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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rmorin1249rmorin1249 Posts: 8
    edited December 2012
    I finished my negotiation on a 2013 A4 Quattro, Glacier White/black; manual, Premium Plus, Sport Package, MMI Nav, Audi Advanced Key. MSRP: $43,320; Invoice is $40,400; My Cost: $40,250. Local dealer has to get the car from another dealer. Hopefully the deal will work out.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2012 Audi A4 CPO


    Packages: Convenience + Style

    It was listed at $31.5K. Dealer isn't willing to come below $29600.

    Is this a good deal or should I try bargaining more?
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    You need to get the msrp of the car when it was first sold and list the miles on the car and someone will give their opinion.
  • The current MSRP listed on the car right now is $34,600

    I checked for the MSRP of a new 2012 a4. That value is $35,075. (I have emailed my dealer to find out the MSRP, of when it was first sold)

    The mileage on the car is close to 10,000 miles. The dealer mentioned that the car was a previous service loaner in his dealership.
  • I am negotiating on a

    2011 A4 CPO Quattro, quartz /black; automatic, Premium Plus, convenience Package. 20,120 miles one owner clean slate. Invoice $33,500 Have them down to $29,000. Audi Care included from previous owner and 6 yr warranty 100k plus and qualify for 1.9 apr is this a good deal or should I still keep pushing? Thanks for help.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Find out when it was first purchased and the msrp at that time and we can start there.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Let me know when you get all the info but the price does sound very high to me. You should be able to get a 2013 for the same payment. Prices are coming down with 1.8 interest.
  • First purchased aDecember 2010. The msrp was $36, 800
  • Hi I just recieved a quote for a 2011 A4 premium plus w/ navigation in 6 spd manual, CPO for $31, 500. Single owner with 17000 miles. The price includes all doc fees etc but does not include tax. Dealer stated that he paid 29600 for the car and certification was costing him 1400.

    Retail on the car including destination was ~40500

    Is this a good deal? Thanks in advance
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    You need to appraise your car using the this link.

    You can not go go by what the dealer says he paid for the trade in. Those are just numbers that can be moved around to look like a good deal in any way. The buy out on that car after 3 years would be around 21k so if you pay 31k you will have a car that would wholesale at 21k after 1 year. Not a good deal. I would say the car is worth 25k tops.
  • I understand the lease buy out was probably 21k, but how would you even get a dealer to agree to a price like 25k? there aren't too many manuals out there in the market, let a long certified and premium plus at this price point. How much value does CPO add to the car? If you have some tips on how to negotiate please share. Thanks.
  • Took delivery of my A4 Quattro on 12/21/12. Car is very nice but it will take me a while to figure out all the capabilities of the MMI, NAV and Audi Connect options. The Audi Advanced Key is nice but the nicest feature are the sport seats and the 6 speed manual tranny. Dealer worked with me on several accessories; wheel locks, all weather mats and trunk liner at a nice discount. Feel very good about the deal and the car. I've been driving BMWs for over 25 years but felt it was time to try an Audi.
  • bigkabobbigkabob Posts: 8
    edited January 2013
    Hey guys... just wanted to get an idea of what you think about this lease offer?

    2013 Audi A4 - Premium 2.0T Automatic CVT
    -Convenience package
    -Lighting package
    -Wheel locks
    -Chrome exhaust tips

    MSRP: $35,735

    Trade in equity on my old A5: -$500
    Audi loyalty: -$1000

    Negotiated price with incentives and trade-in: $31,300

    Audi care: +$820


    42-month lease
    52% residual
    10k miles/yr
    .00071 money factor
    $695 acq fee

    Residual: $18,582
    $0 security deposit, $0 down, $0 drive-off (walk off the lot paying nada)

    Monthly payment: $376 (includes CA 8.75%)

    Should I pull the trigger?
  • Just a correction to the above...
    $32,120 final price does NOT include the trade in
    The $500 trade-in is going towards the cap-reduction/up front cost

  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Why do you need Audi Care on a lease?

    The purchase price for the car should be 32,500 (not counting audi care) before trade in, audi loyalty and any other discounts you may have. You have a lot more negociating to do.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    I'm getting Audi Care because I intend to purchase the car at the end of the lease. Given the lease rate, even including fees, it would actually work out to be slightly cheaper to lease the car and buy it out rather than finance it from the start. Plus, it's easier to write off the lease payment rather than figure out the depreciation on the car if I were to finance it.

    As far as the cost of the car, I'm actually down to $32,300.
    Then there is the $1000 loyalty cash and my $500 trade in on top of that.

    So price is $31,300 (inc loyalty cash) and then $500 trade in.

    Let me know... Thanks!!!
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Sounds about right. If you are going to keep the car, I would step up to a premimum plus. Also follow this link and try to get the car at dealer invoice.
  • I thought about the premium plus... it would be about an extra $1400 to upgrade. Since I already am paying for the two things that I want (convenience and lighting packages), the only remaining items would be the heated seats, 60/40 rear split back, and the auto-dimming mirrors. I figured those are negligible anyway. I couldn't really care about dual zone climate... so I'd rather pocket the extra money.

    I also think the dealer is trying to move this car over the premium plus from what my gut says... and that's fine for me.

  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    I would forget about Audi Care and get the premium plus. The trim and advanced key are well worth it and you will get it all back and plus when you sell it.
  • From what I see on the 2013 A4, there's no advanced key standard on the premium plus... it's standard on the prestige. The only remaining difference is heated seats, auto dimming mirrors, split rear seat, multi zone climate control, and aluminum door trim. So its those options or would I rather save $1500?!?!?
    I'm leaning towards saving the $1500, as the only one of those options I would like is the auto dimming mirrors... the rest I don't care.

    I think the price is fair... need to pull trigger today!
  • mrwisemrwise Posts: 4
    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum here. Just wanted to ask if the following link is a good deal? I'm not familiar at all with Audis, and wanted to ask if the price of the car is decent. I will of course attempt to negotiate, but I'm not an existing or previous Audi owner or anything. 00e0004db60240d8dd5a.htm

    Thanks for your help!
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Looks to me by the link you posted you already know. You do not need to waste our time here.
  • mrwisemrwise Posts: 4
    I'm not sure how you deduced that from the link I posted. If it was a good deal, I wouldn't be posting on forums, would I? Since I don't know, I asked. Thanks for your help I guess.
  • jacobkjacobk Posts: 5
    Make sure to ask what the processing fee is. They can charge up to I beleive it is 499.00 in Virginia. We have one with more equipment, same year and lower miles that we can do for less.
  • mrwisemrwise Posts: 4
    Hi Jacobk, thank you for your response! Will keep that in mind. Are you a dealer or something?
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Sorry, I misunderstood your post, I thought it was spam. Just use the following link to appraise the car.
  • mrwisemrwise Posts: 4
    Thank you jnyz, will do.
  • ilauilau Posts: 10
    Hi All,

    I'm new to the forum and new to leasing cars (I've been driving a 1998 camry for the last 4 years). I'm looking at a lease special on a 2013 A4 2.0T Quattro Tiptronic. Some info is below:

    MSRP: $34,600
    Convenience Package: $1100
    Heated Front Seats: $450
    Wheel Lock Kit: $100
    First Aid Kit: $45
    Total Price: $37,190

    Lease terms are:
    $2995 down
    $1000 conquest incentive if you own a luxury car (I have a 1998 Camry...)
    $3995 fees total drive off
    42 month 15k miles
    $350.54/mo out the door

    Is this a good deal or how can I better negotiate this? Which parts of this lease can I negotiate and what should I be aiming for? I know this is a pretty broad question but I have no idea what to expect and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks everybody!
  • Great job on this forum. Really have enjoyed/appreciate all your time and comments to others. Now, it's my turn?

    Which do you guys like?

    I am in SoCal, buying cash. No trade.

    Option A:
    New 2013 A4 2.0 T QUATTRO TIPTRONIC
    Premium Plus Package
    Navigation Plus
    Quote: $37,000 flat + tax + tags

    Option B:
    Used 2013 2.0T FWD MULTITRONIC
    Yes, a 2013. 2000 miles on it.
    NO CPO, original warranty only. Used 6 weeks. Owner changed mind, bought something else

    Has Everyting Option A has, plus
    +Advanced Key
    +B&O Sound (which I don’t really care about)
    No Audi Care. Orig Owner Didn't buy.

    Quote: 37,980 (+980 over the brand new) + tax + tag

    Any insights much appreciated,

    Jamie in SoCal
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 98
    Please use this lease calculator.

    Everything is negotiable in a lease. Even though you are leasing you still have to negotiate a sale price, interest rate and buyout at the end of the lease.

    Use this link to find out what the sale price should be for the car

    Your interest/money factor rate should be around .00064 and your residual/buyout should be 54%. You need to get everything down, your payment is way too high..
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