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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    Let me fix this for you.... ;)

    1) The A4 is more expensive
    2) The A3 has the same exact engine as the A4.
    3) The A4 has the same exact power as the A3 (assuming both are the 2.0T model)

    I'm sure you can find some size and trim differences... but, the engine is the same..



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  • mck9235

    which dealer in maryland did you buy from?
    also, the price you paid, was that the out the door price? if so, what was the price before taxes and fees?
  • I just bought last week and I got mine for $37,775 (not including sales tax etc), MSRP was $41K and some change, and also got them to throw in the LoJack transfer fees too (only $150 bucks).

    All in all I am really happy with my price. I am in the D.C. Metro area and we have quite a few dealers in which to get competing prices. I did 95% of the buying online, I didn't set foot in any dealership until I negotiated the price I wanted first via email. For those interested I bought mine at the Tysons Corner dealership.

    I will say, that this economy certainly seems to be helping car buyers, even those in the market for mid/upscale luxury cars. I priced this same exact car last November (2009 model) before I got suddenly transferred for work for 8 months (so I ended up not buying), and the lowest I could get last November was $37,900.

    Dealership experience was as good as I've ever had. We'll see how their service dept is when I eventually take it in for service.
  • I found a dealer who has a few 2009 Audi A4s. 1 brand new and 3 dealer own/demos. What is a good price on 2009 Audi A4s these days?

    Brand New Premium Plus (no nav) 3.2L - $38,300 to start -- This seems high. How far do you think I can beat them down?

    Dealer Owned (5,000 miles) Prestige 3.2L w/ Nav - $41,300 - Is this high for an 09 Prestige?

    Dealer Owned Premium Plus 2.0T (6,000 miles) - $33,999

    Are these good deals or should I be optioning for a 2010?
  • jam21jam21 Posts: 5
    Can anyone recommend an Audi dealership in Southern Californina, preferably in the OC area? I am thinking of purchasing the base 2010 A4 and would appreciate if there is a good salesman out there who is willing to sell it at a reasonable price (below invoice if possible). :D
  • s0l0s0l0 Posts: 39
    All these are horrible deals. They should be at least $4000 less to be decent. For reference, I paid $31,xxx for a new Premium Plus 2.0T in July after all the incentives. It's now October, so a used with 6000 miles should be well under $30K.
  • Looking to purchase an A4 (auto, quattro,premium plus, sport (optional) soon and would appreciate some advice. I see that I have a few options.

    Purchase a remaining 2009. Are there currently any incentives or marketing support for the remaining 09's?

    Purchase a 2010. Are there any upcoming incentive programs that will be worth waiting for?

    Also looking for advice on dealers folks have used. I live in South Western PA, however I will travel to Ohio, NY, MD, and VA for a good deal.

    Thank You
  • spano1spano1 Posts: 13
    I just had a good experience at Pacific Audi in Torrance. Ask for Fleet Manager - Nathan Loyd. No games & willing to negotiate.
  • a4fansa4fans Posts: 7
    my experience with Mission Viejo Audi's been very positive. if you're willing to drive further, Hoehn's Audi @ Carlsbad offers really great prices.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I know its kind of early but does anyone know when Audi usually offer incentives or rebates? I was thinking year's end??
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    just bought an 09 A4 Front trak with 8k miles on it, blutetooth, Ipod for 25K + tax, doc fee, does that sound like a good deal?
  • That sounds like a good deal. Which dealership?
  • Have you received any offers yet? Just wondering if there are any deals now!

  • jahdaijahdai Posts: 2
    I got 2009 A4 3.2, auto, quattro,premium plus, $32.5K today.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    Luxury motors in Las Vegas
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Thats a heck of a price. Isn't the MSRP on this roughly 41k?? Almost 9k off. Where diid you purchase from??
  • jahdaijahdai Posts: 2
    Santa Monica Audi
    Freet manager Abtin took care it.
  • Just purchased a 2010 A4 2.0 quattro automatic with pearlized paint, premium plus package, navigation, bang and olufsen sound system, and wood inlays for $38,600 (paid cash and not including taxes etc.)
  • I believe it was $42,100
  • That seems like a good deal for 2010 model. 8.3% or $3,500 off MSRP.

    Which area?
  • Had a great buying experience at Elk Grove Audi, CA. They are a small Audi dealership with great staff. They got me a very good price for my trade in and located the car with the specs that I wanted. Ended up leasing the car for 36 months.
  • Sonnen Motors in Marin, San Francisco Bay Area
  • keek1keek1 Posts: 2
    can someone tell me if this is a good deal?
    2010 A4 Premium Plus, Quattro, Auto, Navy
    36 months, 12K year $1250 out of pocket $565/month
    or 42 months, 12K year $1250 out of pocket $547/month

    Thanks for your help
  • I'm looking to purchase an A4 2.0T wagon with 31,000 miles on it from a private party. The car is fully loaded with the S-line package, Nav,cold weather package etc, and he is asking $28K. The car has been serviced at one dealership with all records and is in good condition. Is this a good deal or should I be able to get if for cheaper? Thanks.
  • u2jrmwu2jrmw Posts: 13
    I am looking at a 2010 A4 Quattro Auto Prem+ with Navigation Black/Black

    MSRP is $40850 including delivery. Anyone suggest a target pre-tax price for me?

  • awd250awd250 Posts: 43
    that seems really high!
  • u2jrmwu2jrmw Posts: 13
    I could really use some help with figuring out a fair price on this.
  • One of our local dealers has a "used" 2010 A4 with 3-4K miles on it, it's got lots of options (quattro, automatic, premium plus, navi, moon roof, and more). They said it is the general manager's car...I can't find any info online regarding true market value of a used 2010 vehicle. What would be a good deal on such a gently used vehicle like this?

    If we don't go with this vehicle, we're looking at a 2010 A4, quattro, automatic, premium plus, navigation (fewer options than the used vehicle mentioned above)...MSRP $40,850....what can we expect when negotiating this car?
  • Just got delivered New 2009 A4 Quattro w/ prestige pkg + nav. 54 miles
    msrp: $44635
    paid: $38900
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