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Chevrolet Corvette vs Jaguar F-Type - Edmunds A-Rated Sports Cars Face Off Video | Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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imageChevrolet Corvette vs Jaguar F-Type - Edmunds A-Rated Sports Cars Face Off Video |

Two cars and two editors Face Off: the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray vs the Jaguar F-Type. Editors Mike Monticello and James Riswick debate the merits of each rear-wheel-drive, V8-powered sports car, including their performance, comfort, interior, value and how much (or little) they're fun to drive. Which sports car would you buy: the Corvette or F-Type?

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  • softrose4yousoftrose4you Member Posts: 12

    I would choose the corvette. It has a lot more positives going for it. Less money, bigger trunk, manual and fuel economy. I also would rather have a quieter car when driving.

  • lions208487lions208487 Member Posts: 240

    For interior design and appearance I might give a slight edge to the Jag. However, since the Vette finally received a proper interior with real leather, and carbon fiber trim, the Jags interior is not good enough to pick it as the winner. Now where this video neglected to tell the real story and that's on the track. The Vette wins every performance category, though not by a mile, but it wins none the less. Skid pad, straight away speed, braking, etc, all go to the Vette. The Z06 is even a bargain compared to most that may come close in performance and it's even less than the V8 F-Type. If the argument is heritage, the first production Corvette rolled off the line in 1953.

  • subatomicsubatomic Member Posts: 140

    The F-Type is more gracefully styled and has a nicer interior. If a manual transmission were available along with a quieter, more "discreet" exhaust and a lower price point, I might almost be swayed in favor of the Jaguar. It has a snug interior which might be a tight fit for the big and tall. I know from various reviews that the C7 Stingray Z51 is the sharper handling, more focused sports car in addition to being roomy and comfortable enough to drive on a daily basis. In the past, the Corvette faced harsh criticism for a low-grade interior and flimsy-feeling seats. These shortcomings have been completely eliminated and the interior needs no apologies. My choice would be the C7 Stingray.

  • perekperek Member Posts: 1

    I'll never get those 6 minutes back

  • patinthecitypatinthecity Member Posts: 40

    The Jag's styling is predictably sporty from the nose to the c-pillar and then goes to sh*t at the very rear with tail lights that look like they were modeled after an early 90s American Ford Escort. What a letdown.

  • cbrandicbrandi Member Posts: 21

    I've driven the Jaguar F-type in all three versions. I've tried but was not permitted to drive the Stingray. That said, I'd buy the Stingray, great performance, great looks and a better interior. The Jaguar is so very un-Jaguar for my tastes. I've owned two Jags. The Corvette has a more spacious interior and has useable luggage space.

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