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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bujimobujimo Posts: 2
    yes, that's where i bought from, i think they have 3 to start with and are all gone that day. that's the standard 3.2 which has all the things in a premium plus package of a 2.0T
  • mliangmliang Posts: 3
    I am looking for 3.2 too.
    I would appreciate if you could tell me your deal in detail. I knew there is 2000 incentive and 3000 market support. what is the invoice for your car.
    If a car invoce is 38397, how much should I pay before tax and title and fees?
    Thanks for your help.
  • iloveaudi,

    Sounds like a good deal.

    I just picked up A4 2.0T Premium Plus package @ $34,300. I had no luck with combining the 1.9% with MM either.

    Go for it!
  • uthumveeuthumvee Posts: 28
    What is the residual and MF on a 2010 @12k for 36 months?

    Anyone purchase a 2010? I'm being offered 2010 Premium Plus with navigation and Brilliant Black for $39,375.. MSRP is $40,375..

    That's only $1,000 off.. Anyone get anything better?

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    you should be able to negotiate $800-$1000 over invoice and that includes part of the "administrative fee". Negotiate $ over invoice...not discount.....and I'm sure you're a savy enough buyer to ignore the "additional" sticker items that some dealers add on....special protection packages, special wheels, mats, stripes. If they say "they all have them"...tell them to call you when they find one without all that profit packing.

    I would try to negotiate another $500 off, based on the invoice price.
  • cjsuncjsun Posts: 3
    2010 A4 2.0T Quattro Premium
    Heated Front Seat
    Bluetooth, Homelink.
    Audi Music Interface & IPOD
    Deep Sea Blue

    MSRP 35,475
    Invoice 33,376 + 475 (Color Adjustment) = 33,851

    Got price from dealer: 33,000 + TTL

    I'm contributing the info to board, hope it helps other buyers.
    I am eager to hear your comments on this deal.
    Am I paying too much... ? or it's a fair deal ?
    Appreciate your comments !!!

    (All 2009 models are gone, so have to go to 2010 model.)
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Has anyone actually seen a 2010 Audi A4 with the premium plus package (new tail lights)? My dealer has the premium and the avant premium....says they haven't received any premium plus cars yet.
  • What is your experience of this car? I'm in the market for a new car, I have heard from a dealer once that with Quattro Turbo 6A, the car needs to be brought to dealer after the first 1k for service, any truth to that?

    I'm thinking of one with the following options,
    WPT Prestige
    5MG Dark Walnut Wood Trim
    4X4 Rear Side Airbags
    WL3 Wheel Lock Kit

    The invoice showing $40,889, the MSRP is $43,905; I'm curious what everyone would recommend I should offer to the dealer, should I offer a figure like $42,500 including taxes and fees?
  • I bought my 2010 p+ last week. Haven't seen any others on the road though.
  • I just spoke to one the sale guy in MD, they have the followings:

    1) Deep Blue on Grey with upgrade sound system, nav and Premium Plus ==> MSRP $42,100

    2) Black on Black with nav and Premium Plus ==> MSRP $40,375

    3) Dark Grey on Black with Prestige Package ==> MSRP 44K

    What do you all think I should offer for anyone of these cars?
  • How do you like the car so far?
  • So far I love it. It's a smooth ride, handles great, and has very good pick-up. Seats seem to be very comfortable, but my longest ride so far has been a little over an hour.

    I got the nav package and have been slowly learning how to work all the functions of the 3G MMI. The car does so much more than any car I've driven (granted that's not a huge sample, but...). I definitely like having the controls down by the shifter better than on the dash board. It's so much easier to use. I'm also a big fan of the voice recognition. Bluetooth is very nice also since I usually drive alone. Being a manual transmission, never having to touch my phone to make/receive a call is a huge help.
  • Pricing out a 2010 A4 premium plus, the TMV always seems to be equal to the MSRP regardless of configuration.

    There's no way that's right. Is this just because there's not enough data yet? Obviously I'm not going to take that to the dealer.
  • anithaanitha Posts: 15
    TMV is based on the average price paid by the other customers in that area. There might not enough data points for 2010 models to generate real TMV. That is probably the reason why you are getting TMV=MSRP.
  • anithaanitha Posts: 15
    OOops..I missed the "lack of data" in your post.
  • cb77cb77 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. After reading this board and other Audi forums for the last couple weeks I was able to secure a 2009 A4 Quattro Premium this weekend. Here are the details
    2009 A4 Quattro Premium with auto trans
    Quartz Gray Metallic
    Heated Seats
    Not a current Audi owner, no trade or C4C involved
    Bottom line was $30,800 before ttl. That's $1800 under invoice and right on TMV

    I got the same price range from 3 different dealers with a couple others being higher. I got my quotes over the phone to narrow down who I wanted to work with.

    I also got mid 4% for 60 months.

    I know there's not much time left for the current promotions but hope this helps someone. Also, there aren't many 09's left anywhere.
  • claweaveclaweave Posts: 25
    I just bought my A4 Premium Plus on Saturday. The sticker was over $38K as it included the chrome exhaust tips and all-season mats (will be nice in the winter here). I paid $33,150 and also got free window tinting as well. I came in approved for 3.99% up to 60 months from the Pentagon Federal Credit Union ($15 to join for anyone) and the dealership ended up getting Chase to give me 3.74 so I went with them...

    The dealership has 2 more (black and not sure about the other color) of the exact same care. They are also selling their 2009 loaners (less than 8K miles) for $30K. I have never been happy/not disgusted with a salesperson before but I have to admit this guy was great! Next time I go to buy, I will be driving to see him first!

    Let me know if anyone is interested in finding this dealership/salesman in the midwest.
  • Can you tell me where you found the 2000 incentive and 3000 market support numbers? I was only able to find 1000 incentive and 2500 market support via edmunds.
  • Any comments on whether this is a good offer?

    2010 A4 2.0 Premium
    White with beige leather
    Heated seats
    Blue tooth and homelink
    Wood trim

    MSRP $36,225
    Selling price $32,702
    Lease at $458 a month for 36 months with $1818.92 out of pocket(includes 1st mo.)
    12k miles per year
    Money Factor .00160
    Residual 56%

    Thanks for any comments....this stuff is not my strong point :>)
  • You didn't mention, but you are buying a 4wd auto car (?). since the invoice on your car is 33,748, it sounds like you have an audi owner discount...and if so, you are paying $500 over invoice which is a good price for the car.

    If you don't own an audi....then maybe there is already some marketing money on the 2010s...if so, please let me know.

    As far as the lease goes, I don't understand why your out of pocket is so my previous posts. I would expect an out of pocket of $458 plus registration and required taxes only.....which would be maybe $700 total, depending on your state. All fees like administrative fees, bank fees should be rolled into the lease....not paid up front.
  • indeed was for a Quattro AWD. The out of pocket included the first months payment, acquisition fee of $625, licence and reg. of about $580, and small cap cost reduction of about $200. It was my request to have about $1800 out of pocket. That was what I was comfortable with and I was already pushing my monthly payment
  • I have the following deal pending:
    Premium Plus and Navigation, manual transmission
    MSRP $39,175
    Selling price $37,074.55 (invoice of $36,492 + $200 + tri-state ad fee $187.55 + port and prep charge $195)
    36 months
    15K miles per year
    Residual 53% (52% plus 1% for adding Audi Care for $740 paid for separately)
    Taxes and fees up front
    Monthly $545.65

    Does that seem reasonable?
  • audi care and the "fees" should be rolled into the lease....not paid up front. $500 over invoice for a 2010 sounds like a good price (call it ad fee, port/prep charge, whatever).
  • kcrakcra Posts: 2
    2010 A4 quattro, manual transmission, sport package-- meaning it's lower, 18in wheels, sport seats, etc., white on black interior... i am in love with this car. looks like this car was a show model at some point-- which i will hopefully be able to use in my favor...

    problem is i'm a female in a car dealership and i don't know cars well enough to determine where they can move on this deal:

    the lease option on the table-- their "final offer" is:
    36 months, 15k miles
    $1500 plus first month down

    I think the down payment is too high-- especially based on the other posts but I'm wondering what i should counter with... dealership is in miami.

    The msrp they are giving me is $32750 and believe the residual is 52%
    based on my experience with another audi dealer it seems like they should be able to waive the aquisition fee, the annual fee, and/or the initial fee in determining the down payment. is that correct?

    please let me know what you think--
  • You're doing great so least you are asking BEFORE you sign the deal :)

    I believe the MSRP on the car you want to lease is $34625 and the invoice is $ $32750 sounds pretty good...but then there are the hidden fees :(.

    Here's what you need to know (and tell us).

    1) what are they adding to the $32259 price. For example, are they adding any origination fee, bank fee, administrative fee, port preparation fees, advertising fees,......

    2) Ask them to run the lease with you putting no money down....your first payment will be your first month's lease payment plus registration fee and any taxes required by law. Note: you are not required to pay any other fees up front...they should all be part of the lease...and you should know all of the fees and why they are being charged.

    3) ask them for the money factor they are using (it will be something like .0018) and the residual percent.they are using.

    4) if you are buying audicare, they should add 1% to the residual.

    I am curious what's in the $1500 down..because it's more than title/registration and you shouldn't be paying it up front.

    give us all the fees and taxes they are charging you either as part of the lease or trying to have you pay up front.
  • Does any one have money factor and residual on A4 avant premium 15K/36month lease?
    would be greatly appreciated!!!
    (this board seems a bit more alive than the lease one)
  • Just searched edmunds page and notice that there are no incentives/rebates on 09 A4's/ I only saw lease specaials. Can anyone confirm???
  • How much of a discount should I expect on a 2009 leftover, compared to a comparable 2010?
  • kcrakcra Posts: 2
    first thank you so much!
    second, answers to those questions and an update.. made a little progress today but still haven't quite committed.. :blush:

    ended up at $32,200 for a adjusted capitalized cost (?)... he told me it was under invoice-- guess that part was correct-- the invoice he showed me was something like $33,175 with the MSRP of $35,350.

    with a 36 month lease and 15k the final deal was 1500 down (which included first month) and $516/month (7% sales tax included in that number-- think it was $482 or so before tax)... residual was 53% without audicare-- 54% and $533/month with audicare rolled into monthly payments. money factor was .00157.

    i asked about a 42 month lease and the MF went to .00177 and the residual dropped to 49% but monthly payment dropped to $500. with audicare-- residual went to 50% and monthly payment hit $513 or so...

    what do you think about 42 month leases? and is audicare worth it?

    I need to check out what all the fees were tomorrow-- got your message a little late today but he did tell me that the upfront fees/taxes totaled $1428... fees as far as i know included acquisition fee, registration, title and license fees-- not positive on the exact break down but i think the acquisition fee was $600. He said i could roll the fees into the monthly payment-- with only the first month payment down, montly would be about $550, including the 7% sales tax.

    i think tomorrow might be the big day... you think there's any room for them to move? the sales manager told me they can absolutely not go any lower anywhere bc they are already losing money on the deal. i dont know how true that is though...

    thanks again for your help!
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