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Chrylser PT Cruiser Owners: Meet the Members



  • :shades: I just found this site thanks to Dale.

    I have the 03 Dream and a 2007 Tangerine

    my 03 dream has well over 114,000 smiles on her. a very fun car that I love to drive.

    so wont you please help us save the PT
  • I bought a new 2007 pt cruiser in the base model three months ago after driving Fords ffor forty two years. Absokutely fell in love with the pt. So much I traded my wife van for another pt cruiser except the touring edition. Get great gas mileage 22-24 in city and 28 -29 on the highway. We're both retired and love the easy entry and exit of the cruisers and you actually sit up high and can see the road from the seat without stretching your head. Nothing but good of the pt cruisers.
  • ptdaveptdave Posts: 3
    Congrats on being a Two PT family also. just watch out for the mod bug. once bitten your back account will be depleted. but a lot of fun doing it your way.
  • kronykrony Posts: 110
    Give it some time and the mileage may improve. I have an '06 5 speed manual Limited with 8200 miles and getting 24-25 in town, started at 19-21 the first few months. I did put a cold air intake on a month ago so not sure if the mileage is from it or just breaking in more.
  • Calling all proud PT Cruiser owners! Whether you ride factory or modified, soft or hard top, new or old, we are looking for photos of you with your PT Cruiser to showcase in our new online PT Cruiser community.

    As you well know, the community of PT Cruiser owners is quite unique and Chrysler wants to show the world just how strong of a community you really are. If this is something you would be interested in, click here to submit your photo. Be sure to include your first name, first initial of your last name, city and state, and any other information about your PT that you would like to share.

    Don’t be bashful, if you love your PT and want to show it off, *click here to email your photos! (Make sure to read the fine print)

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Sean T.
    Chrysler Online Dialogue Representative
    Chrysler Information Center
    1-800-CHRYSLER / 1-800-247-9753

    * By submitting your photograph(s) into the Chrysler Group, you agree that Chrysler LLC ("Sponsor"), Organic, Inc., BBDO Detroit, LLC, ("Related Entities") and assigns of each shall have, without further obligation to you, the royalty free, fully paid up, non-exclusive right to copy, publicly display, broadcast, publicly perform and use, worldwide in any online media now known or hereafter developed, including but not limited to the World Wide Web at any time, subject to the availability of your photograph(s) in the group, your Flickr user name(s), portrait, picture, likeness submitted photographs and titles to the photographs (if any) as news or information and for advertising, trade and promotional purposes solely in connection with the Chrysler brand marketing materials without additional consideration, without notice, and without additional compensation unless prohibited by law.
  • I bought a 2002 PT Touring Edition when it was new. I have 54,000 miles and many,many mods. I love this car. The only thing I have had to do in the 6 years I have had it, is replace the battery and brakes. Can't beat it.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Hello: I had purchased a 2001 PT and liked it so much that once I saw a 2005 turbo convertible on the lot next to my neighborhood, I bought it. Mainly because I thought the white with black top looked sharp. Unfortunately it has high mileage for being an '05. Are there any recalls or things I should know about?
    Thanks so much, Bill in Orlando
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