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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi Diana:

    My parents had the same problem with their A8 that they literally just leased. My dad was driving and out of nowhere the car lurched forward, luckily noone was in front of them so they did not hit anyone. They had to pull over and wait for the car to stop revving before they could drive home. I was curious what the dealership ended up telling you about this acceleration problem. They told my parents that there is nothing wrong at all and are not really being helpful. They are talking to a lawyer because they do not want to drive an expensive death trap.

    Any info would be helpful.
  • Scoliopie,
    I just got the car back from Audi, after a week and a half. They told me that they were unable to find anything wrong and the car is "running up to manufactures standards." A customer service rep from Audi of America called me to discuss the actual results that their engineer found but we have been playing phone tag and have not yet spoken. I would be very interested to know how your parents do with the lawyer. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I would be happy to talk to you or your parents about this personally. By any chance was it very cold when your parents had the problem?? If anything comes from my conversation with Audi I’ll write you back.
  • Hi,

    I just bought a 07 A4 quattro 2.0T 6MT - w/ Prem, Conv. and Cold W. packages. I came home and noticed a few things were amiss. Some of them seem genuinely wrong while others I can't find the wrong info.

    1. The 2.0 T on the read trunk lid - the T is supposed to be red. Correct? Mine isn't.

    2. The right mirror doesn't bend down automatically on engaging reverse.

    3. I test drove an Sline and heard a beeping (warning) tone when I engaged reverse gear. I thought that's standard to all A4s.

    Can any other owners shed some light on these three points? Any useful help appreciated. Thanks.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    I bought my 97 A4 2.8 Quattro new. The first problem was all the windows and sunroof rolled down by them selves during a rain storm while the car was parked and no one was in it. It seemed that when getting out of the car,during a rain storm, the window controls got wet(poor sealing. It happened 1 more time and never happened again.
    The windshield broke very soon after I got the car and again after that. I went with American glass next, and it has been OK since. The car uses oil, but that seems to be normal. I lose a quart in the normal amount of time between oil changes. My sunroof frame(plastic)broke. I took it in and they replaced it. The first time I put a hose on the car,it leaked into the interior. I took it back and they fixed the leak. That night I took the car out and the interior lights didn't work. Back to the shop. They had to pull the headliner out and reconnect the wires. I get it back, and the headliner is dirty with hand prints. I cleaned up and then noticed that they forgot the wind deflector when they put the sunroof back in. They had to order a new one. After that I was cleaning the rear window, I noticed the rear part of the headliner was not placed in the channel that holds it up. I got it in myself.
    I went through 2 batteries and knew something was wrong. I got in the car one night, and the radio had turned on by itself, without the key in the ignition. I take it in after reading the ignition switch on some models was a problem. The dealer says no recall on mine. I pay for a new switch.
    A couple of years later I get a recall notice on the switch.
    Now I have to take it in to Miramar Volkswagen Audi to get the switch replaced again. It seems that the switch turns things off all by itself. Imagine that! At 77000 miles the rear suspension broke. The whole piece had to be replaced. That was over $2000 parts and labor. The shop I took it to ordered a new piece from Audi. It gets there and they pull off the rear suspension. It seems like Audi forgot to drill the holes in the suspension part. They had to order a whole new one with holes. The shop finds a bad control arm up front(common problem). The other common problem, is the dashboard is coming loose at the windshield. Now the front suspension is leaking oil. I guess it is time for the rack and pinion to be rebuilt. I love the Quattro system and the engine has been reliable. The paint has held up fine also. I wouldn't buy another Audi.
  • kahludogkahludog Posts: 1
    My 97 1.8 recently was in a passenger side accident, following the repair job now my cd changer does not work. If you switch the stereo to cd you get cd00 err and I cannot even get the cds to eject, the lights don't even come on. I spoke with the dealer, they said it could be a fuse, but to bring it in would be at my cost. Any suggestions on how to fix this without going to the dealer?
  • caps56caps56 Posts: 6
    This site has been a blessing! I was driving my son's car (he is in Iraq) and the oil pressure light came on. I pulled off interstate and pulled into a station. Five guys, after seeing me raise the hood) came over. They checked the oil and said the level was fine but it was "dirty". I told them that couldnt be because I just got it out of the Audi place in Montgomery and they were to change the oil before I picked it up. There at Audi for 2 months. Anyway, I got back on interstate and drove about 20 miles and heard a sound like metal dragging on the road. I went through the light and pulled into the shopping center and turned the car off. Called the Audi tow service. This car did not smoke or drive rough. It was fine. The oil pressure light would go on and off. The car was in an accident (son coming home from Ft. Hood to say his good bye before leaving for Iraq). When we picked it up in Houston all the sensor lights were going crazy. So when we reached Montgomery I took it to the Audi place. Instructed by the insurance company to do that. Anyways, I have no paperwork because when we picked up the car, they were so rude, etc. they made us pay $900.00 because they said the insurance company had not paid the full bill. We drove 2 hours to get to the Audi dealership with my grandson in a full body cast. They were so rude and like I said. I told them when I took it there to do an oil change while it was there. So, now two months after the oil pressure light situation, they now tell us the motor is bad. We need to come up with oil change receipts. My son is in Iraq. I have ask him and the told me the places he took it, one being the Audi dealership. The other two places, one computer system failed and they have no records and the other is out of business. All the records are in his car and guess who has the car - the dealership. The last change was to be done by them and we have not one receipt from them. The car is 2003 and has 58,000 miles. I cant tell my son his motor is gone, he has enough to worry about. They want receipts by this Wed because "an AUdi rep. will be coming there". My son got the extended warranty package, but they also have that paperwork. What should we do? Please help. :cry:
  • caps56caps56 Posts: 6
    I know the last post was long. It is a long story and ordeal we have been dealing with. Not only did they make us pay $900.00, which Mr. Ingram said he would not cash unless he did not receive payment from the insurance company, they did not give us any paperwork. That was in October of 2006. Two days after giving them $900.00, they received the final payment of $900 from the insurance company. I thought it was over however, in December we receive a check from Ingram in the amount of $900.00. They not only cashed our check they cashed the insurance check. They said they would not cash our check and did. They now have had the car since January and every time we would call to see what was wrong, the new service mgr, yes the last one was fired the week after our first experience with them, says she has not looked at it she is short handed and knows our son is in Iraq and the car is fine it is in the back lot. After mulitle phone calls, Friday she says it needs a new engine because the oil pump went bad. I thank you for your time. This is so wrong.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    I'd hire a lawyer. You do have at least some proof of their impropriety.
    If you notify them that you have hired a lawyer, they may consider coming clean on the other oil changing records. ;)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Well I truly hope things work out for you, but driving with the oil pressure light on was a mistake on your part, strategically I mean, and they might throw that in your you should be prepared to answer that challenge careful what you say.

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  • Hello all. New to this forum and I need help! I have an 03 A4 1.8T with 27K miles that wont start. It is not getting any ignition(spark to the spark plugs)even though it cranks fine. A little history on the vehicle: It previously had a small engine fire due to a short in the engine wire harness. The entire wire harness was replaced along with all coils. I double checked to make sure I did'nt miss any plugs although it is possible and checked fuses and relays under the ECU (brain). Im pretty mechanically inclined although electrical problems sometimes stump me. Any sugestions where to start looking for the problem? Please help! Dickson
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    It may be the crank sensor.
    Mine is being replaced on my Audi now, but I have over 60k miles on mine.
  • mjmccoymjmccoy Posts: 2
    We had the same problem with our Audi. What is the lawyaer's name?
  • mjmccoymjmccoy Posts: 2
    Can someone provide me with an attorney's name about the Audi oil sludege issue?
  • caps56caps56 Posts: 6
    There is an attorney's name on here and I believe they are filing a class action lawsuit. We are still going through our mess. The Audi Reps. came last Wed. to the dealership and we faxed our son's oil change statements to them. But, now they wont responsed to our phone calls. They still have the car. They have had it since like the first week in Jan. What a nightmare this has been. I wrote an email to the attorney's site but I have not heard anything. Please keep me posted if you hear anything. Thank you.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let me just remind you that we can't use the Forums for solicitations for such things as class-action suits.

    I hope we can help you with the actual issues with your cars, but please don't post attorneys' names and contact information.

  • caps56caps56 Posts: 6
    I will take the $5,500. Our oil pump went out and they want 10,000 to replace the whole engine. Oil level was fine it was dirty because Audi failed to do oil change. This car is still under warranty and after showing proof of oil changes they still wont fix it. Our sensor was also bad and the same dealership had just replaced it. So when light came on and went off , on then off for a while. I stopped the car and called wrecker. Now they say the engine is gone! Can someone tell me why the car would still run, no smoke, etc with a blown engine???
  • caps56caps56 Posts: 6
    Same thing here.....What did you do about this situation?
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    I have a 2003 A4 with 58,000 miles. The CD player has started to jump from song to song on its own so I was thinking of replacing the whole unit since I doubt the dealer will have anyway to repair it.

    Does anyone have a good suggestion that has worked for them?

  • rostanekrostanek Posts: 3
    Any thoughts/experiences/successes on recurring ignition coils would be appreciated. (My sympathies go out to other posters with more severe problems.)

    Vehicle is 2001 A4 1.8T quattro with low mileage. All ignition coils were originally replaced in 6/03 at 12400 miles under the legendary "service action."

    Did that fix the problem? Following a recent "check engine" light episode, dealer (Fred Baker, Bedford, OH) replaced all coils and spark plugs in March 2007 at 31400 miles at my cost. A unique problem? The dealer mentioned that the parts for my repair were being cannibalized from another customer's repair for the same problem.

    12k miles was a joke; 20k miles hardly seems like "Vorsprung durch Technik." (During my years at a Tier II supplier to many auto firms, including VW Audi, this sort of product performance, regardless of warranty fine print, would have had us before a customer kangaroo quality court over our professionalism, competence, customer awareness, and commitment to continuous improvement.)

    Predictably, Audi of America pretends that they have no responsibility for their vehicles and asks the dealer (which neither designed, specified, purchased components for, nor built the fabulous ignition system) to "evaluate" and complete the brush off.

    I'd like to reach someone internally at Audi (US, maybe better in the EU), if such information is available.
  • At last!

    After two weeks in the repair shop, my Audi A4 is in perfect shape again. Good as new!

    I couldn't believe that I'd encounter the same problem again. I mean, my old car had troubles with its Airaid Cold Air Intake and now I got the same hassle with my Audi. I must be a car jinx or whatsoever.

    But thanks a lot to the gorgeous guy in the repair shop. he really did a good one on my car. :blush:
  • zippy753zippy753 Posts: 1
    Dont buy it with out a warranty. At least, don't keep a CVT out of warranty - it's a money pit.

    The problem is that the CVT is a sealed, closed design and can't be rebuilt or fixed. A replacement transmission costs about $8000.

    An Audi technician actually told me that the CVT issue was a "dirty secret" and he has seen way too many problems with that transmission.

    I think it's reprehensible that Audi knows about this flaw and won't do anything to mitigate the problem - that kind of repair should not be almost half the value of the car just out of warranty.
  • rbasrbas Posts: 1
    haha thought it was only my gas cap tether that was missing.

    I have a 2002 3.0. My radio is broke. It is constantly lit up, even when I turn the car off. It does not respond to anything, can't turn on radio, can't take out CD, etc. All the buttons and the LCD screen just glow red. Any advice? Prior to this my LCD would sometimes just die for 5 seconds. This minor problem happened for about 6 months leading up to this, but very rarely. Thank you, I appreciate it.

    Also I ripped off my skip plate, accidently. I have the sport pkg. Is it worth the $200 investment to put it back on? Thanks again.
  • smeadstersmeadster Posts: 1
    Ran audi out of oil while driving was wondering what kind of damage this could have caused any and all suggestions would help, looking to fix and get an idea of what it could cost
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    1999 a4 2.8 quattro, my problem is the ABS warning light comes on while driving and at the same time the BRAKE warning light comes on blinking with an audible warning signal. i read the manual, it says that the ABS system is not functioning properly. are there anybody can advice me to solve this problem. i don't want to go to the dealer anymore because they did not solve my problem(engine oil pressure warning light), and somebody here advice me to replace my oil viscosity instead of 5W-30 i replaced it to 20W-50. and my problem was solved. thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    RE: ABS

    You'll have to have it scanned to read the codes. Audis do have somewhat frequent control module failures for the ABS system. This module sits under the hood. The labor to replace it isn't much, about 1/2 hour, but the part is around $500.

    But maybe it's not that and only a failed wheel sensor.

    However, you'll need to take it to someone who has the proper type of scanner for the ABS system for that car. A good independent shop will have this tool for Audis.

    If you're ever up in the Bay Area from down south there I can recommend a shop for you.

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  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    thanks again Mr_Shiftright. should the warning light on when you have it scan, because it occasionally show the warning light on and off after 1 or 2 days. is it dangerous to have a long drive with this kind of problem? i appreciate it very much if you can recommend me that shop at the Bay Area, i always traveled in that area 1 or 2 times a month and my family(mom and sister) lives there.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I'll e-mail you. What the light means is that your ABS is inoperative, so while you'll have good brakes you won't have the optimum in all situations. I think the codes are stored in the system so it should show up.

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  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    thank you again, sir. i really appreciate your advice and i received your e-mail.
  • ncaudincaudi Posts: 1
    How long was your car out of warranty? Were you the orginal owner. I have had 2 transmissions go and only have 30K miles on the car. Are you aware of any lawsuits?
  • jfhillmannjfhillmann Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. Qucik questioin for anyone who knows the answer.

    I have a 1998 A4 1.8T. Occasionally, but not every time, when I shut down the engine, the interior dome light will "flash." That is, it will turn off for 2-3 seconds, then turn off for 2-3 seconds, and so on, until I leave and lock the car. I'm trying to determine what this means? does anyone know? I'm thinking it has something to do with the electrics in the car. Recently, I'm using a few different devices out of the cigarette lighter (iPod FM receiver, GPS, cell phone charger, etc.) Sometimes, I'll leave the devices plugged in. Does this behavior have any relationship to the light show I get? Thanks. :confuse:
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