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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • audikidaudikid Posts: 1
    Hi Im kinda new to my Audi so i dont know what im getting into I have about 111,000 miles on my 1999 a4 1.8t. My check engine light comes on and the car loses power so I figured it was the coils and the shop said that I had a misfire in cyl 3 so i replaced the spark plugs and the coils but no luck it still shakes abruptly and the light comes back is there anything else i must change please I need help. P.S I go to college and Im broke so the cheapest solution will help thanks
  • jockwelwynjockwelwyn Posts: 2
    When i start my car the the coil light goes out but when i start driving it keeps flashing. any input would be great dont know i thing about cars.
  • I have a 2005 A4 3.0 Cab Quattro w/ Bose Premium Sound System. Problem is that burned CD's will play a few songs and then it stops and gives ERROR 2 message - which means scratched cd, but these are brand new. I can skip ahead 5 or 6 songs until one plays again...the player sounds like it is trying to skip around (buzzing back and forth).

    The Dealer says it is the cd burner - and to try and burn at a slower speed. No change. These same cd's that give me problems in my Audi play just fine in any other car, home or portable cd player I have tried.

    The result is the same whether I burn the cd's with iTunes or Dell's Music Match software.

    Anyone els with a similar problem or is the dealer trying to get out of repair/replacing my cd player?
  • thomsonangthomsonang Posts: 1
    Were you speeding, or does it always happen after you go over a certain speed? You could have accidentally set your speed limiter. If that's not it, sorry, that's as much as I know.
  • doru31doru31 Posts: 1
    I have the same annoying problems with the squeaking and clicking front suspension on my 2006 A4. I only have 7,000 miles on the car. Every time I go over larger potholes or speed-bumps, the front suspension make these noises. It's been doing this since I bought it brand new. Is this normal? Does anyone know how to resolve it?
  • I have a familiar problem, one that at least 19 other Audi owners/posters have already detailed. I'm so ANGRY (hence the long post) that so many people seem to suffer from premature and repeated clutch failure, and not a single person seems to have had any success fighting Audi, in court or otherwise.

    My details:
    * I leased my Audi A4 1.8T new in 2004. I drive it less than 10k miles per year on weekends (I'm a CPA and travel out-of-town on business during the week). All maintenance has been done at Audi dealers on schedule.
    * On a road trip with family 2 months ago, the clutch failed suddenly without warning (on gear change, pedal stuck against floorboard) 200 miles from home. Vehicle had to be towed 130 miles to Santa Barbara.
    * Audi dealership in Santa Barbara dropped the transmission and told me: the clutch disk was "overheated" and "worn" in a way to indicate driver abuse/misuse--they said the friction material was completely "shaved" away and the repair would cost me $1,600.
    * I energetically disagreed, provided details of how the car has been driven (kid gloves/weekends) and shared that my driving habits have resulted in my 1988 Honda Civic DX having 280,000 miles on it with only 2 clutch replacements.
    * 2 months later (I still don't have the car back) after repeated correspondence with Audi of America, no deal has been reached. Audi of America has said they stand behind their dealership's assessment, and would not replace the clutch due to driver abuse.
    * I'm scheduled for an arbitration hearing with the Better Business Bureau on June 11, 2007. I hope to have the clutch assembly replaced under the Audi Advantage Maintenance Protection program and my rental car fees of $222 paid for by Audi.

    I'm flabbergasted that despite being well within the warranty period, I'm in a position to have to PROVE that I DIDN'T abuse the clutch. I mean, shouldn't Audi have to PROVE that I DID in fact do something wrong!

    Does anyone know whether a case can be made on the fact that the clutch failure was sudden and without warning or indication of any, no slippage, grinding, warning light, etc.

    I hope as the 20th or so poster on this issue, I will be able to report back something fruitful from the arbitration. If not, I'm ready to follow Shom1 and empginam to court.
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    i found the fault in this 1999 Audi A4 2.8L V6 Quattro. Electrical Connection between ABS and Instrument Cluster - No Signal - Intermittent.
    pls. share your know how, how to correct this problem. thanks.
  • Recently purchased 2003 A4 convertible. Passenger side power seat only goes back half as far as driver seat. Motor is working but seat stops. Is this some kind of memory problem or setting I'm missing?
  • athorntonathornton Posts: 6
    We recently had the same experience with our 2004 A4 clutch at about 25000 miles. It was a sudden failure, with symptoms of clutch not disengaging, and difficulty engaging ang changing gears (ie crashing gears). Clearly out of the same scriptbook, we were given the song and dance about the overheated clutch and how we had abused it by continually racing the car and dropping the clutch. This is nonsense, of course. My wife is a teacher, 59 years old. They showed us a damaged clutch. I have no idea whether it was our clutch. We will have to pay $1500 to get the car back.
    Not sure what to do. We are thinking of engaging a professional engineer to investigate their claims. We may also inform the State Attorney General, and the NTSB.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • greg565greg565 Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 A4 1.8T Quattro that caught on fire just sitting in the garage. Smoke was coming out from the engine compartment but I managed to push the car out. The car only had 25,000 miles on it. Local fire department put out the fire and Audi roadside service towed it to Diablo Audi in Concord, California. The dealership was terrible!!! I called Audi corporate but they are slow to react. Any suggestions?
  • samaudisamaudi Posts: 10
    I just got my 2005 Audi A4. It has 15,000 miles and is like brand new. When I got it, the check engine light was on. I checked the gas cap but also heard it could be build up from using 87 octane. Anybody else have this problem??? Also, what does the EPC light mean?

  • philip5philip5 Posts: 1
    I am new to San Diego and looking for an independent shop to take my A6 for repairs.
  • greg565greg565 Posts: 4
    Update: Fire was caused by a faulty #2 coil that shorted out and set the car on fire (remember, the car was just sitting in the garage and didn't even have the keys in the ignition). Audi's position is that these things can happen, oh well. Their compensation for their error was insulting. Audi makes a dangerous vehicle and does not stand behind their product!!

  • if audi coil light and abs lights are on...

    its the break light switch which can be bought for 8 pounds sterling at audi.........

    very tricky fitting got to be gentle with it as switches are easy to brake :)
  • pacifierpacifier Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2006 Audi A4 quatro July 2006. Less than 1,000 miles it left me stranded at the Smokey Mountains. The car was flat bedded to Kentucky Audi who determined the starter had to be replaced. Needless to say, it ruined my vacation.

    Subsequent to the Smokey’s fiasco, the car has been making a loud noise at the top of cold starts. After a couple of trips to the dealer they were unable to determine and chalked it up to what they called a normal noise when starting.

    Fearing getting stranded once again, I purchased a recorder and recorded the noise on several occasions. As a result, Audi is now (6/23/2007) going to replace the starter, which I have been waiting over a week for the phone call to come in and fix.

    I love everything about the Audi except for the aforementioned and the time lag accelerating. The car is for sale when the warranty expires. Too bad, cause I would stay with Audi’s if they got their act together. And, what’s this I hear about engine noise and cylinder problems with the 2007s?
  • ryannailryannail Posts: 2

    I feel your pain. I was just stranded yesterday under similar conditions. I finance a 2004 A4 1.8T Quatro Audi and the clutch went out without warning at about 36K miles.

    After crawling to a stop in San Francisco my passengers jumped in a cab while I called Audi Emergency Road Service. The service was horrible. I had to wait over 2.5 hours for a tow truck to arrive (they told me it would be 45 minutes or less) while watching other tow companies drive by every 30 seconds.

    The dealer just called me and said it would be either zero (if covered by warranty) or $3,100 if there is evidence of abuse such as overheating.

    Hearing your stories, I am not expecting a positive result.

    I will keep you updated.

    Any news on your end?
  • pacifierpacifier Posts: 3
    Sorry to hear, I should have done my homework before buying the audi. I heard about the sludge problem they once had with the older models causing the engine to seize, but they assured me this problem was rectified in the newer models. After reading all the problems in this forum I’m seriously considering trading in the car for a lexus, which is more reliable.

    Got the call yesterday my starter was in. Figures I receive the call after I blasted the dealer during their follow-up customer service survey.

    Hope the warranty covers the clutch!
  • erwinnerwinn Posts: 1
    My 2002 Audi A4 coils failed previously. As you may know Audi used defective parts and was the subject of a class action lawsuit about this. Well they replaced my coils at 30K(car had to be towed) and now they have failed again at 80k. I asked for some compensation from the dealer (Valley Motors, Hunt Valley MD) and they refused. I contacted Audi of America and they said they would talk to the dealer - but they refused again (failed to call back twice also). I asked for the zone manager contact and they refused to give me the contact information. I am now filing a complaint with the Maryland Attorney General's office. It is my contention that it these parts were to fail repeatedly like this they should be replaced as part of the service. More imporantly this is a major safety problem as you lose 2 of 4 cylinders - not something you want with a 18 wheeler on your tail. Any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    I'd just eat it if I were you...they've stepped up once already and now the car is out of warranty...I suppose if you put enormous energy into it you might get a gesture of assistance, but how much is your time worth? Legally I don't think you have a case here because at 80K any part on any car can fail. It's hard to call a part "defective" if it lasts 50,000 miles. But sure file a complaint...sometimes it might dislodge them enough to perhaps offer you a discount on the repair, so that would be worth some of your time I think. This would come from the factory, not the dealer, unless the dealer can pry money out of the factory (not an easy task). This isn't the dealer's problem.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • Ryannail & Athornton:

    Thanks to those who responded to my original post regarding my premature clutch failure. Two and a half months after my car broke down, I finally have a resolution through the Better Business Bureau's Auto Line arbitration program. In a nutshell, I won my case but still managed to lose financially.

    Prior to the case hearing on June 11th, a third party mechanic from the BBB went to Audi of Santa Barbara to inspect the vehicle at my request. The third party technical expert concluded that there were "no signs of abuse" and that I was "not responsible to any degree for the failure of the clutch" (what I have been saying all along!). This report from the third party mechanic, along with the testimony of two witnesses who were in the car with me at the time of the clutch failure, formed most of my argument at the hearing. The representative that Audi sent to the hearing seemed ill prepared and basically just reiterated their original assessment that the damage was not due to normal wear and tear and that therefore the warranties do not apply. To support this assertion, he provided a document that was barely legible which had been printed from some internet site showing various clutch failures and possible causes for each type of failure. The arbitrator himself picked the document apart, and was annoyed that Audi waited until the hearing itself to produce any documentation. In the end, the arbitrator awarded me repair of the clutch and towing to my local dealer to have the repairs performed near my home. The arbitrator's conclusion read:

    "I find that the failure of the clutch is a substantial nonconformity because it is a safety problem that can result in a condition that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury if the vehicle is driven, as well as substantially impair the use and value of the vehicle."

    Once I accepted the decision (binding Audi to its terms), I then had to fight Audi a second time over the towing part of the decision. They tried to assert that they didn't have to pay for the towing of the car. I had to request a clarification of the arbitrator's decision, but then a few days later Audi offered to pay for a rental car so that I could pick-up the vehicle (120 miles from my home). Beaten down, I agreed. My car should be ready any day now.

    In the end, while I feel a definite sense of vindication--it was not (at all) worth the effort and trouble for a ~$1000 repair. Plenty of people warned me that this would be the case. In my defense, when I started this fight I thought Audi of America would come to their senses after just a few letters. Still, I learned a lot and I'm thankful for the good folks at the Better Business Bureau. Anybody interested in knowing more can e-mail me.

    Good Luck,

  • athorntonathornton Posts: 6
    Many thanks for the update, and congratulations on your persistence and overall success!
    I am collecting posts such as yours in preparation for an approach to the State Attorney General's Office with a request to investigate the practices of Maplewood Audi, Minnesota, and the Audi Corporation of America.
    Arnold T
  • pchipchi Posts: 3
    have a 2001 A4 1.8, 87K miles, that on start up has a cam follower clatter for about 6 seconds or so, just started this a few weeks ago. I know these lifters have a tendency to seep oil and thus need to be reoiled on start up but how do you pin down which lifter or lifters needs replacing and what would the time be to replace the faulty part. Are any special "audi" tools required. I recently did an oil change with 0/40 synthetic with an expensive K&N oil filter. Is there a special oil filter required to prevent lifter leak down??? Is the K&N over kill and should I have gone with a thicker oil. Any Audi techs out there that are familiar with this.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Is the K&N over kill..."

    No, it's simply a complete waste of money, just keep using factory filters. Period, full stop, the end.

    "...and should I have gone with a thicker oil?"

    Nope, the Mobil 1 0W-40 is perfect for your car.

    Best Regards,
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Bingo! DONT USE aftermarket oil filters with an Audi engine!

    I bet if you put the Audi filter in, your noise will go away or diminish.

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  • cneffcneff Posts: 65
    Christian78 and anyone else that had dealings with Audi

    Thanks for the results of the brings back memories. I have a few posts here related to my Audi experience which they called "unique", but reading all of the complaints, etc it seems many of us are enjoying these "unique" experiences.

    It seems it is not the car but the company. Audi seems unable or refuses to take ownership for the failures and fault(s) of their vehicles as well as dealers. It appears to be a common behavioral trait with them.

    I also contacted the BBB after my car was in the shop 45 consecutive days. Audi responded by offering some lease reimbursement though it never happened. I of course followed up and the smoke screen began to grow. I then emailed and called Audi's PR and Marketing team (info can be found on the web). Amazing how quickly Audi management called me, apparently I got people above the normal customer service group and they promised to help me - they told me they were the part of the team that steps in when issues are not being resolved via normal customer service channels. I admit I was relieved, but unfortunately, as most of you experienced, nothing materialized but more stall tactics and fluff. I wanted so much to believe in them and the brand but after two more months of excuses and the car failing it was over.

    I did not hesitate any longer, I got an attorney (ignored Audi's disappointment in that act - yes disappointment - who is the customer?) Went to court, before arbitration Audi quickly presented a settlement (they made an offer and met my counter). The whole thing seemed pointless since all they had to do over a year ago was fix the darn car.

    My point is do not hesitate with Audi, their tactic is to stall you, like their cars. Going after Audi is a horrible thing to go through and takes a lot of hours and work on your part, but we are talking principal here. We are the customer, we are paying for an expensive car, we deserve a little respect. Audi brags about increased market share, a report came out the other year that showed a % of repeat customers among makes, Audi was near the bottom, very telling.

    Some advice: always go through the proper channels first with the dealer and Audi Customer Care and document everything - it will help you later. I discovered Audi customer service reps keep horrible records. When you negotiate with Audi and you have a copy of an Audi document and they do not it helps you a great deal.

    Good luck to all in similar a wrap up, I had further dealings with Audi, the car was still under warranty and I was pushing for a fix, Audi said they would only repair what was covered by warranty. What I did was call Customer Service each and every time I had a failure (got to know everyone pretty well) plus I took the car to the dealer at least twice a week and Audi paid for the loaner and warranty repair - I followed their procedures. Audi's team that dealt with me before the court experience called me and arranged an expert from Germany (no kidding) to look at the car. Apparently the expense of warranty claims and my failure claims via the Customer Care line was getting to them . The experts had it for two weeks and the car came back with 30 plus pages of repairs. After I still experienced about 50% of my issues until returning the car at lease end last year.
  • hi iv exactly the same problem did you manage to sort it out if so could you tell me how please any help would be much appreciated
    many thanks
  • pchipchi Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice, I'll buy an Audi filter tomorrow and put it on and cross my fingers. Appreciate it. On another point is it very difficult replacing the window washer bottle. It looks like it does not just slip right out.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Hmmm...might be bolted down below there. I don't recall. Yes let us know if the new oil filter helped.

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  • pchipchi Posts: 3
    Put the new factory filter on, (same price as the over priced K&N filter $13.00) and topped off the oil with the 0/40 mobil 1, did not help.
    Went to a shop today and asked a question about the clatter situation, they said Audis have a tendancy to creat sludge and the oil screens need to be cleaned to maintain oiling and oil pressure. If you go to a picture of the cam chain tensioner you will see a small oval hole that is critical to oiling, this hole has a screen in it and the clatter is due to chain noise untill the oil starts flowing and quite often it starts to sludge up. They seemed to be pretty knowledgeable on this and said it was due to sludge. If you can clean the cam tensioner screen its supposed to help the problem. Then I guess you go after the pickup screen if the first screen does not help. They said even if you are excellent at changing your oil it will still sludge. Good reason to NEVER put in regular oil.
    Another friend of mine suggested I put a quart of Marvelous Mystery oil in it and drive it for 30 or 40 miles then change the oil. He has built many exotic car engines. I will give that a try in the next few days.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Okay....yes they are right in that synthetic oil is a great way to avoid sludging, especially in that engine, if that indeed is your problem. But drive the car a bit before doing anything else. Synthetic is a great idea, and factory filters, too. It all helps. Too bad it wasn't so simple in this case, but be patient, you might resolve this. Sounds like you are getting good advice. This "clatter" is not necessarily a sign of doom or anything but sludge is a known issue in this engine.

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