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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • samdcsamdc Posts: 5
    edited June 2012
    I'm buying it from a mitsubishi dealership this weekend, I've done some comparison shopping and now need some pro advice.

    Black over Black
    Prem Plus (no nav or camera)
    brand new tires
    coming off a commercial lease.
    $26,990 ask.

    I have a trade-in which should be worth $1000 but they sound like I could get $2000.

    With negotiations and my trade in, I'm hoping to walk away paying around $22,000. I will stress that I need to certify it etc.

    Does $22,000 sound about right?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    A Mitsu dealer can't "certify" an Audi.

    They could sell you a 3rd-party extended warranty, but that's about it..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • samdcsamdc Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply, I should have said above "I plan to certify it"....thus I will need to spend more money is my schtick with the salesman. I know they will not certify it....

    KBB has it valued at $26,080.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Is the KBB value wholesale or retail value?
  • samdcsamdc Posts: 5
    Suggested Retail....
  • escortownerescortowner Posts: 132
    What year is the car? If it's a 2009 I think it is too high.

    Also, it's just a terminology thing but you won't actually get the vehicle "Certified", but the best you can do is get a 3rd party Warranty. In my honest opinion, for the Warranty I would stick with going to your local Audi dealership and get their Audi Pure Protection Warranty. It is administered by Fidelity Warranty, but realistically it has Audi's brochures, letterhead and such. So if you ever get into a situation where they are balking at it you will have the strongest case for coverage.

    Also, I bought one of these and it worked great. I had about $10,000 in repairs made in my car over a 6-month period and they covered everything but my deductible without question. Finally I got tired of all the repairs so I sold my car to another Audi Dealership and cancelled my warranty. I got a check back for the prorated remaining value. So, my experience was great.

    In fact, I bought my warranty over the internet from a guy named Troy Dietrich and when I cancelled I gave all the right stuff and his dealership sent me a check within 10-days.

    My advice is on an Audi, always be under warranty and make sure it is the best one. I had my amplifier replaced and it was $2,000. So, get the Platinum coverage. Be warrned, the cost of the warranty will be between $3,500 - $4,000 depending on the age and mileage etc.

    Finally, when you get a warranty you must know that since it is not throuh the dealership at purchase it starts right away. So if the car has 18,000 miles on it save up for the warranty until you reach the mileage or original in service date and get it right before. I got mine when I had 14-miles left on my warranty.

    EG - if you get a 48,000 mile warranty, you are really only getting a 16,000 mile warranty because up to 50,000 you are covered.

    Now that I am done with my warranty lecture,

    Why wouldn't you look for a similar car at the Audi Dealership? you will be able to get the best total package that way likely.

    Finally (this is my opinion) - look at the total package deal. Many say to get the purchase price of the car first, then negotiate the trade in value. That's probably reasonable, but I would say know what you can get for your trade on the street, and look at the total combination between the trade and sales price of the car. If they say they will give you $2k for your trade, they will likely come back and say they can't lower the price because they are giving too much for your trade in.

    If the car is a lease turn in, then there was a pre-set buy back price. Im not sure how it works when it isn't back to an Audi dealership, but that value is probably really close to what they paid for it in the trade in. Take a look at other forums and see if you can find the residual value.

    If it was a 3-year lease on an A4 it is probably something like 50-55%, if it was a 2-year lease it may have been 60 - 65% of the original value. so take a look and see.

    Way too long I know. :)
  • samdcsamdc Posts: 5
    edited June 2012
    Great information, thanks. Here are the specs on the 2009 A4 2.0T again:
    Black over Black
    Prem Plus (everything but no nav or camera)
    brand new tires
    coming off a commercial lease.
    $26,990 asking price.

    Again, I have a trade-in which should be worth $1000 on the street but audi alexandria (va) yesterday told me I could get $2000. I will negotiate that after I negotiate the price as I have not even talked trade in value with this mitsubishi dealership yet.

    So with negotiations + my trade in, I'm hoping to walk away paying around $22,000.

    Does $22,000 sound about right? without taxes, title, reg?

    I am going to tell the guy (as a barganing chip) I NEED to certify it with a 3rd party or direct with Audi as you mentioned...may help this go even lower.

    Thanks alot everyone.
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    I am going to tell the guy (as a barganing chip) I NEED to certify it with a 3rd party or direct with Audi as you mentioned...may help this go even lower.

    only an Audi dealer can qualify the vehicle as Certified Pre-Owned, which has a series of benefits you can read about on

    the price you are being quoted would be a great price for CPO, but it's average to high for a normal used car. (18k miles for a used car is exceptional, and often only seen on leased vehicles.) CPO tags on $2k-3k due to the warranty, roadside assistance, and typically replaced items such as tires, floormats and brake pads.

    as noted several messages back I just bought a CPO 2009 A4 Avant, but there are a lot fewer of them in supply than the A4 Sedan, and msrp was lower to begin with.
  • samdcsamdc Posts: 5
    So, is $22,000 a good deal for this car below?

    Black over Black
    2009 2.0T Quattro
    Prem Plus (everything but no nav or camera)
    brand new tires
    coming off a commercial lease.
    $26,990 asking price.
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    Yep, $22k is a good price.

    Not that it matters, but premium plus isn't anywhere near 'everything but nav and rear view camera'. There were tons of other features in the 2009 model Prestige and S-Line options. They aren't worth it in my opinion, but my main point is that if you are thinking your car is nearly decked out... actually, no, it isn't.

    No question it's a well appointed car that you will love. Now go buy it! :)
  • dinglenutz1223dinglenutz1223 Posts: 4
    edited July 2012
    Hi all,

    I got back from a dealership in NJ, and this is what they offered me. This is for a 2012 Audi A4 Quattro, Premium Plus w/ B & O stereo for 15K miles / year.

    MSRP : $41,450
    Selling price : $38,008 (This is $1000 under invoice as he showed me.)
    My trade-in value : $13,500 ( I was hoping for $14,500 as I checked Edmunds, NADA, and KBB for the values, and $14,500 was the supposed market value for my car)
    Residual Value : 52%
    Money factor : .00026
    Registration : $396
    Bank fee : $695
    Doc fee : $349
    Tax : $332.58 (He said this is low because of my trade-in. this includes a $7.50 tire tax)
    My monthly payment would be $153.50 for 36 months.

    All in all, I was getting $1000 less on my trade-in than I was hoping for. And, I was hoping to knock the price of the MSRP down to $4000, rather than $3400. I was hoping for a monthly payment for $100-125, 125 being the max. I was over that amount, so I asked them to throw in Audi Care for the $153 a month. They balked, and I left the dealership.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Also, I'm thinking of reducing my miles to 12K miles, which would probably help my cause. I figure I might not need 15K miles anymore, as I did a lot of driving over the past 2 years, but I foresee less driving so I may not need 15K miles / year.
  • black with beige interior (I liked the wood trim on my 2006 A4 although they seem to have downgraded the quality for the 2009) I miss the drawers under the front seats, the storage compartment under the steering wheel, the side and rear sunshades, the folding side mirrors, it also doesn't seem as zippy as the 2006 with the 3.2, probably because it's bigger? All that aside, it's a terrific looking car with a smooth ride, I do like the MMI and the digital speedometer. It doesn't have nav or back-up camera which were fairly easy to add to my 2006. With the MMI I think i's going to be a bit more difficult (read expensive)

    So the original price was 32,998. It's a CPO with 21,000 miles on it. They came down to 31,929. After sales tax and document service fee of 250 the price was 34,806.95. Then I made a $5,000 down payment and a $7,000 trade-in, now we're at 22806.95. I got the GAP for $795 but have been since told to return it. Title fee of $250 then i opted for the Vehicle Service Contract at $2,999 (I've been told to return it as well. Any advice?) Then there's something called Total Other Charges and Amounts paid to Others on Your Behalf for $4,044. not sure what that is.. Ended up financing 26,850.95. Audi picked up the financing and gave me a 5.65% interest rate, which compared to what I've paid in the past is practically free, my last loan was at 17.88%. I did pay off a 6 year loan in 10 month though, so they didn't make much off me.

    So do I want this service contract warranty?
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    price sounds kinda high, to be honest.

    and regarding the 3.2L, if you had a 2006 Quattro that engine did have 255 horsepower and about the same torque as the 2.0 TFSI in your new car, but the 2.0 only has 211 horsepower. the new engine makes a lot more torque below 2500 rpm, though, so it should feel plenty strong in ordinary driving.

    the B8 chassis is definitely bigger but only modestly heavier-- around 60-75 pounds equipped the same.
  • jimmy62jimmy62 Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    Offered on 2013 A4 with MSRP of $43,620 and invoice of $40,631. No trade in. I offered $41,936. Rejected. Counter offer was $42,748. That is where the cowboy rode away. IMO a reasonable, if not generous, offer was met with a extreme opening position. The time and cost of reaching an agreement was more than I care to endure.........if this pattern prevails at other dealers my love affair with Audi is ending when I close on the sale of my 2003 A4.
  • The 2009 A4 Quattro is the 3.2, not the 2.0. I test drove a 2.0T, it was fine in town, but it didn't have have the guts I like on the freeway. So even though I only looked for a month, it seems the 3.2's are a lot harder to find. I could only find about 4 in the greater Seattle area. I had decided to wait until the end of the summer, but then the black one with the beige interior showed up with the wood trim and I caved. I heard somewhere that engines don't break in until 25k miles. I have no idea if this is true or not, but either I'm getting used to the car or it's getting faster. I decided to keep the Vehicle Service Plan after all. To add nav and back-up camera is going to cost $2,600 but that's definitely something I'll want to do.

    Will adding a dual cat-back exhaust, and doing the equivalent of chipping (today they just adjust the computer) make much of a difference? And what will it do to my warranty?

    Comparing my 06 3.2 and my 09 3.2, the 06 was much zippier. I miss being pushed back in my seat when I punch the accelerator. The 09 drives a little more like a luxury car than a sports car. I would describe it as having manners compared to the 06.
  • jimmy62jimmy62 Posts: 6
    I suspect he means
    MSRP $37,575
    SALES PRICE $34,895
    TTT $3,229.98

    OTD: 38125$
    My county sales TAX rate is 7%.

    First buy, so please give me some suggestions. Thank you guys~~
  • dmckee1dmckee1 Posts: 5
    I live in the Northern VA area, and have the following offer for a 2013 Audi A4 and wanted to see if I'm getting a reasonable deal:

    Price: $43,532 (all-inclusive - Out the Door price). MSRP was listed as: $44,060
    Audi A4 - 2.0T Quattro Titronic (8 speed, Automatic, AWD)
    Premium Plus Package
    MMI Navigation
    Ice Silver Metallic
    Audi Advance Key
    Exhaust Tips

    Thanks! Dave
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    You didn't provide enough information. Research dealer invoice and let us know your sales tax percentage.
  • dmckee1dmckee1 Posts: 5
    Dealer invoice is listed as: $40,389 - and the sales tax is 3%. Thanks! Dave
  • makhanakamakhanaka Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    Got a quote from a So-Cal dealer for -
    2013 A4 2.0T QUATTRO TIPTRONIC (Auto)

    List Price : $38,185
    Sale Price: $35,299

    After slight negotiation, we are at $34,399. Is this really good price? Since its labor day and end of month, can I push for better bargain?
    Also, she said EMI is at 3.99%. She says lowest they have been offering is 2% for good credit and I have a decent credit, not sure if I qualify for 2% tho.
    Should I go for outside finance as I feel in this economy it is easier to get 2%?

    Please reply at the earliest since I need to close this deal soon.

  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Personally I think you would be paying well over the average. Oviously they added in unnecessary charges. Two thousand over invoice is way to much. I've seen people pay from 0 to 500.00 on average. I would offer $40,600.00 plus tax and tags only.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    What is the invoice cost for this car? If they want the deal they will fight for you to the 2%. Don't back down.
  • makhanakamakhanaka Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    Thanks for the reply! I was so eagerly waiting.

    the MSRP is ~ $38200
    I didnt see the invoice. Was quoted 35300 and said they will take 400 off. and thats when I called them and took further 500 off. Now at 34,500 I am thinking of making an offer of 34000.
    TMV shows on both edmunds and TMV as ~$35,000.

    One dealer lost on closing a deal after I offered $34500.
  • dmckee1dmckee1 Posts: 5
    Great. Thanks for the insight. I'll hold firm at 40,600 plus tax and tags only and see what happens. Thanks again! Dave
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 110
    edited August 2012
    Is this a good deal in current market?

    Dealer Posted $32,850

    CPO 2009 A4 Avant
    Navigation Pkg
    19" Sport Pkg
    New tires

    They are offering $30.4k + Tax

    The car is in CA. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    That's a pretty good deal, assuming the car doesn't have any significant dings or scratches. (My CPO 2009 A4A does. :()

    The avant is a car that only appeals to certain people. I've had a lot of compliments on mine, but in reality, most people will buy the sedan or coupe.

    Therefore I would try to work further, but you might have to pay the $30.4k because there just aren't many of the cars to be had... especially with only 12,500 miles. (Mine had 23,500 and I thought that was pretty nice! :surprise: )
  • The invoice amount you mention looks to be appx. $1,000.00 too high. I am sure that car can be had for under 41K......the correct invoice should be something like 39,450.00....
  • Hi,

    I'm considering buying an 2013 A4 premium plus. The dealer I went to had one car that has a MSRP of 40170, pretty much a plain A4 premium plus with no fancy addons, which is what I need. After checking with the invoice price on, the invoice price of this car is 37421 with destination fee before tax. With a special policy between dealerships in this area and the company I work for, I can get a roughly 6% off the MSRP(by policy), making the price down to ~37800, which is about $300 above the invoice. This is my first car, and I don't know if this is a good price for a 2013 A4 at this point? Should I negotiate with them, and is there any price space to do so?
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Sure you should try to get them to come down, if you could get them down to invoice that would be great. If you walk out of there at invoice and not going for any extras you got a good deal. If you buy just 1 extra, warranty, tire protection etc., they got the best of you.
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