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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • jwdlemjwdlem Posts: 7
    I have a 2006 A4 with under 11,000 miles. Beginning at 4,000 miles the Tire Pressure Monitoring system randomly indicated a catastrophic tire failure or failure of the monitoring system. None of the dozens of times this has occurred have any of the tires been out of recommended pressure range nor has the spare. It has been back to Audi 4 times for about 20+ days in the shop to fix it. They have seen the warnings but never been able to get a "hard code" so say they can not fix it. Audi of America will not replace any of the components without the hard code. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Thanks! :lemon:
  • fenway1fenway1 Posts: 1
    Audi service dept tells me they want $2700.00 to replace my broken air conditioning evaporator and an associated switch. I undertsand this is a "big job" -- but the car is a 1999 A4 2.8 Quattro in good shape ...but only worth 8K Bluebook in a trade.

    Seems like a rip-off for an 8 year old car with below avearge mileage. Does this sound right to anyone who knows? Is this a total rip off? This doesn't even replace the compressor -- that could go next year! Any insights welcome!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    It's time for you to find a good independent mechanic. Better still, given the nature of the repair, I'd go and find a good independent A/C shop and use them for the repair. It'll probably cost you half to three-quarters as much that way.

    Best Regards,
  • ryannailryannail Posts: 2

    Finally a success story. After having the car for about 4 days or so the dealer indicated the clutch replacement repair was covered under warranty. Apparently they sent pictures of the parts to Germany and although it was a close call the dealer indicated he talked Audi into covering the repair.

    Saved me $3,100, thank goodness.

  • egentileegentile Posts: 3
    Kiki4 Can you provide me the name to that attorney? Audi has denied my claim with the sludge problem and it blew my engine.

    If anyone has an more info about the class action suit on the 1.8T Audi/VW engines please email me at

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'm curious, why did they deny your claim? Did you have all of your reciepts for your oil changes? Did you have your oil changed with 502.00 certified synthetic oil?

    FWIW, as a general rule you don't want to include your E-Mail address in a public post like this. It's best if you simply make your E-Mail address public in your profile.

    Best Regards,
  • yifeiyifei Posts: 12
    Hi guys,

    I just bought an A4 and the salesman recommend the Audi Care for 500 bucks. Anyone has any experience of buying it or do you think I really need to buy it?

    Thank you so much!
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    Audi Care is what Audi used to provide for no charge, similar to BMW's free maintanence program. I did purchase it with my car and it is probably a decent deal IF you plan to have your car serviced at the dealer every time during the covered maintenance period. If you do the math it does save you some money. In retrospect I wish I didn't get it since I like to change my own oil and such. Taking the car to the dealer for an oil change I can do at home is a colosal waste of time IMHO, and I am locked into taking it to the dealer. FWIW a good number of Audi buyers get the Audi Care.
  • clarrayclarray Posts: 3
    Rusty, have you had any responses, I have a 1998 A4 2.4 with the same issue, there is also a strong smell of fuel. My Audi dealer thinks it could be caused by the retained pressure in the fuel line but cannot guarantee any fix.

    Regards Clarray
  • clarrayclarray Posts: 3
    My A4 2.4 sometimes takes up to three tries before it starts. I get a fuel smell which is also noticeable when I am driving. The Audi dealer says it could be a pressure issue in the fuel line after ignition switch off. They are very good and will do all testing at no cost but I am interested whether anyone else has had similar issues and had them resolved.
    I have just had the cam chain tensioner replaced because the old one was broken and the cams were out of sync. The symptoms were; it was very rough, was hard to start with a strong fuel smell and had the following fault codes;
    16514 P030 — Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1; malfunction in Circuit P0130 — 35—10 — — — Intermittent
    17544 P1136 - Long term fuel trim too lean
    17546 P1138 Long Term Fuel Trim Add. Fuel, Bank 2 System to Lean
    17930 P1522 Intake Camshaft Contr., Bank 2 Malfunction
    You can see where my concern is coming from. The dealer said that all the symptoms pointed to the cams being out of sync which they fixed!! but the car still is hard to start and the fuel smell is still there.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • 3deeme3deeme Posts: 1
    OK, it's been over 2 years since this thread's last posting. Any new news? Did you keep the car? Ever manage to fix the alarm problem permanently? Our 1999 A4 began having this trouble recently so we're very interested in finding out if a reasonably inexpensive solution was ever discovered.
  • Hey know this is way later and you might not even have the car. this is a warranty issue and is covered under extended warranty. I had the same thing happen and Audi covered the whole thing
  • nveganvega Posts: 1
    Just took my 97 Audi Quattro A4 to the mechanic for "check engine light". After hooking it up to the computer I was told that my Audi needed an Vaccum Elbow & a Leak Detection Pump Filter. Haven't a clue to what these are but know it will cost me a little over $800. Any discussion around this would be appreciated.

  • The A4 Quatro has been towed to the shop three times because it won't start because the key interlock fails. The shop replaces the key at major expense and it fails again. They can't find a problem. How can I drive a car that won't start? What can I do??? It's a 2003 with 70,000+ miles.
  • clarrayclarray Posts: 3
    Audi have a TSB stating that they will extend warranty on any issues resulting from timing belt problems to 165,000 Kms. I am not sure whether there is a time limit but you will have to look for the TSB using
    Regards rayclar
  • I don't know about the trans, but my 99 A4 had the same brake/ABS thing. If you haven't fixed it yet, look at ebay for Audi ABS. You need to get the ABS controller rebuilt, I had mine done by ATE in Florida. Worked great after I put it back in.
  • I heard lots of people saying that A4 is not reliable. Turbo eventually break down, so extend warranty is recommend from the dealers…

    - Are these truths?
    - How long in average does a new Audi a4 can be drive without problems?
    - With all the maintenances, does anyone have their A4 driven over 50,000 without serious problem?
    - How can I prevent my A4's turbo break down faster?

    Thanks advance!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    - Are these truths?

    As with everything in life, it depends.

    - How long in average does a new Audi a4 can be drive without problems?

    See above.

    - With all the maintenances, does anyone have their A4 driven over 50,000 without serious problem?

    There are reports from folks here at Edmunds that have cars with upwards of 150,000 relatively trouble-free miles.

    - How can I prevent my A4's turbo break down faster?

    Use an oil certified to meet the tough 503.01 VW oil spec, keep it topped up, change it per the factory schedule (i.e. on the "fives", 5,000, 15,000, 25,000...) and use OEM filters, and your turbo should last the life of the car.

    Best Regards,
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    - How can I prevent my A4's turbo break down faster?

    I didn't have an A4 but I had an Audi Urquattro Turbo Coupe.
    These have larger turbos than the newer models.
    I ran the car till it had over 63k miles before I sold it.
    I had no turbo problems.
    Just remember that you should let the engine idle about 2 minutes after running it to let the turbo bearings cool.
    This is to prevent the turbo from seizing due to overheated oil caking the bearings.
  • Hi:
    Our 2004 A4 Quattro (with manual transmission) has cost us $2600 in 26000 miles and less than 3 years. We had a distorted door, a failed clutch, and a broken catch on the center glove compartment (so far unfixed). My wife, who is a teacher, is 59 years old and drives the car 98% of the time.
    Despite a 4-yr 50000 mile warranty, our dealership (Maplewood Audi, St. Paul, Minnesota) has refused to cover the first 2 under warranty. A different local dealership is unlikely to fix the 3rd problem.
    From what we have heard and seen, we are experiencing policies set by Audi of America, and executed by Maplewood Audi and others.
    We like the car, it is fun to drive. But we will NEVER buy an Audi again because of the experience we have had.
    And, by the way, the warranty is worthless. In each case, they say that we caused the problem.
    Hope this answers your question.
    Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Thornton
  • Thanks to wolfsport, shipo, and athornton. They are useful!
  • So, the check engine/fuel light came on and I took it to a mechanic who said the spray for the fuel injector/mass air sensor was clogged. He replaced with a used one and said I would need a new one sooner than later. I am wondering if this was a recalled part as I have heard of quite a few of these issues with the 2002 A4 models. The car is still chugging along currently, but I wanted to see if this was a dealer fix or if I can take it to any mechanic that specializes in foreign cars?
  • davida2davida2 Posts: 16
    Hey Audi people,
    I bought a 1999 Audi A4 Quattro about two years ago with 100k miles. Haven't had a problem with it until recently, the engine light came on. The codes read were transmission and some other stuff. Then the car started to stutter as if losing power. It is subtle at idle, but when I drive around 30-40 mph, it really shakes, then when I drive faster, it goes away.

    The mechanic turned off the check eng light, and told me to come back when it goes on again to get a true reading, but it has not come on yet. does anybody have a clue as to what may cause this. The car now has 125k miles on it.

    David :

  • was it the yellow light on the dashboard that looks like a fuel cap? Thats the same light that was on with mine and they said I needed to get the fuel injector/air mass flow replaced?
  • davida2davida2 Posts: 16
    It was the yellow light with the figure of an engine, I guess it looks like a fuel cap. Did you get it replaced and did it fix the problem? Cost?

    I am afraid with these cars, if there's problem with fuel or air, the Oxygen sensors will burn out and then there goes the catalytic convertor. Expensive.

  • I think that must be the same icon I got. I had the guy switch one in from another car, but he said it would need to be replaced. the light went off for about 4 days and now its on again. that only cost about 100 bucks, but to have the entire thing replaced, Im guessing will be a bit more.

    Sounds like I should have this looked at pretty quick as to not loost the Cat.

  • vicam01vicam01 Posts: 2
    I've been reading through many posts and don't figure I'll get AoA to help any but I figured I would share my recent incident and see if anybody has any new advice or information to share. Sorry this is kind of long...

    I purchased a 2003 Audi A4 4 months ago without doing hardly any research prior to purchasing the vehicle. I guess I just assumed that Audi's were good vehicles. Anyway, I did have the Audi dealership do a full inspection on the car and I got a full history report. Nothing major had happened to the car.

    Well, I ended up taking it on vacation and on our way home my husband was not able to accelerate when pushing the gas petal. A couple of seconds later the engine shut off. We managed to pull over on the side of the road. Stranded with no phone service someone finally pulled over. We had it towed to a local Budget Truck company and rolled it down a hill to get it on a trailer to tow it from N. Georgia to SW Florida.

    Upon having it checked at home, I was told the timing belt broke and caused the engine to blow. I spoke to the dealership and they told me to contact AoA, which I did. Then in turn they asked me to have it towed to the dealership to get a diagnostic. I had it towed tonight.

    I'm hoping for some good results but I don't have high hopes as it's just out of warranty. I purchased the car thinking I was buying something reliable since we have a baby on the way. :cry:

    Thanks for reading this and if anybody has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    I don't mean to sound cold,
    but this is a good example of why most mechanics will tell you to change the belt before 50k miles,
    even if the dealer recommends it at about 60k miles.
  • vicam01vicam01 Posts: 2
    I was told the recommended time for this timing belt to be changed is at 105,000 miles. And didn't even need to be concerned until 80,000. If my mechanic or the dealership would have said anything about 60,000, I would have changed it right away because I'm not one to take a chance.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I wnet through the scheduled maintenance for an 03 Audi A4 listed here. Of course I don't know your trim level, engine or transmission so I was just guessing on them, but I did not find any mention of changing the timing belt until 120,000 miles.

    You might want to try it yourself using your real specs. It seems to me if your timing belt broke this far in advance of when they say change it, they need to do something to help you out.

    I found this link where you may be able to order an owners manual: Audi Service Publications. (I'm assuming you don't have one since you're not telling us what it says about the timing belt.) I'm sure there are other places too - eBay is always worth a try, for one. If you have the manual, you have a hard copy of their recommendation.
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