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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
What problems have you experienced with your Audi? Please share any solutions to those problems!

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  • smoothride1smoothride1 Member Posts: 3
    I just had the front lower suspension fixed on my '96. Had the upper fixed last August. Major issue with '96 and '97. Audi paid for the parts the second time since I complained at the dealership. Audi knows it is a problem.
  • keithlutz1keithlutz1 Member Posts: 1
    I've got a '96 A4 Quattro and have developed a problem recently. It is a humming sound which sounds like it comes from the rear left. It seems to come and go and is prevalent at a variety of speeds. We spun the wheel at the oil change place, and it didn't seem to be a shot wheel bearing. Any other ideas out there as to what's causing this? - Thanks.
  • robphatsrobphats Member Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing a 1996 Audi A4 Quattro (65,000 miles)and would like to know if anyone has experienced problems with this model or has any info regarding the car. Thank You
  • bast2bast2 Member Posts: 52
    Picked up a new A41.8T Quattro in May of this year and now have just over 5k on the car. Several problems have arisen already.

    First, misaligned exhaust system. Was causing quite a racket, specifically a "clunk" noise when shifting (TIP) and/or going over bumps at slow speeds. Problem was fixed and seems to have done the trick to date.

    Second problem, a severe squeek in the rear of the car. They concluded it was the rear rocker arms which are now scheduled for replacement. My dealer told me it was a problem showing up with A4s and A8s. Still waiting for parts, been 2 weeks.

    Overall, I enjoy the car, but my confidence in Audi has been shaken a bit. Never had problems like this with ANY car I've owned. Truthfully, I'll probably get the rocker arms taken care of and that'll be it....smooth sailing for years to come (knock on wood), but now I wonder.

    Curious if anybody else has run into similar problems.

  • andys120andys120 Member Posts: 23,391
    My '98 A4 Avant Quattro w2.8/tip is just short of 70k and I've had only one problem outside of normal maint., a squeaky front suspension bushing, repaired ubder warranty...incidentally this car was purchased used (Audi-Assured CPO).
    Iconsider the A4 among the best made cars around.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    Our '98.5 2.8Q w/tip with 39,500 miles has also been trouble-free. We did just have the rear brakes (pads & rotors) replaced today, and in May had new front brake pads put on, but these are wear items - otherwise the car's been perfect with just oil changes done.
  • devinray1devinray1 Member Posts: 1
    Keithlutz1 - I purchased a 1996 A4 new in May of that year. I have enjoyed my car, but there are problems I have had to deal with, some of these have been covered under warranty, but not all. For your case, I think I would be most worried about the AC Evaporator. My went out this past summer, and now I'm going to spend $1,300 repairing it. I think it also effects the heating, because I was not able to get the system to warm up at all. This is a recurring problem on the 1996 and I believe was rated as a serious problem on MSN Carpointe. I wrote a letter to Audi of America, but they denied this was a recurring problem that warranted a recall. That's nuts based on what I've been reading!!!!

    Other problems (all under 50K miles)
    Replaced front tie rod ends (on my dime)
    Front rotors replaced (this at 35K miles) due to premature wearing - Audi has a recall on brake parts for this model year.
    Control arms and guidelinks - car sat in the shop for 5 weeks and I was not offered a rental. It was "out of warranty" by three months, but Audi was "kind enough" to pay all repair costs.
    Drivers side window regulator.

    I have been meticulous and babied this car. I'm a little disappointed with these needed repairs. I may buy another Audi, but I will be sure to get the extended warranty because everything started breaking at 3.5years and 45K miles.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • enikolaidisenikolaidis Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 A4 quattro with 62,000 miles. Summer tires are Yokohama 205/55 ZR 16, winter tires Blizakk (same size). The car is unstable when it goes straight with more than about 55-60 mph on the highway. It wanders left and right and requires continuous corrections to keep going straight. The car is very sensitive to cross winds. The problem occurs with both summer and winter tires. I bought the car used (AUDI assured) in February 2001 with 56,000 miles. I first noticed the problem in May 2001.

    The dealer (Howard Cooper in Ann Arbor MI) checked all the suspension components twice and did not find any problems. They checked the alignment and corrected a slight misalignment in the toe-in but this did not fix the problem.

    Does anybody has a similar problem with directional stability of A4? Did you find a solution?
  • rahm0277rahm0277 Member Posts: 2
    Does Anyone know what "service INSP" display means ? I have an Audi a4 1998 Quattro. I thought it was an oil change, so I changed the oil, but the INSP is still displayed.. I cant seem to find anything on it in the manual. Any help would be appreciated. Thx...Mickey
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    I believe this is a service reminder indicator which the dealer should reset after doing the recommended maintenance. I would call your dealer to be sure, or just drive by and see if they will reset it (probably +7500 miles from where you're at now). I have a '98 also, but have never seen this because we've always had the car serviced before 7500 miles elapses.
  • rahm0277rahm0277 Member Posts: 2
    But what IS the recommended service that is required ? I usually check the fluids on my own, and anything major usually shows up without the flashing display..
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Not sure if this will help, but check your model year through Edmund's Maintenance Guide for the recommended service info.



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  • jimbonesjimbones Member Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a new car and I will be giving serious consideration to the Quattro A4 1.8T w/ manual transmission. I have read some wonderful things about this engine and some not so wonderful. Can anyone elaborate on this engine, especially with the quattro weight it must carry? Thank you.
  • megawhizzmegawhizz Member Posts: 6
    I just purchased a '02 A4 1.8T FWD Manual. I know super or premium fuel is recommended. Which kind of fuel do you people use?
  • garydkgarydk Member Posts: 5
    I have a 98 Audi A4 Avant and just changed the oil. Does anyone know how to reset the "change oil" indicator on the dash?

    Also, don't know if it's coincidence but the "Check Engine" light came on the day after I changed the oil. Anyone have any idea if there is a connection between the two and on how to reset this -- manual says it's related to the emissions system -- but I hate to pay for a complete diagnostic which the manual recommends.

    I am cross posting this in the maintenance and repair section as well.

  • garydkgarydk Member Posts: 5
    Now that gas is cheap, I give it premium all the time. When it was more expensive, I gave it premium about every other week...never noticed a difference in performance. I suspect the higher octane with additives keeps the injectors clean...I add a fuel injector cleaner every 3k miles anyway.
  • sgaidesgaide Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 A4 with 1.8T, manual transmission. I have approximately 605 miles on the car and have had it for 23 days. This car has now been in the shop for 5 days. I have had two instances of the check engine light coming on, and I am not happy about the root causes I have been told by service. The first time, they said I had carbon on my spark plugs (from lots of stops and starts while the car was on the lot). The second time, they said that the premium fuel is burning too slow in my engine and I need to put a lower octane fuel in the engine. I called the Audi Advocate line and they disagreed with my dealer's recommendation. Has anyone else seen this problem? I am at wits end.

    Please advise
  • art42art42 Member Posts: 4
    I am not sure what is the problem with your car, but I had very similar experiences with our '00 A4. The problem did re-occur 4 or 5 times within the first 25K miles. Dealership changed everything from Oxygen sensor to faulty fuel filters and so on. Now the car has approx. 44K and been "check engine light" free for the last year or so.
    Recently picked-up '02A4 and was told by one of the mechanics that warming up the car in those cold monrnings is usually the main cause for "check engine light" problems. Been following that advice religiously and so far with approx 7K miles no engine light problems. Hope it stays like that...
    But overall it is a common problem for A4's, especially 1.8T versions.
  • art42art42 Member Posts: 4
    Our first Audi was (and still is) '00A4 1.8T FWD 5spd. In early December I picked-up '02 A4 1.8T Quattro 5spd. Cannot tell much of a difference in quickness of the line. The car does feel a bit heavier, but so long as I don't load my whole family and its belongings - its power feels more than adequate, even if to compare with our "older" Audi.
    I think quattro, despite its extra weight, does clearly provide better grip and traction, especially on the wet and curvy roads (I live in the mountainous area). Also, the new Audi has 20 extra ponies and you can definitely feel the extra power in the midrange.
    Overall, I truly enjoy this car - especially on those early Sunday morning drives when local cops are still at Dunkin Donuts ...
    So don't worry about the extra weight and unless you live in a big city with no "room to run", you will definitely appreciate the four-wheel handling.
  • houaudia418thouaudia418t Member Posts: 4
    Just curious if anyone out there have the MIL (check engine light) blinking? I called the
    Audi dealer in Houston and told me not to drive it but have it towed there. The engine
    is running a liitle rough. Anyone know what could be the problem? I'm not taking any
    chances so I'm having it towed to the dealer. The warranty is already out.

    The current mileage is 48200. I already had the brakes/rotors replaced in September.
    I also had seal and belt replaced for the Steering.
  • dougmgdougmg Member Posts: 13
    My radio only works when the ignition is engaged, the ignition lights are on and the starter is one click away engaging.
  • kyingkying Member Posts: 61
    I totally agree with art42. My wife and I have a '00 A4 1.8T and a '01 TT (180), and we ALWAYS warm up the audis before we drive away. They both start at about 11-12K RPM and they will lower to about 8K in about one minute, or 2 mins in a cool day (we don't have cold days in Los Angeles).
  • azzipazzip Member Posts: 1
    I was just told by my local dealership that I need to replace my engine and turbo for $9k!! They claim that the oil pick up tube was clogged with sludge. The car has 41k miles and is within its warranty. I had the car at the dealership a week ago and indicated the red oil can light was ON. They said that shouldn't be, we'll just "reset" it for you, and sent me on my way. 3 days later, I had to tow it in with severe engine damage :( They are taking the stance that I neglected the car by not getting oil changes often enough. The last appt. I had was a 9 WEEK WAIT!! I can drive 6k miles in 9 weeks in addition to miles driven from the last appt! Any suggestions or comments??
  • sevanisevani Member Posts: 2
    I have a '02 A4 1.8T with over 3000 miles on it. Couple of sounds that do not sound normal to me:

    1. Sometimes, I hear a humming sound after I turn the ignition off. It dies in about 2-3 seconds. At times it is loud enough for others to notice it.
    2. After 3-4 seconds in to driving from 'Park', there is a clicking noise which I can also feel on the foot if I have my foot on the gas pedal.

    These sounds were not there earlier. Can anyone throw some light on any of these? I will really appreciate it.

  • clk55amgclk55amg Member Posts: 2
    I was wondering if anyone would care to share their opinion. I have a 2002 A4 Quattro 3.0 Manual. It has been in the shop 3 times within two months of delivery date. First instance was check engine light. I was told a "valve" for the oxygen sensor had to be replaced. Second instance, check engine light again. This time, they had to replace one of the computers due to faulty relays. Third instance, which is presently, my car is in for check engine light, cruise control not working, right front passenger seat loose and squeaking, right door panel has rattling. They verified all the problems to be valid and will fix them. I'm considering replacing my car with a Benz once fixed. Any response is welcome. Thanks
  • clk55amgclk55amg Member Posts: 2
    I have the 3.0 version of your car. I think the humming noise is normal. For a few seconds the car sounds like a computer shutting down. With all the gadgetries in there, it is probably what it's doing. Also the fan sometimes stays on after you've turned the engine off to prevent excessive heat build up. In fact, when you turn your car on(not the engine), you should hear a different type of sound as the electrical system activates. As for the clicking, I 'm not sure because I have a manual quattro. I do hear a click a moment after rolling from reverse to 1st (after having parked overnight), which also sounds normal to me.
  • LanceL99LanceL99 Member Posts: 39
    From what I've read people only seem to post problems, but no one seems to respond. If anyone has had problems like me, I'd like to know, please. My car seems to be a piece of junk (am I the only one?)...

    I have a 2001 A4 1.8T with the 5-speed manual transmission (26.8K miles). I have been experiencing a worsening problem with second gear and have now taken it to the dealer for repair. It balks going into gear, and sometimes grinds ever so slightly. Additionally, the gear shifter vibrates excessively in second gear and none in the other gears. Lastly, and more curiously, it frequently pops out of second gear when I'm depressing the clutch to shift to third. What's causing this? The dealer "can't reproduce the problem" (although I took the mechanic for a drive and it did while he was in the car). However, they seem to think it's the synchros in 2nd and 3rd gear. Apparently they have to take the transmission apart to fix it. I'm nervous about them doing this...

    Back in October my camshaft adjuster failed and required replacement. After they took the engine apart and put it back together (or whatever they did) it has never run smoothly at idle. It even has stalled before in rush hour traffic. They "decarbonized" the engine and that helped some. I've been stuck putting fuel injector cleaner in it, and that seems to help some. You'd think this was a '85 Buick with 150K miles.

    On a positive note, my stereo finally came after a six month wait... Has anyone else had to get a new stereo because it blanks out, etc.? They already replaced the instrument panel a while back due to a faulty fuel gauge.

    Additionally, I have the sport pkg with those high performance tires. The dealer tells me they are out of round and require replacement. Has that happened to anyone else? It just seems so soon for new tires (plenty of tread left).

  • mark220mark220 Member Posts: 3
    LanceL99: I've also have an '01 A4 1.8T. It should be in for it's 30k service in about a week.

    I've never experienced any transmission or engine problems with the car. However, I have had the instrument panel replaced: the top portion of the driver information display would go blank and cease to show the radio station or the CD track as it should. This, however, did not solve the problem and now I too am waiting for a new radio - they think the current radio may have a problem sending the signal.

    And it is possible that if you have the 17" wheels for them to be out of round - it's not the tires. Bumpy roads can give those things quite a jarring. I have the 16" wheels, but a friend of mine has the 17" and yes, he has managed to screw two of them up when he came upon an unmarked construction zone.
  • shen02shen02 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought an A4 1.8T; its only got about 300 miles on it so far. I am also experiencing vibration in the gas pedal after shifting to Drive from Park. This seems to happen only when I have parked the car for over two hours at a stretch.

    I called my dealer and he hasn't heard of the problem, but seems to think that it is not a serious issue. I might just take it in to see if it is an indication of a more problematic issue.
  • lecram777lecram777 Member Posts: 13
    I have a 99 avant with sport suspension. It only has 28000 miles on it. It makes a creaking sound when I turn the wheels ( a little louder when I turn it left.) It also creaks (though alot quieter) when I hit the brakes sometimes. Anyone have any ideas what this might be?

  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    I noticed this when I first borrowed my wife's A4 (98.5 2.8Q w/sport) this past weekend. Heard it 2 times while making slow turns, and then it went away. Not sure what it could be but if you find out please post your findings back here - I'll do the same if it repeats and we decide to take it in and have the dealer look at it.
  • lecram777lecram777 Member Posts: 13
    I'll do that. I'll wait a few more days and observe. One thing I did notice is that it did it more this past weekend when it was cold and rainy now that it is warm and sunny I don't really notice it anymore. Well we don't really very many rainy and cold days here in So. Cal.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    One other thing I forgot to mention is that when I noticed it I was just driving home from a tire place where I had the winter wheels & tires taken off and the summer set mounted. I was thinking this might have had something to do with it, but I'm not sure how remounted wheels and tires would cause a creaking noise...I've asked my wife to listen for it and she replied that she'll try to keep the CD volume down for a couple days (this could have going on for weeks - who knows).
  • noname123noname123 Member Posts: 1
    My car was making the same type of noise. 97 A4 1.8T. First they replaced the tie rods, then the lower control arms. noise disappeared for several months, but is periodically back again. My car is horrible. I need to replace it, but am hesitant if new Audi's are built as poorly as the one I have.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    Sorry you haven't been happy with your A4. Can't say the same thing here - by far the best car we've ever had. This is the first sign of any problem (other than brake pads - normal wear and tear) that we've had in almost 50,000 miles. Other than the intermittent strange creaking noise, the car drives and looks just like new. We're going to have it looked at soon to see what's causing the noise.
  • lecram777lecram777 Member Posts: 13
    I took my car to the dealership yesterday and got it back today. they said the creaking sound is from the sport exhaust (aftermarket) installed. I would have to take it to the place that installed it if I want it fixed. It's not damaging anything they said. by the way, anyone out there know of where I can buy some clear tail lights (lexus is 300 style) to replace my frosted stock a4 avant lights? Maybe online too.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    My dealer looked at the occasional creaking sound by pressing down on the car just above the front passenger side wheel where the sound would occasionally be heard when taking a slow turn over a bump. After a long explanation (the details of which I don't remember) he explained it was in the suspension - lower control arm was part of it - and to repair it would be about $500. There is no rush to get it fixed as there is no safety issue involved here just an occasional creaking noise. We don't hear it anymore as the weather has something to do with it, it seems. For now we'll forego the repair and see if it reappears or gets louder or more frequent. This is the first issue we've had with this car after 45,000 miles so I can't complain.
  • maroon95maroon95 Member Posts: 26
    i noticed on the rear bumper of the car, the paint looks smooth, but it appears about to be cracked...

    there are a few lines
    u know when the paint on the wall is about to peel off...that's the similar appearance i am getting...

    and there are swirl marks on the exterior driver door panel

    2001 year model...bought it brand new...
    i should take it to the dealerhip soon.
  • bqtleebqtlee Member Posts: 1
    I am experiencing squeaking noise from the front wheels of my 2001 Audi A4 1.8T when I am pressing on the gas while making turns. This happens during the first 10 - 15mins of driving after being parked for a couple of hours or more. After 15 mins or so, the sound goes away. The Audi technician has already cleaned the front brakes but still no luck in removing the noise. The noise sounds like something is rotating and touching a metal part. It sounds more like as if a belt is slipping while making a turn.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be the cause?

    In case anyone is interested, initially I had problems with my check engine light keeps going on and off intermitently. I took the car to the shop many times and the mechanics couldn't figure out the problem and their computer keep pointing out that there is no problem (since the check engine light never comes on when my car is in the shop). Finally, the mechanic pump the gas tank with some sort of smoke and noticed that there was a small hole on top of the gas tank. They said that I could not drive the car and they had to replace the whole gas tank. Well, after waiting for about 1.5 months for the gas tank, they replaced it and so far (has been around 7 months) the check engine light has not come on.
  • lecram777lecram777 Member Posts: 13
    I am thinking of upgrading the speakers on my 99 audi avant. it has the stock concert system. But circuit city told my that the system is amplified and the speakers and head unit are perfect for each other. I would need to change the whole system if I want any change at all. Is this true.
  • zinzanzinzan Member Posts: 2
    I am the original owner of a 98 A4 2.8Q with only 32k miles. I like the car and was planning to keep it for another 3-4 years. The dealer's mechanics just informed me that the engine is leaking oil and that the head gaskets are the problem to the tune of $3,500. Needless to say, I'm disappointed.
    Is anyone aware of a problem with 98 2.8s or am I just lucky?
  • deacrefdeacref Member Posts: 4
    I posted this on another thread - so if it is seen twice - sorry.
    I'm considering buying a used A4 - 1999 - w/ 37,000 miles. I have read a lot of posts - and it seems folks have had a number of servicing issues - where a lot of things have gone wrong with their A4. Am I just being paranoid - or is it a problem car?
    This would be a car for my teen age daughter - and wondering if it's too much car for her. But -I want something that is reliable - the car and
    Also - the price ? The dealer is asking $21,000.
    Said it was marked down from $23,000. It's got a sunroof - sports tires - Bose system - automatic -etc. Do you think that price is in line - or should I haggle?
    Thanks for your help.
  • cpranger22cpranger22 Member Posts: 21
    deacref, you are not being paranoid, you can expect to have a lot of problems with this car. If you are looking for something reliable for your daughter, meaning you don't think she'll take the time to take it to the dealer every time something goes wrong, this is not the car for you. I just traded in my '99 A4 1.8T/auto/cold whether/sunroof/52Kmi. and the most I cold get them to give me was $13,000 so I'm sure there's a lot more room in the price if you decide to go with it. I wouldn't. How about a brand new Jetta for the same amount of money (or less)? My niece just got one and they love it.
  • ric310ric310 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking into a 1998 A4 Avant 2.8 with 78,000 miles ( a lot I know). What can I expect. I have been driving a 1992 Honda Accord EX 5 speed Wagon for years and have loved it. I have had no problems with this car. Can I expect the same reliability from the A4? What price should this '98 with that kind of mileage go for, I think under $12,000, Am I off. thanks
  • harlequin1971harlequin1971 Member Posts: 278
    Most OEM stereos can be upgraded in small or large steps. Overall, replacing speakers is the easiest way to upgrade sound without getting too involved with the car's stock system. Not sure what Circuit City meant when they told you that the amp and speakers were "matched." I don't own an A4, so I could be off a few facts, but I assume you have separates up front and in back (8 speakers total) powered by an amplifier directly connected with the head unit in dash.

    A good car stereo specialist should know the location of the stock amplifier and whether or not the speakers would be an easy or complicated upgrade. About the only problem I could see is if the amplifier also contains the crossovers (unit that divides full range sound into 2 or 3 separate ranges, highs to the tweeters and lows/mids to the larger woofer speakers.)

    Even if the amplifier does house the crossover units and is hard wired to the speakers, the crossover points should be easy enough to match up with an after market speaker.

    I installed an ADS system into my BMW318, powered by an after market Sony ES Head Unit. I decided that the BMW system just didn't meet my needs for sound. I make the following reccommendations to you in this order of importance:

    1. Replace OEM speakers with high quality after market speakers. Companies like MB Quart, Boston Acoustics, Infinity, or even kicker might make good choices. Try to listen to a few different pairs in the sample room, they won't sound like that in your car, but at least you can get a feel for their strengths and weakness for sound reproduction. General rule is too avoid buying speakers from companies that make everything (aka Sony, Pioneer, Alpine) and instead buy from companies that make their living selling only speakers...makes sense, if that is all they do, they have to be good to live!

    2. Add a subwoofer. Nothing makes a more dramatic improvement in overall sound in a car system like a well-matched subwoofer. This can be tough if you stick with the stock system, but not impossible to do. General rule of thumb, smaller subwoofers produce tighter bass response, bigger subs go down to lower frequencies. If you don't listen to rap or dance music, a pair or 8s or a 10 should be plenty of bass to give you a meaningful improvement in sound. Spend a few extra bucks here for a good enclosure, the box that houses the sub is often more critical to sound than the sub itself.

    3. Scrub the OEM amplifier. Some very good after market amplifiers can be purchased out there that are flexible enough to connect with OEM head units or with after markets. Without going into too much explanation, OEM radios tend to "speak" with other components in their systems at different levels than after market one will (high level versus low level signals.) Choices for good amps are nearly endless. The more you spend on an amp, usually, the more power and features, and sometimes, more channels. A 5-channel amplifier with a built in sub crossover would be ideal, sending power to the front, back, and sub speakers.

    4. Scrub the head unit. Here is where I start to cry. Finding a head unit that will match the aesthetics of your lovely A4's interior. The majority of the after market in car audio is geared towards 16-25 year olds with multi-color dancing displays and the displays get worse as you move up the ladder to the more expensive, higher quality head units. No advice for you here - good luck.

    5. Sound deadening - the final frontier. If you want to squeeze more performance out of a full blown system, the last step is usually to add sound deadening panels into the trunk, door, firewalls and floorboards. These panels can significantly reduce noise and dampen the parts, preventing sound rattles and harmonic resonances inside the vehicle. This is the last step in most high end systems, after this, you start all over, with more expensive equipment each step of the way.

    Hope this helps a little to someone. Replacing the OEM speakers should be easy...consider finding a better resource than a disinterested clerk at a big box retailer. Find a good custom shop in your town that caters to higher end competition installations, and you will quickly find a major difference in approach and in the final sound of your car.

    Good luck.

  • tim_hooligantim_hooligan Member Posts: 143
    my 2001 A4 1.8T was also leaking oil, but this started with about 5000 ticks on the odometer. fortunately for me, this was under warranty and the dealer fixed it. They stated it was a valve cover gasket leaking and a tensior belt needed adjustment too. whatever. whoever built my car just got back from oktoberfest or something.

    i am also getting the grinding/rumbling in second gear like a previous poster stated. it's not a squeaking, but more of a vibration. they cleaned the brakes, but i keep telling them it's only in second gear and at low speeds. if you turn, it gets worse. now i'm waiting for the tranny to drop out of it.

    actually, i'm hoping it leaks oil again so i can pull a lemon law out of my pocket. A4's are nice, but i can't be having my car go in every month for something else going wrong. if i wanted that, i'd saved a couple thousand and bought a FORD.

    if anyone has any ideas about the grinding, please chime in.
  • tsuoyingtsuoying Member Posts: 3
    Hi everyone, I'd like to pick your brains and experience on the following issue. I'm considering purchasing a 98 A4 2.8 Quattro with manual transmission and the sports package (suspension). Everything was fabulous about the car but when test driving it, I thought the tachometer needle was reading too high. Cruising at about 60 mph on a level road on 5th gear, the needle was at 4200 - 4500 rpm. And when doing moderate acceleration from dead stop, the needle hit almost the end of the red zone. Is that normal?? I can almost accept the red zone at low gears but 4500 rpm at 60 mph with 5th gear? What would it do at much higher speeds? Does the Quattro somehow adjusts for the higher speeds without linearly upping the rpm?

    Do you A4 owners observe this to be normal? I'm not expert with transmissions or engines but the engine did not sound overly worked at those rpms. I thought maybe it's just the meter and everything is amplified by 30% or something. Is that possible? Or is what I described perfectly normal? Any help you nice folks can provide would be great! Thanks!

    P.S. please email to pthuang@aol.com if you could also...
  • lecram777lecram777 Member Posts: 13
    thanks harlequin, that really helps alot. You're definitely right, I should go to a specialty shop. They know what to do and what definite choices I have for this car.

  • lageerslageers Member Posts: 1
    Tim! I'm having the same problem in my A4 - a HORRIBLE noise a low speeds - a grumbling/grinding/knocking noise. I have higher miles than you (around 90k) - just had it in at the dealership before the noise and they didn't mention anything. The latest place that I brought it couldn't figure out what was wrong with (but not before I paid $800 for new struts and a lower control arm). ah! Seriously, if anyone has had problems like these before, let me know! Decent car, but it's really beginning to tick me off.
  • applecrumbleapplecrumble Member Posts: 4
    I also am experiencing this clicking or I refer to it as a scratching sound whenever I drive off after even parking for a short period of time (less than half hour). My car is only 3 weeks old with only about 800 km on it. I've brought it to the dealership once already and they said they don't hear it. I am bringing it in again tomorrow and I am going to get the mechanic to sit in the car and let him hear it. This is not giving me any comfort with Audi at all!
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