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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • tom204tom204 Posts: 9
    Everything you say in the first paragraph is true. It is the most enjoyable car I have ever driven and I had Acuras and Hondas. The only problem I have with the Audi A4 2.0T is the endless checking and topping off of the oil supply and Audi's complete indifference to the problem. A quart of oil per 1000 miles?
  • Yes, I have the 1.8T engine on my 2005+ convertible and I guess that explains why oil burning is not an issue for me. Since so many on this forum are mentioning their disatisfaction with their Audi dealer, I'd like to say that I've always been happy with the service at mine. Once I had a coolant leak and another time an engine coil went bad, but both times I was happy with the service. The engine coil was replaced the same day I brought the car back. (I'd just had the 30,0000 service done, and the engine coil went bad that day.) Though I was without the car for several days after the coolant leak, I was totally happy with the new free loaner convertible I'd been given while I was without my car.
  • jwdlemjwdlem Posts: 7
    My experience with an Audi A4 Turbo Cab unfortunately reinforces your concerns. With just 4,000 miles on the car we experienced a catastrophic safety system related failure. The dealer was ham strung by Corporate in fixing the problem. After 4 unsuccessful attempts and over 21 days in the shop we entered a Lemon Law process. We won the arbitration and Audi (VW) was required to repurchase the car. Audi ignored the arbitration outcome and we are now in line for a trial. :lemon:
  • Can a used Audi get certified even if the dealer selling the car isn't an authorized Audi dealer? They're a VW authorized dealer and sell audi's and vw's...

    They claim they can get it certified but how do i know it's not just a extended warranty?

    It's an 07 A4 with low miles and still has the manufacturers warranty. Please help!
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    No. VW can't CPO an Audi. All CPO cars must be purchased @ authorized dealers. The same is true for MB, BMW, etc.

    VW/Audi credit is linked together. But not sales and the dealerships are different.
  • I have an A4 turbo. I have just had an oil light problem. I found that the engine was also noisier due to a lack of oil getting up to the top of the engine. In the end we stripped the sump off, which entailed lifting the engine slightly and taking off the passenger side mounting. We then cleaned out the oil pump pipe and strainer in the sump. Massive improvement and problem solved. It doesn't hurt to do an engine flush each time you do an oil change, it will save you doing the sump job probably. As for oil we were told to use 5w/40 but instead used 10w/40. It is only slightly thicker.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Also, especially on V-6 cars, use Audi oil filters, not aftermarket ones. These cars have unpredictable issues with various aftermarket filters, including lifter noise and even collapsing lifters causing no-starts right after an oil change. Seeing is believing, and I've seen it happen. Switch the oil filter, car starts right up! I haven't seen this problem with the turbo 4 however, but you never know.
  • I have had the opposite experience. My '04 1.8T went through a good amount of oil and my '06 2.0T hasn't burned any since I purchased it CPO last summer after putting about 10k miles on it.
  • davida2davida2 Posts: 16
    I have a 99 A4 V6, Quattro with 142k miles. The transmission is starting to act up. When it's cold the transmission will not shift smoothly from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd. The RPM needs to get above 3k to shift. When it's warm, there's no problem. I was advised against a transmission flush, as this may cause complete failure of the transmission. Is this true? Need your advice.

    Thanks :confuse:

  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Are you just a bit low on fluid? It may be worth checking as transmission fluid expands quite a bit when warm. I have seen this kind of behavior in the past in cars where the fluid is just a pint or two low.
  • davida2davida2 Posts: 16
    How do you check if it's low? It does not have a gauge.

  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    Not sure if you have a sealed unit or if there is a dipstick for the transmission. Check the owners guide on the procedure and see where that takes you. Good luck.
  • Your car is 10 years old. Do you know if it has ever had transmission fluid changed?

    Just from my own experience -- back in the days when living in Europe, i had two used German cars with automatic transmission, not Audi's though. Both at some point of time had a problem similar to yours, solution was transmission flush in one case, and fluid change in other. So i think there's nothing to be afraid of.

    You better have your transmission fixed sooner than later! And dont forget to replace the filter too.
  • I could have written that post... :P

    Audi and BMW dealer around the corner and my Acura dealer is 1 hour away. Luckily nothing goes wrong with my Acuras ;) . (knock on wood)
    The new A4 really looks like a sweet ride, much improved over previous generation and at a better value than it's BMW competitor. However, frequent trips to the service dept. for a $40k vehicle does not sound appealing to me. Anyone have any good reports about their A4's reliability?
  • kinctkinct Posts: 59
    I have just 5400 miles on my 07 A4 2.0T - no problems, absolutely no oil consumption (there must be some by definition, but it is so small as to be not detectable).

    One thing about all of these high-end cars that introduce new gadgets - the gadgets are what tends to break down / be less reliable. Makes one yearn for a simpler vehicle. :-)
  • "Anyone have any good reports about their A4's reliability?"

    Statistically insignificant statements follow, but here you go. 2007 A4 MT with 42,000 miles. Exactly zero problems with this car. Nada. Does not burn oil. I have never added additional oil to this engine. No squeeks, no rattles, except for the interior map light emmiting a rattle now and then.

    No doubt someone will retort with a story of a pos 1.8t. Whatever.
  • Today I went to Audi dealer because my check engine light is on. After 1 hour work, they told me that my car needs a new Torque Converter, and it will cost me $3,400 ($1,500 for parts and $1,900 for labor). I purchased my car 2 years ago at 49k miles, and it has been good til today. Right now I have 69k miles on my car, and I just do not feel replacing torque converter at 69k miles. I will definitely look for second opinion. Has anyone had the same problem before?
  • kinctkinct Posts: 59
    Definitely get a second opinion. There are some shady operations out there (yes, dealers included) that will happily replace parts until you turn blue in the face and walk out. The greatest find is that mechanic that says "um, I found the issue and it'll cost you $74.83 parts & labor" when someone else told you it was $3,000. We had a shop like that nearby that we went to for many years and swore by. Then, the owner's son took over the operation and it totally switched around "to the dark side". You started getting $800, $1,100 bills for "repairs" and the issue was still there.

    Any big dollar items should be scrutinized heavily.
  • Same problem here on a '02 Audi A6 Avant Quattro. 77k mi. Got the check engine light and a VAG code read out of 17125 Torque Converter Clutch: Stuck OFF etc...

    Went to an independent dealer who quoted $2,500 (11 hrs. labor, $953 for the new part). They need to drop the transmission, re-align the wheels, etc. and it sounded reasonable. The local dealer quoted $3,700 for the same repair. I think I take the first option.

    My question to the community, I haven't experienced any significant clutch slippage, only a very subtle jerk in 1st/2nd gear transitions. Has anybody ever destroyed a transmission by driving like this without getting it repaired ? I know I have, a '81 French Citroen CX2500 with 80k mi and a '71 Plymouth Satellite at 90k. Both were POS cars.

    From what I have read, the computer will shut down the car if the slippage becomes too strong. Not sure if I want to take that chance.

    Don't spend unless you have to. Cheers, -atmfrank
  • I just wonder, when the CEL went on, and they read the code out. is it possible that something else went wrong? like a bad connector or a bad wire? or they just do bother to check it and jump in the conclusion for replace whole thing..

    Today I was driving, and the CEL went off by itself. I have no idea what is going on, I thought the CEL won't go off until I replace the torque converter. Therefore, it makes me wonder, what is the real problem...
  • Hi. I have an 2002 A4 1.8T quattro. When it gets really cold (say about 32 or below), when I drive it feels like the emergency brake is on. For example, if I put it in neutral going down a hill, it actually slows down (I have the 5 spd). I don't think its the e-brake as the problem tends to go away after the car warms up but I don't know jack about cars.

    I do not experience this when its warmer.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    If the light went off by itself then it's not a permanent condition that's causing it to come on. For example, if the light goes on due to a loose gas cap throwing a code it will clear itself after a few run cycles once you tighten the cap.

    Given this has gone off again for you I really wonder if your problem is as big as the techs are saying. I would be very careful in replacing an expensive part based on the info you have now.
  • gbs1gbs1 Posts: 2
    I'm trying decide between a Audi A4 3.2 quattro and a BMR 328i. Ideally I'd want to keep it 6-10 years. I currently don't put that many miles on the car, but you never no if things will change. Is the Audi Q4 reliable enough, it seems like it has some reliability issues from the message boards. Meanwhile, it seems the BMW has some tire issues. I like the idea of the Audi better (seems like everyone and their grandmother has a BMR), but the issues people bring up scare me. Also does anyone know if you can get year-round tires for these vehicles? I prefer not to change tires each season.
  • "Anyone have any good reports about their A4's reliability?"

    I've owned a 2007 A4 2.0 quattro, drove 25k without any problems whatsoever. Visited the dealer service for scheduled maintenance Only. Recently upgraded to 2009 A4 2.0 PremiumPlus, soon will reach 5k miles -- everything is perfect.

    I understand that older A4 models might have had some reliability issues... But i don't think the same can be said about the recent year models. Or it would be more fair to say, there has not enough time passed to judge objectively about B7 (2005-2008) and especially B8 (2008-present) generation reliability.

    Regarding tire question -- Afaik, all new Audi's come equipped with all season tires in standard package.
  • I have an older A4 (2002) that has had its share of problems. The problems for the most part have been corrected by the dealer ...however one must stay on top of them to ensure that it has been done correctly. I have found that putting too much reliance and trust in the dealer to "do it right" is a dangerous misconception. Case in point is relying on the dealer to do the required maintenance on the vehicle during the first 50k miles while under warranty. In the owners manual is a schedule of "required service" items that must be performed. To place your faith in the dealer to perform these services is a great leap of faith. An example of this is changing the engine air cleaner at 20k and 40k miles as required. I recently (55k miles) had "issues" of no power and terrible gas mileage. Inspection and diagnosis by a "non-dealer" service provider noted that the airfilter was clogged with dirt and debris and the "snow/moisture precluder" screen located in the airfilter snorkel was clogged with leaves. The "non-dealer" service provider actually had to remove the "factory seals" (clamps & fittings) on the air cleaner housing (35 minutes work) just to open the housing to change the filter. He explained that the filter had never been changed and that the housing had never been opened. Yet in the service report issued by the dealer it showed that the unit had been serviced.

    Guess all I am saying is that when you take the vehicle in for service DO NOT rely on the dealer to do the right thing. Follow up to see that it has been performed as required by Audi (who by the way is reimbursing the dealer to perform this service)
  • haagdhaagd Posts: 20
    My experience with my 2007 A4 has been the worst vehicle ownership experience I have had. I would suggest doing a search for Audi oil consumption and determine if you are willing to roll the dice on having your oil light go on every 1,000 to 3000 miles. I am liiking at BMW's for my next vehicle
  • Audi's are notorious for electrical glitches. I had the same diagnosis over a year ago on a 2004 A4 as the check engin light came on just prior to a state inspection. The dealer re-set the indicator, stayed off a few days, then back on. Car has 98K on it. This year , same dealer, wanted to install a torque converter, Once ir reminded him of the procedure they did last year, they did it again. Unless the transmission feels sluggish, or you feel an slippage issue, I would mot rush to the dealer. Some models are under factory power train warranty warranty to 50K miles, This is an expensive repair. I am driving mine, runs perfect, i'm the original owner. And I had all the repairs done at the Audi dealer, until the inspection which was done at a VW dealer. I will never own another Audi. This is a second and had problems with the first. I'm an engineer so appreciate supposedly the engineering.

    Yours is tow noew for such a problem. My guess is its a faulty sensor.

    Good luck.
  • I am new to new jersey and need a reliable AUDI dealer for service. So far have had some dealings with the dealer in Edison and am not happy with them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • saratsarat Posts: 1
    I have a AUDI A4 - 1995 Model. The ABS light used to come on every now and then. Suddenly last week the brakes just kept on applying by itself untill I could not drive any further.

    Now the brakes start applying by itself after a 1 Km or so and comes to a point when I just cant move the car at all.

    What can be the problem please.

  • Hello: We just bought an a4 quattro, 2002, 3.0 auto. I think there is an electrical drain as the battery is fairly new. I noticed that you mentioned knowing a great Audi shop in San Francisco and would be interested in contacting them as that is where my daughter is taking the car. Thanks for your help.
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