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Instrument panel problems. 2003 GMC Envoy.

kari11kari11 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in GMC

Hey all,I was given a 2003 GMC Envoy by my landlord,everything pretty much works,except the instrument panel,it works when it wants to,and the speedometer will not work at all,and the check engine and airbag lights are on. The engine and airbag lights stay on all the time but the instrument panel comes and goes when it pleases,and ALWAYS comes on when it's about to run out of gas. Really,really need this truck legal can anyone help me?? Please?? I do not have much $ so hoping for a somewhat easy fix


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    tireguytireguy Member Posts: 200
    The check engine light and airbag light are probably indicative of problems not related to the instrument cluster. As far as the cluster goes, you can pull it out and send it to circuit board medics, in Greer, SC. They fixed my Yukon's cluster for $150 in a single day. I don't believe there's a cheaper option, other than buying the stepper motors on eBay and whipping out a soldering iron.
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