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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pvillipvilli Posts: 7
    Looking to buy a 2009 A4 2.0 CVT with premium plus/black metallic paint. Got a recent offer for $34,244 (does not include tax, tag, and dealer fee). Invoice on this site is listed at 32,818. My plan is to get around 1,000 below invoice. I think that I can get a better deal but wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts.
  • jms493jms493 Posts: 18
    So this afternoon I went to Jack Daniels Audi in Ramsey, NJ. I was going to test drive a A4 2.0T Quattro in Deep Sea Blue. Well the Salesman called me at around 10:30 am and said that the car had been sold that morning. Bummer, but no big deal. He said we could find you the same car without much of a problem.

    Therefore I test drove a silver one and the ride was quite nice. This is my first time driving an Audi. The 2.0t is quiet but before you know it you are going 80mph. The ride was very comfortable and like i said very quiet, it was nice to be able to talk to my girlfriend without have to repeat myself every time. The car was what I expected, luxury and sporty at the same time. Now the color.......I really wanted Aruba Blue b/c it looks very sporty and that is the look i like. When my girlfriend saw the DSB she said it looks like black and she didnt want that. So I got my way with the Aruba blue and Gray interior. She be easier to keep clean.

    Now to negotiations......the fun part. The car's MSRP was $38,000. I pitched him $34,500. He was a little bit worried about that bid but the guy was very cool and appeared to be fighting for me. When all is said and done and me making him go back and forth with the SM about 4 times. We met at $35,200.......My goal was $35,000. So i was pretty satisfied. When the SM realized I knew my stuff and was up for some haggling he came over and helped close the deal.

    Overall I was VERY happy with JD Audi in Ramsey. They were quick and did not push me at all. At one time he wanted to talk monthly payment and I brought him back to the PRICE of the car.....the most important thing. he said problem. The salesman was very nice and didn't try and push anything and generally didn't talk to much. The only thing was I question his knowledge of the cars. i don't expect much as these guys are salesman and probably not car guys like us.

    I pick the car up Friday and we shall see how the rest of the transaction completes. I was in and out in about an hour and 15 mins.

    I would recommend them, their pricing was the best so far from calling around and they seem to have no problem haggling. I could have probably walked out and talked them down another coupole hundred, but I was pretty exhausted of all the research I have been doing and calls i have been making. I am glad i am all done and cant wait till Friday.

    now on to ordering some VMR wheels....those stock wheels have to go!! Thanks to all the people on the board and the info posted as it helped me 10-fold in closing the deal.

    I post this to help anyone in the market
  • jabeevajabeeva Posts: 15
    Thanks to everyone on the forum for your help. I was able to negotiate a purchase price of $35,955 including Conquest (basically invoice, less the conquest money) on my 2009 A4 Avant Prem Plus. Could probably have pressed harder/shopped around more, but my final price is still $3,700 under MSRP and I've been on the hunt for a car for a few months now. So, I was happy to get the deal done.

    One last question: What are the finance rates on the 09 Avant. I'm financing for 60 months, b/c . . . why not. I thought the rate for 60 months was 3.9%, but the dealer is now quoting 4.9%. Is this correct or a last minute bait and switch? I'd like to get the deal done, but will walk if this business manager is just blowing smoke (it's the principle).

    Any help is appreciated.
  • According to Edmund's site, in my area (CA) financing terms are as follows:

    Financing Start: 05/05/2009 End: 07/06/2009
    1.9% APR Term: 12 months
    1.9% APR Term: 36 months
    2.9% APR Term: 48 months
    3.9% APR Term: 60 months
    4.4% APR Term: 66 months

    Restrictions Special APR available on Standard, Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige models. Vehicle must be financed through the manufacturer's captive finance company.

    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.

    That said, ask the salesperson for your credit score to make sure that something funky isn't going on like your score being unusually low making qualifying for best terms not do-able. If you have great credit, check the listing (and other Audi dealers in your area) to see what others around you are able to do.

    Also, did you get VW finance to eat any of the payments? I know up until the end of May, Audi manufacturing / VW Finance was going to take the hit on the first two payments. I ended up paying zero down, financing for 36 months to increase the payments, and making them eat as much as possible. Ask other dealers if this incentive is out there...they may not tell you up front and quite frankly, I think it's really Audi who takes this hit (not the dealer) but there might be some incentive for the dealer to not give this money away so easily. It's in the loan docs that Audi manufacturing pays the first two payments. FYI, no salesperson I spoke to offered it as I chatted with them until I mentioned it well into our talks. I say this because if they didn't have an ulterior motive holding this info back, they should have mentioned it right at the start of our conversation to draw me in.

    Finally, make sure you remember to deduct the sale tax on the car for your 2009 IRS filing if you can thank Congress for that.

    In summary:
    1) check with other Audi dealers if there's a manufacturer's incentive to eat any payments for financed purchases
    2) check Edmunds and other dealers for their best rates on 60 mon financing
    3) check your deal to make sure your credit score isn't screwing things up or maybe it's wrong or something
    4) all the while, work the other dealers too just in case this sales person is jerking you around...try to have a solid back up offer so you can walk away...
    5) if you can wait another week or just before the end of June, perhaps they'll cave

    I think you have a pretty good deal in hand but I think there's potential room to make it great. Don't let fatigue catch up when you are so close.

    May the force be with you. ;)
  • bellefaxbellefax Posts: 10
    Thanks for posting bear_4_life. My dealer offered 4.9% on 60 months, despite my squeaky clean history (including a prior 36 month lease with Audi Financial) and a 753 auto beacon score.

    Anyone have luck getting 3.9% on 60 months as bear states above? I'm curious to know what kind of credit score is required for that.
  • anithaanitha Posts: 15
    Bellefax...I got 3.9% for A4 (60 months) in Columbus, Ohio. My credit score is around 740 .
    First he offered 4.9%. I told him that another dealer is offering 3.9% (which was true) and he agreed to 3.9.

    Which state do you live in?
  • bellefaxbellefax Posts: 10
    I'm in Washington Anitha.
  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    Sorry I didn't reply. I don't recall getting an email w/ your post, and I've been super busy and not had much time to read lately. If you're still looking, holler back at me. Don't know if I can offer much, but I'll be glad to share what I know.

    Again, I apologize for not getting back w/ you sooner.
  • Bellefax - you're a current Audi customer right? I thought I saw you have a lease on an 06 A4 or something. I'd think that with your score, and loyalty incentives (you are getting something for being an existing customer, right? Cash back on the purchase?), they'd give you the best rate. I was able to get 1.9% for 36 months without any hassle here in CA with the state's economy in turmoil.

    Check the Audi website for "Loyalty" or call other Audi dealers nearby asking what a credit score like yours should qualify for rate-wise for 60 months. Maybe Washington is really that high (on the low end for people with good credit), but I doubt it.

    Or are you trying to secure financing to buyout your current lease? The rates quoted on Edmunds, etc... are for new cars. I really couldn't tell you what financing on existing leases for purchase might run.
  • bellefaxbellefax Posts: 10
    Thanks Bear. I've been told by an out-of-state dealer that those rates are also valid on CPO vehicles.

    Dealers in my area are incredibly reluctant to discuss finance rates - can't get a straight answer from anyone. I'm thinking they hold those back as a way to make a percent or two on the deal.

    Anyone out there who can speak to rates in Greater Seattle area (esp. on a CPO car)?

    (P.S. Yes Bear, I'm an existing Audi customer, but am hoping to buy out my leased car as a CPO)
  • phils33phils33 Posts: 1
    I just got a quote on a 2009 A4 3.2 premium plus for $35,900, which includes the $2000 owner loyalty money. MSRP was $41,300. Good deal?
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    Invoice is $38,462. I would shoot for invoice -$1500 before the loyalty. So you should get it for $35,000.
  • lokaklokak Posts: 10
    Just got an offer for 2009 A4 2.0 CVT Premium Plus with chrome exhaust for $33,825. MSRP is $35,955. I have great credit and got 3.9% APR for 60 months with Audi making the first two payments.

    Also, they're quoting me $299 for ceramic tinting, I'm not too sure how much this usually costs, but I didn't think tinting would be that much.
  • new7new7 Posts: 2
    I’ve read the recent buying experiences in this post, very helpful. I got my offer today for a silver metallic A4 2.0 premium plus for $34,300 and 1.9% financing for 36 moths. I do not qualify for Loyalty/Conquest rebate, but the dealer will pay the first 2 payments and I’ll take care for the rest 34. The sales told me, including everything (TTL), my final payments will $1045.95/m for 34 months. So the add up total will be $35,562. Does this sound like a reasonable deal? I’m planning to get the car next week. Thanks.
  • mattydmattyd Posts: 21
    Got a quote last week for a 2009 white on black 2.0 A4 quattro sedan w/ Premium Plus (Premium here), auto, no options: $45 799 bfr tax if financed (2.9% up to 72 mon), or $44 299 bfr tx if cash. It's from a broker, but one of the dealers I test drove at said he'd likely be able to beat it.

    Salesdude said they just had their best ever quarter (Q1), so they're not likely to go much lower (it's true). I personally think it's still way high. Anyone in Ontario (Toronto or other area) do better?
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    Was the MSRP $38,350? If so, you got a good deal. Where are you located?
  • new7new7 Posts: 2
    MSRP $37,875. I'm in PA.
  • blushtypeblushtype Posts: 2
    I purchased last week in the Montreal area a 2.0T Premium A4 at $3750 CDN under the MRSP.
    Until June 30th, there's a $3000 CDN factory to dealer rebate. The salesman gave it back to me + the metallic paint.
    I'm sure your dealer can do better.

    Good luck
  • mattydmattyd Posts: 21
    blushtype, was yours auto? quattro? Sedan? And the only option was metallic paint? What price did you pay before G/PST? The $3k rebate was offered to me for cash only; I imagine you didn't use Audi financing, right?
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    The MSRP looks odd, if I configure a Premium Plus with metal paint it comes to $38,350. I think in either case you got a pretty good deal.
  • blushtypeblushtype Posts: 2
    My car is automatic, quattro, sedan with metallic paint (Deep Sea Blue).
    I paid $43,695. CDN before taxes including the $100.air conditionning federal tax, preparation and transportation.

    You're right, I didn't use Audi financing.
  • mattydmattyd Posts: 21
    A broker at gave me the "invoice" pricing for the 2009 Audi auto quattro A4 sedan w/ Premium package, and some options. (Quotes are 'cuz I haven't independently verified w/ CCC, APA, etc.)
    car only 41 346
    Add profit 1 650
    PDI 995
    freight 800
    admin 295
    air/gas taxes 175
    reb. if cash -3000
    Total bfr tx 42 261

    Other options and their invoice cost that she told me about:
    Sport pack 1 638
    met paint 683
  • jms493jms493 Posts: 18
    Yeah that is a great deal it's $900 less than I paid for the a $38,400 MSRP
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    I probably could have pushed the price $200-300 lower but didn't want to take a risk since the 2009 inventory is getting thin. So I got an automatic Premium Plus 2.0T Quattro with metallic paint (Silver). No other options besides Premium Plus.

    -$1,000 (Conquest)
    -$1,877 (Two payments by Audi)

    I only calculated the principle for the two payments by Audi, if you included the interest for two months as well it would be a bit more. I negotiated the price to include the dealer doc fee which would have been over $200 normally. Price does not include TTL, just the car and the doc fee. I'm in New England if anyone cares.
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    For the 2.0T, quatro, automatic A4 premium plus with all weather floor mats, exhaust tips and wheel locks. The MSRP on this is $38,785 and Edmunds has a TMV price of $36,578.

    What can I really expect to pay for this.

    TIA for any help you can give me. I'm really awful at negotiating and I need to know what to expect!!!
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    See what the invoice price on Edmunds is and try to get invoice-$1500. Potential rebates not included in that number.
  • mnemonsmnemons Posts: 3
    I paid $37000 for a 2.0T Quattro automatic A4 with Prestige Option, metallic paint, exhaust tips, wood trim, and Audi care.
  • emattsematts Posts: 6
    So, it's now Friday and I have the weekend to decide on this.

    I was offered the following deal:

    A4 Quattro Premium
    Quartz Gray
    iPod interface
    Rear/side air bags
    NO heated seats

    My cost $470/month, $400 out-of-pocket. 12,000 miles/year for 36 months.

    I'm not a big car shopper and wanted to know how I did? I think the sticker was $35,750 which was the highest priced Premiums they had on the lot.
  • mnemonsmnemons Posts: 3
    I am wondering whether you are aware that the A4 with premium option does not come with the R8 inspired LED Daytime Running Light. (You might want to take that into consideration.)
  • emattsematts Posts: 6
    Yes. I'm aware the LEDs don't come with Premium. However, I'll never see them. And the dealer wasn't making any deals on Premium Plus.
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