adjusted it perfectly--as long I didn't mind the water leaks. When they performed the recall repair on the rear suspension, they didn't do a correct wheel alignment. All of these problems were fixed free of charge. Other than gas, oil, insurance, and cleaning supplies, I have not had to spend a dime on the car.

    All in all, my TT has been very reliable over the two years I have owned it. It has never left me stranded and any problems have been minor. The car is virtually free of squeaks and rattles and it looks and runs great. I highly recommend the TT...
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Volkswagen/Audi in Massive Recall

    More than 850,000 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles --
    about 530,000 sedans and hatchbacks sold in the
    U.S. alone -- are being recalled for a faulty
    ignition coil. Volkswagen announced the recall last
    week, noting that the problem could cause spark
    plug failure and rough running, which is usually
    indicated by the vehicle's "Check Engine" light.
    Most of the cars affected carry the VW corporate
    1.8-liter turbo four (which includes the Audi A4
    and TT coupe; the VW Golf, GTI, Jetta, New Beetle
    and Passat), the 2.8-liter VR6 and the 3.0-liter
    V6 engines, as well as the VW Passat's W8.
  • I am close to buying the TT (used with 38k miles)but I am not only now wondering about reliability but I am also wondering about the average repair cost if you are not under warenty. The used Audi has a 2 year warenty but I am nervous about what happens after that. Edmunds has some reports that show some of the maintenance costs and it looks like eveything cost more but Shocks are like through the roof compared to a normal sedan. What is the likelyhood that I will need to replace the shocks in 5 years. What other expensive problems should I be concerned about? Thanks again!!
  • hey fellas, i have a 98 volvo c70 Coupe (in gold),....had it for a few years now, and i have no major complaints about the car, its served me well, no problems what so ever, nothing but routine checkups and such, considering trading it in and adding a little extra and getting a TT. i could use some feedback on what year to consider (based on quality and dependability, not $$). also some feedback if there are a lot of maintenance or little problems here and there.
    note, im only considering the coupe, and is the 180 hp enough or is the 225 really worth it ?
  • I have had a 2001 TT Roadster 180hp for over 2 years and it has been a very reliable machine. The only maintenance I've done outside of the regular oil change was the replacement of a turbo valve which, for some reasons, started to generate some whizzing noise everytime I shifted gears. It was replaced free of charge. The car rides great and I really have no complain.

    However, I echo ugly1 and vinnyny's comments that Audi's service (at least through the dealer I go to) on my TT has been less than satisfactory. The metal strip (beneath the door) with TT imprinted on it has part of its original plastic sheet stuck on it since the car was new, and everytime I bring it in they said they don't have the parts although I called 3 weeks before and told them what I wanted to get fixed. Another occasion they left a tool in my engine compartment after an oil change, I was wondering what was rattling in my engine when I opened up the hood and saw the tool. I wasn't impressed with this dealer's service at all.

    Other than that, I love the TT!!
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    As the post above I also had problems with the bypass valve. I think most of them did. Other than service created problems the cars been great. Here's a short take on the screw ups. Plastic deal that holds the bottom of the window on the rail broke-replaced-forgot to hook up speaker wire-had to take car back. Had an oil change-had an oil leak-filter was loose-had to take car back. Had the rear link recall done-forgot to put brake dust cover on right-was making a helluva noise by the time I got home-had to take the car back. Left the shipping rubbers in the front springs-my neighborhood mechanic took them out for me-gave them to the dealer next time I was in. Love the car not the dealer. Originally drove the 180 and loved it but when it came time to buy I thought why wimp out. Sorry to all who have the 180 but there is no comparison between the two. But now its time for something new and different. Anyone want a nice '01 225?

  • Hi!
    I don't own a TT, but I was reading through the Audi FAQ online and saw something about a radar monitoring sensor for top-down protection. What is this all about? What is it for and what does it do?

  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    You must be refering to the interior movement sensor which is part of the cars anti-theft alarm system.
  • maxwellamaxwella Posts: 17
    IIRC, older models of the TT had alarm protection when the top was down and the alarm activated. however, i read this system caused a lot of problems, and the capability was eventually removed. i have a 2001 roadster, and do not have the top-down sensors.

    fwiw, couchguy, i love my tt and wouldn't trade it for anything else right now. i do have a 225 hp model...i think it's the only way to go. reliability has been great. i do have one annoying rattle, but i've never been in a roadster that doesn't.
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